Image Processing

Image processing for quality assurance

Embedded vision, Gig-E and 3D cameras, frame grabbers, CMOS sensors, etc. to avoid errors and determine position


Communication: Technology for Industry 4.0

Gateways, switches, networks, standards such as Ethernet Ethercat, OPC UA or IO-Link and much more for digital transformation

Image: Pepperl + Fuchs


IPC for manufacturing and production

HMI, smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, monitor and accessories for harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas

Image: Ecom


Robots for the automated factory

Articulated robots or Scara robots, bionic, assembly, service robots and the collaborative cobots as well as grippers and accessories

Image: Mitsubishi Electric


Sensors for the Internet of Things

Safety sensors, torque sensors, optoelectronic sensors or magnetic sensors, also for various types of protection

Safety Technology

Safety technology for man-machine protection

Light grid, light barrier, safety interlock, safety light curtains, safe field box, signal lights for occupational safety and machine safety


Controls for mechanical engineering

Programmable logic controls, CNC controls, TNC controls or safety controls with digital twin and control technology

Automation technology for the development of the Industry 4.0 factory

Here you will find numerous innovations from the industrial sector Automation services for the Industry 4.0 Age. We provide information about components, systems of the Image Processing, IPC, communication technology, Robot, Sensors Safety Technology and Controllers. We report on processes and technologies which the industrial Revolution serve in the world of work. In these automated processes, workplaces are becoming increasingly automated, freeing up manpower for less monotonous work.

Automation Pepperl Fuchs


Brand new automation technology

Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its way into the world of work and advancing automation technology. The products, systems, machines and plants for automation are networked with each other up to completely autonomous machines as part of the larger whole smart manufacturing. Our coverage shows the components, systems and applications of automation technology for process and factory automation from the sensor to grab, Communication technology, control and regulation technology, IT up to and including robots.

Automation technology for special industries

Special industries like Automotive industry, Renewable energies, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery require specially designed developments and knowledge. Here we introduce you to the latest innovations. You will also find news from and for the here Applied research

  • Process engineering Made by Jumo has expanded its portfolio to include a comprehensive automation solution for process engineering processes. Now, with the "Varitron" system and the new graphical program editor "Smartware", customer-specific solutions can be easily configured without any special programming knowledge, as this article on...
  • Pepperl+Fuchs has many years of experience in the field of explosion protection and industrial sensors. With this know-how, the company is the right partner and a connecting element in the hydrogen chain
  • The world's first female scientist is revolutionizing biotechnology today. Her name is Agamede and she has declared war on Covid-19. The robot of the same name was developed at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICHB PAN) with the participation of technology partners Mitsubishi Electric,...
  • An angle sensor often has to function reliably even under harsh operating conditions. These sensors provide accurate angle data needed for applications in mobile work machines, automotive technology and industrial automation. Discover in our article how angle sensors work, their technological advantages using the example of some...
  • With an area of ​​1 mm², the world's smallest camera module Naneyem from AMS Osram has a fully digital output. AT&S developed the circuit board required for the image sensor using embedded component packaging technology. The mini digital cameras are suitable...

Automation technology for machines and systems

The automation technology also forms Electrical Engineering, Drive Technology and other engineering scientific disciplines form the basis of such buzzword-rich developments as Industry 4.0, digital transformation or smart factory, which is particularly important in... Industrial machinery and equipment change our industrial production and manufacturing forever at a rapid pace. The following innovations are part of the bigger picture:

Smart Igus Cobot with digital ecosystem

Igus Cobots gear kit Igus presents the Service robot Rebel. Just one year after the first presentation of the modular gearbox for cobots, igus is already recording 20 automation projects per week. In doing so, igus relies entirely on its Motion Plastics expertise: the use of plastic makes the robot, weighing 8,2 kg, the lightest service robot with cobot function in its class. All mechanical components in the Rebel are developed and manufactured by igus.


The Artificial intelligence (AI) will change our lives in ways we never thought possible. It seems like there are new breakthroughs and developments in AI technology almost every day. From data analysis to natural language processing, systems have evolved a lot. Recently, however, the AI ​​has a whole new level reached. Which it is, where the technology could still lead in the next few years and how AI in different industries is already being used, find out here.

Artificial intelligence


The entry of Cobots or collaborative robots into the production halls is in full swing. This revolutionary Robotic-Technology works hand in hand with people and optimizes work processes. Discover the exciting world of cobots and their diverse applications in industry and everyday life here.

Cobot Denso


Safety Photocell, Light grids and light curtain are non-contact protective devices that secure access and dangerous areas. With the optoelectronic safety devices, the light beam is interrupted as soon as the danger area is entered. For these applications we present here the innovations of the Schmersal group ago like three new light barriers series.

Light barrier Schmersal


Artiminds Robotics supports this Roboticindustry with innovative software solutionswho program, operate and integrate the robot industrial robots simplify. The pioneer for sensor-based robot applications supports the implementation of advanced projects such as force control and image processing and offers comprehensive advice - from planning to optimization. Read what's new at Artiminds:

Programming Artimind's robots


If it is about Industrial robots or Cobots acts: Without suitable Software and an interactive one Programming robots nothing or nothing works easily. With new trends such as cloud-based programs or the use of artificial intelligence robot programming is becoming easier and more efficient. Read how this can be done and what software is already available for this.

Artimind's programming


A pair of Robotic arm consists of various components such as drives, Sensors, controllers and end effectors, some of which are integrated in the robot flange. Some manufacturers offer robotic arms with flexible modularity that can be adapted to the needs of different industries. If you are looking for a robotic arm, it is worth asking one or the other of the providers presented here.

Robotic arm Robolink


Which one Lawn Mower is the right one for your garden? Save time and effort with the best models for different lawn sizes. This article will guide you through tests and criteria to find the ideal automatic lawn mower. At the same time we provide you with the latest models before:

Husqvarna robotic mower

Efficient and transparent processes are essential in modern production. Identification systems such as RFID and barcodes offer optimization possibilities here. In combination with the proven Kanban-Method, they develop their full potential, for example. In this article, we use industrial Applicationshow RFID-supported systems and barcode technology make production more efficient, present new products and convey a little basic knowledge.

PepperlFuchs RFID

Pepperl + Fuchs is a specialist in RFID and optical identificationsystems that are used in industrial production and logistics. This opens up comprehensive tracking and tracing options for the user. Material flows can be controlled and precise processes ensure on-time delivery and optimal inventory management. We present new developments and application examples.

RFID technology Pepperl Fuchs

Whether the traditional Industrial robots due to the incoming tide Cobots soon no longer needed will be answered Mitsubishi Electric with “Of course not.” Therefore, the automation company still offers a whole range of industrial robots melfah Series, develops them further and even equips them Artificial intelligence out of. Below you will find everything you need to know about the Mitsubishi world of industrial robotics and we will introduce you to the latest innovations: 

Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots


In digital manufacturing, the latest trends aim to connect the virtual and physical factory environment. This is what the term stands for Digital transformation. It aims to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. For change, companies must combine a number of cutting-edge technologies in order to successfully complete the changes. We present the know-how of Mitsubishi Electric as an experienced partner.

Mitsubishi digital transformation


With a high degree of Automation provides the Rodinger plastics technology GmbH (RKT) ensures the required quality and economy in the production of various plastic parts for the automotive industry, electronics industry, communication technology and medical technology. The automation technology for the plastic injection molding machine comes from the Industry 4.0 specialist Mitsubishi Electric, including numerous 6-axis Robot RV-2FR and the Human machine interface  (HMI) GOT2000.

Mitsubishi human machine interface