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Erni0219As part of its strategic direction, Erni has discontinued its D-Sub product portfolio mid-2018. As a result, the company will no longer offer the D-Sub / TMC connectors with 9 to 50 poles and various versions. In order to further ensure the availability of the products for current and future customer designs, Erni and Provertha have reached an agreement.

rodriguez0119Since the end of last year, Nicole Dahlen is Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Organization at the Rodriguez GmbH in Eschweiler. The manager has been with the company for 29 years and most recently held the position of Director Sales + Marketing. In addition, she has been an authorized officer since 2015.

Guenther Schramm01192018 was for G├╝nther + Schramm a record year. The leading system service provider for steel, stainless steel and aluminum achieved sales of 112 million euros - more than ever before - as well as a steadily rising demand for services. In addition to the processing, a sophisticated material and process logistics is part of the company's product range.

bosch0219The Bosch Group remains on course for success: despite difficult economic conditions and weak markets Sales and earnings 2018 at the record level of the previous year. The technology and services company generated 2018 operating revenues of 77,9 billion, according to preliminary figures.

pepperl messagePepperl + Fuchs, one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial automation technology, becomes 1. February 2019 the business of Comtrol Corporation take over. Comtrol, an American pioneer in Ethernet-based industrial communication and IO-Link Master Gateways, is firmly established in the market with the "Rocketport" product family, among others.

Turck0219Herbert Salzgeber took over the management of the Austrian in January Turck-Landesgesellschaft taken over. The 51-year graduate in business administration is a proven automation specialist with many years of sales experience. Salzgeber takes over the position of Stephan Auerb├Âck (47), who left the company at the end of December after more than 25 years at his own request.

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