MinebeaMitsumi has news to announce. The daughter Minebea Intec has with Manina Kettler new CFO. The daughter Myonic gets the title Exceptional delivery partner from Dentsply Sirona awarded. A new show trailer complements the trade fair marketing. Products can be presented to the customer flexibly and independent of location. We have compiled many other company reports for you below:

MinebeaMitsumi show trailer


Minebea Slovakia opens research and development center

Minebea Slovakia17.06.2024 | Minebea Slovakia announces the opening of a state-of-the-art research and development center in Košice. This significant project represents an important step in the company's growth and innovation strategy. The new facility will be a center of technological advancement and will provide a modern working environment for numerous highly qualified engineers.

With this R&D Center MinebeaMitsumi underlines its commitment to innovation and regional strengthening in Slovakia. The aim of the new facility is to intensify cooperation with the Technical University of Košice and other renowned universities in order to promote knowledge exchange and innovation.

"This new facility is a testament to our commitment to driving technological advancement and supporting the local economy," said Yoshihisa Kainuma, CEO of the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group. "By expanding our team and improving our research capabilities, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of industrial and automotive innovation."

The new centre will focus on developing solutions in the field of BLDC motors, actuators, Electrical Engineering, software design and software testing. A particular highlight of the facility is the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test laboratory, one of the most modern in Europe. This laboratory meets the strict CISPR 25 standards of the automotive industry and enables advanced testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability of products.

"We are excited about the opportunities this new facility brings," said Joerg Hoffmann, General Manager of Regional Affairs at MinebeaMitsumi Europe. "Our goal is to create a collaborative environment that leverages the talents of engineers and researchers to drive innovations that will benefit our company and the entire region."

Manina Kettler is the new CFO at Minebea Intec

Manina Kettler Minebea Intec11.01.2023 | Manina Kettler (40) has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Minebea Intec since the beginning of the year. She is responsible for the areas of accounting, controlling treasury, IT and administration. Previously, this responsibility lay directly with Hidenori Shimosako, CEO of Minebea Intec.

Manina Kettler is a very good example of that employee development at the leading manufacturer of industrial weigh- and inspection technology is a top priority. In nine years she was able to develop from controller to CFO. In her new role, she will be in charge of budget allocation, reporting, contracting, insurance, IT strategy and cash flow planning.

Potential for more efficiency Ms. Kettler sees the process optimization and further digitization of the finance area in particular: "We have already had initial successes with the automated processing of invoices and travel expenses," says Manina Kettler. "One of our next projects in controlling will be to automatically map daily reports for our business partners."

Together with Hidenori Shimosako (CEO), Nick Parsons (CSO), Dr. Karl Sommer (COO) and Dr. Axel Böttger (CTO), Manina Kettler will continue to expand Minebea Intec's business. "In her new position, she enriches the company with her great professional skills and her remarkable commitment," says Hidenori Shimosako. "I am convinced that they will make Minebea Intec even stronger."

The 40-year-old brings outstanding expertise in the field of finance with. After completing her dual business studies at VW, she held various positions as a controller in the service and management sector Food industry, before she started in Controlling for the Aachen site at Minebea Intec in 2013. In 2018 she took over the position of Director Accounting at the headquarters in Hamburg, and in 2019 Controlling was added. Ms. Kettler has been working as Deputy CFO since 2021. “I would like to interlink the individual departments even more and promote cooperation. For me, that is the key to success,” says Ms. Kettler.

Minebea Myonic receives Exceptional Supplier 2022 Award

Minebea Myonic09.12.2022 | Dentsply Sirona Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of dental products and dental technology and one of the main customers of the MinebeaMitsumi subsidiary Myonic. In 2021, Dentsply Sirona introduced the "Supplier Awards Program for exceptional partners". The criteria for the award are based on the company's procurement goals: quality, sustainability, delivery performance, partnership, innovation, and diversity.

From around 12.000 suppliers, only 70 companies were eligible for the title Exceptional delivery partner nominated, of which only one in each of 7 product groups was awarded for "Direct Material". myonic received the award in the "Rest of Spend" category, which mainly includes steels and products made of metal, such as bearings.

In addition to the excellent delivery and quality performance, the responsible director Todd Dunn the very good development partnership between the two companies in the foreground. The clear concept of becoming climate-neutral by 2030 deserves a special mention.

Show trailer as a future-oriented tool for marketing

MinebeaMitsumi exhibition trailer21.04.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Minebea Mitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH wants in the future no longer just rely on the classic face-to-face trade fair. The new show trailer in the MinebeaMitsumi design puts products in the limelight, making them flexible and location-independent.

