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with future potential

Synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, geared motor, DC motor, DC and BLDC, stepper motor for your cost-conscious design

Image: Koco Motion

Koco Motion.jpg

with future potential

Synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, geared motor, DC motor, DC and BLDC, stepper motor for your cost-conscious design

Image: Koco Motion

Engine | Industrial electric drives of the future

The operating conditions of the electric motors in the industry are very different. A drive in the mobile work machine must withstand the harsh environmental conditions, the gear motor in the Food industry has to meet strict requirements. The Industry 4.0 engine should be network-capable. BLDC and DC motors meet global requirements with mass suitability requirements. Energy efficiency and compactness are always the order of the day anyway. We present you the most modern ones here Motor Technology for all these tasks.

North Universal Motor

Engines 2024 – The most important things in brief

Highly efficient electric motors such as IE4 and IE5 are used in industry to... Energy consumption reduce and increase productivity. These engines are becoming increasingly more powerful thanks to innovative materials and improved manufacturing techniques. The engines are increasingly being driven by the integration of IIoT, KI and predictive maintenance revolutionized. These technologies enable new levels of efficiency and reliability that are essential for modern production facilities.

With the introduction of IIoT, electric motors are integrated into a network that continuously collects data in real time. Sensors on the motors record operating data that is available via industrial Communications protocols like Ethernet/IP or Profinet sent to central control systems. Networking enables comprehensive monitoring and control of engines, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

AI plays a crucial role in analyzing the data collected. Machine learning can detect anomalies and patterns that indicate upcoming problems. Predictive Maintenance leverages insights gained from IIoT and AI to predict and perform maintenance before failures occur.

In the Industries like that Renewable energies Electric motors are crucial for the operation of wind turbines and solar tracking systems, such as the optimal alignment of the solar cells and the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy. In the Medical Technology Precise and reliable electric motors enable the operation of MRI scanners, surgical robots, ventilators and other electronic devices. The latest developments focus on miniaturized motors with high performance that still operate quietly and with low vibration.

Below we present the latest developments in electric motors: 

Asynchronous motor

IE5 synchronous reluctance or permanent magnet motors

May 21.05.2024, 70 | Highly efficient electric motors are essential for the economical and sustainable operation of industrial plants, as they account for around XNUMX% of the electricity consumption in typical industrial plants. Siemens is therefore expanding its range of Simotics asynchronous motors.
Save energy

ABB and CERN identify energy saving potential

May 19.05.2024, 2022 | Through a strategic research partnership, the European particle physics laboratory Cern and ABB have identified significant energy saving potential in the Geneva research center's cooling and ventilation systems. The study, carried out between 2023 and 800, included detailed energy efficiency audits that showed a savings potential of 17,4% across XNUMX engines.
Motor starter

Intelligent motor starters with 7 functions

May 19.05.2024, 9410 | The intelligent motor starter UG 7 from Dold's Ministart series offers up to 22,5 functions in a compact housing that is only 3 mm wide. The motor starter can be used to reliably achieve soft acceleration, soft deceleration and reversal. It also protects XNUMX-phase asynchronous motors from overloads. Whether for retrofitting or original equipment, the device can be used to save space.
Gear Motor

Coating-free geared motors

May 18.05.2024, 2024 | At the Hannover Messe 2, SEW-Eurodrive presented its innovative ECOXNUMX geared motors, which are specifically designed for applications in closed and well-protected spaces. These drives do not require any painting or coating and therefore offer a sustainable and economical solution.

Servo update for improved safety communication

March 14.03.2024, 5 | The Melservo MR-JXNUMX servo motor from Mitsubishi Electric is now available with Fail Safe over Ethercat (FSoE). This motor enables seamless connectivity with EtherCAT compatible devices. This significantly improves interoperability, flexibility and convergence between different manufacturers.
frequency converter

Modular frequency converter for all types of motors

22.02.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | The modular Inveor concept of Kostal's frequency converters allows all types of motors to be controlled without sensors. You can combine motors or gearboxes with this frequency inverter, regardless of manufacturer. You can also save costs in the long term because the Inveor controls all types of engines with maximum efficiency.
servo drive

Servo drives for precision applications

24.01.2024/1/4 | With Automation4 XAXNUMX and iXAXNUMX, Aerotech presents two cost-effective digital PWM drives. The slim single and multi-axis servo motors are designed for installation in control cabinets. They have a full motion controller with I/O expansion options. The two versions will be followed by a four-axle version later this year.

