Hannover Messe
Hannover Messe

Energizing a sustainable industry

Industry trends in focus: CO2 neutral production, Energy for Industry, Industry 4.0, AI, machine learning, H2 & fuel cells

Image: Pepperl-Fuchs / Deutsche Messe

Hanover Fair | Energy for sustainable industry

On Hannover Messe, (organizer Deutsche Messe AG), more than 4000 companies from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, the digital economy and the energy sector will jointly present their solutions for an efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly industry. As a networked industrial ecosystem, they demonstrate under the main theme Energizing a sustainable industryHow climate neutrality can be achieved through the use of electrification, digitalization and automation.

Hanover Fair Special


Hannover Messe 2024 provides sustainable impulses

The Hanover Fair 2024, the world leading industry fair, will once again become a global meeting place for innovations in industry. With a comprehensive focus on Digital transformation, sustainable production technologies and Automation it brings together experts, decision-makers and visionaries from all over the world. This year topics include: Artificial intelligence, Renewable energies, electromobility and smart manufacturing are the focus. These topics are presented through numerous exhibitions, lectures and live demonstrations.

The trade fair serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, promotes business relationships and provides impetus for future technological developments and collaborations. From the April 22-26, 2024 There is a particular focus on promoting Start-ups and the integration of Researchresults into industrial application in order to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of industry worldwide. More than 4000 companies are expected as exhibitors.

Main topics of the Hannover Messe

  • Industrial production and automation
  • Digitalization
  • Energy solutions
  • Innovative materials and components
  • Research and Development
  • Special presentations

Product innovations for the Hannover Messe 2024

In our trade fair special for the Hannover Messe 2024, exhibitors, visitors and those who do not have time to come to the Hannover trade fair grounds will find information before and after the event product innovations the exhibitor. The Hanover Fair takes place from April 22-26, 2024 at the Hanover exhibition center.

Drive technology for the Hanover Fair

Brake Module

On to the intelligent powertrain

Mayr Antriebstechnik presents its smart clutches and brakes, which provide data for maintenance and repair purposes and can be networked for this purpose. The Roba-brake-checker module or the torque-measuring Roba-drive-checker shaft coupling ensure intelligent safety in smart production. 

Rectifier optimizes energy supply quality

The SimΩn rectifier from Condensator Dominit is an active, modular rectifier that uses advanced, low-loss semiconductor technology based on silicon carbide. This makes it possible to attenuate the energy supply networks across a broad spectrum and efficiently reduce interference levels, while at the same time offering low-loss and highly dynamic reactive current compensation.

Four applications to save braking energy

We will introduce you to four interesting applications in which Michael Koch's active energy management systems are successfully used. What they all have in common is that the devices for saving braking energy result in savings in the total cost of ownership (TCO).
servo controller

Certified servo controller with Profisafe interface

Wittenstein is presenting the innovative servo controller “Cyber ​​Simco drive 2” at Logimat in Stuttgart. This safety-certified servo controller with Profisafe interface is available in the performance variants SIM2050 and SIM2100 with an integrated safety card. Combined with the drive actuator, the servo controllers are suitable for use in the "Cyber ​​Itas System 2" servo drives for applications such as AGVs.

Modular frequency converter with maximum performance

The modular Inveor concept of Kostal's frequency converters allows all types of motors to be controlled without sensors. You can combine motors or gearboxes with this frequency inverter, regardless of manufacturer. You can also save costs in the long term because the Inveor controls all types of engines with maximum efficiency.

Michael Koch GmbH becomes a member of the ODCA

As the newest member of the ODCA working group, Michael Koch GmbH, with its expertise in active DC energy management devices and safe braking resistors, strengthens the mission of advancing DC technology worldwide - with a rich portfolio and extensive experience in electric drive technology.
shaft coupling

Torque measuring shaft coupling

Mayr Antriebstechnik presents smart clutches such as the new Roba-drive-checker steel multi-plate clutch, which can transmit more than just torque and compensate for shaft misalignment. Rather, they offer users the opportunity to get to know their processes in detail and to constantly monitor their status.

Automation for the Hanover Fair


Ex-protected tablet with augmented reality qualities

Pepperl+Fuchs is expanding its “Tab-Ex” tablet series with the “Tab-Ex 04 Pro DZ2 / D2” device. This is based on the robust Samsung Galaxy Tabactive4 Pro. It features a bright but lightweight 10” touchscreen with 480 nits and the latest hardware and connectivity standards. The modern tablet is very powerful for innovative applications such as augmented reality.
IO module

IO module secures hydrogen filling stations from Resato

As the market for H2 mobility grows, the infrastructure is increasingly coming into focus. Together with Turck, Resato Hydrogen Technology has implemented an innovative concept for hydrogen filling stations: Modular stations equipped with IP67 Atex I/O modules guarantee quick commissioning and high scalability.

Cloud solution and new safety locks

The Schmersal Group presents innovations for the safe, efficient and sustainable design of machines and systems. With the Schmersal Cloud, data and information from production can be collected, made available centrally in the back office and analyzed in real time. In addition to networked sensors and actuators, the field level as the basis of the IIoT solution also includes safety switching devices.
Radar sensor

Industrial radar sensor with CAN interface

The new radar sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs for recording distance, speed and direction of movement are extremely compact. Housed in an IP68/69 housing, they are particularly robust. The design also allows maximum flexibility during assembly. The rotatable and pivotable sensor head of the radar sensor can be optimally aligned to the target area in almost any installation situation.

