Drive Elements

Drive elements for power transmission

Save total cost of ownership with efficient gear wheels, drive chains, conveyor chains, toothed racks and toothed belts

Image: Tsubaki


Brakes for machine safety

with safety brakes, hydraulic, electromagnetic or spring-actuated brakes and clamping elements

Image: Mayr drive technology


Transmission for the drive train

Planetary gears, spur gears or heavy-duty gears, low backlash and networkable for mechanical engineering

Image: Schaeffler


Drive transmission clutches

Disk coupling, safety coupling, shaft coupling, clamping element, shaft-hub connection for machines and systems

Image: Orbit drive technology

linear actuator

Linear drives for precise movement

Electric linear motor innovations such as ball screws, trapezoidal screws, rack and pinion drives, linear modules and actuators for positioning and strokes

Image: Rodriguez


Engines with future potential

Synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, geared motor, DC motor, DC and BLDC, stepper motor for your cost-conscious design

Image: Koco Motion


Converters for drives in mechanical engineering

Electrical drive technology such as frequency converters, DC converters, stepper motor drivers for efficient drive technology in Industry 4.0

Image: Mitsubishi Electric

Efficient drive technology for the Industry 4.0 environment

Here you will find the mechanical, electrical and mechatronic Drive Technology for the modern Engineering. We inform about individual Drive Elements or components like Transmission, Couplings, Brakes, Linear DrivesEngines, Inverter etc. as well as complete drive solutions for power transmission in the drive train of a machine or system.

Drive technology Mitsubishi


Brand new electrical and mechanical drive technology

Drive technology today no longer only includes individual components such as gearbox, motor, clutch. Rather, they merge here in the sign of Drive technology 4.0 or Industrial 4.0 increasingly the technical disciplines. Due to the growing integration, networking and autonomy of modern drive technology and its machines, developers focus on their reliability and efficiency. 

Drive technology for special industries

The following new products are for special industries like the Automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery has been developed. You will also find new drive technology from the applied research.

  • Smart robotics, which can not only be integrated cost-efficiently, space-savingly and quickly, but are also easy to operate and ensure the necessary flexibility, also help to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers. The company Robco offers a modular robot kit for industrial production. Slim and lightweight robot brakes in the robot arms ensure that the...
  • Servo hydraulics in machines combine the best of two worlds: the benefits of hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of servo drives. Baumüller offers a calculator that calculates the potential energy savings when switching from hydraulics to servo-hydraulics. Details about it and products from different manufacturers of the technology can be found below:  
  • Bosch relies on the hydrogen drive. Electric cars are important to reduce CO2 emissions in traffic. But the question arises as to whether it is also economical to operate heavy commercial vehicles with a payload of 40 t over long distances using battery power? Find out below why Bosch is developing the technology further and which portfolio the global player has...
  • Potato harvesters collect the popular tuber vegetables from the ground during the potato harvest and hand them over to the tractor driving in front. This automated process also does justice to the growing population and to some extent secures the global food supply. A global manufacturer of such potato harvesters had technical problems and turned to Tsubaki. The freewheeling of the drive specialist solved the problem.  
  • Mitsubishi Electric's servo motor and servo amplifier portfolio is very versatile. Combined with innovative maintenance, the latest servo systems make the machines more efficient, minimizing downtime and improving productivity. The automation specialist is now going one step further and equipping its servomotors with artificial intelligence (AI). This opens up further potential for optimization....
  • Koco Motion offers a comprehensive product range of drive technology for medical technology, which is currently booming. With the DC motor, bell rotor motor, brushless DC motor, precision geared motor, precision servo motor and miniature stepper motor portfolio from Constar, almost all developers' wishes can be fulfilled. Medical pumps, surgical instruments, respirators or prostheses, for example, are possible applications.  

Drive technology for mechanical and plant engineering

Drive technology plays an important role in machine and plant engineering in the context of factory automation in the context of Industry 4.0. Preventive Maintenance (preventive maintenance), Predictive Maintenance (predictive maintenance) or Condition monitoring (Machine condition monitoring) is integrated into countless mechanical and electrical applications. Sensors, encoder and communication technology have found their way into engines, transmissions, Rolling and even clutch or brake. 

