Trade fair for metalworking

Machining center, sheet metal processing and sheet metal bending machine, lathe, milling machine, tools, additive manufacturing

Image: Deutsche Messe

EMO fair | The whole world of metalworking

The EMO is one of the world's leading trade fairs for the Metalworkingindustry. With thousands of exhibitors from all over the world, the fair offers a platform for companies in the industry to present their latest products, technologies and solutions for metalworking technology.

Our Fair Special on the EMO trade fairs, which take place every two years, shows you the highlights of the trade fairs taking place in Hanover and Milan under the patronage of the VDW. Exhibition areas of the world's leading trade fair for manufacturing technology and production are processing centres, sheet metal processing and sheet metal bending machines, machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, tools, additive manufacturing etc.

The new EMO 2023

The EMO Hanover is the World's leading trade fair for production technology and from 2023 would also like to offer a comprehensive overview for well-founded purchasing decisions. As an international business platform, it promotes cross-industry exchange and effective networking all year round.

Under the motto Innovative Manufacturing EMO Hannover presents the latest trends in technological, strategic and organizational developments. With the Future Insights, experts from the manufacturing industry report on current megatrends and key issues relating to business, connectivity and sustainability in production.

The focus topics of the new EMO are:

  • Future of Business
  • future of connectivity
  • The Future of Sustainability in Production.

Product innovations for EMO 2023

In our trade fair special for EMO Hannover, exhibitors and trade visitors and those who don't have time to come to Hannover will find product innovations from the exhibitors for production technology before and after the event. Use our service before, we will keep you up-to-date. The date for the next EMO is the 18. to 23. September 2023 in Hannover.

Drive Technology


Planetary gears for rotary tables in WZM

Schaeffler has implemented a completely redesigned drive for swivel axes with a PSC precision planetary gearbox with servo motor. The constant torsional backlash of just 0,1 arcmin over the service life makes it possible for the first time to dispense with a second drive for tensioning and eliminating torsional backlash.

Safety brakes for vertical axes

Mayr Antriebstechnik offers a comprehensive portfolio of electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic safety brakes for protecting vertical axes in machine tools (WZM) and machining centers.

Planetary gear + strain wave gear precision

Precision gears have a significant influence on the dynamics, positioning and repeat accuracy or service life of a construction. Schaeffler has developed two types of gearboxes that surpass the current state of the art: the strain wave gearbox RT and the planetary gearbox PSC.


ABB Cobot

Cobots with currently the longest range

At the EMO, ABB is showing solutions for flexible machine loading. These are suitable for the requirements of the metalworking industry for variant production with small volumes up to batch size 1.

NC Optimizer and NC Virtual Simulator

In the fully networked smart manufacturing world, Mitsubishi Electric shows how software tools and advanced automation can sustainably advance companies in the age of Industry 4.0. For this purpose, an abstract production line is simulated, in which an eroding machine automation is integrated.

Interface simplifies interaction with robots

With the Kuka.Usertech user interface, Kuka has simplified the configuration of its robot controllers. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and use application commands with the software extension. The software provides the user with many features.
robot module

Robot module for various gripper systems

Zimmer's Match end-of-arm ecosystem robot module was created in cooperation with Schmalz. The standardized end effector interface enables the flexible use of the entire range of gripping systems such as vacuum systems or mechanical grippers.

Machine Elements

spindle bearing

Spindle bearings for every machine tool

Whether for high-speed applications or tough industrial conditions: Schaeffler offers a wide range of spindle bearings that have proven themselves in terms of durability and precision. Machine performance can be increased with these innovative spindle bearings made from Vacrodur.

Mandrels for safe and rigid clamping

Hainbuch presents the Maxxos T212 mandrel for the first time. In contrast to the tried and tested predecessor model Maxxos T211, the mandrel T212 does not require a tension bolt. This predestines it particularly for workpieces with blind holes or limited clamping lengths.
linear guide

Linear guides now last twice as long

NSK presents a new linear guide. Compared to the proven NH/NS linear guide, the DH/DS series achieves a service life that is twice as long thanks to several design changes. A special material and a special heat treatment are decisive.

Ergonomic aluminum handwheels

The new aluminum handwheels from Heinrich Kipp are visually appealing, ergonomic and reliable. The controls are easy to use and fit seamlessly into the manufacturing process. Six designs in different sizes and two color variants are available.
interrogation sensor

Sensor detects the status of the clamping systems

More transparency in the clamping process: With the Vero-S modular system from Schunk, the workpiece and clamping device can be fixed, positioned and clamped in the machine quickly and fully automatically. The Vero-S AFS3 IOL query sensor provides information about three clamping states of the modules.

Connection Technology

Locking bolt

Six new indexing plungers with rotary actuation

Kipp has expanded its indexing bolt portfolio by six versions with rotary actuation. With the practical locking bolts, moving parts can be quickly adjusted and positioned for operation. They are suitable for all applications in which the locking position must not be changed by lateral forces.

Materials + Techniques

Mineral casting

Extremely rigid mineral casting reduces deformation

Durcrete, together with Dyckerhoff, has developed a special mixture for machine beds and test frames based on specially treated aggregates. The Nanodur concrete E80 has an elastic modulus of over 80.000 N/mm² and reduces deformation by 50%.

Lifetime of 3D printed parts in 30 s

Knowing the required durability of a 3D printed component makes it easier to select the optimal material. That's why igus has expanded its 3D printing service. The online 3D printing service can now also predict the lifetime of customized special parts in just 3 s.
robot module

Multi-material 3D printing facility

The Schaeffler Group presents a new type of system for additive manufacturing. The multi-material 3D printer offers limitless potential for unique material combinations and functional integration, free design creation and fast market reactions in additive manufacturing.

3D printing resin significantly increases service life

With iglidur i3000, igus presents the world's first 3D printing resin for DLP 3D printing of wearing parts. After curing, the construction platform is lowered by one layer so that the next exposure can take place. Layer by layer, tiny components such as gears with tips measuring just 0,2 mm are created.