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Electronic components for electrical circuits such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, coils, transistors, relays or terminals

Electronic components: News for the electronics developer

The electronic components are the basis of every electrical circuit. Here you can find active and passive Electronic Components for electrical circuits in products for the Industry 4.0 environment, including components such as Capacitors, diodes, resistors, transistors, relays, terminals and much more. Regardless of whether active components such as diodes, transistors or passive components such as resistors, capacitors, coils, our product presentations also show manufacturing processes in extreme environmental conditions for electronic components.

Brand new electronic components

by Elmeko, Mitsubishi Electric, Steute, Schmersal and others

electrical Drives should rotate dynamically and with high precision based on complex driving profiles at the correct speed in a specific direction. The energy flow or energy balance must be sustainably and positively adapted to changing speeds. This is a task of application engineering. The article describes the possibilities of ensuring the energy balance of a system with the safest Braking resistor from Michael Koch to optimize individually.

Michael Koch braking resistor

ElectroElectro protect sensitive electronic and electrical components from environmental influences such as moisture or chemical substances. The high-performance plastics also play a major role in thermal management. The Rampf Group, Inc. presented at the on the IPC Apex Expo 2020 in San Diego Electro and related mixing plants and Dosing. They offer long-lasting electrical and electronic performance.

Relais are indispensable components that control a large number of switching operations by converting an electrical signal into a mechanical signal. There are many relay types such as safety relays, timing relays, switching relays, signal relays, reed relays, automotive relays, impulse relays, power relays, miniature relays, printed circuit board relays, solid state relays, semiconductor relays and more. Find out more about the possibilities that modern relays offer you and discover the optimal solution for your needs Applications.

Gefran semiconductor relays


For safe signal processing to monitor a machine, the Schmersal group various type-tested solutions, including a variety of Safety relay, safety controllers and Standstill monitor. are new to the program two safety components: the SRB-E-302ST relay and the SRB-E-402EM output expander. These and other new components of the Safety Technology can be found below:

Schmersal safety relay srb e

Mitsubishi Electric effect Relais, Switch, Sagittarius and Starter for low-voltage systems, medium-voltage systems and the Drive Technology in portfolio. The latest development is a circuit breaker for low-voltage power distribution in factories and Buildings. The parent company received the R&D 100 Award 2021 for this innovation. These and other new products can be found below:

Mitsubishi Electric circuit breakers


Elmeko has different LED machine lights in program. The LMT, LMM and LMR series are also suitable for machines that are in harsh environment Find use. They can be used to optimally illuminate the working environment of and the important areas in machines, systems or production lines.

Elmeko machine lights

steute20417Explosion protection, functional safety and adverse environmental conditions such as moisture, cold and corrosive media are applications that require very special switching devices. Such switching devices are available in the Steute Extreme range, including the position switches "Ex 99", "Ex 97", the safety switches "Ex AZ 16" and the safety sensors "Ex RC SI M 30".

schmersal0218The Schmersal Group is expanding its series of control panels with the new BDF 200-SD variant. This product version now has an integrated SD interface. In addition, the BDF 200-SD is equipped with an emergency stop function with electronic OSSD outputs and can be equipped with up to three operational command and signaling devices such as illuminated buttons, indicator lights, selector switches or key switches.

The operation of vehicles and the control of automated processes is becoming more and more complex and diverse. Products for this must perform several functions at the same time, optimally adapt to the installation space and enable downsizing. With the new Silicone actuator technology will the Satiety Group exactly meets these requirements.

Sateco actuator


Rafi presents a new one Selector switch in protection class IP65 with M12 connection. The Ramo S is built into a closed housing. This makes the switches suitable for installation openings with a diameter of 22,3 mm and 30,3 mm for the economical construction and retrofitting of decentralized applications.

Rafi selector switch


With the VLx Resistance series bring the Isabellenhütte Resistors with previously unknown performance on the market. By reversing the length to width ratio, extremely low resistance values ​​(e.g. 1 mOhm in the 0612 design) can be achieved by expanding the range.

Isabellenhuette resistance series


rafiButtons that are used as operating elements on high-quality machines and devices must have good tactility in addition to high switching reliability and a long service life. This includes an actuation force appropriate to the application and the field of application in order to avoid incorrect operation and at the same time guarantee pleasant operability with clear feedback. The micro pushbuttons of the Micon 5 series from Rafi were created for these requirements.