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Electric linear motor innovations such as ball screws, trapezoidal screws, rack and pinion drives, linear modules and actuators for positioning and strokes

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Linear drive | Linear actuator, linear motor and systems

The linear actuator is a sub-area of Linear Technology and essential in modern drive technology. From linear motors, linear axles, linear units, positioning and spindle drives to electric cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders: These technologies move your automation and production systems straight and precisely. Discover the subtleties and potential of these drive types in our comprehensive overview.

linear actuator


Linear drive 2023 – The most important things in brief

Linear motors, drives and actuators have evolved significantly further developed: They are becoming smaller and more efficient without losing performance. This allows for use in compact and restricted spaces. The accuracy of the linear drives has improved, they position faster and more precisely. Many linear drives today have integrated control elements that reduce installation effort and increase performance.

The trend goes to smart linear drives: With embedded intelligence, Sensors and feedback systems, these drives can be adapted to their environment in real time. There is also a trend towards the development of even more efficient linear drives that consume less energy. Modern linear actuator systems are becoming IoT-enabled, allowing for remote monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and data analysis possible. Manufacturers are adapting linear drives more and more specifically to the requirements of the application. You can see how all these developments are reflected in new products in the following new products for 2023:

Ball Screw

Extremely fast heavy-duty ball screw drive

Mar 06.03.2024, 100 | Thomson Industries has expanded its range of ballscrews for heavy-duty applications with a high-speed option. With an exceptionally high pitch of 50 mm and a diameter of 202,4 mm, it supports high travel speeds with a dynamic load capacity of up to XNUMX kN.
linear actuators

Intelligence in Motion from the worldwide network

Oct 21.10.2023, XNUMX | Koco Motion presents its expertise for tailor-made drive solutions based on, among other things, linear actuators, servo motors and controllers. On this basis, the system house serves the growing demand for customer-specific drives.
Linear motor

Linear motor with top values ​​for dynamics and energy efficiency

Oct 10.10.2023, 50 | Up to 40% lower power loss and up to 7% more nominal force: This is what the new LXNUMX linear motors from Schaeffler offer the user. Combined with particularly low operating costs, significantly shorter processing cycles can be achieved. Higher machine accuracy is also given.
Hydraulic axle

High-performance electro-hydraulic drive system

Sep 06.09.2023, 2500 | Hunger Hydraulik is now expanding the range of applications with the Hunger-Drive drive. This offers a nominal force of XNUMX kN. True to the motto: #howbigdoyouwantit, significantly higher nominal loads can also be taken into account.
Linear motor package

Linear motor individual axes and actuators in a package

Aug 29.08.2023, XNUMX | Bosch Rexroth is presenting an automation package that, like the multi-axis systems, can be combined with individual linear motors and actuators. The operating software for the Smart Function Kits Handling, Pressing or Dispensing is optionally included upon request. The packages can be ordered online in the shop and can be delivered at short notice.
Lifting column

Internal rotor lifting column for long travel distances

Oct 06.10.2023, XNUMX | When telescopic lifting columns reach their limits in applications with long travel distances or limited installation space, it's time for the patented internal rotor lifting column from Baumeister+Schack. These are suitable for use in plant and mechanical engineering as well as in the packaging industry or media technology.
Linear motor

Linear axis with recessed linear motor

Sep 25.09.2023, 120 | The Lxs Shuttle linear motor axes F1600 from Jenny Science were designed for travel distances of up to 45 mm. They are characterized by a recessed linear motor and are only 120 mm high. The integrated new motor is stronger with a rated force of 300 N and peak force up to XNUMX N.
spacer element

Spacer reduces carbon footprint by 2%

June 21.06.2023, 100 | NSK presents a world first with the spacer element for ball screws made from 2% bio-based plastic. Compared to a spacer element made of fossil plastic, the CO90 footprint is reduced by XNUMX% over the entire life cycle - with the same performance values.
Ball Screw

Precise ball screw drive for more sustainability

March 21.03.2023, XNUMX | The ball screw nut with ETA Plus technology from August Steinmeyer ensures optimal transfer of forces from the motor to the slide: This significantly reduces the wear of precision ball screws and extends their service life.

Linear Drives

Hydraulic cylinder | Discover and repair

Hydraulic cylinders play a central role in many technical systems. In this comprehensive overview, we not only offer the latest innovations in the industry but also basic knowledge. You will also receive practical tips Troubleshooting with defective hydraulic cylinders and exciting insights into them Applications for linear actuatore. 