Modular servo motor with integrated water cooling

12.12.2023/8300/40 | The AMXNUMX servo motor series expands the Beckhoff portfolio with a modular motor series with integrated water cooling. Based on this efficient cooling, an extremely high power density is achieved: nominal outputs of up to XNUMX kW are possible in the smallest of installation spaces. Compared to comparable convection-cooled motors, the standstill torque increases three times.
DC motor

Intelligence in Motion from the worldwide network

Oct 21.10.2023, 14 | Koco Motion will be presenting its expertise in tailor-made drive solutions, including various linear actuators, at the SPS from November 16th to 2023th, XNUMX in Nuremberg. On this basis, the system house serves the growing demand for customer-specific drives.
linear actuator

Linear motor with top values

Oct 10.10.2023, 50 | Up to 40% lower power loss and up to 7% more nominal force: the new LXNUMX linear motors from Schaeffler deliver this high level of dynamics. Coupled with particularly low operating costs, significantly shorter processing cycles can be achieved.
Linear motor

Linear motor individual axes and actuators in a package

Aug 29.08.2023, 2023 | Bosch Rexroth is presenting an automation package at Motek XNUMX, which, like the multi-axis systems, can be combined with individual linear motors and actuators. The operating software for the Smart Function Kits Handling, Pressing or Dispensing is optionally included upon request.
stepper motor

Highly efficient stepper motor with up to 10 m cable

May 24.05.2023, 42 | The AZ series closed loop stepper motors from Oriental Motor are now available in two new versions for flange dimensions 60 mm and XNUMX mm and with a new plug connection. With the highly efficient drives, the energy consumption of machines can be significantly reduced. The machine cycle is shortened because the motors approach the zero position at high speed.

Servo motors for food technology

May 17.05.2023, XNUMX | Kollmorgen is expanding its AKMTM servo motor portfolio with a new high-performance servo motor. The focus of its development was cleanability, longevity and versatility. The motor features a hardened, anodized aluminum surface and offers machine designers a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to stainless steel for medium to heavy washdown applications.

Engine types

AC motor, DC motor, asynchronous motor, squirrel cage motor, slip ring rotor, ironless motor, brushless motor, permanent magnet motor, synchronous motor, reluctance motor, AC motor, DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor, AC servo motor, DC servo motor, torque motor, IE2 motor, IE3 motor, IE4 motor, IE5 motor, smooth motor, external rotor, induction motor, robot drive, flat motor, BLDC motor, internal rotor, direct drive, linear motor, piezo motor, ultrasonic motor, hard drive motor, linear actuator, gear motor, wheel hub motor….

These are all common terms when it comes to engines for industrial use. You will find detailed specialist knowledge of the most important electric motors below:

Asynchronous motor | IE5, permanent magnet, universal motor

The modern one Asynchronous motor is robust, efficient, networkable and easy to maintain. The current state of development is also characterized by variable speed control. This article highlights the latest innovations such as IE4- And IE5engines and provides fundamental knowledge about the functionality and applications of these versatile industrial engines.

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Gearmotors | Engine and transmission in one

Geared motors provide precise and reliable power transmission, essential for a variety of applications. The current status of the development of this Engine-Transmission-Combination shows significant progress towards efficiency, compactness and sustainability. Find out more about the New Products, trends and discover interesting applications of the geared motor.

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DC motor | All-round talent for countless applications

The DC motor is a multi-talent. The all-rounder is not only suitable for many applications in the Automotive engineering, where he is in z. B. steering is used. Also in the Medical Technology It is used in pumps or surgical instruments. Countless other applications can be found in smart homes, scanners, toys, video surveillance, drones, to name just a few.

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Linear motor | With linear actuator and electric cylinder

The Linear motor, an integral part of modern drive technology, has made remarkable progress in recent years. This development goes hand in hand with the innovations Linear actuator and Electric cylinder. Our comprehensive overview presents the latest features and technology trends of these drive components. Read what various manufacturers have developed for your design.

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hub motor 

coming soon...

stepper motor | Precise low cost positioning

Stepper motors are in the Manufacturing has become indispensable for precise movements and flexibility in countless applications steering to ensure. They have high accuracy, are robust and offer a wide range of torques and speeds. They are therefore ideal for use in production, for example, Automation or Robotic.

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servo motor | Electric motor with control electronics

The Servomotor of today is characterized by, among other things, being compact, working precisely, highly dynamically and energy-efficiently, and advancing Industry 4.0. It is based on synchronous and asynchronous motors, alternating current motors, direct current motors or stepper motors, which are controlled via servo amplifiers. Here we present the innovations of the often small powerhouses and report on the simple ones servo system right up to the servo drive equipped with artificial intelligence.

