Which one Lawn Mower is the right one for your garden? Save time and effort with the best models for different lawn sizes. This article will guide you through tests and criteria to find the ideal automatic lawn mower. At the same time we provide you with the latest models before:

Husqvarna robotic mower



Robotic lawnmower 2024 – The most important things in brief

Robotic lawnmower, or even Robot lawn mower called, have developed rapidly in recent years and have become an integral part of modern gardens. They offer a convenient solution for lawn care and have continued to evolve thanks to advanced technologies. The development of robotic lawnmowers shows that these devices are becoming increasingly smarter, more environmentally friendly and more versatile.

With the integration in Smart Homesystems and improving user-friendliness, they offer an attractive solution for automated lawn care. In addition, they can now be intelligently navigated and controlled, have multifunctional capabilities, have better safety functions and can be adapted to different lawns. These trends reflect users' desire for efficient, environmentally friendly and time-saving technologies.

Robotic lawnmowers save a lot of time when caring for the lawn and promote this Lawn growth and are more environmentally friendly than petrol lawn mowers. Choosing the right robotic lawnmower depends on the size and condition of the lawn, with different models being recommended for small to large gardens. Regular maintenance and care of robotic lawnmowers are essential for longevity, including weekly cleaning and proper battery maintenance to extend battery life.

How robotic lawnmowers are revolutionizing lawn care

Robotic lawn mowers are smart garden helpers that can revolutionize your lawn care. Using them can save an annual amount of time about 100 hours can be achieved. This small but powerful machine mows your lawn automatically and uses advanced navigation technology to ensure that no blade of grass is left uncut. With robot lawn mowers, lawn care becomes child's play.

In addition, robotic lawnmowers contribute to the promotion of mowing through frequent mowing lawn growth and help reduce the spread of weeds. They mulch the grass clippings and leave them on the lawn, where they serve as natural fertilizer. This ultimately leads to an improvement in the quality of the lawn. Robotic lawn mowers also use less energy and produce less noise and emissions than their predecessors.

Robotic lawnmower innovations for 2024

There are many lawn mower models from different manufacturers. Ultimately, whether they are designed with or without a cable, with a large or small battery or with or without a camera depends on their type of use. You alone are spoiled for choice. We will introduce you to the latest models below:

Electric Sheep: GPS was yesterday – GPT is tomorrow

Electric sheep robotics EarningsMay 08.05.2024, XNUMX| The landscaping industry has exactly the characteristics that are ideal for AI-controlled robots are, such as repetitive tasks, increasing labor costs and particularly highly mechanized tasks that are now carried out by machines. 

Conventional robotics approaches always have weak points here. They require repeated instructions and lack the common sense that such dynamic processes require. The next big step is therefore to give robots one optimized user experience to rent.

GPT-based architectures have unprecedented potential for this, especially LLMs (Large Language Models) and multimodal LLMs. Robotic lawn mowers equipped with it can do more than just care for the lawn.

That is the vision of the US company Electric Sheep Robotics. With GPT, it gives its robot called Verdie additional functions such as a leaf blower. The startup has developed the AI ​​ES1 for this purpose. As soon as the Artificial intelligence If it detects leaves lying on the ground, it is used. Cutting unclean lawn edges is also part of Verdie’s service.

Deep Learning trains the robotic lawnmower based on the garden conditions and then controls it accordingly. The data-driven algorithmic solution thinks like a brain and continuously learns from the experiences gained. This allows outdoor spaces to be captured again and again in any environment.

Einhell: robotic lawnmowers for small and large gardens

19.02.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | The battery specialist Einhell offers robotic lawnmowers with numerous setting options and various accessory kits, with and without boundary wire. Instead of a built-in battery, the Freelexo models draw their energy from a removable Power X-Change battery. This can also be used in all other devices on the battery platform with over 300 tools and garden equipment.