Since 2020, the Corona Pandemic has shown that, especially in the B2B sector, there are creative alternatives to Trade fair marketing are needed. Even with the gradual return of face-to-face trade fairs, the circumstances and needs have changed permanently. According to that Trend paper of the Federal Association of Industry Communication (bvik) trade fairs will be more hybrid, more sustainable, smaller and more local in the future. The personal contacts and experiences continue to be a central added value in order to present oneself on site.

MinebeaMitsumi in Europe has been dealing with the new requirements and opportunities during the pandemic. The result is a trailer that has one Showroom on wheels presents. This offers a flexible product presentation without sacrificing personal contact. The special vehicle is intended primarily for the fast-growing automotive sector. Depending on the occasion, the trailer can be equipped individually with the respective products on the basis of flexible modules. Tablets and large displays also offer digital content in order to optimally tailor the content to the respective target group.

MinebeaMitsumi product presentation

The trailer was equipped with the most important features of a fully-fledged exhibition stand. A small kitchen niche is available for customer events. The solution is also smart in terms of budget: "Compared to the trade fair presence, long-term planning can be significantly more cost-effective. The mobile trade fair stand can be brought directly to the customer and spontaneously optimized at any time," says Tobias Stemler, Business Development Manager at the Villingen-Schwenningen site. The presentation solution is also sustainable for the entire group of companies in Europe, because the trailer can be booked and shared with sister companies.

MTCE celebrates its 30th company anniversary

MinebeaMitsumi 30 years08.09.2021 | In 2021, the MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe (MTCE) proudly looks back on 30 years of company history. The development center was founded in 1991 under the name PM DM. At the former location in Spaichingen, PM DM started developing HDD motors. MTCE has been based in the Auf Herdenen industrial area in Villingen since 2000. In 2019, the location was declared the European development headquarters of the parent company MinebeaMitsumi.

Meanwhile, the almost 460 employees in the engine development center next to Engines and Drive Technology also numerous other products such as LED backlights and sensors. The areas of application for the products developed in Villingen are as diverse as they are. They are used, for example, in the automotive industry, especially in the field of Electromobility, used. In addition, the business areas are growing Power Tools, Robotic and automated logistics.

Koco Motion GFKoco Motion News: System house for intelligent motor technology

Managing Director and European Head of the international group Jorg Hoffman draws a positive conclusion on the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary: ​​“In the last 30 years we have made many right and courageous decisions and have thus achieved a unique position in the MinebeaMitsumi Group. In 1991 nobody would have thought that we would become the Group's European development headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen. Or that our street will be renamed Minebea Way. "

Milestones from MinebeaMitsumi Europe

One of the most important milestones MinebeaMitsumi took part in the company's history in 2010. The MTCE developed this year beyond the function of a pure development center. For the first time in Bratislava, Slovakia, the company's own BLDC motors were produced and successfully launched on the market. Today Minebea mainly produces in the largest and most important European production plant in Košice, also Slovakia, which opened in 2018.

The year 2019 brought with the Takeover of the U-Shin Groups probably the biggest challenge so far. As a result of the takeover, the MTCE became the headquarters for currently 22 European production and development locations. Within the new tasks, the ongoing corona crisis naturally also presented MTCE with new challenges. But even in this phase, the success story of MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe could be continued.

Faulhaber managementFaulhaber will start with a new management structure from January 2022

“While numerous companies had to struggle with extreme downturns, especially in the automotive sector, MTCE was able to continue bring new products to market. Our team is doing really great here, ”says Jörg Hoffmann. There is only one downer on the company's anniversary: ​​“Unfortunately, there was no big celebration with our employees this year. But we would like to do that as soon as circumstances permit. "

Bosch presents Global Supplier Award to MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

MinebeaMitsumi Bosch Supplier Award25.08.2021/5/XNUMX | MinebeaMitsumi Inc. has received the "Bosch Global Supplier Award" from Bosch for the XNUMXth time. This makes the company one of the world's best suppliers to the technology leader and service provider. With the award in the category Raw material and components Bosch recognized the achievements of the “Miniature Ball Bearings” division on a global level.

46 suppliers from 16 countries awarded Bosch from around 23.000 suppliers. For the 17th time, the Bosch Group is honoring above-average performance in the manufacture and delivery of raw materials, products or services, especially in terms of quality, costs, innovations and logistics. “The corona pandemic has shown how important a functioning supplier network is for global supply chains. The winners of the Bosch Global Supplier Award played an important part in this, ”said Dr. Arne Flemming, Head of Supply Chain Management at Bosch.