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Pneumatic cylinder saves 48% compressed air

The requirements for Pneumatic cylinder are constantly increasing in terms of design, stroke, maintenance and energy efficiency. SMC offers ISO cylinders from the CP96 series according to DIN ISO 21287, double-acting in four new versions. This pneumatic special cylinder with energy return and the compact cylinder offer a reduction in compressed air consumption by up to 48% - a world first

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Linear motor | With linear actuator and electric cylinder

The Linear motor, an integral part of modern Drive Technology, has made remarkable progress in recent years. This development goes hand in hand with the innovations Linear actuator and Electric cylinder. Our comprehensive overview presents the latest features and technology trends.

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Ball screw drive | Rotating ball screw

The Ball Screw converts a rotary movement into a longitudinal movement. It causes less friction than others Linear Drives, like the trapezoidal thread spindle. It offers high efficiency, which means a longer service life. The specialists know how these properties can be exceeded in detail. 

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When are trapezoidal screws better than ball screws

In certain applications are Lead Screws an extremely economical alternative to the more precise ones ball screws. Dr. Tretter has included them in its broad product portfolio and covers a very wide range of diameters and pitches with the trapezoidal thread spindles.

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Applications and Industries

Linear drives can be found in many industries: from small, spectacular miniature drives in medical technology to powerful hydraulic cylinders in hydroelectric power plants. Let yourself be inspired:

Handling robots
Artificial heart
Coin sorter
Offshore platform
Operating table and patient chair
wheelchair lift
Solar tracker
Packaging automation

linear systems

Lifting column | Ergonomic height adjustment

The Lifting column has become indispensable in modern technology, be it in the field of Medical Technology, in furniture design or in the Industrial automation. Recognized experts in this field present in-depth knowledge and reliable information about how it works, areas of application and New developments around lifting columns. 

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Linear axis | Precision and drive diversity

The Linear axis is a core building block in the Automation and precision metrology. We present new developments to you here various companies before, their functions and areas of application. Find out how you can generate advantages in your design with these linear axes.

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Linear unit | With spindle guide and ball screw drive

A modern one Linear unit allows precise and repeatable movements. It not only increases efficiency, but also the accuracy of various movement processes. Find out more about new developments with linear units in this article different manufacturers and what benefits each offers.

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Positioning drive | For precise format adjustment

Ob Positioning or called otherwise Actuator: Both cannot be missing in modern times Drive Technology. With our overview you can find out more about new features and innovations. Various manufacturers report on the subtleties and advantages of their current developments and how these influence the state of the art. Learn more about the future of precise motion control.

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Transfer system | Conveyor technology for automation and material flow

The MK Technology Group presents alongside its Conveyor technology modules for feeding and linking also its system solutions for workpiece transport. The focus is on the modular transfer system “Versamove” and the storage-capable pallet circulation system “SPU 2040”. A selection of belt conveyors and, for the first time, Emma's efficient hinged belt conveyor systems will also be on display.

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Linear drives in practice – users report

If the customer speaks happily and happily about their supplier, they have probably done everything right and delivered the right product. This is also made clear by the following user reports:

Water jet cutting system at Perndorfer
Space shuttle at ESA
Measuring machine at Profitech IMT

Linear drive manufacturer know-how

Igus linear drive

The Drylin-Technology from Igus presents lubricant-free linear axes, driven by spindles, toothed belts or racks. Both manual handwheel variants and electrical solutions are available. From standard models to specialized versions, such as lightweight plastic axles or robust stainless steel modules for high loads, the Motion Plastics specialist covers a wide range.

Wear-free spindle nut made of plastic for heavy loads

How fit Plastic and heavy load together? Igus knows it and offers one for this Spindle nut in the new thread nut design. The polymer nut Dry spin JGRM made of injection molding is therefore a cost-effective alternative to the ball screw nut for the ball screw. Together with one Screw it moves heavy loads wear-resistant and lubricant-free.

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Koco Motion linear actuators

koco Motion offers besides Stepper Motors and DC motors also linear drives. These are available in 8 Nema sizes from Nema 6 to Nema 34 in different motor lengths and the resulting feed forces. The linear actuators are precise, easy to control, cost-effective and space-saving. They are suitable for use in numerous applications that require precise positioning.