After mowing, the battery can also be used in a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer or drill reused become. In addition, the range per battery charge can be individually adjusted to the size of the garden to be mowed because the Power X-Change batteries are available in different capacities (Ah). The robotic lawnmowers are suitable for lawns of 300 to 1200 m².

Robotic lawnmower without boundary wire

The Freelexo CAM 500 robotic lawnmower is equipped with a sophisticated camera technology fitted. It is suitable for lawns up to 500 m². The integrated camera scans the mowing area and detects optical lawn boundaries such as stones, tar or bark mulch based on colors and structures. Ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles and physical lawn boundaries such as hedges, walls or trees. The time-consuming laying of a boundary wire is no longer necessary. The mowing times can be easily programmed using an intuitive keypad.

Thanks to the mowing mode for secondary areas, this robotic lawnmower can also be used flexibly in separate garden areas. A 5 m long magnetic tape included in the delivery can be designed as a virtual fence. The built-in magnetic sensors detect the magnetic tape and turn off at its limit. This allows areas to be excluded that should not be approached. The equipment also includes a rain sensor, anti-theft protection, shock, lifting and tiltingsensors. The robotic lawnmower has one Cutting height adjustment from 20 to 60 m and is suitable for a gradient of up to 25%. 

Husqvarna: Robotic lawnmower with new corner technology

17.02.2024 | Husqvarna is expanding its range of wireless robotic lawn mowers with two models designed for medium-sized gardens: the Automower 310E Nera and 410XE Nera. Both are compatible with Husqvarna's Epos1 satellite navigation system. Users can easily create virtual boundaries using their smartphone. The manufacturer is introducing its groundbreaking Edgecut technology with these models. This ensures that the edges of the lawn are also cut perfectly.

The two robotic lawnmowers are suitable for gardens up to 1000 m². The Epic Technology allows an accuracy of 2 to 3 cm. The user creates the virtual boundaries of the garden using the Automower Connect app. They can be used to create different work areas and exclusion zones and to adjust the cutting height electronically. This means users have full control over the lawn, even from a distance.

Groundbreaking Edgecut technology

The new Edgecut technology is based on a smaller and high-precision mowing disc in the rear. It reduces the need for manual trimming on the edges of the lawn. The Automower 410XE Nera also has one Radartechnology that helps navigate objects around the lawn. This means the mowing process is not interrupted. Toys or other items left on the lawn will not be damaged.

With Black The user can choose between physical boundary wires, virtual boundaries or a combination of both. The Epos accessories are required for virtual boundary mowing. It consists of a plug-in for the robotic lawnmower and a discreet reference station, which is usually installed on the roof or wall of the house.

Technical data of the Husqvarna Automowers 410XE Nera and 310E Nera:

  • Work surface capacity: 1000 m²
  • Maximum incline performance: 30%
  • cutting height: 20 to 55 mm
  • Edge cut: up to 1 cm Object avoidance
  • Zone control

Stihl: Imow with an impressive cutting width

March 16.03.2023, XNUMX | The newest Stihl Imow robotic lawn mower generation marks a milestone in automatic lawn care. Equipped with advanced technology, these six models enable an unsurpassed cutting result and significantly reduce mowing times.

Highlights include the innovative Disc Cut mowing system, an impressive one Cutting width of 28 cm, powerful lithium-ion batteries and intelligent driving and charging behavior. These features guarantee perfect mowing results and the lawn is quickly ready for use.

thanks to the My Imow app Users control their robotic lawnmowers intuitively via smartphone or tablet - from adjusting the cutting height to the mowing plan. LED elements and voice output on the device offer additional ease of use and status information. With the option of smart home integration, these robotic lawnmowers meet the latest requirements for networked garden care and offer a number of advantages.

For gardens up to 5000 m²

The Stihl robotic lawnmowers are suitable for gardens of up to 1500 m² (Imow 5), 3000 m² (Imow 6) and 5000 m² (Imow 7) and are each available in two versions: The Standard and EVO Version differs in speed and off-road capability. EVO models can even handle gradients of up to 45%, with an optional upgrade for even more demanding slopes.