Bei der Realisierung einer neuen Berg- und Talbahn für die Eagle's Lair in Hinterzarten vertraute wiegand of Brakes-Technology from Ringspann. Dabei machte es das Bremsensteuerungs- und -überwachungssystem BCS 600 zum Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Sicherheitskonzepts seiner schienengeführten Wagenzuganlage. Die besondere Herausforderung: In Seilbahnen und Sesselliften dürfen nur personensichere Bremssysteme zum Einsatz kommen, die der Seilbahnrichtlinie der EU entsprechen.

Ringspann Adlerschanze

Handbikes are the Formula 1 cars among wheelchairs. For this reason, modern sports equipment for disabled people has also replaced classic wheelchairs in city marathons. This applies all the more the more the focus is on sporting competition. However, on rain-soaked roads, these vehicles sometimes run into problems in the curves. Dutchman Ad Aarts has developed such a handbike specifically for artificial and natural ice rinks. These are braked Oil brakes of ACE.

ACE Ice Handbike

The robust, energy-efficient climberrobot “Space Climber” was designed for missions in difficult terrain. An essential component of his musculoskeletal system are the intelligent, powerful joints. Especially for such a joint Mayr Antriebstechnik Mini brake developed. It impresses with its small dimensions and increases the energy efficiency of the robot. At the German Research Center for Artificial intelligence (DFKI) this robot system is now being further developed.

Mayr robot joint

With the new Linear gantry robot "LGR-3" offers Fibro Läpple a modular system for loading and unloading machines as well as for handling workpieces. This allows a wide variety of customer requirements to be implemented flexibly. In the electrical design of the portal, the company uses to secure the Vertical axis on electromagnetic brakes "Roba-linearstop" from Mayr Antriebstechnik.

Mayr electromagnetic brakes


Attention skiers, tobogganers and mountain bikers: the leisure fun is enriched by an action-packed facet Pistenbock Cross as an ideal supplement for the snow-free months. The innovative vehicle is controlled in a similar way to tobogganing. High-quality vehicle components such as built-in rotation brakes from ACE Shock help to effectively dampen unexpected steering angles and smooth the overall steering curve for the benefit of driving comfort and safety.

ACE FDT piste trestle cross use

Within the disc brake you first think of the bicycle. However, this type of brake is also used in industrial drive systems. These robust brakes can be precisely controlled and are very reliable. Whether as Thruster brake in lifting devices, electromagnetic for the machine tool, as a fixed caliper brake for holding or as a floating caliper brake in the function of a service brake: There are many applications for the type of brake invented by Frederick W. Lanchester.

KTR disc brake

Losyco presents a fully automatic Brake Module as an extension for his Loxrail intralogistics system for mechanical and plant engineering. The Smart Brake Module is used for the fully automatic stopping of loads on the rail track. It was designed for manually moved trolleys and transport platforms and ensures that the load and trolley are held safely and automatically if obstacles block the route or manual push is no longer possible.

Losyco brake module


The active has three essential components Energy Management System Pxt from Michael Koch for recuperation of braking energy: Electronic devices, storage units and a small, intelligent module. The electronic devices push the energy highly dynamically and reliably either from Power Type into the memory or vice versa as in the case of a voltage interruption. The small module for current-based Load peak reduction and capacity monitoring complete the energy handling for drives.

Michael Koch Braking Energy Management


The key points of tomorrow's machine maintenance are permanent inspections, needs-based maintenance - plannable and appropriate to the workload, automated remote maintenance or cross-machine and cross-plant error analyses. Mayr Antriebstechnik offers solution concepts in the area based on permanent inspection clutches and brakes for Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. We present the new developments to you:

Mayr Condition Monitoring 2023


Brake Monitoring is currently advancing in the stage technology more and more into focus. The Andes stage drives built electromagnetic braken are under scrutiny because they have to save lives in an emergency. Mayr Antriebstechnik can already provide brake systems that are optimized and equipped for targeted brake monitoring. A stage winch with multiple individual brakes secures action scenes in the blockbuster Spiderman.

Mayr Stage Technology Monitoring


If the power is switched off, if it fails, or if there is an emergency stop in machines and systems, the safety brake prevents vertical and horizontal axes from falling freely. This is the only way to avoid accidents and protect people and machines. For applications in mechanical engineering, Medical Technology, food technology, Elevators or stage technology Mayr Antriebstechnik Safety brakes. Here we present tips for installation, new developments and applications:

Mayr Roba-stop safety brake


Discover the Electromagnetic brake, their functionality and areas of application. As precise Spring pressure brake or efficient Permanent magnet brake They are essential for control and safety in automated and manual drive systems. Learn how these innovative braking systems improve performance and ensure reliable operation.

Electromagnetic brake