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Ball bearings, roller bearings, air bearings, linear bearings, ceramic bearings, RTB bearings and much more. made of metal or plastic for many applications

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Plain bearings and roller bearings: news for your design

Here you will find the latest developments from all areas of warehouse technology, especially the Plain bearings and roller bearings. The Difference between the two most commonly used plain bearings, also bushings and roller bearings such as ball bearings, roller bearings or needle bearings is as follows: With plain bearings, the parts that move relative to one another are in direct contact. Sliding friction occurs, which can be reduced directly or indirectly by lubrication. In rolling bearings, there are rolling elements between the inner ring and the outer ring Frictional resistance and thus reduce wear. 

Schaeffler needle bearing gear unit


Whether she is a bearings or Rolling Which you select for your application depends very much on the requirements of the application and its required properties, such as radial load or axial load, lubrication, acting forces, friction, speeds, wear, etc. The behavior is the same material selection of plain bearings or roller bearings or that of balls such as steel, bronze, sintered bronze, plastic, etc. relative to the application of the components.

There are completely stock out Ceramics, chemicals, silicon or Hybrid bearingswhere only the rolling elements are made of ceramic. When storing a shaft, a distinction is made between the radial bearing, which can absorb radial forces, and the axial bearing, which absorbs axial forces. Plain bearings like to run out Plastic deployed. Such a Plastic bearings offers advantages in terms of service life or it usually requires little or no maintenance. 

Brand new plain bearings and roller bearings

Here you will find the latest new developments from all areas of bearings and the associated lubrication from bearing specialists such as Igus,Rodriguez, Schaeffler and many more. Stay up to date on the Rolling bearings, plain bearings, Ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, air bearings, linear bearings, ceramic bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, bearing bushes or RTB bearings. ua We start with: 

Plain bearings and roller bearings for special industries

Plain bearings and roller bearings for machine and plant construction

Counterfeit rolling bearings endanger people and machines

28.03.2023 | Schaeffler takes regular action against counterfeit products. The globally active Automobile- and industrial suppliers in Schweinfurt 30.000 Rolling Have copies with a total weight of 10 t destroyed. After scrapping, the material is melted down in a steelworks so that the steel finds its way back into the material cycle.

Precision roller bearings directly from the manufacturer: fast and flexible

10.02.2023 | Precisionstock for industrial applications reliably and quickly is a major challenge in times of supply bottlenecks. Good to be there with a partner like that Rodriguez GmbH works together in Eschweiler. Flexible in-house production has developed here over the years. Rotary and linear components can be custom-made in a short time using the comprehensive machine park.


About 250.000 manufacturers put the igloo bearings of Igus in their constructions. the Plastic-Plain bearings show their advantages wherever the construction between moving components has to be protected from wear caused by friction. The Motion Plastics specialist praises the every two years Manus Award 2023 which selects particularly interesting applications. Below we report on new plain bearings and unusual applications.

Igus plain bearing ECO


How to deal with high quality Machine elements In-house material flows designed more efficiently, knows Alexander Rubin, Product manager at Dr. Tretter in Rechberghausen. With an extensive program Ball Transfer Units users can move loads of different weights with ease. This portfolio also includes the Air Cargo series of heavy-duty ball transfer units, which are significantly lighter and more resilient than competitive products.

Dr Tretter ball casters


maedler0117In addition to the various roller bearings in the standard design, Mädler now also has ball and roller bearings in design C3 with increased internal clearance in its range. The size of the internal clearance is not a question of quality, but rather has to match the application. The most common rolling bearings have normal internal clearance. Rolling bearings in design C3 have a larger radial internal clearance.

A combination of radial and axial forces as found in modern day Machine Tools acts on threaded spindles, places considerable demands on the used Precision bearings. High axial rigidity and concentricity are essential here for exact tool positioning and reliable repeatability. For that offers Rodriguez an extensive range of rolling bearings, including the double row axial angular contact ball bearings DRF.

Rodriguez Precision Camp


tretter1118The ball bushings from Dr. Tretter together with ground shafts form a precise linear guide without stroke limitation. The manufacturer offers a wide range of different variants - in cylindrical and flange designs or integrated in housing bearing units. Designers can do a lot with it linear guidesolve tasks cost-efficiently.

MisumiIn special machine construction, the components are required in application-specific designs, the smallest batch sizes and at economic conditions. Misumi meets this need with a portfolio of mechanical machine elements from over 40 product groups that is looking for its equal. The article describes in particular the ball bushing program with its innovative lubrication technology and the range of plain bearings, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Franke has its in the course of miniaturization Wire race bearings of the LER type around the bearing element LER 1.5 im Miniature format added. It offers the most space-saving installation space in the competition for the small, compact and lightweight Rolling. The new wire race bearing also scores in terms of preload.

Franke wire rolling bearings


Igus also calls it "Slip dry“: The storage of shafts or axles in the Linear Technology and Drive Technology. As with all camps, the principle of action is basically between the two types Sliding and rolling bearings distinguished. While ball bearings are often still preferred as the measure of all things, thanks to innovative high-performance plastics there is an ever-increasing number of applications which Linear bearings speak.

Igus linear plain bearings


From the tiny mini Rolling to a gigantic large rolling bearing measuring several meters to the system solution: The portfolio of Schaeffler Ball bearings and roller bearings have solutions ready for every application - from machine tools, robotics and industrial automation to the food and packaging industry and the Wind Turbine or mobile work machines, just to name a few. These are getting stronger too digitized. Here we present the innovations:

Schaeffler angular needle bearing half


Discover the world of spindle bearing of Schaeffler, the market leader in storage technology. Whether for high-speed applications or tough industrial conditions. The automotive and industrial supplier offers a wide range of spindle bearings that have proven themselves in terms of durability and precision. Machine performance can be increased with these innovative spindle bearings.

Schaeffler VCM spindle bearing

rodriguez0719High rigidity, large payloads and extremely precise concentricity: These features combine the RTB bearings from Rodriguez, which were specially designed for use in rotary, positioning and indexing tables as well as for supporting milling and drilling spindle heads.

rodriguez0418Thousands of people are currently experiencing a great show every day in large concert stadiums: machine elements from Rodriguez contribute to this: A well-known set designer from Great Britain installs robust slewing rings from Eschweiler in the stage technology of internationally known artists. The high quality and the quick availability of the products score particularly well.