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Planetary gears, spur gears or heavy-duty gears, low backlash and networkable for mechanical engineering

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Gearbox | The torque and speed converters

Transmission enable the precise transmission of torque and speed and are therefore essential components for drives in industry and others Industries. There are now many different types, all of which have to have one thing in common to make the drive train competitive in the Industry 4.0 system: efficiency, sustainability and intelligence. We provide you with current information here Developments, technologies and Areas of application before, offer insights into Engineering the future and provide further comprehensive knowledge on the topic.

Transmission Neugart

Gearbox 2024 – The most important things in brief

Modern transmission developments focus on improving Efficiency and precision. The designers also focus on optimizing materials, advanced lubricants and digital monitoring systems. High-strength alloys and modern manufacturing processes enable a compact design while simultaneously increasing torque and load capacity. 

Integrated ones are also revolutionizing sensors and Condition monitoring-Systems the way gears are operated in industrial applications. By recording e.g. Using real-time data such as temperature, vibration and torque, predictive maintenance strategies can be developed that minimize downtime and maximize uptime.

Trends such as networking through Industrial IoT and condition monitoring promote the use of intelligent gears that provide real-time status data. In addition, will modulate Gear systems are becoming increasingly popular because they allow easy adaptation to various applications and thus enable flexible integration into production systems. The following new products focus on these development trends:

Crown gear

Crown gear production improved

April 14.04.2024, 3967 | In the past, bevel gears had the edge due to their manufacturing advantages. Welter has now further developed its production processes for crown gears and can now produce them in quality 5 according to DIN 0. These gears are very flexible with axis angles from 150 to XNUMX degrees. They enable the pinion to be moved axially.
Strain wave gear

Plug-and-play transmission for cobots and service robotics

November 30.11.2023, XNUMX | The potential for service robotics is great. Here, cobots take on monotonous and non-ergonomic tasks. For the simple, cost-effective implementation of such lightweight robots, Igus is introducing a gearbox kit for cobots. The focus is on the fully integrated Tribo wave gear with motor, absolute value encoder, force control and controller.

Planetary gearbox for rotary tables

Sep 11.09.2023, 0,1 | The completely redesigned drive for swivel axes from Schaeffler was implemented with a PSC precision planetary gearbox with a servo motor. The constant torsional backlash of just XNUMX arcmin over the service life makes it possible for the first time to dispense with a second drive for tensioning and eliminating torsional backlash.

Racks now also up to 2 m long

Sep 05.09.2023, 1 | Wittenstein now also offers the proven racks with a length of 2 m with a length of 2 m for linear systems. They simplify assembly, especially in short linear axes. If you combine it with the simple, quick, ergonomic and precise “Inira” assembly concept, there are further advantages with the new XNUMX-meter version.
PSC series

Precision planetary gear with patented toothing

April 29.04.2023, XNUMX | With the precision planetary gearbox from the Schaeffler PSC series for industrial robots, designers have a tenfold lower torsional backlash and a threefold longer service life compared to the market standard. Such major leaps in development are very rare.
Strain wave gear

Sensorized wave gears for robotics

April 20.04.2023, XNUMX | Schaeffler's RT precision shaft gearboxes were designed for particularly dynamic and demanding robotics applications with a high torque level. Wave gears with fully integrated torque sensors are available as an option.
worm gear

Two-stage worm spur gearbox with high ratios

February 15.02.2023, 30 | The worm-helical gearboxes in Groschopp's ZK series have been expanded: The ZKXNUMX combination of worm and spur gear stages allows high gear ratios and offers good efficiency. Made of aluminum, the gearboxes are particularly efficient and economical in combination with induction or servo motors.

Gear types

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There are certainly even more types of transmissions, which can be classified according to various criteria: These include axle arrangement, power transmission, design or number of gear ratios. We will introduce you to the most important industrial gearboxes below:

  • Spur gears are the most common and transmit power between parallel shafts. The group of spur gears includes various types that differ mainly in the arrangement and orientation of the teeth:
    1. Straight-toothed Helical gears have straight teeth parallel to the axis and are easy to manufacture. However, they can be noisy at higher speeds.
    2. Helical teeth Helical gear: Here the teeth are arranged at an angle to the axis, which enables quieter and more consistent running.
    3. Double helical teeth Helical gears (herringbone) have V-shaped teeth without axial forces and offer very smooth running.
  • Angle gear transmit the torque between crossing shafts, typically at an angle of 90 degrees. These are the types:
    1. Bevel transmit torque between intersecting shafts and are often used in vehicle drives.
    2. worm gear enable transmission between shafts that are at right angles to one another and often offer a high gear ratio and self-locking.
    3. Hypoid gear are similar to bevel gears, but with offset axles, allowing for more efficient power transmission, typical of vehicle differential gears.
    4. Spiral bevel gears are a variant of bevel gears with spiral-shaped teeth that enable smoother and longer-lasting transmission.
  • planetary gear offer a compact design and high efficiency. They are suitable for applications that require high torque density. There are:
    1. Easy Planetary gears: Consist of a sun gear, planetary gears and a ring gear.
    2. Multi-stage Planetary gearboxes have several planetary gear sets in a row to achieve a higher gear ratio.
    3. Combined Planetary gearboxes combine planetary gearboxes with other types of gearboxes, such as spur or bevel gearboxes, to take advantage of specific mechanical advantages.
    4. Differential-Planetary gears enable the torque to be distributed across multiple output shafts.

Gearmotors | Engine and transmission in one

Geared motors provide precise and reliable power transmission, essential for a variety of applications. The current status of the development of this Motor-Gearbox combination shows significant progress towards efficiency, compactness and sustainability. Find out more about the New Products, trends and discover interesting applications of the geared motor.

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Planetary gear | for numerous applications

The compact design, low-noise operation, the ability to transmit high torques, energy efficiency with high efficiencies and much more characterize them planetary gear out. Due to their high torsional rigidity, the arrangement of the Gears also for very good stability. Here we present new developments for industrial applications. 

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worm gear | For high torque transmission

A pair of worm gear is characterized by its ability to achieve high torque transmission in a compact design. It finds Application in elevators, conveyor systems or in automation technology where low-noise operation and self-locking are required. Modern worm gears are efficient, durable and optimized for precise control tasks. In this article you will discover some of these gearboxes from various manufacturers.

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Screw gear | From ball to trapezoidal screws

Ball screw drive | Rotating ball screw

The Ball Screw converts a rotational movement into a longitudinal movement. It causes less friction than others Linear Drives, like the trapezoidal thread spindle. It offers high efficiency, which means a longer service life. The specialists will tell you how these properties can be exceeded in detail. 

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When are trapezoidal screws better than ball screws

In certain applications are Lead Screws an extremely economical alternative to the more precise ones ball screws. Dr. Tretter has included them in its broad product portfolio and covers a very wide range of diameters and pitches with the trapezoidal thread spindles.

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Spur gear | Application, function, innovation

The simply constructed ones Spur gears offer high efficiency and can effectively transmit torque between parallel shafts with minimal noise. This makes them suitable for use in manufacturing plants Automotive drives to wind turbines and other heavy industrial applications. This article highlights innovative New developments, applications and shows comprehensive Serviceservices.

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wave gear | For industrial robots, cobots + handling

Wave gears are suitable for applications that require precise positioning and high repeatability. The simple but effective Gears are used in all areas of drive technology and are particularly common in the robotics used. The wave gear offers, among other things, high efficiencies and torque capacity. 

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Angle gear | From bevel gears to precision gears

The Angle gear transmit torque efficiently between crossing shafts, making them suitable for complex drive systems in the Automotive industry, in mechanical engineering or in aviation makes it particularly valuable. Find out more about the latest developments from various manufacturers and the versatile application possibilities of angle gears, especially from Bevel gears.

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rack gear | Highly accurate for precise movements

Systems for positioning tasks in mechanical engineering and in the Food industry withstand harsh environmental conditions. They can withstand such extremely high loads Rack gear stood easily. The rack and pinion drives from this provider are available in numerous lifting systems, handling components and positioning systems in use worldwide. The following product information is dedicated to the new developments.

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Drive Elements

Drive and conveyor chain | Roller chains for industry

Discover the latest developments in the world of Drive and conveyor chains. This article provides information about innovative new products, shows their efficiency using user examples from the wood industry and automobile construction, and presents you with exclusive service offers. Learn how to be eco-friendly roller chains Optimize your production processes in every industry and so on Reduce TCO costs.

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Plain bearings and rolling bearings | Machine elements for movement

The Difference The difference between the two most commonly used bearing types, plain bearings, including bushings, and rolling bearings such as ball bearings, roller bearings or needle bearings is as follows: With plain bearings, the parts that move relative to one another are in direct contact. In rolling bearings there are rolling elements between the inner ring and outer ring Frictional resistance and thus reduce wear. 

