What's new at Turck Group? Dr. Robert Habeck is on the Hannover Messe 2024 informed about Turck's contribution to a sustainable industry. This and other company news from the provider of sensor technology products and IO solutions, fieldbus Technology, Controllers, cloud technology, connection and interface technology, HMI and RFID can be found below:

Turck headquarters in Muelheim



Turck in 2023/2024

Federal Minister of Economics Habeck visits the Turck stand

24.04.2024 | Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Robert Habeck visited the Turck group at the Hannover Messe 2024to find out how the automation specialist contributes to sustainability in the industry. Together with a delegation from ZVEI and VDMA, he was welcomed by Managing Director Christian Wolf and Olaf Ophoff, Head of the Automation Systems Division.

The conversation revolved around Turck's approach to sustainability, which is lived under the motto "We enable Sustainability": "Whether effective energy management, efficient and resource-saving production or transparent supply chains - all steps towards greater efficiency and sustainability are based on the right data. We ensure that this data is reliably collected, processed and transmitted – from the sensor to the cloud,” explained Christian Wolf, And Olaf Ophoff added: “As a specialist in smart sensors and decentralized automation with protection class IP67, we support this digital transformation and are among the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT.”

Habeck looked at two exhibits that show Turck's technologies in practice. First a demo machine that collects data and transfers it to the cloud, then an RFID-based track and trace application that demonstrates efficient and transparent supply chains. Dr. Habeck even tested the model forklift to do this RFID gate at the Turck exhibition stand.

Turck founds national company in Sweden

12.06.2023/1/XNUMX | Turck's previous Swedish sales office has been operating as Turck AB since April XNUMXst Jonsered near Gothenburg. With the founding of its own national company in Sweden, the Global Automation Partner is continuing on its course towards globalization.

The group was previously represented by a sales office in the Scandinavian country. As managing director, José Ramalho and seven employees look after local and international customers from many sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, intralogistics, the area Mobile Machinery or pharma/biotech.

 “Sweden is a strategically important market for Turck with well-known customers. With our own national company, we have now created the conditions for being able to look after these customers even better than before,” comments Jose Ramalho the start-up.

Christian Wolf, Managing Director of Turck Holding: “Up to now we have worked on the Swedish market through our sales office and have been able to grow continuously. Our thanks go to our Swedish colleagues and above all to José Romalho, who has been steadily increasing our market success there since 2017 and will also lead the new national company. With the founding of Turck AB, we not only underline the importance of the Swedish market for Turck, but also strengthen our position with customers.”

87% of employees recommend Turck as an employer

26.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Turck Group has chosen the Kununu Top Company Seal 2023 qualified. The automation specialist was then once again recognized for its attractiveness as an employer and was among the 5% most popular employers on Kununu. 

In order to receive the Top Company seal, a company must achieve an employee rating of at least 12 stars in the last 3,8 months. According to this, 85% of the employees who have given a rating in the last two years would recommend Turck as an employer.

In the current population survey Germany's Best Employers 2022 the automation company also received an award. With a score of 2,59, the “very high employer attractiveness” ranks among the 10% of the best rated employers in the industry.

The survey was carried out by "Welt". The nationwide survey includes 3906 companies from the service, trade and industry sectors. More than 700.000 citizens rated the company in terms of its attractiveness as an employer.

"We are very pleased with the awards, because they show that we continue to be very attractive as an employer in Germany," says the Managing Director Christian Pauli, who is responsible for finance and human resources in the Turck Holding. "Above all, we are pleased about the good ratings from our employees and the very high recommendation rate."

More Turck news

Stefan Grotzke appointed Managing Director

17.10.2022/53/XNUMX | The Turck Group has appointed Stefan Grotzke (XNUMX) as the new Managing Director of Turck Holding GmbH and the Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG ordered. Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG will manage Mr. Grotzke together with Dr. lead Michael Gurtner.

In the management of Turck Holding GmbH, he will be responsible for supply chain management (SCM) and production, while Dr. Gürtner is responsible for the Development & IT departments. As managing directors of Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Christian Wolf and Christian Pauli are in charge of the departments of sales & marketing as well as finance, human resources & law in the holding company.

