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Modern technologies such as satellite-controlled navigation, communication technology and sensors are making inroads

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News for the mobile working machine in the harsh environment

Here you will find product innovations from suppliers for the manufacturers of the mobile work machine. Examples are cranes, forklifts, excavators, combine harvesters, forest machines or self-propelled AGVs. Even with these vehicles, modern technologies such as communication technology, sensors, satellite navigation and mapping, etc. unstoppable inroads. Autonomous industrial trucks and other self-propelled work machines are powered by electricity and are mutating into a new class, the high-tech vehicle.

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Mobile machines such as excavators, cranes or combine harvesters are becoming increasingly intelligent and equipped with more and more electrical drive technology. The previously quite unergonomic work machines are also becoming more comfortable. Against the background of the Precision farming the customer focuses on yield, service life and maintenance. Targeted seed application is an example of this.

Brand new components for the mobile work machine

Discover the latest developments in the fields of mechanics and automation for mobile machines below Drive Technology, Fluid Technology, communication technology, sensors, Machine elements and much more for your efficient mobile Working machine.

Bearing housing for vibrating screens saves 6-digit amounts annually

NSK vibrating screenA manufacturer of vibrating screens has on NSK turned because he keeps having problems with the Collar nutsattachment in the screen units. He also wanted to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the overall performance of the screens. The vibrating screens are used in mining and quarries. They are used to classify the material, which puts a lot of strain on them every day. In particular, the drive and bearing units of the screens are affected. 

Dynamic inclination sensor for wheel bearings and other work machines

Pepperl Fuchs tilt sensorIf you try to use a spirit level to hang a picture horizontally or to determine the inclination, this is quite easy to do because the air bubble of the dragonfly shows when the picture is hanging straight. With a wheel loader bucket, it is difficult to steer it so level while the machine is accelerating or braking. Neither the spirit level bubble nor a static one Inclinometer show an exact value here. Unlike the inclination sensor IMU F99 from Pepperl + Fuchs.

Robot drive for the next AGV / AMR generation

Systems of the first generation of robots are often packed with a wide variety of components and cables. This often leads to a blatant lack of space and a chaos of components and Cable inside the automation system. Synapticon creates these problems with its servo drive for Robot and Cobots out of the way. Of the Somanet Circulo based on the specially developed Integrated Motion Technology. 

Integrated wheel hub motor for driverless transport systems

Minebea wheel hub driveFramo Morat and Minebea Mitsumi Technology Center Europe now present their innovative hub motor before, which they have optimized for driverless transport vehicles. The hub motor is predestined for applications that require high performance in the tightest of spaces. The all-inclusive power packs combine all functional elements.


New developments for and from excavators, tractors, AGVs & Co.

Two tunnel boring machines are the largest machines on the construction site Semmering Base Tunnels. The safety clutch EAS-HT from Mayr Antriebstechnik, These Couplings trigger reliably and comprehensibly and protect the drive components sustainably. They cannot be manipulated and the factory-set torque is available again even after disengagement. Recommissioning is also quick and easy, without any additional tools.

Mayr safety clutch


The Schmersal Group In collaboration with Aconno, has developed the prototype of an Industry 4.0 switch for the bulk industry developed. With the switchgear Heavy Duty Switch (HDS) series can wirelessly transmit data over distances of several kilometers in extensive conveyor systems in heavy industry. 

Schmersal switchgear

Inspecting gas pipelines with helicopters is expensive and time-consuming. As an alternative, the German company offers Exabotix a drone team that automatically carries out inspection flights. After the bets, everyone lands Professional drone in a remote drone hangar, also by Exabotix. These droneports are thanks linear guide, housing bearings and bearings of Igus maintenance free.

Igus Exabotix


Harting11018As a general contractor, SSI Schaefer largely relies on standardized assemblies in order to optimize procurement processes, streamline internal logistics and reduce assembly and maintenance times. The intralogistics specialist relies on suppliers such as Harting and Igus, not only because both companies take the system thought into account.

Igus10519During the mining and subsequent storage of bauxite, a sedimentary rock used to produce aluminum oxide, a lot of dust is formed, which poses a major challenge, especially for the moving machine parts of the conveyor units. The aluminum oxide producer AOS uses energy chains from in its plants Igus on. For several years now, they have reliably supplied power units and stockpiles with energy, data and media.

Energy chains in construction machinery, crane systems, lifting platforms, lifters, etc. require more unsupported length. Sahl chains are often used here because they are stiffer than plastic chains. Igus offers hybrid chains made of steel and plastic. They are lighter than pure steel chains, but stiffer than plastic chains. Below we present two types: 

Igus hybrid chain crane systems

thyssen0216Thyssen Krupp is presenting a world first: the largest KB 63-130 rotary crusher weighs 490 t and is significantly lighter than its predecessor - despite the 14% increase in cone diameter of 130 inches (around 3,3 m). With a throughput of up to 14.000 t / h, the rotary crusher achieves an increase in performance of more than 30% compared to its predecessor.

schmersal0319The Schmersal Group presents its new HDS switchgear series for heavy industry. The modular series is the first to combine various functions on one platform, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The basis of the new platform is the uniform housing concept, which consists of two variants: plastic (thermoset) and cast iron.

Igus10318Equipment for stubble cultivation in agriculture, so-called cultivators, used to be used primarily for weed control. Today the main benefit is to loosen the arable land, mix in organic matter and prepare it for the next sowing. The "Karat 9" from Lemken is an intensive cultivator that can be used for shallow, medium and deep work. Lubrication-free plastic plain bearings perform at the bearing points Igus their reliable service.

igus1018With the new E2 hoop chain from Igus, there is now an energy and media supply in one system even for tight installation spaces on support legs. Stable, space-saving and easy to assemble, the e-chain not only carries power and control lines but also two hydraulic hoses. The E2 shackle chain saves maintenance in special machine construction and significantly reduces downtimes.

Rigid, stationary transport devices such as conveyor belts are used in the today Intralogistik increasingly through autonomous transport units or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) replaced. For economic operation you need powerful, compact drives with a long service life. Heinzman and Framo Morat have a new one for this hub motor Developed with integrated gear.

Heinzmann wheel hub motor AGV


igus02181Using the example of industrial trucks shows Igus, where the Motion Plastics specially developed for dynamic applications can be used and how they can be used to avoid machine downtimes. "Iglidur" plain bearings can already be found in bearing points for heavy-duty swivels, "Chainflex" cables and e-chains with the smallest bending radii and large lifting heights in the mast.