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Gear | Types, manufacturer, configurator

Gears play a central role in Industrial driven, which are used in a variety of machines and systems. Such a Gear must withstand extreme stress, is typically corrosion resistant, and is often designed to be self-lubricating for longer life and reduced maintenance.

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toothed belt | Innovations, applications, coating and much more.

The Timing belts is a universally applicable drive element for many industrial sectors such as automotive, packaging technology, mechanical engineering, tool making, printing technology, textile engineering. The latest new development is the Breco timing belt from Mulco, which comes with a new coating material can handle extremely hot temperatures. 

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Rack | Corrosion resistant and up to 2 m long

An rack converts rotating movements in the rack drive into linear ones. It is suitable for applications in automation technology, in car steering or is used in CNC machines. Modern racks are very precise and robust against environmental influences. 

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Transmission engineering

Data exchange in gear manufacturing as the basis for digital twins

A complete virtual image of drive trains and gearboxes is only possible if gearbox, rolling bearing and gearing specialists simulation models digitally link with each other. Therefore, the cross-company and cross-system data exchange is one of the most important prerequisites for the generation of Digital Twins. Schaeffler and SEW have created such a data exchange.

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Engine and gearbox design energy-efficient and free of charge

With the free Motor gear configurator Users can directly select the most cost- and energy-efficient motor configuration transmission design for your application. The proven Neugart calculation program (NCP) is available as a user-friendly configuration tool.

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Gear calculation for gears with background graphic

GWJ Technology releases a new and expanded version of its software Transmissioncalculation for complete Geartransmission in front. The new version of the system manager as an extension of the standard solution Eassistant and TBK now also calculates shaft geometries of gears with the support of background graphics.

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Helical gear with rack calculation for steering in the car

In vehicles, the transmission from the steering wheel to the steering The wheels are often carried out by a pinion rack drive. With the ZE7 module, Kisssoft has an option Screw wheel with rack Calculation integrated.

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Gear calculation online – super easy!

GWJ Technology offers software for the gear calculation in transmission and mechanical engineering. The calculation professional from Braunschweig supports designers and development engineers in their daily work. Here you will find further developments of the web-based calculation software eAssistant and the transmission software TBK.

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Applications and Industries

Fiberglass wool
Bascule bridge
Steel mill
Food and beverage industry
rolling mill

manufacturer know-how

Igus gearbox

The transmission portfolio from Igus includes a wide range of lubrication-free and low-maintenance solutions, including robotic gearboxes, Drygear shaft gearboxes and transmission systems for delta robots. These gearboxes are specifically designed for use in automated applications and are characterized by their high precision, reliability and longevity. Thanks to the use of high-quality, self-lubricating plastics, they enable high resilience with minimal maintenance effort and offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional gears.

Plug-and-play transmission for cobots and service robotics

In logistics, care, kitchens, bars or in the fields: the potential for service robotics is great. Cobots take on monotonous and non-ergonomic tasks. Igus provides one for the simple, cost-effective implementation of such lightweight robots Gearbox kit for cobots. The focus is on the fully integrated Tribo strain wave gear with motor, absolute value encoder, force control and controller. 

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Efficient gear wheel perspectives made of high-performance plastic

Plastic gears from Igus ensure lubricant-free power transmission in countless applications. Because of its special material Composition of base polymers, fibers, fillers and solid lubricants is a Gear Made from Iglidur high-performance polymers, highly wear-resistant.

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Schaeffler robotics

Schaeffler offers a versatile transmission portfolio for industry, which includes tailor-made solutions for different industries. The products range from high-precision planetary gears to bevel and spur gears to drive modules that are specifically tailored to industrial applications. These gearboxes are known for their efficiency, robustness and long service life because Schaeffler uses advanced manufacturing processes and high-quality materials. In addition, Schaeffler supports customers with services such as condition monitoring to ensure predictive maintenance and maximum uptime.

Planetary gear + strain wave gear precision

Precision gears have a significant influence on the dynamics, positioning and repeatability or the service life of a construction. Schaeffler effect in the young company Ultra Precision Drives Two types of transmission have been developed that exceed the current state of the art: the Strain wave gear Series RT and the planetary gear the PSC series. Find out how you can use it to take your robotics application to a new level.