Stefan Grotzke has extensive, cross-industry experience in the areas production and supply chain management in international companies. After studying production engineering and economics at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, he was responsible for setting up various production facilities in Germany and abroad at a leading gas group. For the past fourteen years, Mr. Grotzke has been responsible for operations and the supply chain of the production plants at Murrelektronik as Managing Director Operations.

"We are firmly convinced that Stefan Grotzke, with his relevant wealth of experience in our industry, will support our successful path in the long term and further advance the optimization of production and SCM processes in order to significantly increase the delivery performance and thus Turck's competitiveness," says Hans Sondermann, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Turck Holding GmbH. "Together with the three other managing directors, Stefan Grotzke will make a significant contribution to the positive and sustainable business development of the Turck Group."

Participation in SPS 2021 cancelled

Christian Wolf Turck16.11.2021 | Due to the massive increase in the number of Covid19 incidences in Germany, especially in Bavaria, Turck has its Participation in the presence fair SPS in Nuremberg canceled. The company takes part in the parallel digital SPS on Air.

With the decision, Turck is following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which in its latest weekly report urgently advises “to cancel or avoid larger events as far as possible, but also to reduce all other unnecessary contacts.”

"Holding a trade fair with several thousand visitors, exhibitors and trade fair service providers against the explicit warning of the RKI is extremely critical in the current situation," explains Turck managing director Christian Wolf the step.

“We would have loved to have taken the opportunity to talk to customers and interested parties in person again, but in view of the latest developments, it is unavoidable for us to cancel our participation. The health of our employees and business partners is the greatest asset, and protecting it is a top priority for us as a family company. The development is very regrettable, but in our opinion, the incidence figures in Bavaria do not allow any other decision.”

“In the future, too, trade fairs will remain a very important and elementary part of our market communication. So we're looking forward to it, hopefully one more soon Presence fair for visitors and exhibitors to experience and to lead the direct exchange with customers and interested parties about innovative products and digital automation solutions from Turck. " 

Despite the on-site cancellation, Turck is providing information about current trade fair highlights and innovations for Industry 4.0 and IIoT in its digital storefront.

Best employer in Germany in Die Welt

Turck Group best employer

17.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Turck Group, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr, is one of the best employers in Germany. This is the result of a study by the daily newspaper The World together with the Institute for Market Research Servicevalue. More than 4009 respondents rated 820.000 German companies with regard to their image and attractiveness as employers.

The family company was placed particularly well among the above-average companies in the industry comparison. This is the award-winning Employer culture confirmed by the Turck Group. The German Best Employer Award shows the results in rankings. One criterion of the investigation was which employers are perceived as authentic and credible.

Turck China receives innovation prize

Turck Group innovation award11.03.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Chinese Internet platform International Industrial Automation News (IIANews) has Turck as the winner of the innovation prize 2020 Award of Excellence in Digital Manufacturing chosen. The jury of industry and branch experts unanimously decided in favor of the automation specialist.

Turck China has thus prevailed against almost 400 competitors in this category. With the award, the Brand strategy of the Turck Group on the Chinese market and confirmed its commitment as a strong partner for Industry 4.0 and IIoT in China.

The company will continue to drive the successful development of the Turck brand in the future with a focus on cloud-based solutions for smart factories and IIoT ecosystems.

IIA News is one of the most influential information networks in China with a focus on current technology and market developments in the international Automation. Technological milestones, relevant contributions to the industry as well as the influence and growth of the brand are the main criteria for the award.

The new managing director is Dr. Michael Gurtner

Turk Michael Guertner

25.01.2021/1/46 | On February XNUMXst, Dr. Michael Gürtner (XNUMX) the management for the departments development & IT in the Turck Holding GmbH take over. In addition, he was appointed to the management of Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG called. He will manage this together with Michael Gröbner. Mr. Gröbner is responsible for the production and supply chain management (SCM) departments in the holding company. The managing directors of Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Christian Wolf and Christian Pauli are responsible for the Finance, Human Resources & Legal and Sales & Marketing departments.

dr Michael Gurtner studiert to Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Munich, where he did his doctorate at the Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology. In the Bosch Group he has headed various development areas that are in addition to sensors specialized in IT-related topics such as IIoT ecosystems and cloud-based software services. Most recently Dr. As CTO at Sixt SE, Gürtner is responsible for the digital transformation of the company and its business processes.