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Synchronous motor | Three-phase motor with constant speed

synchronous motors are used in various applications that require precision Speed and high Efficiency require, such as B. in electric cars in the Automotive industry, in generators and in industrial drives. The article highlights current developments and innovations on the market and provides basic knowledge about the powerful synchronous motor.

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Water-cooled electric motors | compact, powerful, quiet

If the installation space is small and at the same time a high drive power is required, are water-cooled electric motors the drive of choice. They are very efficient and usually have a higher efficiency than air-cooled engines, as the latter generates much more heat and friction losses. Water also has the best thermal conductivity coefficient.

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Electronic drive technology

Many electronic components are part of electronic drive technology, including stepper motor drivers, feedback systems, motor starters or converters. We'll take a closer look at some of them below:

Frequency inverter | For the optimal speed on the electric motor

Frequency converters have been regulating the speed and thus the speed of vehicles for over 50 years electrical machines. engines will be infinitely variable, What is happening today in many industries such as the automotive industry, air conditioning technology, food technology, handling technology, processing machines and much more. is essential.

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The importance of precision sensors for engine feedback

Safety, precision and high integration density achieved through the use of magnetic sensors for motor feedback systems: Mr. Wiessler explains what is special about these motor feedback applications and to what extent they are important for robotics and especially for direct drives Siko in this post.

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Stepper motor driver with CANopen and Ethercat interface

The new generation Stepper motor drivern can be controlled via the clock-direction interface. They offer better setting options, are even easier to use and have better performance than their predecessors. For the factory of the future, the drivers are available with either a CANopen or EtherCAT interface.

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Soft starter | For the soft start of motors

Soft starters are essential components for the Smooth start of electric motors. They minimize mechanical and electrical stress when starting up machines by reducing the starting current and allowing the voltage to rise smoothly. This technology increases the lifespan of systems and improves energy efficiency.

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Standstill monitor detects the standstill of drives without sensors

The combination of interlock on the protective door and Standstill monitor im switch cabinet protects machines and systems from the dangerous overtravel movements of the drives. The SSW303HV standstill monitor works without sensors. Compared to the previous models in the AZR and FWS series, this security guard brings significant improvements. 

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users report

Material testing at Diondo
Ski lift at Doppelmayr
Facade access to cheese grater
Vacuum gripper at Etaopt
Milking system at the dairy farmer
Machining center at Alzmetall

Applications and Industries

Smooth engine

Drive technology solutions for food technology

Getriebebau Nord has already successfully installed thousands of drive technology systems for food technology, from bakery machines to the processing of fish and seafood. Based on this industry know-how and an extensive modular product system, users in the industry receive complete solutions from a single source.

Energy efficient electronically controlled motor for the IEC market

Electronically commutated motors (WECM) are suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications in the IEC market. The energy-efficient permanent magnet motors in aluminum housings in size IEC 80 cover a power range of 0,12 to 1,1 kW and optional nominal speeds of 1500, 1800 and 3000 rpm.
Honey extractors

Robust special motors for tangential honey extractors

Bienen Ruck has been purchasing customer-specific motors for 20 years and uses them to equip 90% of its motor-driven spinners. The special drives are installed in the specialist dealer's tangential and self-turning honey extractors. Above all, they must be robust and durable.
Medical Technology

DC motor and other drives for medical technology

With the DC motor, bell rotor motor, brushless DC motor, precision geared motor, precision servo motor and miniature stepper motor portfolio from Constar, almost all developers' wishes can be fulfilled. Medical pumps, surgical instruments, ventilators or prostheses, for example, are the applications in question.

Piezo motors for diagnostics & surgery

Piezo motors are very suitable for medical applications. In some diagnostic applications and especially in conjunction with MRI, there is even no alternative to them. Piezo motors offer great precision despite their small size. These properties require diagnostic devices, digital scanners, surgical robots and insulin pumps.

Hygiene-friendly drive technology for bakery technology

Corrosion-resistant smooth motors, gearboxes, frequency converters and motor starters in washdown aluminum housings are used in mixing and stirring technology in bakeries. The hygiene-friendly drive technology is suitable for conveyor systems, dosing systems, filling systems and packaging.

manufacturer know-how

Koco Motion motors

koco Motion offers stepper motors, DC motors, linear motors and servo motors as well as comprehensive accessories such as drivers or control electronics. The stepper motors are available in 8 Nema sizes from Nema 6 to Nema 34 in different motor lengths and the resulting feed forces. The linear actuators are precise, easy to control, cost-effective and space-saving. In cooperation with Adlos, the Kannmotion servo drive series was created, which can only do as much as it has to be able to do.