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Rolling bearings for everyone in over 60 industries

From the tiny mini Rolling From a huge rolling bearing measuring several meters to a system solution: The portfolio of Schaeffler ball and roller bearings has solutions for every application - from machine tools, robotics and industrial automation to the food and packaging industry to wind turbines or Mobile work machine, to name just a few.

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Tsubaki gearbox

Tsubaki offers an extensive range of drive elements for industry. The range includes high-quality roller chains, toothed chains, Couplings, slip hubs and conveyor chains. These drive elements are designed to ensure high performance and durability even in demanding environments. By combining advanced technologies and durable materials, Tsubaki actuators deliver efficient, low-maintenance solutions that support optimal uptime and reduced downtime in industrial facilities.

Drive and conveyor chain | Roller chains for industry

Discover the latest developments from Tsubaki in the world of Drive and conveyor chains. This article provides information about innovative new products, shows their efficiency using user examples from the wood industry and automotive engineering, and presents you with exclusive service offers. Learn how to be eco-friendly roller chains Optimize your production processes in every industry and so on Reduce TCO costs.

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Select the correct drive and conveyor chain

In their function as drive chains or conveyor chains in industry, roller chains are often referred to as machine element perceived as a means to an end, while the more complex components surrounding them receive greater attention. And so designers often use cost-effective standard solutions and don't even question them custom Development. Learn how from Tsubaki Find the optimal chain for your specific requirements.

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Other gearbox manufacturers

Other manufacturers are (ordered alphabetically):

  • ABB is a leader in the supply of electric drive solutions, including robust gearboxes for heavy industrial applications.
  • Bonfiglioli offers an extensive range of gearboxes for mobile machinery, industrial applications and renewable energy projects.
  • flender is known for its extensive portfolio of gearboxes, including specialized solutions for wind energy and heavy industry.
  • NORD is the inventor of the block housing and delivers innovative drive solutions, including robust gearboxes for heavy industrial applications.
  • Graessner specializes in the manufacture of bevel and angular gears used in demanding applications such as aerospace and medical technology.
  • Neugart specializes in planetary gears, known for their precision and compactness, and offers solutions particularly for automation and robotics.
  • Notzag is known for customized drive solutions, including highly specialized gear transmissions for demanding industrial applications.
  • SEW-Eurodrive offers tailor-made gearbox solutions, including spur and bevel gearboxes, which are particularly valued for their modularity and adaptability.
  • Siemens offers a wide range of gear solutions for almost every industry, including sophisticated planetary and spur gears.
  • SPN Swabia is known for its precise gear and planetary gearboxes, which are used in a variety of industries.
  • Sumitomo supplies high-precision gears and drive systems that are particularly used in automation and precision manufacturing.
  • Tandler is a specialist in spiral worm gears and special gears of high quality and adaptability.
  • Bird Drive technology offers a wide portfolio of spur and bevel gears that have proven themselves in various industrial applications thanks to their robustness and efficiency.
  • Wittenstein sets standards in precision gear technology, especially with its high-precision planetary gears.
  • ZF Friedrichshafen is a world-leading manufacturer of vehicle transmissions and industrial transmission solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is a gearbox?

A gear is a mechanical system used to transmit and convert torque and speed. It consists of interlocking gears or other power-transmitting components that transfer kinetic energy from the drive to the output. Gearboxes can reduce or increase speeds while adjusting torque accordingly.

What are the 4 tasks of gearboxes?

Gears fulfill four basic tasks in technical systems:

  1. Speed ​​change: Gearboxes can increase or decrease speed to match the speed of machine components to the specific task of the application.
  2. Torque conversion: They convert torque by either increasing or reducing it depending on the gear ratio, which is particularly important for heavy loads or different load requirements.
  3. power transmission: Gearboxes transmit energy between input and output shafts precisely and efficiently, ensuring reliable function of the entire drivetrain.
  4. Change of direction: You can change the direction of movement, for example through bevel gears, to efficiently direct force along different axes and in different directions.

How are gearboxes divided?

Gearboxes can be divided according to various criteria, depending on their design, function or area of ​​application. They are divided according to Type, translationrelationship, Axle arrangement or Applicationarea.

What does the gearbox do in the car?

The gearbox in vehicles adjusts the speed and torque of the engine to the respective driving situation by varying the gear ratio between the engine and drive wheels. At low speeds or on steep inclines, the transmission ensures that higher torque is available. At higher speeds, it reduces engine speed to drive more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, it enables reversing and, in combination with the clutch, interrupts the power transmission so that the driver can smoothly switch between gears in the transmission.