“In addition to his management skills, Dr. Gürtner has extensive product and innovation expertise, especially in the IIoT area. With his experience in software and IT infrastructure projects, he is the ideal choice for a company that is in the process of digital transformation together with its customers, ”says Hans Sondermann, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Turck Holding GmbH. “That is why we are convinced that with Dr. Gürtner have found the right manager to further advance the Turck Group on its successful path. "

Turck China receives career prize

Turck career award15.01.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Turck (Tianjin) Sensor Co., Ltd. received the at the αi Quality Workplace at the end of November 2020 Outstanding Growth Award. The family business beat more than 2900 companies in this competition.

Head of Human Resources Esther Hou accepted the award. As she announced, Turck also attaches great importance to employee development and talent management in China. The automation company offers its employees a wide range of career models based on values ​​such as loyalty, trust, professionalism and success.

Turck's development in China over the past 26 years was recognized with the Outstanding Growth Award. The strategic development of outstanding talent management is crucial for long-term success.

In all customer-oriented activities, the company always adheres to the philosophy of "visionary transformation". Managing Director Shuwen Qu firmly. Under this principle, innovation is driven by vision and business continuity is maintained through transformation.

The αi Quality Workplace is a major career fair in China. The aim of the event is to examine the current conditions for career development, successful methods, key issues and future developments in China.

Stern chooses Turck among the best employers in Germany

Turck best employer Stern

01.04.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | Turck is again among the best employers in Germany. In addition to the repeated award by the magazine Focus business, comes the Star in his first employer ranking on this result. The automation engineer from Mülheim an der Ruhr achieved the result at Focus for the third year in a row.

Ergonomic computer workstation in the office and home office

"We are very happy about the multiple awards. It shows that we are on the right track with our HR strategy, ”says Christian Pauli, Managing Director at Turck. Also HR manager Daniela Leppler feels confirmed: "According to Stern, good cooperation and the behavior of superiors as well as image and growth are the factors with the greatest influence on the willingness to be recommended.

In both, our ratings are at the top of our competitive environment, as well as in terms of opportunities for further development. We can continue to build on this great feedback on our work.”

More than 45.000 employees took part in the survey using online access panels. According to the magazine, the total flowed 1,34 million judgments in the study. The star collaborated with the market research company Statista for its ranking.

The focus ranking was developed together with Kununu. To determine the national top employers, kununu examined around four million reviews of on behalf of Focus Business more than 900.000 companies. The “Best Employer in Germany” award is based solely on employee opinions.

Secured with the participation of Asinco IIoT know-how

10.12.2019 | The Turck Group has acquired a minority stake in the Duisburg specialist for radarMetrology and industrial automation Asinco involved. In this way, Turck not only secures the R&D competence to be measured Radar sensors, but also the know-how in the software sector, which is particularly relevant for future projects in the area of ​​smart sensors. Turck also benefits from in-depth knowledge of control technology, artificial intelligence and firmware.

Asinco in turn benefits from Turck's hardware and industry know-how as well as the global production, marketing and sales network. "In the context of Industry 4.0, Turck is changing from a product to a system provider, so that IT and software know-how is increasingly becoming a key resource," comments Turck's managing director Christian Wolf commitment.

“After the acquisition and successful integration of our RFID turnkey solution partner Vilant Systems and the technology buyout of the cloud software from the IoT specialist Beck IPC, which is now the basis of our Turck Cloud Solutions, we have now taken the next step that will advance us on the way to the Digital Automation Company and help us with the changes of the business model architecture. "

Who is Asinco?

Asinco was founded in 2012 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohieddine Jelali founded together with Dr.-Ing. Dirk Zander has built up and now employs more than 30 people. The company designs and markets market-leading control systems for rolling mills and has a revolutionary radar measurement technology position sensing as well as for distance and level measurement. “Through this strategic partnership, we are creating a symbiosis between intelligent sensors, software and industrial processes. “In this way, we can work together to offer even larger measurement and automation solutions in the future,” is Prof. Jelali convinced.