DC motor with and without brushes

Not even available a few years ago, the DC motor It now accounts for 70% of the entire Koco Motion portfolio – and the trend is rising. The drive specialist's extensive and customer-specific DC motor range now covers a power range from 0,06 to 1670 W. Available for a wide variety of applications brushy and brushless Motors available in numerous versions.

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Linear actuators galore

Stepper motor linear actuators are on the rise, especially if they can eliminate the complex pneumatic cylinders. At Koco Motion, their share of total sales has increased disproportionately in recent years. Reason enough to take a look behind the scenes of the extensive portfolio that is available in... Standard design and customized - the latter with an increasing trend in an immense selection.

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Stepper motor with encoder + controller

The stepper motor range from Koco Motion is diverse: with and without integrated control, various sizes, various designs, different step angles, with and without a hollow shaft Linear actuator and with interfaces for Industry 4.0 communication, the user will find all the functions a developer's heart desires.

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Servo motor portfolio up to 8 kilowatts

Koco Motion can be expanded Servomotor and servo controller offer up. Significantly larger drives are now being added to the small servo motors and servo controllers, gearless drives and torque motors. Thanks to a distributor partnership with the Italian Motor Power Company (MPC) drives with a power output of up to 8 kW are now available.

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Kannmotion servo motor system from the modular system

The components of one can Motion Servo motors can be put together individually using the modular principle. The intuitive programming of processes makes the servo drive particularly ideal for decentralized isolated solutions without complex higher-level controls. The concept is particularly suitable for cost-effective, individual solutions from small series.

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Minebea engines

Minebea Mitsumi offers a wide range of motor solutions for various industrial applications. The portfolio includes brushless direct current (BLDC) motors known for their high efficiency, long life and low maintenance. The Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motors are known for their extremely quiet and precise running, low vibrations and a long service life. Tailor-made drive solutions complete the offering.

BLDC motor for smooth running and long runtime

BLDC motors are all-rounders and are therefore suitable for countless applications. This is how he walks BLDC motor for example in power tools, pumps, conveyor belts, Robot and other machines efficiently move electrical energy. With their property of high power density, a large number of z. B. in Automobile Save weight and thus lower fuel and pollutant emissions. Minebea Mitsumi offers such a Brushless Motor Portfolio.

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Hard disk motors for coping with the flood of data

If IDC analysts are to be believed, the amount of digital data generated worldwide is set to multiply. We're talking about about 160 zettabyte, an unimaginable number with 21 zeros. Minebea's engine development center deals with hard drive engines, the Long storage medium par excellence and gives a forecast for the future.

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Wheel hub motor for driverless transport systems

Framo Morat and Minebea Mitsumi present the one they developed together hub motor. This is a highly integrated wheel hub drive that offers above-average performance in a very small space. Due to its compact design, the modular and scalable drive is ideal for use in driverless transport vehicles (Fts) or automated guided vehicles.

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Mitsubishi engines

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of motors including asynchronous, synchronous and servo motors. Their motors are known for their longevity and high performance, especially in industrial automation applications. The numerous motor types are joined by various amplifier series with outstanding performance and properties for every conceivable requirement in Industry 4.0.

Servo motor and servo amplifier predictively maintained with AI

The servo motor and servo amplifier portfolio from Mitsubishi Electric is very versatile. Combined with innovative maintenance make the latest Servo systems the machines become more efficient, minimize downtime and improve productivity. Now the automation company goes one step further and equips its servo motors Artificial intelligence (AI).

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Schaeffler linear drive

Schaeffler offers a wide range of motor solutions in the field of industrial drive technology. These include: torque motors, linear motors, position systems or direct drives. Schaeffler continuously invests in further development and manufacturing capacities to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions for various industrial applications. This includes the use of the latest manufacturing technologies and the global standardization of production processes.

Champion linear motor and ready-to-install linear unit

Schaeffler sets new standards in things Linear unit and Linear motor. While the linear drives offer high percentage performance improvements, customer-specific linear modules increase the range. Find out what advantages you can generate in practice with the innovative linear drives.

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Torque motor without interference forces and interference torques in the µm range

With an optimization of the torque motor series SRV from Idam Schaeffler eliminates disturbance forces and disturbance torques of the drives, which with the usual design in Rotary axes and Rotary tables Cause tilting of the axis or the clamping surface in the micrometer range. This tilting of the motors affects the surface quality during precision machining and leads to additional costs due to the necessary rework.

