Image Processing

Image processing for quality assurance

Embedded vision, Gig-E and 3D cameras, frame grabbers, CMOS sensors, etc. to avoid errors and determine position


Communication: Technology for Industry 4.0

Gateways, switches, networks, standards such as Ethernet Ethercat, OPC UA or IO-Link and much more for digital transformation

Image: Pepperl + Fuchs


IPC for manufacturing and production

HMI, smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, monitor and accessories for harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas

Image: Ecom


Robots for the automated factory

Articulated robots or Scara robots, bionic, assembly, service robots and the collaborative cobots as well as grippers and accessories

Image: Mitsubishi Electric


Sensors for the Internet of Things

Safety sensors, torque sensors, optoelectronic sensors or magnetic sensors, also for various types of protection

Safety Technology

Safety technology for man-machine protection

Light grid, light barrier, safety interlock, safety light curtains, safe field box, signal lights for occupational safety and machine safety


Controls for mechanical engineering

Programmable logic controls, CNC controls, TNC controls or safety controls with digital twin and control technology

Automation technology for the development of the Industry 4.0 factory

Here you will find numerous innovations from the industrial sector Automation services for the Industry 4.0 Age. We provide information about components, systems of the Image Processing, IPC, communication technology, Robot, Sensors Safety Technology and Controllers. We report on processes and technologies which the industrial Revolution serve in the world of work. In these automated processes, workplaces are becoming increasingly automated, freeing up manpower for less monotonous work.

Automation Pepperl Fuchs


Brand new automation technology

Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its way into the world of work and advancing automation technology. The products, systems, machines and plants for automation are networked with each other up to completely autonomous machines as part of the larger whole smart manufacturing. Our coverage shows the components, systems and applications of automation technology for process and factory automation from the sensor to grab, Communication technology, control and regulation technology, IT up to and including robots.

Automation technology for special industries

Special industries like Automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery require specially designed developments and knowledge. Here we introduce you to the latest innovations. You will also find news from and for the here Applied research

  • Pepperl+Fuchs has many years of experience in the field of explosion protection and industrial sensors. With this know-how, the company is the right partner and a connecting element in the hydrogen chain
  • The world's first female scientist is revolutionizing biotechnology today. Her name is Agamede and she has declared war on Covid-19. The robot of the same name was developed at the Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICHB PAN) with the participation of the technology partners Mitsubishi Electric, Perlan Technologies and Labomatica for applications in laboratory automation....
  • Mobile machines for construction, agriculture and forestry as well as industrial trucks are used in an environment that requires sophisticated sensor technology. Novotechnik has developed three magnetic angle sensor series especially for such applications.  
  • With an area of ​​1 mm², the world's smallest camera module Naneyem from AMS Osram has a fully digital output. AT&S developed the printed circuit board required for the image sensor using embedded component packaging technology. The mini digital cameras are suitable for wearables such as VR glasses or smartphones and for medical ones...

Automation technology for machines and systems

The automation technology also forms Electrical Engineering, Drive Technology and other engineering scientific disciplines form the basis of such buzzword-rich developments as Industry 4.0, digital transformation or smart factory, which is particularly important in... Industrial machinery and equipment change our industrial production and manufacturing forever at a rapid pace. The following innovations are part of the bigger picture:

Smart Igus Cobot with digital ecosystem

Igus Cobots gear kit Igus presents the Service robot Rebel. Just one year after the first presentation of the modular gearbox for cobots, igus is already recording 20 automation projects per week. In doing so, igus relies entirely on its Motion Plastics expertise: the use of plastic makes the robot, weighing 8,2 kg, the lightest service robot with cobot function in its class. All mechanical components in the Rebel are developed and manufactured by igus.


The Artificial intelligence (AI) will change our lives in ways we never thought possible. It seems like there are new breakthroughs and developments in AI technology almost every day. From data analysis to natural language processing, systems have evolved a lot. Recently, however, the AI ​​has a whole new level reached. Which it is, where the technology could still lead in the next few years and how AI in different industries is already being used, find out here.