Business result 2019: At EUR 640 million at the previous year's level

13.11.2019 | For the 2019 financial year, Turck expects despite the tense economic situation in its core markets of machinery, plant and construction Automotive industry a consolidated total turnover of around 640 million euros, which is almost at the level of the previous year. This corresponds to one compared to the result of 2018 of 660 million euros slight decline of around 3%.

"After Turck was able to close the last two years with excellent double-digit growth, we will not be able to quite achieve our goals for 2019," said Turck's Managing Director Christian Wolf on the occasion of the annual press conference in Mülheim an der Ruhr. "However, despite the generally poor economic environment in factory automation, we managed to avoid larger losses and are expected to match last year's results."

In particular, the automotive industry, which accounts for 30% of total sales, had an above-average impact on earnings with a 17% drop in sales. But you can also see from this that the other areas were correspondingly strong - above all RFID with 23% growth.

Reduce global movement of goods

Not least because of the high Export share of 80% Turck would like to significantly reduce international goods traffic. "This year we have again invested in the corporate strategy 2020+ and further optimized our global supply chain. With a new production site in Poland, we will serve the European market directly from 2020 and the expansion of our production in Tianjin, China, will increase our competitiveness in Asia." , adds Wolf, who at the same time announced another step on Turck's path to becoming a "Digital Automation Company": With a minority stake in the Duisburg-based radar specialist Asinco, the company has once again invested in software know-how.

The count of employees at all Turck locations worldwide is almost unchanged 4650. Turck employs around 2170 people at the four German locations in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Halver, Beierfeld and Detmold.

Corporate strategy 2020+ and status today - interview

The automation specialist plans for the 2020 financial year 5% growth to a good 670 million euros consolidated total turnover. In an interview with Christian Wolf, Managing Director of Hans-Turck GmbH + Co. KG, Mülheim ad Ruhr, we asked more precisely:

  • Turck presents its corporate strategy 2020+ as the leading Digital Automation Company on: What have you achieved so far and what still needs to be done?
  • 17% drop in sales in 2019 in the automotive industry, which accounts for 30% of Truck's business: do you need to reorient yourself?
  • Turck records 80% exports: How do you face the risks of often incalculable world economic and world political general conditions?
  • It will start shortly SPS: Which New Products will you present there?


Three companies are cooperating on Industry 4.0

27.09.2019/17/XNUMX | The Technical Academy Teutloff, the system integrator CSAE and the specialist for automation Turck gave the go-ahead for the on September XNUMXth Teutloff model factory in Brunswick. The academy's new learning concept aims to make future specialists fit for digitized jobs in the Industry 4.0 environment. The aim is to convey knowledge directly in the process in a practice-oriented and playful way. Fear of the unknown should be reduced through personal learning experiences.

Teutloff is supported with automation solutions from Turck, which are integrated by the system integrator CSAE in terms of software and systems in the model workshop. The cooperation agreement between the three partners is the starting signal for joint work on further projects on the topic of learning and modern working environments. "Digitization will have a strong impact on the work of the future, so we have to pick up the employees with suitable training offers," is Jorg Wittkugel, Turck Sales Manager Northern Germany, is convinced.

Michael Wedekind, Managing Director at the CSAE system house, adds: "Work will continue to change radically, dealing with digital media is becoming increasingly important. We have to prepare people for this and enable them to gain qualifications. The model factory is a strong concept for this."

Teutloff has been active as a technical academy for more than 100 years in training of specialists and executives in West and North-West Germany. CSAE has more than 20 years of experience in the development and integration of automation solutions, many years as a system partner of Turck.

Who is Turck?

The Turck Group was founded in 1965 and is a German family business in the field of automation technology under the motto "Your Global Automation Partner". With its portfolio of sensors, fieldbus, control, interface technology and connection technology as well as RFID, IO solutions and HMI for machines and systems, Your Global Automation Partner ensures an efficient Industry 4.0 factory. Mülheim an der Ruhr is the main location. Other locations in Germany are Halver, Beierfeld and Detmold. More than 5000 employees generate global sales of around 640 million euros (2019). The Turck Group's global production and sales network includes over 30 subsidiaries and representatives in 60 countries. Production is located in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA, Mexico and China.

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