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Light grid, light barrier, safety interlock, safety light curtains, safe field box, signal lights for occupational safety and machine safety

Machine safety: News about the protection of man and machine

Here you will find the latest information on security technology such as Light grid, light barrier, light curtain, safety interlock, safe field box, Signal lights for occupational safety and machine safety in the Automation. Be it according to ISO, DIN, IEC standards, according to the Machinery Directive or in the spirit functional safety, the safety technology presented here meets the necessary guidelines for applications in order to avert hazards to people, machines and systems. It has never been more necessary than in the Industry 4.0 factory.

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In order to ensure the necessary safety in production and assembly safety devices To ensure this, not only does the Machinery Directive have to be met, but beforehand a risk assessment or risk analysis must be carried out. Then it is important to select the safety technology that has to meet the application-specific standards according to DIN, ISO & Co.

Brand new machine safety technology

With the products presented here you can avert dangers of all kinds. In the first block we have different ones for you industry-specific applications compiled. In the block below you will find safety technology such as Safety sensors, safety switches, optoelectronic safety devices and much more. for the Plant and mechanical engineering in the Industry 4.0 environment. 

Security technology for special industries

  • Passenger safety is the top priority when transporting people in elevators. Safety-relevant components such as the elevator brake must therefore meet the highest quality requirements. At the Interlift, which has just come to an end, Mayr Antriebstechnik presented its entire range of proven elevator brakes, such as shaft-mounted safety brakes and the Roba-Diskstop energetic caliper brake. This and other information about the Roba brakes can be found below:  
  • At TUM, researchers have developed a new early warning system for autonomous vehicles that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from thousands of real traffic situations based on recurrent neural networks. The system can warn of a potentially critical situation as early as 85 s in advance with more than 7 percent accuracy for today's self-driving development vehicles. Self-driving cars cannot yet master this on their own. The TUM conducted the study together with the BMW Group.  
  • Innosent has developed a new radar technology with a focus on short range in security and building technology. The Isys-5005 radar system reliably and precisely detects extensive object information thanks to complex 24 GHz Mimo radar technology and advanced signal processing. Radar tracking and the design for security systems and automatic door control are new.
  • Flexibility is becoming an increasingly important property in the food industry. At the same time, companies prefer security systems that offer operational efficiencies and cost advantages in addition to the necessary security function. The system for processing cold cuts from Weber Maschinenbau shows how these requirements can be implemented. They were secured with a modular safety control from Schmersal. The service package included commissioning and validation by the service provider Tec.nicum.
  • Two tunnel boring machines are the largest machines on the Semmering Base Tunnel construction site. The EAS-HT safety clutch from Mayr Antriebstechnik provides overload protection. These clutches release reliably and traceably and protect the drive components over the long term. They cannot be manipulated and the torque set at the factory is available again even after they have been disengaged. Recommissioning is also quick and easy, without additional tools.  
  • Vehicle manufacturers achieve significantly less effort for the integration and application of hydrostatic travel drives in construction machinery with function modules from Bosch Rexroth. They combine innovative functions with safety that has already been analyzed and designed according to the Machinery Directive. In addition, the developers examined all the components and their interactions with one another and further improved the robustness of the functional modules.

Machine safety Technology for machines and systems

LED signal light illuminated with and without IO-Link

Turck signal light k

Turck expands its LED Signal lights Portfolio around the robust LED displays of the K100 series. This indicator light was made by Turck's Opto-Partner Banner Engineering developed. The 100 mm beacons are available in two configurations. The signal light model Per Daylight Visible has 12 acoustic options. Its transparent lens ensures that the display is easy to see and does not cause false displays even in sunlight.

Safety solutions for machine safety at Smartair 2.0

Schmersal Smartfair20Even if face-to-face trade fairs are possible again, digital trade fairs remain a flexible tool for finding out about innovations and new technical developments. That's why Schmersal completely revamped its digital trade fair. On the Schmersal Smartfair 2.0 visitors can discover the company's current products from automation technology and machine safety as well as a variety of intelligent safety solutions.


