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Product Solutions and trends for conventional vehicles, electric cars, autonomous driving with a focus on sustainable mobility

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Automotive development for emobility, autonomous and conventional

Here you will find the latest developments and trends from the automotive industry Supplier industry for conventional automobiles, electric vehicles or autonomous driving for the R&D departments of Automotive industry like BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, Porsche and many more. Find out about solutions and trends, especially in the field of passenger cars, for the sustainable mobility of automobiles.

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While dad used to lend a hand himself and quickly replace the spark plug, the move in has Electronics the automotive industry has since revolutionized. Automobile development has also changed fundamentally as a result. Almost nothing works without electronics and almost everything should be done electronically in the autonomous vehicle, including driving itself. It goes without saying that today's automobile engineers have a large amount of expertise in Digitalization, Communication, and have to bring electronics.

Brand new automotive development 

We report on supplier parts for the powertrain, drivetrain, chassis, body and interior, electronic components and groundbreaking innovations, including interfaces for communication, alternative drives, Materials and above all safety technology in cars. 

First wireless torque measurement for drive shafts

Kistler torque measurement15.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | With the Kitorq DS Kistler the first Torque measurement system developed for vehicle axle shafts with wireless data transmission. The transmitter is located above the strain gauge sensor and can be attached to the drive shaft using an adapter. This means the unit can be easily removed, for example if you B. the Batteries change or charge or attach the transmitter to another vehicle.

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Trends in Automotive – Data means Energy

Mitsubishi Podcast Trends in AutomotiveQuick adjustments to the latest developments are particularly necessary in the automotive industry in order to stay at the forefront. The integration of Real-time data generation and management in all vehicle and parts production processes helps to overcome market and supply chain challenges. More about this from Lucas Majewski from Mitsubishi Electric in the videocast.

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Relay for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles

Due to the ever-growing demand in the private sector, Schukat focuses its range of relays on electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. The AZEV116, AZEV132 and AZEV140 series single pole relays from note are specially designed for use in charging cables designed in accordance with IEC 62752 for charging electric vehicles in charging mode 2. 

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Data utility for lithium-ion battery production

Klaus Petersen Mitsubishi ElectricJuly 26.07.2023, XNUMX | The demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is increasing rapidly. Anyone who can quickly produce large quantities of high-quality batteries in a recyclable, sustainable and cost-efficient way is at the forefront. Explained in the videocast “Lithium-ion batteries”.  Claus Petersen, how digital technologies can help the LIB industry to generate a competitive advantage with data. 

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Backlash-free multi-link hinges with self-calibrating plain bearings

The production of multi-joint hinges for spoiler kinematics and top can be expensive. With a Igus bearings An economical and technically superior design is possible from tribologically optimized plastic. The new Iglidur F300 is even electrically conductive and can calibrate itself and prevent corrosion using the cathodic dip painting (KTL) process. 

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Sensor box for position detection of electric monorails

Schmersal represents a new one Magnetic track sensor box for the position detection of electric monorails in intralogistics and Automotive industry before. So far, wear-free magnetic switches have been used here, where they monitor the speed and position of moving machine parts. Such electric monorail systems transport body parts. a. to the assembly workstations. The SSB-R can now do that too.

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Sustainable thermoplastics digitized for the automotive industry

Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe (SPC Europe) and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are working together to digitize the performance of new sustainable thermoplastics (PP) for the automotive industry. Based on the new multiscale technology for material modeling of thermoplastics, engineers can develop recyclable components and thus reduce the carbon footprint of future vehicles.

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Hahn Automation has succeeded with a new development, the test procedure for the inline testing of Automotive components to cut in half. This requires three Articulated, which test turbochargers overhead in a test stand. When it comes to robotics, the company from Rheinböllen relies on compact solutions from the Melfa series from Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi articulated arm robot

Should be comfortable and user-friendly Interior Parts for the Vehicle-Be interior. For such applications Excelita's Noblelight the right technology: In automobile production, an astonishing number of manufacturing steps for seats, dashboards, handles, switches, carpets and shelves are carried out with the help of Infrared-Heat and UV emitters carried out efficiently.

Noblelight UV spotlight car seats

BMI Test + Measurement extends its Cansasflex series for new highly insulated Measuring modules and Junction boxes for safe measurements in HV environments, especially to Electric Cars and Hybrid vehicles. The new four-channel measuring module "Hiso-HV4" is suitable for measuring high differential voltages up to 800 V. This enables, for example, HV voltages along the electrical line Powertrain capture as on Battery, charging converters, aggregates and distributors. 

Measuring module for HV applications from IMC

As the market for hydrogen mobility grows, with H2 as a promising energy source, the infrastructure for its provision is increasingly coming into focus. Resato Hydrogen Technology has along with Turck implemented an innovative concept for the locations of hydrogen stations: modular Hydrogen filling stations guarantee equipped with IP67-AtexI/O modules quick commissioning and high scalability.

Turck hydrogen filling stations

genesys0215The GPS-supported "Adma" gyro system from Genesys was specially developed and built for vehicle dynamics and driver assistance measurements in the automotive sector. With the Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer (Adma), all movement states such as acceleration, speed, position, rotational speed, position and float angle of the vehicle can be recorded with high precision while moving.

Bosch relies on the Hydrogen power. Electric Cars are important to the CO2emissions lower in traffic. But the question arises whether it is also economical, difficult Commercial Vehicles with a payload of 40 t over long distances using battery power? Find out below why Bosch is developing the technology further and which portfolio the global player offers for this: 

Bosch hydrogen drive


To dem Hydrogen (H2) as an alternative fuel to achieve a breakthrough, we need attractive hydrogen cars and high-performance commercial vehicles that can be refueled in a nationwide filling station infrastructure. The structure of the corresponding hydrogen gas stations requires a lot Measurement Technology, so that safety when refueling with hydrogen is guaranteed. Wika offers the complex instrumentation for this, such as valves, temperature or pressure sensors.

Fill up with hydrogen Wika


Frenzelite offers a molded part from the fiber gasket nova formwhich galvanic corrosion avoids. It galvanically decouples surfaces from metals in vehicles. This makes the molded part a cost-effective and effective alternative to common corrosion protection such as painting.

Frenzelit galvanic corrosion


Modern Driving assistance systems use radar technology. There are many systems for adaptive speed control, support for changing lanes, avoiding collisions and recognizing pedestrians and cyclists. All pave the way to self-driving car. The Fraunhofer FEP now has one radar sensor developed in the Car headlights can be integrated.

Fraunhofer radar sensor


The pedal car Cit Kar by Johannes Kremer and Time is a revolutionary electric kettcar and fascinates the industry with an impressive range of 200 km. With a loading volume of up to 420 l and a payload of 300 kg, modern requirements for electric mobility are impressively met, especially in Germany. With the Cit-Kar, adults experience the joy of driving in a new and sustainable way.

Kettcar for adults


Volkswagen sets new standards in the automotive industry. With a world Premiere The car manufacturer entered the race for the most fascinating new technical developments from car manufacturers at the CES 2024 electronics trade fair in Las Vegas: Volkswagen will be integrating from now on Chat GPT in current models. This pulls it Artificial intelligence into the automobile. These and more in the future VW news can be found in this article.

VW News ChatGPT

Which one E-car-Owner doesn't always want to have an efficient, fast, reliable and available way to charge their electric car? And because there are always new developments Charging plug and Charging cables for electric cars, we would like to introduce them to you here. Here you will find type 1 plugs, type 2 plugs, CCS plugs, the associated charging cables and one that is entered in the Guinness book, as well as other applications.

Harting charging connector