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Other manufacturers

  • ABB produces a wide range of electric motors including induction motors, synchronous motors and stepper motors. The portfolio is characterized by its energy-efficient IE4 and IE5 motors, which were specifically developed for industrial applications.
  • ABM Greiffenberger develops and produces geared motors, asynchronous and synchronous motors. They are known for their customized drive solutions for a variety of industries.
  • Baumüller offers a wide range of electric motors including servo motors, asynchronous and synchronous motors. They are leaders in automation technology and offer highly dynamic drive systems.
  • Bonfiglioli supplies a wide range of geared motors, asynchronous motors and servo drives. They are known for their robust and efficient drive solutions for industrial applications.
  • Bosch Rexroth offers asynchronous and synchronous motors as well as servo drives. A special feature is the high precision and reliability of their motors, which are used in automation solutions and demanding industrial applications.
  • dark engines produces brushless DC motors, geared motors and servo drives. They are known for their robust and versatile solutions in industrial automation.
  • Faulhaber is a leader in brushless DC motors, stepper motors and precision drives. Their products are known for their miniaturization and high power density, ideal for medical technology and automation.
  • NORD supplies a wide range of geared motors, frequency converters and servo drives. The motors are known for their reliability and efficiency in industrial applications.
  • JVL offers integrated servo motors and stepper motors. The motors are known for their compactness and integration into industrial networks.
  • KEB Automation offers asynchronous and synchronous motors as well as frequency converters. They are known for their solutions in drive technology and automation.
  • Kollmorgen specializes in servo motors and drive systems. Their products are known for high precision and reliability, especially in robotics and automation.
  • costal develops asynchronous and synchronous motors as well as mechatronic systems. The company is known for its solutions in the automotive industry and industrial applications.
  • Lenze offers asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and servo drives. The company is known for its innovative solutions in drive technology and integration into automation systems.
  • Maxon develops and produces high-precision DC motors and drive systems. They are known for their applications in space travel, medical technology and robotics.
  • Nidec is a leading manufacturer of precision motors, including brushless direct current (BLDC) motors, synchronous motors and servo motors. The company is distinguished by its high-precision and reliable motors, which are used in many high-tech applications.
  • Rockwell Automation sells induction motors, synchronous motors and stepper motors. The company is known for its advanced control and automation technologies that enable seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments.
  • Schneider Electric produces asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and servo drives. Their solutions are known for their energy efficiency and integration with smart building technologies and automation systems.
  • Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of electric motors, including asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and servo motors. One feature is the integration of IIoT and AI technologies to optimize engine performance and predictive maintenance.
  • Toshiba offers a wide range of electric motors including induction motors and synchronous motors. They are known for their robust and efficient engines, which are often used in heavy industries and large facilities.
  • WEG supplies asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. A standout feature is the development of ultra-premium efficiency motors (IE5), which are valued for their high energy efficiency and low operating costs.

Frequently asked questions

How does an electric motor work simply explained?

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This happens through the interaction between magnetic fields and electrical currents. When current flows through the stator's coils, it creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field acts on the rotor, which also has a magnetic field, and sets it in motion. The continuous interaction of the magnetic fields causes the rotor to rotate and thus creates the mechanical rotational movement.

What types of electric motors are there?

There are different types of electric motors that need to cover a wide range of applications: from household appliances to industrial machines to robotics and automation. Here are the most important ones:

  1. DC motors (DC motors)
  2. AC motors (AC motors)
  3. Stepper Motors
  4. servomotors

When was the electric motor invented?

The electric motor was invented in 1821 by Michael Faraday invented. Faraday demonstrated the principle of electromagnet rotation, which formed the basis for the electric motor. Later, in 1834, American inventor Thomas Davenport developed the first practical electric motor that could be used for various applications. These inventions laid the foundation for the development of modern electric motors.

What are the most important parts of an electric motor?

The most important parts in the structure of an electric motor, which work together to efficiently convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, are:

  1. The Stator is the stationary part of the motor that generates the magnetic field. It consists of a series of coils through which current flows, creating a rotating magnetic field.
  2. The Rotor is the rotating part of the motor that rotates within the stator. It often consists of conductor loops or permanent electromagnets that are set in motion by the stator's magnetic field.
  3. The Warehouse support the rotor and enable low-friction rotation. They contribute to the stability and longevity of the engine.
  4. The commutator (in DC motors) is a mechanical switch that periodically changes the direction of current in the rotor windings to ensure smooth rotation.
  5. The Brush (in DC motors) are conductive materials that provide electrical contact between the commutator and external circuits.
  6. The Housing protects the engine's internal components from external influences and provides structural integrity.