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with future potential

Synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, geared motor, DC motor, DC and BLDC, stepper motor for your cost-conscious design

Image: Koco Motion

Koco Motion.jpg

with future potential

Synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, geared motor, DC motor, DC and BLDC, stepper motor for your cost-conscious design

Image: Koco Motion

Motor: News from future-proof industrial electric drives

We present you the most modern Motor Technology for the Industry, including drives such as synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, gear motors, direct current motors, DC and BLDC, stepper motors, etc. for your cost-conscious design. The Electric motor for Machinery and equipment must be efficient, powerful, compact and quickly available. 

North Universal Motor


Industrial motors are of very high quality. The conditions of use are very different. A drive in the mobile work machine must withstand the harsh environmental conditions, the gear motor in the food industry or Medical Technology however, has many requirements to meet. The electric motor for Industry 4.0 should networkable Energy Efficiency and compactness are always the order of the day. The brushless DC motor BLDC and the DC motor in 12V or 24V meet global requirements with mass suitability. 

Brand new engines

Below you will find motor innovations from Koco Motion, Minebea Mitsumi or Nord Drivesystems, among others. Regardless of what term they are called, be it gear motor, electric motor, AC, DC motor: they should all have one thing in common: long Lifespan at best Perfomance. Here are the novelties:

Motors for special industries


Motors for machine and plant construction

koco Motion and Adlos have their ingenious, unique servo motor platform can Motion revised. About better reference runs Users can now also look forward to series products. In addition, the cooperation partners now have the connection of DC motors implemented. Previously were at the Servomotor of 2nd generation made electronic and mechanical improvements and further developed the software. 

Koco Motion servo motor DC


Electric drives have a large share in industrial electrical energy consumption. According to Nord Drivesystems, up to 60 percent can be saved together with the application. Therefore supported NORD its customers with energy-efficient drives to tap this potential for savings. Below we present the innovations in the area Asynchronous motor.

Getriebebau Nord asynchronous motor


The combination of interlock on the protective door and Standstill monitor im switch cabinet protects machines and systems from the dangerous overtravel movements of the Drives. Schmersal group now presents a new standstill monitor SSW303HV that works without sensors. Compared to the previous models of the AZR and FWS series, this security guard brings significant improvements. 

Schmersal standstill monitor


alzmetall01012The machining centers from Alzmetall are characterized by their extremely high static and dynamic rigidity, which enables the required accuracy when turning or milling. When it comes to the rotary axes, the Altenmarkt developers rely entirely on the torque motors from IDAM, which also have a number of other products from the Schaeffler Group such as bearings or linear guides entail.

The stepper motor offer from koco Motion is varied: With and without integrated control, various sizes, various designs, different step angles, with and without hollow shaft as Linear actuator and with interfaces for the  Industry 4.0 communication, the user will find all the functions a developer's heart desires. Here we present the innovations from Dauchingen, including a complete set with Encoder and controller as well as cyber protection for Ethernet connection.

Koco Motion stepper motor complete set


Not even available a few years ago, the DC motor (DC) Share now 70% of the total koco Motion portfolio – and the trend is rising. The drive specialist's extensive range of DC motors, which can also be customized, now covers a power range from 0,06 to 1670 W. Stand for a wide variety of applications brushed and brushless Engines available in numerous versions.

Koco Motion DC motor


Comes a mechanically commutated DC Motor In terms of service life or performance at its limits, it is time to apply brushless DC motors to move. The demand for brushless DC motors is unbroken - and the trend is rising. This has become koco Motion and offers an extensive BLDC program that leaves (almost) no user wishes unfulfilled. Find out a lot of interesting facts about the small electric motors here:

Koco Motion brushless DC motors


koco Motion expands its family of miniaturized drives. The new Miniature stepper motor VSM08-15 combines small footprint with very high performance. This allows the simplest positioning tasks to be implemented. Thanks to the compact external dimensions of only 8 mm in diameter and 7,9 mm in length, the small stepper motors can be accommodated even in the smallest of spaces.

Koco Motion Miniature Stepper Motor


br0217B+R (Bernecker+Rainer) presents the flexible transport system “Supertrak”. Thanks to its high level of flexibility and connectivity, consumer goods manufacturers can optimize their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total cost of ownership (TCO) with Packaging 4.0. Supertrak is the new generation of a robust, user-friendly and intelligent transport technology based on long statorLinear motor.

If the installation space is small and at the same time a high drive power is required, are water-cooled electric motors the drive of choice. They are very efficient and tend to be more efficient than air-cooled motors, as the latter generate far more heat and friction losses. In addition, water has the best thermal conductivity coefficient. We present to you below New developments from the field of water-cooled electric motors.

BEN Buchele water-cooled electric motors


Stepper Motors have become indispensable in the industry for precise movements and flexibility in countless applications steering to ensure. They have high accuracy, are robust and offer a wide range of torques and speeds. They are therefore ideal for use in production, for example, Automation or Robotic. In this article we present the latest developments:

Faulhaber stepper motor 

koco Motion be expanded now Servomotor and servo controller offer up. Significantly larger drives are now being added to the small servo motors and servo controllers, gearless drives and torque motors. Thanks to a distributor partnership with the Italian Motor Power Company (MPC) drives with a power output of up to 8 kW are now available.

Koco Motion MPC assortment 2