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miniaturization and nanotechnology

Components in the micro range such as sensors, cameras, actuators for micro-fluidics, micro-mechanics and micro-optics

Image: AMS Osram

News from miniaturization, microsystem technology, nanotechnology

Here you will find components, systems and technologies for your development in microsystem technology, for miniaturization and the Nanotechnology such as sensors, actuators, microfluidics, micromechanics and micro-optics.

Starpower semiconductor material

Microsystems technology is becoming more and more important for industry in the course of miniaturization, digitization and automation. Microsystems are composed of micromechanics, microelectronics, microfluidics and microoptics. Applications of microsystem technology can be found in Electrical Engineering and Medical Technology. It becomes even smaller with nanotechnology, which is an extension of microsystem technology. This is based on the proportions of the nanoparticles and takes place in the millionth of a millimeter. The lotus effect from bionics is probably one of the most famous applications here.

Brand new microsystem technology

Discover Embedded and other solutions such as circuit board components, micromaterials and their processing, sensors and micro-optics for medical technology, Automotive industry, Consumer goods industry, among others:

Crimp-based wire-to-board connectors for printed circuit boards

Phoenix Contact wire to board connectorThe crimp-based wire-to-board connectors Connexis has Phoenix Contact for the cable assembly designed in automated production. They allow fast and precise PCB connector. Optical identification on the connector makes assembly in the field or in-house production clear. The user can choose from a large number of individual prints. 


Powerful compensating coupling from 1 mm bore diameter

Orbit compensating couplingWith the naked eye, the holes with a diameter of 1 mm or more are small Micro couplings from Orbit Drive Technology almost unrecognizable. Nevertheless, such a compensating coupling offers a performance that one might not expect from its tiny size. Their outer diameter can be compared to that of a ladybug and with their bore diameter they would fit into a larger spaghetti. 


Flexible circuit boards made of thin polyimide films have established themselves in many product areas. But they are complex to equip and assemble, even if they offer many advantages. Hence sets Harting auf die 3D MID Technology that can save up to two thirds of the costs. In one POS terminal it offers the highest physical protection against cyber attacks.

Harting 3D MID POS terminal


The economic consequences of unstable supply chains illustrate the importance of microelectronics, especially related to the current one chip shortage, Loud Fraunhofer technology sovereignty in research and development is required in order to be prepared for the future. New production facilities are also required in Europe. The High Performance Center for Functional Integration in Micro/Nanoelectronics faces this challenge. It bundles the competencies of several institutes.

Fraunhofer High Performance Center micro nano


It's not just the gentleness, the mechatronic grab from Gimatic as an advantage over pneumatic show. Their use also reduces the overall costs: They are much easier to use, maintenance-free and suitable for clean rooms. All advantages why they are among the developers of the Wafer Marking and sorting systems from Innolas Arouse enthusiasm. Read why the swivel unit and gripper have also prevailed over other mechatronic solutions from the laser specialist.

Gimatic wafer


In the demanding world of Clean room technology sets Igus new standards: from displayrobots to pick-and-place applications in semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics, the motion plastics specialist offers solutions made from high-performance polymers that are in-house Clean room laboratory ISO 1 developed and approved by renowned institutions such as the Fraunhofer institute were tested.

Igus clean room laboratory 

Harting10718Circuit boards are a basic component of electrical devices, cars, robots, smartphones, tablets and the like. They must therefore be reliable, meet increasing quality requirements, and yet the manufacturing costs should decrease with the increasing complexity of the end product. Thus, the circuit board itself and its manufacture are changing. Thanks to Harting's UHF RFID technology, the electronic component can now speak and think for itself.

microdimensions10318More and more sectors are discovering a new technology in the production of industrial applications as an alternative to the classic printed circuit board. We are talking about 3D-MID technology. Conductor tracks are applied to injection-molded plastic components using a laser direct structuring process. The process drives the miniaturization trend in the electronics industry and gives product developers new design options. One provider for this is Multiple Dimensions.

With an area of ​​1 mm², it is the world's smallest camera module Naneyem from AMS Osram via a fully digital output. The for the image sensor necessary Circuit board effect AT&S developed with the help of embedded component packaging technology. The mini digital cameras are suitable for wearables such as VR glasses or smartphones and for medical equipment. In this way, they are following the trend towards single-use endoscopes, which are particularly needed in bronchoscopy in the Covid-10 pandemic.

ams Osram camera module


The Drive unit for a special Vacuum application in the Semiconductor manufacturing consists of an internally toothed stainless steel Ball slewing with the dimensions 1230 mm x 1091 mm x 27,5 mm including mounting plate and drive pinion. Rodriguez delivers this assembly as part of its customer-specific system solutions Value Added Products from a single source. 

Rodriguez stainless steel slewing ring



The parallel kinematic hexapod systems from Physik Instrumente (PI) offer precise positioning in six axes with an accuracy of less than 1 µm. The new miniature hexapod M-810 only requires minimal installation space. With a diameter of only 10 cm and a height of 118 mm, it offers travel ranges of up to 40 mm in the XY plane and up to 13 mm in the Z direction. The position resolution of the single leg is only 40 nm due to the high-precision brushless special DC motors used and the high-resolution encoder.

Sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and cosmetics are building up nanoparticles, so that they can use nanomaterials to give their products special properties. The Med Uni Graz spin-off and deep-tech company Brave Analytics, in cooperation with the University of Graz has now achieved a breakthrough in counting nanoparticles: you count the small particles in real time and make them patentede technology fit for the way into the industry. 

University of Graz nanoparticles


at0417The service life of electronic components can be drastically reduced by increasing the operating temperature by just a few degrees Celsius. In addition, heat dissipation is made more difficult by the fact that the entire circuit board is encapsulated in certain applications in order to protect it effectively from moisture and dust. Embedded and inserted heat pipes from AT + S significantly improve heat dissipation.

wuerth0417Since the beginning of 2017, the two PCB manufacturers from Baden-Württemberg, Würth Elektronik and Fela, have been researching the digitization of circuit board technology. The prototypes in July were already promising - in October both partners successfully delivered the first series orders in the respective pilot projects.