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Maintenance-free drone hangar

Igus Motion Plastics make drone hangars maintenance-free, which serve as a garage for small autonomous professional drones for gas pipeline inspection

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Machine elements directly from the manufacturer

Thanks to in-house production, Rodriguez GmbH delivers high-quality, reliable and fast linear technology and precision bearings – also customized.

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Top story orbit drive technology

Compensating couplings for high temperatures

Some like it hot: Orbit Antriebstechnik also offers shaft couplings for smooth operation for high temperatures.

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Top StoryMitsubishi Electric

Digital assistants with AI

The new Melsoft Mailab software from Mitsubishi Electric, based on artificial intelligence, helps with the digital transformation.

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Top Story WIKA

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Correct pressure at the gas station

Wika puts the right pressure on hydrogen: About the metrological challenges in the operation of H2 filling stations

Top Story RTE

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CAQ System | Intelligent & universal

CAQ systems such as the SonicTC measurement and testing software from RTE Acoustics transform your measurement data into added value for the customer.

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Company News

Timken Company acquires Nadella Group
The Timken Company completed the announced acquisition of Nadella Group on April 04, 2023, complementing the Rollon portfolio.
Mitsubishi Electric | Tech Day 2023
The Mitsubishi Electric Technology Day will take place on May 25, 2023 in Stuttgart-Degerloch. The top-class event deals with the opportunity of how IoT and digital transformation can be used in production.
Koco Group celebrates double anniversary
The Koco Group will celebrate two anniversaries in 2023: Koco Motion GmbH will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Koco Automotive GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary.
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Industry news for your design and development from the specialist areas



The whole world of igus robots and a marketplace for it

With its portfolio and the RBTX marketplace for low-cost automation, igus would like to make it easier to get started with automation.


Stepper motors for 42 and 60 mm flanges

Oriental Motor's AZ series closed-loop stepper motors are now available in two versions with a new connector.


Industrial robots with new control architecture

The flexible 6-axis robots of the TX2 series from Stäubli are equipped with safety features and interfaces such as OPC/UA.


Smart robot grippers easily integrated

Weiss Robotics is presenting three new smart gripping modules that can be easily integrated with Griplink technology.

Industry news for your design and development from the branches

Food technology / medical technology

Food technology / medical technology

High-performance servo motor for washdown use

Kollmorgen's AKMTM servo motor is suitable for use with medium to high demands on cleanability.
Technical Building Services

Technical Building Services

Green hall heating without heat exchanger + Co.

Igus engineers have developed a simple heat recovery method for hall heating. This would save 1 million tons of CO2.


Uncooled CCS charging cable for high power charging

The high-performance charging cables from Phoenix Contact enable safe fast charging with a permanent charging capacity of 375 kW.


Two high-performance charging plugs for electric cars

Together with ABB, Harting presented a charging device for racing cars in the Formula E racing class and a heavy-duty DC plug.

Industry fair news

Automatica 2023: digitization, AI, sustainability
Sustainability, green issues, solutions to the shortage of skilled workers or the CO2 footprint are among the focuses of Automatica 2023. The leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics covers the entire value chain.
All about Automation Friedrichshafen 2023 was a great success
At All about Automation 2023 in Friedrichshafen, the motto was good discussions about components, systems and trends in automation.
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