Smart ones Robotic, which can not only be integrated cost-efficiently, space-savingly and quickly, but is also easy to use and ensures the necessary flexibility, also helps to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers. The company Robco offers a modular for this robot kit for industrial production. In the robot arms ensure slim and lightweight robot brakes from the standard construction kit Mayr Antriebstechnik for the necessary security. The article describes the application:

Mayr Robco robotic arm


Robot Lego for adults

Lego for adults or above 2000 Robot-Kinematics from only 12 standard modules: That's what Robco promises with the world's first modular Robotic arm. In the fight against the shortage of skilled workers, small and medium-sized industrial companies in particular are currently facing a multitude of challenges such as replacing people in production. This also applies to the integration of robot solutions.

High investment, limited variety of applications

The investment for the robot cell, peripherals, integration and safety appears high, while the number of use cases is limited. For this reason, previous solutions are often only suitable to a limited extent for a production program with many different variants in small quantities. Also the robot programming and the often time-consuming training of the robots for the individual work steps make the integration complex. However, such an investment must pay for itself quickly, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Installation of safety brakes in vertical axes

Robot kits are available for this, the modifications of which also require little space. "With our flexible and adaptable modular robot kit, we want to make it easy for people in this target group to get started with automation," describes Paul Maroldt, co-founder and head of robot engineering at Robco came up with the idea behind the Robco kit.

Plug-and-play kit for more flexibility

Founded at the prestigious Technical University of Munich, Robco has been combining scientific research and product development with a dynamic commercial strategy since 2013. "We offer a selection of modules for our robotic arms that can be assembled into various configurations within a short time, even by untrained personnel," emphasizes the co-founder of the start-up.

Based on a modular system the Robco robots can be individually adapted to the requirements. Thanks to Robco's innovative software, users can implement new automation processes in minutes, simplifying the learning process and integration. Mr. Maroldt adds: "The modern no-code operation allows our customers not only to carry out the installation themselves, but also to make adjustments throughout the life cycle". In addition, bespoke robotic cells cut time-to-market to less than a day. 

From 2-axis to 8-axis robots

Robco's industrial robots are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 10218-1 standard by the renowned TÜV Nord. These models impress with a range of 2m, a payload of 20 kg and a speed of 2 m / s, with a repeatability of 0,1 mm. The start-up's modular system enables robots to be configured from 2-axis to 8-axis robots. Stable clamp connections secure the modules. Paul Maroldt emphasizes: “The robotic arm recognizes itself and can digital twin create by yourself. Each module has a chip with stored information about the kinematics and the dynamic model, e.g. B. Mass, geometry and drive on board.” In addition, the drive modules available in three different sizes with variable torques.

Reliable safety brake in the event of a power failure or emergency stop

The Safety brakes in the drive modules, the axes stop in the event of a power failure, Power failure or emergency stop reliably and securely in their position according to the fail-safe principle. They ensure that when machines are at a standstill, loads or masses in motion do not drop or fall in an uncontrolled manner and that people and machines are protected. "The weight and size of the brakes had to match our modules, i.e. they had to be very small and light," says Paul Maroldt, describing the requirements.

Mayr Antriebstechnik had the solution

Mayr Robco brake"The standard brakes from Mayr Antriebstechnik are very well suited for this." The family company from Mauerstetten in the Allgäu offers slim, lightweight and at the same time high-performance brakes especially for robotics Brakes in hollow shaft design. Bernd Kees, Product Manager at Mayr Antriebstechnik explains:

“In the case of lightweight robots, a hollow shaft construction is usually preferred for cable ducting in the interior so that no external cables get in the way. The series Roba-power stop Cobot is a variant of the spring-loaded brake series Roba-servostop. Due to its structure, it can be perfectly integrated into these constructions. We want the robots to achieve the highest possible dynamics. For this, the rotating parts of the spring-loaded brake must have the lowest possible mass moment of inertia.”

Standard kit for safety brakes

Mayr also offers its servo brakes after a smart modular. The portfolio covers a wide range of available standard solutions and fits perfectly with Robco's modular robotic arm concept.

Mitsubishi Electric laboratory automationArtificial Intelligence | trends and developments

“The new standard modular system, which now also includes the hollow shaft versions, not only creates a high degree of flexibility for the different installation situations, but for the user it also means easy and uncomplicated access to the brakes and a quick overview of the individual solutions,” says Bernd Kees. "We also provide access to the data required for design and selection, such as the definition of braking torques, switching times, mass inertia, friction work in the event of an emergency stop, the number of permissible emergency stops for different application conditions, or information on the geometric connection. That ensures good orientation.”


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