Medical Technology

– the pinnacle of technology

Washdown drives, components for operating tables, ventilators or wearables for, among other things, nursing or patient diagnostics

Image: Gimatic

Innovative medical technology for human treatment

Here you will find innovations and further developments from the Medical Technology for patient care, diagnostics, therapy or rehabilitation of patients such as washdown drives, components for ventilators, operating tables or wearables. Medical technology is perhaps the premier class of technology and offers a enormous growth potential

Bed sensor Minebea

Because the human population is growing inexorably and we are getting older and older. In the last 60 years or so, the worldwide Life expectancy increased by around 20 years. This development is due not least to modern medical technology. Medical technology devices, imaging diagnostics and all the components built into medical technology must meet high requirements so that they can meet the necessary, often global, permits and safety regulations.

Brand new medical technology

Below we present innovations for medical technology such as Drives, Sensors, Dosing, Materials, robots and robot drool or medical devices and assemblies as well as numerous application examples for your brainstorming and new development.

High performance servo motors with good cleanability

Kollmorgen17.05.2023 | Kollmorgen expands its AKMTM servo motor portfolio with a new high-performance servo motor. Its development focused on cleanability, durability and versatility. The motor features a hardened, anodized aluminum finish, offering machine designers a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to stainless steel for moderate to heavy washdown duty applications.

Antibacterial controls defy viruses & co.

Kipp medical technology10.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX| The antibacterial operating parts of the Medigrip Product series were developed for applications in which the highest hygiene standards are required or in which the spread of germs must be prevented. They were, inter alia, for use in the Medical Technology developed. The handles are made entirely of plastic enriched with micro-silver.

Safety couplings in Niploy or stainless steel 

Orbit Niploy safety clutch

For applications such as the pharmaceutical industry, the couplings must also be particularly corrosion-resistant. For this purpose, Orbit Antriebstechnik offers overload clutches in two options to select. The Securmax Servo in Niploy version with a corrosion and wear resistant uniform coating and the backlash-free torque limiters in Stainless steel version for installation in these hygienically demanding and cleaning-intensive systems.

Induction, DC or servo motors in stainless steel

Servo motor and DC motor from Groschopp is now available as well stainless steel motor. Every electric motor is durable, robust and versatile. Depending on the cooling concept used, the user achieves an extremely high power output. Almost every electric motor from the manufacturer can also be integrated into a stainless steel housing. This means that the stainless steel motors are also suitable for sectors such as medical technology.

Patented nanotechnology counts nanoparticles in real time

University of Graz nanoparticlesSectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and cosmetics rely on nanoparticles to give their products special properties with nanomaterials. the med University of Graz Spin-off Brave analytics has now achieved a breakthrough in counting nanoparticles in cooperation with the University of Graz: They count the small particles in real time and make the patented technology fit for the way into industry. 

Hygienic cable entry for up to 32 cables

Conta clip cable entryContaclip now offers its cable entry plates from the KES range made from certified material for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With the hygienic cable entry of the new Series KES-GB-FDA up to 32 non-assembled cables can be installed in control cabinets or machine housings quickly and in a particularly space-saving manner.

Mayr10315Electromagnetic spring-loaded brakes precisely ensure the function of high-quality medical devices such as X-ray machines, surgical microscopes or electric wheelchairs. Mayr Antriebstechnik offers application-optimized and efficient solutions for the high requirements of medical technology such as the "Roba-stop-M".

A product development that makes everyday life easier for many people is the best reward for the designer. A prime example of this is the wheelchair coupling Rollikup of Teuto reserve gGmbH. First developed on behalf of a wheelchair user, the coupling, which is as simple as it is ingenious, has developed into a successful product. Trailers, suitcases and much more can be connected to the wheelchair with the wheelchair via the trailer coupling. All it takes is a flick of the wrist. controls from Heinrich Kipp Werk make that possible.

Kipp rollikup


Fischer connectors presents its smart Connection Technology for electronic Medical devices and Wearables. Connectors are very robust, reliable, easy to operate and clean and easy to integrate, especially for medical applications. The Plug can be installed, for example, in surgical instruments, diagnostic devices, dental and therapeutic equipment, heart support systems and disposable devices.

Fischer connectors for medical technology

The Coronavirus Pandemic leads to an increased need Measurement Technologywith which the body temperature can be determined quickly and reliably. Optris presents a new IR camera for measuring fever. With the PI 450i, software-supported based on the Infrared measurement technology Measure the surface temperature of a person's face even in passing.

Optris IR camera measuring fever


The mask are now more part of everyday life than the scarf in winter. They are medium-sized in a wide variety of designs such as plastic, cotton, colored, patterned, white, blue, green. Given the global demand, a Mitsubishi Electric Team united globally to support entry into the production of mouth and nose protection.

Mitsubishi protective mask


It's a megatrend that the Medical Technology due to the growing world population will also grow strongly in the next few years. In order to be able to meet the demand, it must be massively automated. Gimatic offers mechatronic grab and a lot of know-how within the Barnes Group. TG Ritter completes the Medtec Pharma competence.

Gimatic medical technology


Many stroke patients around the world suffer from hemiplegia. A exoskeleton like the harmony of Harmonic Bionics help in physiotherapy to rebuild the nerve tracts in the arms and shoulders. RoboticSupported exoskeletons should be able to be quickly adapted to the patient's body size. For this purpose, the developers rely on the lubrication and maintenance-free as well as light ones bearings of Igus.

Igus exoskeleton


Piezomotors are very good for medical applications. In some applications of the Diagnostics and especially in connection with the MRT (Magnetic resonance tomographs) there is even no alternative. The Swedish supplier Piezomotor has specialized in the small drives.

Piezo motor medical technology


abb11019ABB has on the campus of the Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston, Texas, their first global Health Care Hub opened, which especially the Health research dedicates. At the opening, a number of technology concepts were presented, including a mobile "Yumi" -Robot, which is designed to support medical and laboratory professionals with laboratory work and logistical tasks in the hospital.

The world's first female scientist is revolutionizing biotechnology today. her name is Agamed and has declared war on Covid-19. The one of the same name Robot was developed at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICHB PAN) with the participation of technology partners Mitsubishi Electric, Perlan Technologies and Labomatica for applications in the laboratory automation

Mitsubishi Electric laboratory automation


Artificial heart of Berlin HeartThe human heart works in 24/7 operation and must not fail. Therefore, the Berlin Heart the highest quality requirements for your Cardiac support systems. In the mobile versions of the "Excor" series, the external Artificial heart from a miniatureBall Screws of NSK driven. Stroke volume and cycle frequency in Excor exactly reproduce the way the patient's human heart works.

The manufacture of artificial heart valves has made significant advances in recent years and a variety of methods and materials are available for their manufacture. Fergal Coulter has in one Research Project a bio-inspired one artificial heart valve im 3D pressure Process manufactured. This article describes how a dispenser of the series is used for a computed tomography measurement in additive manufacturing Eco PEN from the Viscotec daughter Preeflow is used.

Viscotec heart valves