Artificial intelligence


In logistics, care, kitchens, bars or in the fields: the potential for service robotics is great. Cobots take on monotonous and non-ergonomic tasks here. For the simple, cost-effective implementation of such lightweight robots Igus Gearbox kit for cobots. The focus is on the fully integrated Tribo strain wave gear with motor, absolute value encoder, force control and controller. Deployed in Service robot Rebel Igus now accelerates the Low Cost Automation. Here you can find out what's new about the cobot and gearbox:

Igus Cobot Rebel


With his portfolio for the Low cost automation möchte Igus Make it easier for companies to get started with automation. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are to be cleared of the hurdles. For this purpose, the motion plastics specialist has built up a broad network of more than 75 robotics suppliers and 40 integrators over the past three years. Here you can find out everything about the world of Igus robot from Strain wave gear to the delta robot.

Igus robotics


robot gripper are now indispensable tools in industrial production. Whether in the Automotive industry, the electronics industry or in mechanical engineering, the possible uses are almost unlimited. This is mainly due to the enormous variety gripper types and sizes that suit each Robotic Have the application customized. Read more about the smart ones Action-Components that are becoming ever more flexible, efficient, ergonomic and intelligent.

Weiss Robotics gripper


The Robotic arm consists of various components such as drives, Sensors, controllers and end effectors, some of which are integrated in the robot flange. Some manufacturers offer robotic arms with flexible modularity that can be adapted to the needs of different industries. If you are looking for a robotic arm, it is worth asking one or the other of the providers presented here.

Robotic arm Robolink


Low cost automation is easy to use with the Robolink modular system Igus implement. This is made possible, among other things, by the long-lasting and at the same time cost-saving Tribo plastic Strain wave gearthat in the Igus Robotic arm are used. Pick-and-place tasks, assembly work or cleaning work are suitable for this, for example. The manufacturer is also launching a brand new bionic robot hand for the Cobot Rebel. Find out more about simple, flexible and cost-effective robotics. 

Igus robotic arm


Ordered ten years ago Geiger handling with the parallelgrab MHZ2-16 D for the first time a product of the company Gimatic. At that time, the handling specialist was looking for a reliable and competent partner for components that, among other things, were used in the Plastic manufacturing industry should be used. Over the years, a collaboration has developed that can be described with a clear conscience as a win-win partnership.

Geiger Handling Gimatic gripper

The digital transformation has a lasting impact on our working world and society. This is not just about introducing new digital tools, but also about a fundamental change in the way we work and create value. The goal is to become more efficient, develop new business models and adapt to a constantly changing digital environment. Read how technology leader Master the transformation and support your customers in the process.

Digital transformation

A specialty of gripper technology from Gimatic are Gripper systems for robots. You will end up being one Robotic arms attached. Depending on the application, these are, for example, parallel grippers, finger grippers, removal gripper or angle gripper. In so-called End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) solutions, components are customized for e.g. B. pick-and-place applications. One is also new Denso grapple kit. We present these and other innovations to you below:

Gimatic robot gripper

With Artificial intelligence (AI) you are also smart beforehand. Mitsubishi Electric puts his corporate AI now also for Predictive Maintenance in machines, systems and robots. Thanks to real-time analysis technology for recorded operating data, maintenance reaches a new level. Maintenance needs are identified early, before they arise. In this way, necessary measures can be planned in advance and reduced to a minimum. You can find an overview of the condition monitoring solutions below:

Mistubishi Electric Predictive Maintenance


mitsubishi70918How far the coordination of production and the MES / ERP world can already be achieved on the way to Industry 4.0 is shown by the joint IoT solution from SAP and Mitsubishi Electric, Customers of the automation specialist can directly contact the cloud platform of the Partners connect SAP.

Turck offers controls for controlling and monitoring such as the IP67 PLC with cloud connection and edge gateway function, Ethernet gateways also for that hazardous area and HMI operator panels. Here we present the new developments: 

Turck field buses