It doesn't always have to be the big providers who can solve a drive task perfectly. Rather, it is the small specialists who deal with the challenges of a new design in a trusting, detailed and creative manner. koco Motion is one such specialist for direct current-, Step- and other Engines Technology. Stay up to date with this news:  

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Intelligence in Motion from the worldwide network

21.10.2023 | koco Motion presents to SPS from November 14th to 16th, 2023 in Nuremberg his expertise for tailor-made drive solutions, based on DC and BLDC-Engines, Stepper Motors, servomotors, Linear drives and controllers. On this basis, the system house serves the growing demand for customer-specific drives.

For this purpose, Koco Motion offers solutions that are integrated into the application not only electronically, but also mechanically - in a space-saving and energy-saving manner. The portfolio DC and BLDC motors includes sizes diameter 4 to 180 mm, with minimum voltage from 1 V to 400 VAC with power from 1 W to 8 kW.

Various Stepper Motors and Linear Drives offer a precise, easy-to-control, cost-effective and space-saving solution for precise positioning tasks. To combine all of these motors into an overall drive technology system Controller the comprehensive offer. They can be used to immediately create a user-friendly solution for many motion controls.

If you are now looking for a suitable drive solution, then come to Koco Motion at SPS (Hall 3, Stand 141). Together you will find the right solution.

Koco Group celebrates double anniversary

April 17.04.2023, XNUMX | The Koco group of companies from Dauchingen in the Black Forest is celebrating not just one, but two anniversaries this year. Koco Motion GmbH is now celebrating after two years of delay 20th company anniversary for the 22nd anniversary later, while Koco Automotive GmbH on her 10 years of existence looks back.

Gerhard Kocherscheidt and David Couto founded the in 2001 Intelligent Motion Systems (IMS) Europe GmbH, which specialized in the European distribution of IMS Inc. integrated stepper motors and stepper motor controllers. When IMS Inc. was integrated into the Schneider Electric Group in 2007, the business partners renamed the German part of the company and from then on traded under the name Koco Motion GmbH.

In 2015, the founding of Koco DC Motion in Silicon Valley, together with the Chinese partner Constar. The aim of the cooperation was to conquer the market together and become even more successful. A subsequent highlight was the development of the Kannmotion platform, together with Adlos AG in Liechtenstein in 2016. This was tailored to the application servo systemplatform, it is possible to serve a large number of individual, specific customer requests.

Since it was founded, Koco Motion GmbH has developed into a leading partner for the development and production of electric drive technologies for industry and trade. The company has specialized in the interpretation of customized drive solutions specialized, which are tailored to the individual needs of its customers. The long-standing employees work these out again and again from the more than one million possible solutions.

Already many million DC, BLDC motor, stepper and asynchronous motorsn with and without Transmission perform reliably in a variety of applications. From mechanical engineering over Robotic, Smart Home and Technical Building Services to medical technology, the drives impress with their high reliability and flexibility. The competence of the team of experienced engineers and technicians is not only evident in the development of drive systems, but also in the consideration of electrical and mechanical interfaces. In this way, customers can be sure that their drive solution is perfectly tailored to their needs.

As a sister company of Koco Motion GmbH, the Koco Automotive GmbH Founded on March 22.03.2013nd, XNUMX. As a certified partner and reliable supplier, the jubilee supports automobile manufacturers and their suppliers with its drive expertise. The company stands for quality and reliability and offers tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of requirements. A team of five employees ensures that every requirement is implemented quickly and efficiently.

Koco Motion expands servo drives with new manufacturing partner

November 24.11.2022, 2022 | Koco Motion announces its collaboration with the Italian Motor Power Company (MPC). With the new manufacturing partner, the system house for drive technology will be significant at the beginning of XNUMX Enginesprogram expanded. Since then, servo motors, servo controllers and motor scooters have been moving into Dauchingen, covering the growing need for larger servo technology.

The Italian Motor Power Company, based in Castelnovo Sotto, has specialized in the development of powerful drive technology for industrial handling technology. The rapidly growing company employs 250 people and generated sales of EUR 2021 million in 64. In the strategic target markets of intralogistics, Medical Technology and biomedical technology, applications in sorting machines, conveyor systems, driverless transport vehicles or automated warehouses are served.

