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Planetary gears, spur gears or heavy-duty gears, low backlash and networkable for mechanical engineering

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Transmission: News for the drive train in mechanical engineering

Find the latest here Transmission for mechanical engineering and special industries, including planetary gear, spur gears or heavy duty gears, low backlash and networkable for the smart Powertrain in future-proof machines - with many features.

Transmission Neugart


With a gear you can Translations or change movement sizes. The transmission is driven by a motor. There are mechanical gears and fluid drives. You can find the latter in our section Hydraulic System. A gear sits between the Motor and the one to be driven machine element. The Drive Elements often over Couplings. There are the following types of gears: gear gears, cam gears, crank gears, roller gears, screw gears. The translation can take place in stages or continuously. Then there are electric transmissions, which we will not go into here.

Brand new gear

Below we present the latest Gear technology including from Getriebebau Nord, Neugart, Wittenstein. In the first block you will find industry-specific gear units, further down gear units for mechanical and plant engineering.

Gearboxes for special industries

Gearboxes for mechanical engineering and plant construction

Smart cobot with digital ecosystem

16.03.2022 | Igus delivers from now on Service robot Rebel also available as a smart version. Just one year after the first presentation of the modular gearbox for cobots, igus is already recording 20 automation projects per week. The use of plastic makes the collaborative robots the lightest service at 8,2 kgrobot with cobot function in its class. All mechanical components in the Rebel are developed and manufactured by igus. The payload of the cobot is 2 kg and its range is 664 mm. 


Strain wave gear are suitable for applications that require precise positioning and high repeatability. the Schaeffler Group puts on the Hannover Messe equal three new precision wave gears before: for Cobots, Industrial robots and torque applications. The kit for fully integrated Tribo strain wave gear of Igus has everything a Cobot needed to accelerate low-cost automation. We present these and other innovations to wave gears to you here:

Nidec Flexwave harmonic drive


The compact design, the low-noise operation, the possibility of high torquee transferred to, the energy efficiency with high efficiencies and much more characterize the planetary gear out. Due to their high torsional rigidity, the arrangement of the Gears also for very good stability. Here we present new developments for industrial applications such as the smooth-running gearboxes from Reccon or the industry 4.0 capable transmission von Wittenstein and various applications. 

Neugart planetary gear PK1


Precision gears have a significant influence on the dynamics, positioning and repeat accuracy or the service life of a construction. Schaeffler effect in the young company Ultra Precision Drives Two types of transmission have been developed that exceed the current state of the art: the Strain wave gear Series RT and the planetary gear of the PSC series. Learn how to use your Robotic-Take application to a new level.

Schaeffler rotary table drive


NORD has evolved from a gearbox manufacturer to a value chain partner for complete solutions Drive Technology developed. The product portfolio also includes the industrial gear Maxxdrive series for maximum output torques of 282.000 Nm for heavy-duty applications. Nord Drivesystem is currently presenting a new industrial gearbox for hoists. The example of a Bascule bridge shows how an individual drive solution with a short delivery time is created. You can find this and other news below:

Nord industrial gear MaxxdriveXD


schaeffler0819A complete virtual image of powertrains and gearboxes is only possible if gearbox, Rolling- and gearing specialists theirs simulation models digitally link with each other. Therefore, the cross-company and cross-system data exchange is one of the most important prerequisites for the generation of Digital Twins. Schaeffler and SEW have created such a data exchange.

systecA new addition to the Systec portfolio is the S030-50 worm gear, which offers a 90 degree force deflection with maximum precision. The mechatronics team has succeeded in putting together a particularly precise and powerful worm gear. The ratio of 50: 1 converts the maximum drive torque of 0,24 Nm into an output torque of 12 Nm. The high-precision gear not only shines with its maximum circumferential backlash of just 3,3 arcmin.

ZF Friedrichshafen presents a new one Hollow shaft gear for Main spindle drives in front. The new Transmission The series with hollow shaft will initially start with the HWG 280 and 380 variants. They belong to the “Duoplan” model family and, according to the manufacturer, have many advantages over conventional two-speed manual transmissions.

ZF hollow shaft transmission


wittenstein0316Wittenstein Alpha presents the expanded portfolio of servo worm gears from the “V-Drive” product family. The newly developed V-Drive Basic is initially available in two sizes with the basic output types hollow shaft and solid shaft and a total of five gear ratios. The torsional backlash of 10 to ≤ 15 arcmin is specified for all versions.

wittenstein0218Wittenstein presents further developments of its "Galaxie" drive system, including a new size for axes with high requirements for compactness and precision with small to medium torques, an ultra-flat design and a gear version with or without hypoid pre-stage for space-saving machine integration. Practical exhibition models show these as well as the use and advantages of the gears in machine tools, milling heads and robot welding guns.

buehler1013With two new worm gears and two new encoders, Bühler Motor is expanding its flexible solution matrix of motors, gears, encoders and brakes. The version of the new worm gear, equipped with brass gears, stands for maximum load capacity and reductions of up to 50: 1. The version with Plastic gears covers the reduction ranges from 10: 1 to 15: 1 and is particularly recommended as a cost-effective variant.

graessner0315The highly efficient bevel gearboxes of the "Powergear HS" series from MS Graessner have been consistently developed for the requirements at the highest speeds. With small transmission ratios, they offer many advantages for a wide variety of applications. Modern angular gearboxes of today have to be fast, quiet, reliable and sustainable. Above input speeds over 2000 min-1 the stress and performance is very high. The Powergear HS gearbox even handles up to 8500 min-1.

When it comes to the manufacture and processing of thermoplastics, extrusion has established itself as the most important manufacturing process. Especially for use in extruder offers NORD a extruder gears, which is optimized for heavy-duty use. In addition to the powerful Maxxdrive industrial gearbox, Nord also produces complete drive solutions in extruder design.

Extruder gear north