Mayr Antriebstechnik offers a wide range of backlash-free, high-performance shaft couplings such as Bellows, elastomer coupling and multi-plate coupling. the shaft coupling not only connects two shafts reliably, but also does so in a robust and precise manner. Below you will find out more about shaft couplings themselves and we will present innovations in the small anti-vibration mounts.

Mayr shaft coupling Roba drive checker


Torque measuring shaft coupling with integrated sensor

Oct 18.03.2024, XNUMX | Mayr drive technology presented at the Hannover Messe 2024 smart clutches like the new multi-plate clutch made of steel Roba drive checker, which can transmit more than torque and compensate for shaft misalignment. Rather, they offer users the chance to get to know their processes in detail. 

Shaft couplings at the scene

"Couplings are important building blocks in the powertrain. They sit right where the action is, so to speak, and are therefore predestined for intelligent people monitoring concepts", explained Ralph Eple, product manager at Mayr in Mauerstetten. “The goal is the intelligent clutch that gives us information about the status of the drive train. That brings decisive advantages.”

Through permanent condition monitoring, the coupling makes parameters and abnormalities in the process visible quickly and reliably. The shaft coupling can be easily installed via an M8 network connection Remote maintenance systems integrate.

Predictive maintenance with high functional reliability

This makes it suitable for predictive maintenance, lowers maintenance costs and reduces technical defects and downtimes. The Roba-drive-checker is designed for use in industrial environments. It is insensitive to external disturbances and offers thanks IP6X Certification also ensures a high level of functional reliability.

Instead of installing a complex measuring flange or something similar in the drive train, shaft couplings were installed in the drive train Sensors integrated. This saves developers and users space and other components. "Our Roba-drive-checker coupling is based on the standard Roba-DS steel lamina coupling and can therefore be easily integrated into many existing applications," adds Ralf Epple. This approach is particularly attractive for Process monitoring. In addition to precision, cost-effectiveness also plays an important role here. "We consciously set ourselves apart from high-quality measurement technology and measurement systems from the test environment, which pursue a different goal," Ralf Epple specifies.

Roba-drive-checker in disk pack clutch

The Roba-drive-checker is a new component in the backlash-free disk pack clutch kit Roba DS. The core elements are the multi-Gateway and the Roba drive checker sleeve. With all the available connection options for the steel disc coupling, this cost-effective process monitoring can be easily integrated into many existing applications. There is also a connection to EASsafety clutches is possible. 

The Multi gateway can be easily positioned and configured thanks to optical position markings and with the help of an intuitive configuration assistant. It inductively supplies the rotating sleeve with energy, manages the radio connection and provides the measurement and system data in the network.

Battery changes or charging processes become unnecessary. The permanent ensures this wireless power supply. “The sleeve, installed between two Roba-DS disk packs, records the torque using proven DMS technology,” explains Ralf Epple and mentions further advantages: “The user retains complete control over the data transmitted from the sleeve to the multi-gateway . External cloud systems or third-party software are not necessary. The Roba-drive-checker is a 100% development by us. We deliver the system as a complete package from a single source.”

Intelligent shaft coupling for predictive maintenance

July 05.07.2021, XNUMX | In the modern powertrain, the combination is one Overload Clutch with a measuring system the method of choice. You can also combine them with Measurement Technology, load limits can be moved in real time based on the measurement results. 

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Elastomer coupling with new hubs and spacers

Mayr servo coupling shaft coupling

09.08.2019 | When it comes to automating production and assembly, loading and unloading machines quickly and efficiently, or handling workpieces, all movements must be carried out precisely. That's why they have to Couplingsthat the torques from the drive unit for example on the guide of a Gripper transfer, work with high precision and at the same time withstand the high loads. 

Mayr offers a wide range for this backlash free, powerful metal bellows couplings, elastomer couplings and multi-disc clutches for the safe connection between the shafts - from the servo coupling to the industrial clutch up to the heavy-duty coupling.

Geiger Handling relies on the Gimatic gripper portfolio

For the reliable protection of machine tools and machining centers With its clutches and brakes, Mayr offers complete solutions from a single source. For example, a wide range of backlash-free, high-performance servo couplings ensures a secure connection between the shafts. Depending on the application, these servo couplings are subject to very different requirements.

That is why the drive specialist has various metal bellows, elastomer and disk pack couplings in its range. The company has recently added numerous new hub designs and spacers to its standard modular system – most recently a new, long spacer for the Roba-ES elastomer coupling  With the wide range of variants, the company is able to offer solutions for all drive constellations in servo technology, quickly and easily. Because the intelligent modular system also ensures high availability, short delivery times for standard components and low prices.

Backlash-free servo couplings for vertical axes in machine tools

July 08.07.2019, XNUMX | Mayr Antriebstechnik offers complete solutions from a single source for the reliable protection of Machine Tools and Machining centers. A wide range of backlash-free, high-performance servo couplings ensure a secure connection between the shafts.

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Shaft coupling in practice - reports from users

Shaft couplings for beverage and food technology

23.10.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | Five applications from the food technology show the diversity of Mayr brakes and clutches from Mauerstetten: A linear brake in the Cheese production, multi-plate clutches for packing and Palletizing of beverages and slip hubs for packaging equipment and the ice making.

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Powerful shaft coupling for bakery technology

14.01.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | In large European bakeries they are running Baking streets sometimes around the clock for the production of baguettes. The bakery technology with all its components must therefore be able to withstand the high demands. That's why a manufacturer relies on the robust and powerful Roba-DS Couplings from Mayr Antriebstechnik. 

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Sightseeing on Rügen with a multi-plate clutch in the electric locomotive

Jul 07.07.2017, XNUMX | Emission-free, economical and as powerful as a conventional drive – the developers of the Sightseeing trains on Rügen To connect the drive train with the electric motor, the company relies on the robust and powerful “Roba-DS” disc pack clutch from Mayr Antriebstechnik.

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