In a world that is getting stronger connectivity reliable and efficient network technology is of great importance. One of the main players are the network switches. In this article we present the latest developments from Ethernet switch with which powerful and reliable industrial data communication can be set up.

Phoenix Contact SPE switch



Ethernet Switch: Development status and trends

Ethernet switches have undergone significant evolution since their introduction in the 1990s and have become a critical component in modern communications networks. Today they are more than just the hubs of industrial data communication. Rather, they ensure that divices can also communicate with each other and bypass the controller. With the constant advancement of technology, Ethernet switches are always more efficient, safer and are intelligent become. A Gigabit switch offers the highest speeds, PoE switches data and power delivery over just one cable, software defined networking switches efficiency in the network and the KI and machine learning make the switches intelligent. Another trend is SPE technology and improved cybersecurity that integrates more advanced features into the switches.

Ethernet switch innovations

These trends and the innovations that follow show that Ethernet switches are constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of modern networks.

Managed Bobcat Switch for rail vehicles

Belden managed switch02.04.2024 | Belden presented on the Hannover Messe its new managed switch Hirschmann BXP (Bobcat extreme performance). The expansion of the proven Hirschmann switches from the Bobcat family offers compact design, greater flexibility, optimized interoperability and speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. This allows the dynamic requirements of rail vehicles to be met.

For connecting more and more Onboard equipment on the train such as data-intensive, high-speed cameras and internet-enabled devices, train manufacturers require a strong network backbone. This is the only way they can ensure continuous uptime and precise data transmission.

The new Hirschmann Switch offers a powerful combination of functions, many ports, up to 10 GE, Power over Ethernet (PoE++) and protocols such as the Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and the High-Availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR). With all of these features, the robust Ethernet switch can withstand the harsh environments of moving trains.

The BXP offers special added value through the simplified web-based configuration, which is flexible Layer-2- Or Layer-3-Switch configuration and advanced security via the Hirschmann operating system (Hios).

The BXP fulfills essential requirements Rail vehicle-Standards such as the European standards EN 50155 and EN 50121 as well as EN 45545 for shock resistance, operating temperature, electromagnetic interference, vibration resistance, fire resistance, etc. The switch has also received several international and industry-specific certifications.

Switches for robust single pair Ethernet

04.12.2023 | Harting introduces a new switch for Single Pair Ethernet. The Ha-VIS Econ 4000 M12T1 SPE is designed with protection class IP67. In its robust metal housing, it can withstand the rigors of a harsh outdoor environment. It is tested for rail vehicles according to EN 50155 and ensures secure data communication even in difficult indoor industrial environments.

8 port gigabit switches in two versions

The transmission is protected against vibrations and shocks. It works in a wide temperature range of -40 ° to +70 ° C. The switch is very compact at 191 x 60 x 42 mm and has eight ports in two versions:

  1. With Gigabit uplink to the Ethernet network (M12 X-coded), the switch can support up to 7 SPE devices Integrate over 100BaseT1.
  2. With Gigabit uplink, the switch is available as an SPE interface five 100BaseT1 and two 1000BaseT1-Ports equipped.

New for an unmanaged switch is the automatic master/slave configuration, which automatically clarifies the distribution of master and slave roles between the communication partners when it is connected.

The Ha-VIS Econ 4000 M12T1 Switches are for use in rail vehicles, general vehicles and Automation designed. The zones with strong environmental influences include applications in production lines camera based Quality assurance, in passenger and driver information systems, video surveillance and ticketing systems. 

Three advantages at a glance:

  • Future-proof through integration of SPE into industrial networks,
  • Reliable data transmission thanks to shock and vibration resistance in a wide temperature range,
  • Longer service life thanks to protection class IP67.

First managed switches for single pair Ethernet

03.08.2023/2303/8 | With the new single pair Ethernet switch (SPE) FL Switch 1-XNUMXSPXNUMX (picture above) from Phoenix Contact sensors and field devices can be integrated directly into Ethernet networks.

The first managed switches with PES Interface support on eight ports Single-pair Ethernet with the universally applicable 10Base-T1L standard, which allows distances of up to 1000 m. Connected devices like Sensors or field devices are optionally supplied by the 8-port switches via the two-wire cable with the PoDL standard (Power over Data Line) and 24 V DC power class 11. Sensors in production, infrastructure and building automation can be used directly, easily and without Gateways be integrated into the Ethernet network.

There are three classic options for connecting to the higher-level network in star, ring and line topologies Ethernet ports with 100 MBit/s/1000 MBit/s available. The managed switches are particularly suitable for automation protocols such as Profinet. They also support network redundancy and relevant security features.

Integrate Ethernet switch and media converter in EPLAN

23.02.2021/20/XNUMX | More than XNUMX Ethernet switches and Ethernet media converters from EKS angel are now in Eplan Data Portal been listed. So can e.g. For example, a switch can be seamlessly integrated into an Eplan project. Among other things This brings machine and plant manufacturers one step closer to virtual development and construction. The new listing in the Eplan Data Portal affects several product families.

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Shock and vibration resistant switches and routers

10.01.2023 | efco presented under the brand name Eagle Net (Picture above) its newly developed, reliable switches and routers for continuous industrial use. These are user-friendly, provide a redundant Power Supply, an extended temperature range from -40 to +75 °C, the option for fiber optic connectivity and the possibility of direct installation in a DIN rail.

