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Data splitter, microdisplay for AR, 3D printing aluminum alloy

From our newsletter: Seeing instead of feeling was what we once said in a technical article about grippers for robots. Now the feeling becomes interesting again ...
  • We stay at Home For all canceled trade fairs we have set up a special trade fair, in which companies can present their innovations that you wanted to present to the specialist audience at any trade fair.

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  • Interpack automatic positioning systems save time when changing the format and increase the efficiency of production lines. The compact positioning drive Segmo GEL 6129 from Lenord + Bauer significantly reduces the changeover effort. The actuator offers thanks to various connection options in the form of straight and angled plugs as well as its small number...
  • Control interferometry is the first choice of an optical measurement method when it comes to measuring surfaces with high precision. Nortus Optronic is now presenting the new Difrotec D7 interferometer with its own unprecedented accuracy. The difference between...
  • Jakob Antriebstechnik presents its hydromechanical spring tensioning cylinders of the ZSF series. The robust clamping elements are used wherever movable or moving machine parts have to be temporarily clamped or locked. Further applications can be found in fixture construction and for workpiece or tool clamping....
  • Metav The Heinrich Kipp plant, manufacturer in the field of operating parts, clamping technology and standard parts, realizes special solutions for customer-specific developments at any time based on its high level of vertical integration and in-depth experience. The spectrum ranges from the modified standard part to completely new, user-specific development. Customers get everything from one source...
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  • Sentiment barometer Representatives of the microtechnology industry are not currently assuming that the industry will suffer in the long term from the consequences of the corona pandemic. 63% do not currently expect any long-term effects that microtechnology will last for several months or even years...
  • IMC Test + Measurement is expanding its Cansasflex series with new, highly insulated measurement modules and connection boxes for safe measurements in HV environments, especially on electric cars and hybrid vehicles. The new four-channel measuring module "Hiso-HV4" is suitable for measuring high differential voltages up to 800 V. This can be used, for example...
  • With the new OLED microdisplay series ECX335S from Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Framos offers a solution that is suitable for the rapidly growing market for augmented reality (AR) devices due to its properties in terms of brightness, contrast, resolution and wide viewing angle. They are used...
  • The new electromechanical actuator Camt from Ewellix ensures wobble-free operating tables and patient chairs in medical technology. The compact actuator is free of play and maintenance and offers better control over the position of the operating table. The Camt has a self-locking and very quiet screw jack...
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#We stay at Home

For all canceled trade fairs, we have set up a special trade fair, in which companies can present their innovations that you would like to present to the specialist audience at any trade fair.
Home of Industrial Pioneers promised the already postponed Hanover Fair, which unfortunately cannot now take place. Our trade fair special shows the innovations presented until the cancellation.
It was constructive, personal and compact in February at FMB-Süd - the supplier fair for mechanical engineering in Augsburg. Here you will find a small review.