“We are proud that our high standards have once again been recognized by Bosch. Even during the corona pandemic, we were able to meet the steadily increasing demands on suppliers in terms of quality, delivery reliability and competitiveness and supplement them with a sustainable company focus. We look forward to the trusting and successful cooperation with Bosch, ”said above Thomas Prigge, Head of Ball Bearing & Mechanical Components Division, Europe.

New CSO at Minebea Intec

MinebeaMitsumi management

31.08.2021 | Peter Steiner As the new Chief Sales Officer (CSO), he will drive business in the partner regions worldwide in addition to the sales development in the core markets. With him, the C-Level under CEO Hidenori Shimosako is complete.

Peter Steiner succeeds Frank Wieland and is looking forward to a varied role with the leader Manufacturer of weighing and inspection technology: "Minebea Intec combines the history of a German engineering company with the internationality and reach of a world market leader - that is a rare and extraordinarily attractive combination," says Mr. Steiner, looking forward to the multifaceted task. "The management team, which I was able to get to know in detail before starting at Minebea Intec, maintains a professional, open and very appreciative relationship within and outside the team."

Michael Koch NewsMichael Koch GmbH: News from Ubstadt-Weiher 

Peter Steiner was previously responsible for the sales and service organization of one international packaging machine manufacturer directed. Together with Dr. Karl Sommer (COO), Dr. Axel Böttger (CTO) and CEO Hidenori Shimosako would now like to introduce the CSO to new perspectives in the company, “I hope that, as the newest member of the management team, I can set a lot of impulses with my broad sales experience.

Myonic: sustainability certificate for environmental protection

Minebea Myonic06.04.2021 | For years, Myonic, a MinebeaMitsumi Group company, has been committed to the consistent recycling of raw materials and waste streams for global resource and environmental protection. The specialist in precision bearings maintains an environmental management system in accordance with the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001..

Now the recycling service provider Remondis Myonic has a particularly good one with the sustainability certificate Resource economy and one demonstrable Climate protection contribution certified. In doing so, Remondis has considered the commitment that supports its own positioning in environmental protection, such as the return of raw materials into the product cycle, reduction of primary raw material consumption and greenhouse emissions through thermal and material waste recycling as well as the production of alternative energies and innovative recycling products.

Over the past few years, Myonic has been adding new ones regularly Measures implemented: For example, plastic filling material was replaced by recyclable corrugated cardboard in shipping, returnable packaging was used instead of one-way packaging and waste was consistently separated. By extending the use of operating materials such as oils, lubricants or cleaning media, waste has also been reduced. 

Minebea Intec supports global vaccine production

MinebeaMitsumi vaccine production

10.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | Since that Coronavirus has erupted, the world economy is upside down. Structures that were once fixed, such as import, export and supply chains, have proven to be fragile constructs since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The manufacturing industry reports deep cuts worldwide. Nevertheless, in these times individual manufacturers such as Minebea Intec, a member of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, are proving top performance, especially where it is most important in this pandemic time.

Igus plastic recyclingIgus clears the way for innovative plastic recycling

Corporations around the world are working flat out on the development and production of reliable vaccines. The global manufacturer of industrial Weighing and Inspection Technologies Minebea Intec supports you in this. The provider, based in Hamburg, manufactures special products that are precisely tailored to the needs in these areas. Machines and systems weigh mixing containers and check packaging steps. All of this happens under the strictest hygienic conditions. Minebea Intec's technologies enable standardized, precise processes along the entire production line.

Highly accurate and reproducible processes are essential in the Development and production of vaccines. Minebea Intec offers research, engineering and production for special technologies and hygienic designs according to worldwide standards. For example, load cells are installed under bioreactors and connected to evaluation electronics. In this way, they ensure the best possible mix of raw vaccines and other substances. Other, dynamic weighing solutions ensure the correct filling quantity of the vaccination doses.

Who is MinebeaMitsumi?

MinebeaMitsumi is a global company and employs around 100.000 people at 63 locations in 27 countries worldwide. When Minebea was founded in Tokyo in 1951, the focus was initially on miniatureBall bearingsIn 2017, the MinebeaMitsumi Group was formed from the merger with Mitsumi Electric. In Europe, the group includes the following subsidiaries: MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe, NMB Minebea, Minebea Intec, Myonic, Paradox Engineering, Cerobear GmbH, Mast Kunststoffe. In a strong network, they offer a wide range of key technologies such as for Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Medical Technology and healthcare.   

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