5 stumbling blocks in robot automation

More and more companies are dealing with the topic of robot automation. But many projects still fail during planning. A free white paper from Artiminds analyzes the five most underestimated stumbling blocks when using robots and shows which aspects you should pay attention to.

Managed Bobcat Switch for rail vehicles

Belden has introduced its new Hirschmann BXP (Bobcat extreme performance) managed switch. The expansion of the proven Hirschmann switches from the Bobcat family offers compact design, greater flexibility, optimized interoperability and speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. This allows the dynamic requirements of rail vehicles to be met.

World's first Omlox testing laboratory put into operation

The first Omlox testing laboratory in the world has been launched. The PI granted the Fraunhofer Institute Lemgo approval as a PI test laboratory for Omlox. Manufacturers of positioning technologies can now have their products tested in accordance with the Omlox standard in an independent testing laboratory.

Flexible customizable gateway for agricultural technology

IFM Electronic presents the Isobus Gateway, which is designed for agricultural equipment. By implementing a broad function library compatible with Codesys V2.3 or V3.5, the user interface can be efficiently adapted to specific needs.
robot software

Robot software for automated cable handling

Artiminds Robotics presents an innovative cable handling application for precise cable harness assembly in the Application Park. The sensor-based robot automation demonstrates the robust detection, picking and joining of freely hanging, slack parts such as lines and cables.

Electrical engineering for the Hanover Fair


PTFE and PFAS free Chainflex cables

With the “PFAS free” seal, Igus already offers operational safety in the event of a ban on PTFE and PFAS by the European Union. The in-house Chainflex cables are free of harmful substances in 95 percent of cases. This provides security for people, nature and companies.

Interface conveniently monitors control cabinet climate

March 17.03.2024, 12 | Turck has expanded its area of ​​application with a relaunch of the IMXXNUMX-CCM control cabinet monitor. The devices can now be commissioned even more intuitively using haptic buttons instead of light buttons. The company has also improved the temperature range:

All Electric Society – vision of the future of connectivity

Harting paints the future picture of an “All Electric Society”. Based on this, the focus is on topics such as sustainability and energy efficiency. The All Electric Society describes a world in which energy needs are met by electricity. The energy required for this is obtained from renewable resources.

Machine elements for the Hanover fair

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings for heavy industrial gears

Schaeffler presents its new cylindrical roller bearings series NJ23-ILR for construction machinery and heavy industrial gearboxes. The rolling bearings are compact and equipped with the high-performance Mpax cage, which gives them a very high dynamic load capacity. With regard to the base bearing type NJ23, the load capacity could be increased by an average of 24%. The service life doubles.
Door handle

Door handle system displays machine statuses

Schmersal presents its new door handle system DHS. The handles combine the functions of a robust door handle with the display of various machine states. The color of the handle lighting provides information about this. The handles can be used together with the AZM40 safety locking device, with RSS40 and RSS36 safety sensors or as a stand-alone solution.
Thin section bearings

Thin section bearings save 80% installation space

The compactness and lightweight of Kaydon thin section bearings not only often meet the requirements of the robot age better than conventional ball bearings. With the slim all-rounders offered by Rodriguez, space and weight can be saved by more than 80% in many applications - with high performance and precision.

Measurement technology for the Hanover Fair

Infrared camera

Infrared camera with incredible 8 µm optics

The structures of electronic assemblies are becoming ever smaller and are very compact. So that the infrared camera PI 640i from Optris measures temperatures precisely and geometrically, even in chip-level structures, it was equipped with the new MO2X microscope optics with 2x magnification.

Interferometer for high-precision wafer thickness measurement

An important process step in the production of semiconductor wafers is the lapping of the silicon blanks, which are brought to a uniform thickness. For continuous thickness control, Micro-Epsilon has developed the IMS5420-TH white light interferometer. It opens up new perspectives in the industrial thickness measurement of monocrystalline silicon wafers.

Materials + Processes for the Hannover Messe

SLS material

SLS printing material with 110°C temperature resistance

Igus is launching the first 3D printing material for polymer components with a temperature resistance of up to 110 °C. In the future, 3D-printed polymer components will be able to withstand much higher temperatures, such as those generated in the engine compartment of an automobile. The material is also PTFE-free and approx. 80% more wear-resistant than the classic PA12.

Frequently asked questions

When is the next Hanover Fair?

The next Hannover Messe, one of the world's most important industrial trade fairs, is planned for 2024. She is from March 31th to April 04st, 2025 will take place and once again offers a platform for innovators from all over the world to present the latest developments in technology and industry. The trade fair attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors every year and is an important date in the calendar of everyone working in the industry. Further information about the event can be found here or can be found on the official Hannover Messe website.

What is the HMI fair?

The Hanover Fair, also known as the HMI Fair, is one of the world's leading industrial fairs and an important date in the trade fair calendar. It takes place in Hanover and offers exhibitors from all over the world a platform to present innovations in the fields of energy, production and digitization.

As the world's leading trade fair for technology and industrial transformation it attracts thousands of visitors every year who want to experience the latest developments in the mechanical engineering and logistics sectors. On the official website of the Hannover Messe, those interested can find detailed information about the exhibition, including a list of exhibitors and the program.