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Motor: News from future-proof industrial drives

SychronmotorLogimat 3 Hall, Booth C17

Nord Drive Systems goes one step further in terms of energy efficiency and introduces its new one IE5 + synchronous motor in front. The standardized geared motor variants of the LogiDrive systems were specifically designed for the Intralogistics, parcel logistics and airport technology tailored. These are particularly suitable for reducing variants. The compact design is space-saving. The light aluminum housing ensures a weight saving of 25%.

Sonic motorskoco Motion have now Sonic motors included in his program. The drives, available in sizes from 14 to 32 mm, are often used in toothbrushes, massage or facial cleansing devices. The manufacturer's drives are compact, run quietly and are very reliable. Visually, the Sonic motors hardly differ from normal rotary drives. But what are Sonic motors anyway?

kocomotion12191Brushless external rotor drives combine a small installation space with a high power density. koco Motion presents with the BO6452N3B a new addition to the product family, which offers impressive characteristics thanks to the choice of materials and magnets. Small sizes can be used to generate power in the four-digit range.

kocomotion1219koco Motion presents the next generation with the EM_S Stepper motor drivers, which are controlled via the clock-direction interface. They offer better settings, are even easier to use and have better performance than their predecessors. For the factory of the future there are the drivers either with CAN open or Ethercat interface.

Nord1119Nord Drive Systems has the design of its proven IE3 asynchronous motors optimized. The facelift covers numerous details that further enhance the function, assembly and operation of electric motors. The electrical data and mechanical dimensions remain unchanged during the facelift of IE3 asynchronous motors from Nord.

kocomotion1119SPS hall 3, booth 240

The ironless DC motors from koco Motion have already proven themselves in many applications. They are very efficient, offer high speeds and a long service life. Now the drive specialist is expanding its 'Coreless Motors' range with new versions that are specially designed for the requirements of medical technology and safety technology.