The Schmersal group offers Safety switch with -tumbler and Safety sensors for machine safety. The extensive portfolio for monitoring machine protective doors allows the protective device to be precisely adapted to the application. It also contains products for special requirements such as explosion protection or hygienically sensitive use. In the following we present the new developments:

Schmersal sensor box


The safe field box from Schmersal is suitable for up to eight plug-and-play installations of switching devices for machine safety. These can be control panels, sensors, tumblers, Light grids and light curtains, which themselves may come from third-party suppliers. We present the new products to you here as if they were new fieldbus integrations or the simplified one Safety field box, the significant wiringeffort saves.  

Schmersal safe field box


steinbock0417Industrial roller blinds by Steinbock are used on machines wherever there is limited space for the installation of other protective elements. The roller blind covers are simply rolled up on a shaft with spring mechanism. In most cases, the cover material consists of textile tapes of different nature and resistance and is resistant to oil, coolant or heat. From there are these industrial roller blinds in up to 1200 mm width.

leuze1013The currently complete family of measuring light curtains CML 700i from Leuze Electronic now also include variants with an integrated Profibus and RS485 interface. All in all, these measuring light curtains offer integrated interfaces for Profibus, CAN bus, RS485 and I / O-Link. In addition, the data can also be transmitted via analog outputs, with both the control unit and the interfaces being housed in the receiver unit.

Safety Photocell, Light grids and light curtain are non-contact protective devices that secure access and dangerous areas. With the optoelectronic safety devices, the light beam is interrupted as soon as the danger area is entered. For these applications we present here the innovations of the Schmersal group ago like three new light barriers series.

Light barrier Schmersal


pilz0412Pilz is expanding its portfolio for the safety relays PNOZ with a view to their functionality: The safety relays PNOZ Compact monitor the basic emergency stop or protective door functions and offer maximum safety up to Performance Level (PL) e or SIL 3. The function-optimized devices can be integrated into use in all areas of mechanical engineering.

schmersal10316At the special show “Man - Machine - Future” at the Packaging Excellence Center, Schmersal will be presenting safety systems that support packaging companies in the introduction of digital technologies. The industry manager gives insights into the market for packaging machines and systems, describes current topics and trends and explains which safety-related solutions are best suited for the packaging industry.

The Schmersal group is with her Webshop with products for the functional safety started by machines and systems. Customers from Germany now have the opportunity to order components for machine safety from the proven online catalog 24 hours a day.

Schmersal functional safety


A little security is enough Pepperl + Fuchs not and the automator leaves nothing to chance. The pioneer has been developing and manufacturing safety-related devices for over half a century. Here you will find functional safety for the factory Automation and process automation from product to training:

Pepperl Fuchs workshop on functional safety 


The Schmersal Group has existing Switch Series for heavy industry with variants with Ex protection expanded. they are suitable for use in potentially explosive areas. The emergency pull-wire switches of the series EX-I-ZQ900 and EX-I-RS655 as well as the belt misalignment switches of the series EX-I-BS655 and EX-T. 454 can be used in dusty environments Atex Zone 21 in type of protection Ex tb "protection by housing" or in Zone 1 gas atmospheres in type of protection Ex ib "intrinsic safety". 

Ex protection switch


ACE12.649 mm long, an outer diameter of 200 mm and a dead weight of 320 kg. Even if these dimensions are certainly unusual for industrial shock absorbers, ACE delivers 10 of these monstrous-looking, so-called heavy safety shock absorbers to the Netherlands. Four of them have already been installed in locks. They make a boat trip on the Maas possible.

schmersal20518The Italian ACMI SpA specializes in the production of state-of-the-art filling and packaging systems and the reference list reads like the who's who of the internationally important food and beverage groups. With the "AZM400" pin tumbler, Schmersal Italia has developed a safety solution for the film packaging machine of the "Fenix" series.