"We would now like to gain a foothold in the German market alongside Koco Motion as a strong, established sales partner," says Christian Grandi, Managing Director MPC. "The market for handling technology is growing rapidly and we can meet this development with our efficient, high-throughput and low-failure drive technology." The CEO mentions the scalability of driverless transport vehicles as another plus.

Michael Koch GmbH: News from Ubstadt-Weiher 

As a distributor of MPC Koco Motion, Koco Motion is significantly expanding its comprehensive range of servo motors with the cooperation. "We have set ourselves the noble goal of generating one million euros in sales in 2024," announced Gerrit Kocherscheidt, Managing Director at Koco Motion. Product manager Udo Hug looks after the manufacturing partner and, with his strong product portfolio and high market presence, is extremely optimistic about the future.

Hello Gerhard Kocherscheidt

23.11.2021| The previous managing director and company founder Gerhard Kocherscheidt (76) resigned from the management of Koco Motion GmbH and Koco automotive GmbH on June 30 of this year due to age. In the future, however, he will continue to take care of the as President American Koco DC-Motion, Inc. care.

After the joint establishment of IMS Europe GmbH in 2001, together with his business partner David Coutu, Gerhard Kocherscheidt managed the future Koco Motion GmbH and Koco automotive GmbH for 20 years. During this time, he built up a group of companies into a system house, which today works out the best drive solution for its customers. The experts can use all motor and control technologies.

"At my age you could retire, but I still have enough energy in me not to do this yet," comments Gerhard Kocherscheidt. "In the future, I would like to cut back a bit, but I will continue to look after my American company Koco-DC-Motion." The focus here is on maintaining partnerships.

With Mr. Kocherscheidt's departure from the management of the two companies, the managements will be the same as before from two people exist. From now on his son Dr. Gerrit Kocherscheidt and Olaf Kämmerling their fate. They represent each other and want to continue the success.

MinebeaMitsumi company news ticker

"My father consistently implemented his ideas in products that were successful because they optimally solve the requirements of our customers", sums up dr Gerrit Kocherscheidt. "His very good instinct for initiating meaningful things at the right moment and recognizing the opportunities when an engagement is worthwhile are a special gift of his."

"His tireless efforts were primarily aimed at building up selected partnerships from all over the world, both with suppliers and with customers," recalls Olaf Kämmerling. “With his virtues of respect and honesty, he was able to successfully establish these customer and supplier relationships over the long term. Valuable know-how has emerged from such projects, which has laid the foundation for the further expansion and future growth of the group of companies. He always shared his experiences with his employees. "

Future distribution of tasks at Koco Motion

Olaf Kämmerling will take over the operational management of Koco Motion and will be represented by Dr. Gerrit Kocherscheidt. He also takes over the Sales manager with the aim of further expanding a strong sales force for Germany and Europe.

Dr. Gerrit Kocherscheidt is responsible. He is represented by Olaf Kämmerling. His area of ​​responsibility also includes Operational safety and quality management as well as internal company areas such as IT and moderation or expansion of the infrastructure. The focus is on the standardization of processes and tools in both companies.

The strong partner management should continue in the future through sustainability and close personal partnerships being shaped. The focus is on the development of customer-specific solutions and trusting cooperation with customers over the entire product life cycle, from the first concept to the phase-out.

Video statement: System provider - and the trend is rising!

26.02.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | Today, the drive specialist's offer goes far beyond that of a pure distributor. Olaf Kämmerling, Managing Director of Koco Motion GmbH, introduces the company as a system provider. The statement was made on February 6, 2019 at the trade press days in Karlsruhe.


Who is Koco Motion?

The group of companies in Dauchingen in Baden consists of the Koco Motion GmbH and the Koco automotive GmbH. Small DC motors and gears as well as special motors are assembled here and customer-specific adaptations are made. In addition, the 23-employee company is the exclusive sales partner of the American company Novanta (formerly Intelligent Motion Systems) as well as Constar and Dings Motion - Chinese drive specialists for stepper motors, linear actuators and DC motors.

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