The new generation of robotic lawnmowers are equipped with... Disc cut mowing system Equipped with three free-swinging knife blades, which creates a perfect cutting pattern thanks to the high blade speed. Due to the regular change of direction of rotation, the system also proves to be very durable.

In case of a necessary knife change This can be done in no time without any tools. The new devices also intelligently adapt their mowing speed to the environment: the speed is automatically reduced on slopes or in dense lawns. At the same time, the standard ultrasonic sensors ensure early detection of objects and obstacles and approach them gently.

The intelligent one Navi The robotic lawnmower minimizes lanes and optimizes mowing times, allowing owners to enjoy more time in their garden. The EVO models also offer a mobile phone connection for remote control, even without WiFi availability in the garden.

The best robotic lawnmowers for every lawn

Mowing robot biodiversityThe selection The choice of the best robotic lawnmower depends heavily on the size and condition of your lawn. Compact models such as the Landxcape LX799 or the Yard Force Easymow 260 are suitable for small gardens. They are maneuverable and can easily mow even in winding gardens.

For medium-sized gardens, more powerful models such as the Yard Force LUV 1000Ri or the Husqvarna Automower are a good choice. And models such as the Husqvarna Automower 305, the Robomow RK1000 or the Al ko robotic lawnmower are ideal for large lawns.

Optimal care for small and medium-sized gardens

If you have a small or medium-sized garden, the following models are ideal for you:

  • Gardena smart Sileno Set city 500
  • Landxcape LX799
  • Gardena Sileno Minimo 250
  • Gardena Smart Sileno City 250

These robotic lawnmowers are optimized in size and maneuverability and can easily tackle various inclines.

When choosing a robotic lawnmower for small and medium-sized gardens, you should also consider your budget, your garden design preferences and special challenges such as several Lawn zones take into account. The prices for robotic lawnmowers designed for small and medium-sized gardens usually range between 500 and 1500 euros.

The professionals for large lawns

For large lawns, powerful robotic lawnmowers such as the Robomow RK1000 or the Husqvarna Automower 420 are recommended. These devices have advanced features like GPS control, GSM module and control via app. They can also be used in the rain.

There are special challenges to consider when using robotic lawnmowers on large lawns. This includes:

  • Coping with inclines
  • Efficient mowing of lawns over 2000 m²
  • The battery life, which can be up to 10 hours for robotic lawnmowers for large areas.

Installation and commissioning of your robotic lawnmower

Installing a robotic lawnmower is easier than you might think. In general the includes Installation process:

  1. Review of material
  2. Installation of the charging station
  3. Laying the cables
  4. Connecting the cables
  5. Commissioning the device.

In order to adequately prepare your garden for the installation of a robotic lawnmower, it is advisable to Obstacles such as stones, twigs and leaves remove. It may also be necessary to level out larger unevenness in the lawn. A sketch of the garden can be helpful in finding the optimal position for the charging station of the robotic lawnmower.

After installation you should use the robotic lawnmower Programmieren. This includes setting the mowing times and setting the desired cutting height. Programming can be done via the control panel on the device or via a smartphone app. Depending on the size of the lawn, the structure of the garden and the nature of the soil, putting a robotic lawnmower into operation can take several hours to a few days.

App control and connectivity

Mower robot app


Most robotic lawnmowers are equipped with an app control that makes operation simple and convenient. You can use the app to start and stop the robotic lawnmower, set the mowing schedule and monitor the progress of the mowing process.

Connected gardening

Mowing robot networkingIn addition to the App-Control Many robotic lawnmowers also offer the option of networking with other smart devices in the garden. For example, your robotic lawnmower can work with a smart irrigation system to ensure that your lawn is always perfectly maintained. The Communication between the devices takes place via a Gateway, which is connected to the Internet.

