for gentle joining in industry

Materials, surfaces, methods of application, joining of the parts to be joined, chemical backgrounds, micro-dosing

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Gluing: News about gentle joining in industry

The Glue or the adhesive technology opens up completely new fields of application in the modern manufacturing process Connection Technology. Using adhesion and cohesion, this material-to-substance connection technology is now used to connect components that years ago were unthinkable for an adhesive connection. Adhesive bonding is being used more and more, especially in the automotive industry. Among other things, we report on Materials, the procurement of the Surface, Procedure for Apply the glue, joining the parts to be joined, chemical backgrounds, microdosing and the adhesives as such - here you will find modern adhesives, dosing technology, applications and much more!

Brand new adhesive technology

Find out about gluing as integral connection technology and how to keep your developments together efficiently:

Liquid gasket, adhesive and potting compound for filter technology

Rampf liquid seal filterAir filters, HEPA filters, oil filters and hydraulic filters must be optimally suited to the respective application in their various designs. Decisive for the performance and the economic production of the Filter are sealing foam, adhesive system and casting compound and their process-reliable processing. Rampf offers the material for filter manufacturers with liquid gasket, adhesive and potting compound.

Henkel presents his new Dosing machine DM 502 with the newly developed Mixing head MK 825 PRO. The new features enable high process stability to be achieved in the fully automatic dosing and processing of sealing foams, adhesives and potting compounds. As a result, users receive a high-quality Bonding, Sealing or sealing of components.

Henkel dosing machine


The highly viscous and stable 1K UV and light-curing acrylate adhesive "Photobond SL4165" from Delo, which acts as a sealant in industrial production, can be used for the "cured-in-place gasket" and "formed-in-place gasket" processes will. In order to ensure the tightness of the metering bead, the material must be applied precisely and with repeatability. This is easily possible with the Viscotec dispensers.

viscotec10818Fichter Maschinen GmbH designed for IFM Ecomatic in Kressbronn has a system that can carry out various joining and dosing processes. It consists of two dosing stations and a joining station. The dosing stations are each equipped with a 2K dispenser and a "Viscotreat-R" storage tank from Viscotec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik.

epoxy resin adhesive, also epoxy glue, is called construction adhesive used, which is particularly strong and resistant even at high temperatures. The connections of the 1K or 2K adhesives are vibration-resistant, vibration-resistant and impact-resistant. the constructor is very flexible with an epoxy resin adhesive and can also be different Materials glue together. Here we present the new epoxy resin adhesives:

Kager epoxy glue


The dosing robots flex speed from Rampf Production Systems drive super-fast on the straight and very precisely around corners. With this new one Dosing the throughput times of processes for sealing, foaming and Glue more than halve in applications for series production.

Rampf dosing technology


kager0312The high-tech adhesives from Kager's Ceramabond range for joining ceramic components withstand extreme conditions of use and high temperatures of up to 1760 ° C. For numerous applications, however, it can make sense to additionally seal and seal the adhesive points with a topcoat. Matched to these cases, Kager offers the matching glass coatings of the "Aremco" family.

Viscotec has in Preeflow Technical center customer-specific trials for microdosing carried out. The fully automatic production of fiber optic cables became possible using 2K dispenser checked. The customer requested the repeated application of 5 µl of a two-component material in a volumetric mixing ratio of 8,5: 1. The was used Epoxy adhesive EPO TEK353ND.

Kager0412Modern ceramic-based adhesives create connections that hold securely even under extreme operating conditions. The high-tech adhesive Ceramabond 890, which Kager recently added to its wide range of adhesives, is specially designed for the material pairings ceramic-ceramic and ceramic-graphite. This 1K silicon carbide adhesive can be used to create chemically and mechanically resilient high-temperature connections.

delo0115Stainless steel is difficult to glue, but permanent glue connections are often only possible with pretreatment. Delo and the Institute for Production Technology and Materials Testing at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences have now found that stainless steel bonds are almost as durable after intensive laser pretreatment as after the Saco process.

viscotec1118With the viscosity-independent dispensers from Viscotec, which are all based on the endless piston principle, highly viscous materials can be dosed reliably and precisely. They offer shear-sensitive and high-precision material handling.

delo0219Delo has a potting compound developed which has a very high media and temperature resistance. In addition, “Monopox GE6515” accelerates manufacturing processes thanks to its optimized curing time. The product is particularly suitable for potting electronic components for automotive applications.

Interfacial moisture can cause problems when glued outdoors or in damp environments. Of the Industry association adhesives (IVK) uses a model from nature or bionics dass adhesives and moisture can also harmonize well with one another. They orientate themselves on that Principle of spider webs. Spiders hold their prey in their webs, even when the humidity is high or it is even raining.

IVK hydroscopic adhesive