Stepper motor linear actuators galore

stepper motor linear actuators are on the rise, especially if they can eliminate the need for complex pneumatic cylinders. At Koco Motion, their share of total sales has increased disproportionately in recent years. Reason enough to take a look behind the scenes of the extensive portfolio, which is available in standard and customer-specific versions - the latter with an increasing trend in an immense selection.

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Servo linear actuator controls coin sorter without PLC

The “Kannmotion” drive platform from Koco Motion and Adlos has been expanded to include some features. The cooperation partners recently demonstrated what is possible with this using a coin sorter. The servo system can Motion is a platform for customer-specific applications based on integrated stepper motor controls.

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Schaeffler linear drive

Schaeffler offers with the product line INA high-precision linear drives that are used particularly in the automotive and manufacturing industries. The portfolio also includes linear axes, linear guides, spindle drives such as ball screws. With the takeover of Ewellix (formerly SKF) in 2022, the product range will be greatly expanded to include actuators, lifting columns and roller screw drives.

Champion linear motor and ready-to-install linear unit

Schaeffler sets new standards in things Linear unit and Linear motor. While the linear drives offer high percentage performance improvements, customer-specific linear modules increase the range. Find out what advantages you can generate in practice with the innovative linear drives.

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Other manufacturers of linear drives

There are numerous linear actuator manufacturers worldwide, each with their own specializations and technical characteristics. Here are some prominent manufacturers:

  • Afag is a provider of linear drives for assembly automation.
  • Bosch Rexroth manufactures linear drives that are known for their modular design.
  • dark engines produces brushless DC motors often used in linear motion applications.
  • Festo specializes in electric and pneumatic linear drives.
  • Hiwin is known for ball screws and linear motors.
  • JVL In addition to servo and stepper motors, the portfolio also includes linear drives.
  • linak manufactures electric linear actuators, particularly for office furniture, medical devices and agriculture.
  • Norgren offers pneumatic linear actuators.
  • NSK (IMI plc.) has a wide range of linear actuators and guides.
  • Parker Hannifin is known for long-lasting linear drives and their integration into automated systems.
  • Rollon is a specialist in linear motion systems, including linear actuators.
  • Thomson Industries is known for a wide range of electric linear actuators used in many industries.


How does a linear drive work?

In the electric linear drive a Electric motor for that one driving element like a spindle turns. This rotational movement is converted into a straight-line movement by mechanical mechanisms such as screws or belts, which can be achieved, for example: B. moves a carriage back and forth. There are also direct electric linear drives such as the linear motor, which do not require such mechanisms and generate linear movements directly. Alternatively, be at Hydraulic System- Or PneumaticsCylinder media are pressurized, which then move a piston or piston rod and thus perform mechanical work.

What is an electric linear actuator?

An electric linear drive is a component that converts electrical energy into linear motion. An electric motor is used that creates a straight-line movement via mechanical mechanisms such as spindles or belts. In contrast to pneumatic or hydraulic drives, it does not require any liquids or gases, just an electrical power source.

What is an electromechanical linear actuator?

In the electromechanical linear drives are rotary actuators or simple Engines connected to mechanics that convert the rotary movement into a linear movement or simply back and forth movement. Such components can be pulleys, threaded spindles, racks etc. Also Transmission, which typically multiply the torque, can be combined with mechanics to convert rotary motion into linear motion. 

At a electromechanical cylinder the mechanics are located in a housing. This screw drive converts the introduced motor torque into a linear movement. Together with one Servomotor the user receives an intelligent linear drive. 

What types of linear actuators are there?

There are different types of linear actuators based on different technologies:

  • electrical Linear drives convert electrical energy into linear movement using an electric motor.
  • Pneumatic Linear actuators use compressed air to move a piston rod linearly.
  • hydraulic Linear actuators use fluid pressure to create linear motion.
  • Piezoelectric Linear drives convert electrical signals into very fine linear movements.
  • magnetic Linear drives use magnetic fields for non-contact, linear movements.

What are the advantages of a linear motor?

A linear motor is particularly suitable for applications that... fast and precise require linear movements. With direct drive, there are no mechanical transmission elements such as gears or belts. This makes the linear motor less susceptible to wear and easier to maintain. The high dynamics are reflected in high acceleration and speed. The linear motor provides accurate motion control and high repeatability. 

Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: August Steinmeyer, Baumeister+Schack, Bosch Rexroth, Hunger Hydraulik, Igus, Jenny Science, Koco Motion, NSK, Schaeffler.