Take care of the garden while you're away

The ability to control your robotic lawnmower while on the move is another big advantage of app control. You can start, stop or program your robotic lawnmower from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a browser.

There are various applications that can be used to control robotic lawnmowers. With applications such as the Gardena app or the Yardforce X100i app you can easily use the robotic lawnmower for Smartphone control and start mowing. Robotic lawnmower apps also offer features such as notifications and smart home integrations that make garden care even easier and more convenient.

Maintenance and care of your robotic lawnmower

To ensure a long service life for your robotic lawnmower, regular maintenance and care is essential. This includes cleaning the robotic lawnmower regularly and removing grass residue. Specific Organic robotic lawnmower cleaner can be used for cleaning. It is recommended to service and clean a robotic lawnmower approximately weekly.

To extend the battery life of a robotic lawnmower, it is recommended to use lithium-ion batteries 20% and 80% to load. In addition, it is important to take the memory effect of accumulators into account and to maintain the batteries regularly. As soon as the knives are out of focus, they should be replaced.

Selection criteria for buying a robotic lawnmower

You can already buy robotic lawnmowers in an online shop today. If you forego on-site consulting services, you have to do your own research. When choosing a robotic lawnmower, you should consider various factors. This includes:

  • the size and condition of your garden
  • Your budget
  • Your preferences regarding garden design
  • special challenges such as slopes or uneven terrain.

Stiftung Warentest test and purchase advice


The right model for your garden

To find the right model for your garden, you should first consider the size and shape of your lawn. Compact models such as the Landxcape LX799 or the Yard Force EasyMow 260 are ideal for small and medium-sized gardens. They are agile and can also winding gardens mow easily.

Other factors that play a role when choosing a robotic lawnmower are: Mowing speed and the battery life. A higher mowing speed enables the area to be processed more quickly and thus shortens mowing times. Battery life is especially important if you have a large garden. Get offers from different manufacturers and consider the price-performance ratio.

Additional functions and accessories

In addition to choosing the right model, you should also sort through the additional features available and consider the accessories. Many robotic lawnmowers offer additional functions such as:

  • Rain sensors
  • Burglar via PIN or alarm
  • quiet operation
  • Edge mowing function.

Accessories such as boundary cables, Cablesconnectors and maintenance products can Lifespan of a robotic lawnmower and optimize its performance. Subsequent additions to new functions can be particularly useful if you have a large garden or have special lawn care requirements.

Experience reports and user reviews

Testimonials and user ratings are a valuable source of information if you want to buy a robotic lawnmower. They provide insight into the actual performance and reliability of the various models and their results. According to user reviews, the following models are particularly popular:

  • Worx Landroid Vision M800
  • Bosch Indego S + 400
  • Husqvarna Automower
  • Stihl Imow RMI 422

However, there are also some negative experiences and problems with certain robotic lawnmower models. These include, among others bumps in the turf, which can affect performance and the possibility of breakage. It is therefore important to conduct thorough research and compare different models before purchasing a robotic lawnmower.


In summary, robotic lawnmowers are a great solution for lawn care. Not only do you save time and effort, but you also improve it Quality of your lawn and are more environmentally friendly than conventional petrol lawnmowers. When choosing a robotic lawnmower, you should consider the size and condition of your garden, your budget and your individual requirements. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your robotic lawnmower performs optimally for many years.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best robot lawn mower?

The Stihl RMI 632 P is considered the best robot lawn mower because it offers maximum high-end performance, excellent area performance and maximum safety and up to 4000 m² can mow the area.

What are the disadvantages of a robotic lawnmower?

The disadvantages of a robotic lawnmower are the high initial cost and possibly the need for professional installation and relocation boundary wire.

How much does a good robotic lawnmower cost?

Depending on the manufacturer and extras, a good robotic lawnmower can be between 900 and 3000 Euro costs, depending on the desired performance and equipment.

Source: This article is based on information from the following companies: Einhell, Husqvarna, Stihl.

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