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Monitor networks intuitively with the Managed Ethernet Switch

05.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | For the Communication infrastructure in the industry Automation and Building automation brings Wago a new Ethernet switch onto the market. With this lean managed switch, networks can be installed securely and robustly. The network switches are highly available and very secure. The network switches also offer new functions for network diagnostics.

The Switch series is available with 8 or 16 copper ports, with transfer rates of up to 1000 Mbit / s. Wago optionally offers devices with two additional SFP slots (100/1000 Mbit / s) for e.g. B. the connection of optical fibers. A version with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality enables the power supply of connected PoE devices with a for switch cabinet typical supply voltage of DC 24 V. The power output per PoE port is up to 30 W.

Ethernet switch with intuitive user interface

Wago attached particular importance to the intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. With web-based management, installation, commissioning and diagnostics can be carried out without any special IT knowledge. The user enters the IP address of the Ethernet switch in a standard browser and then accesses the diagnosis dashboard or the network view (topology map). The Ethernet switch diagnosis page allows a fast Troubleshooting in the system.

Radar technology improves short-range detection in buildings

The connection status is displayed in traffic light colors when the mouse is moved over the connection. The user sees bandwidth, utilization and possible transmission errors.

During commissioning, the Network participant easy to learn. Once the connection is physically established at the ports, the participants are registered by clicking on the learn button. Identification is done via LLDP or the MAC address of the connected devices. If the user unplugs a plug on the switch, the port is displayed red in the diagnostic dashboard.

Lean Managed Switch locates loose contacts

The loose contact function is also easy to use in the diagnostics dashboard. In a Port link down statistics all transmission errors are logged for all ports. If, for example, loose contacts are triggered by faulty plugs, they can be quickly located and rectified. 

EKS Angels | The fiber optic specialists

The Lean Managed Switches offer numerous other features for increasing security, availability and robustness in the networks. The Operating concepts and hardware of the new Ethernet switches were designed for the needs of automation and building technology.

In addition to the simple operating concept, this includes the DIN rail mounting, small geometric dimensions and an extended temperature range from -40 ° to +60 ° C. A redundant power supply ensures high availability. Each housing is equipped with a 2D barcode with links to operating instructions, data sheet and support.

High-performance Ethernet switch for integrated networking

07.08.2020 | For the increasing image processing in industrial applications, the Harting Technology group its new Ethernet Switch Model series. With it, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet networks can be set up plug-and-play. Thanks to IX Industrial Interface can handle data-intensive applications in the smallest of spaces and thus a continuous networking will be realized.

Win in all branches of industry imaging processes for monitoring and quality assurance of machines and systems is becoming more and more important. The cameras offer increasingly higher resolutions and are getting smaller and smaller.

Switch with interface for miniaturization

For the consistent networking of machine monitoring and diagnostics, Harting has the new unmanaged switch ECon 2000GX-IA series developed. These high-performance gigabit switches are made available via the ix Industrial interface. The devices are compact and ultra-flat - ideally suited for tight installation spaces.

With partner Kuka from Harting connector to robot connectivity

The IP30 Network switches in the ix Industrial Interface are available in versions for mounting on the DIN rail or for direct wall mounting. The IX Industrial Ethernet interface of the devices is standardized according to IEC and supports the goal of miniaturization - not only for image sensors.

Ethernet switch from Indu-Sol for network maintenance

10.07.2020/10/XNUMX | For the safe operation of industrial networks, the operator should know their status at all times. With the Profinet-certified Industrial Ethernet Switch Promesh PXNUMX from Indu-Sol let the Communication in homogeneous, heterogeneous and convergent networks and reliably regulate the quality of the Lines permanently monitor.

The new switch includes a shield current measurement and a Line diagnostics implemented. The real signals are recorded in their form and fed to a special data matrix. Together with an analysis similar to artificial intelligence, clear conclusions can be drawn about the line quality based on the transmission quality of the signals.

Ethernet switch for preventive maintenance

During commissioning, the line diagnosis provides information about the quality of the connection. It also allows fully automated, preventive maintenance the network connection. It replaces the previous line certification.

Ethernet APL | Current status, applications and implementation

In the case of sporadically non-reproducible events, the permanent monitoring clarify quickly whether a defective line or EMC influences were the cause or whether the error must be looked for elsewhere.

The Industrial Ethernet Switch is currently the only one on the market which enables a permanent line diagnosis. With it, the aging of the cable becomes traceable. A cyclic replacement of lines on suspicion can be replaced by predictive maintenance. In addition, maintenance costs are significantly reduced thanks to predictable maintenance intervals.

Transfer rates of up to 2,5 Gbit / s

The Promesh P10 has eight RJ45 ports and two SFP slots. It offers transmission rates of up to 2,5 Gbit/s, a backplane capacity of 51,2 Gbit/s and a throughput of 19,3 Mpps. The buffer size is 2 MBit and the buffer page size is 256 bytes.

5G network for industry: advantages and challenges

The switch has numerous Diagnostic functions: Line diagnosis and leakage current monitoring, port statistics such as errors, discards, network load / ms or neighborhood. The leakage currents are monitored with a sampling rate of 25 KHz in a measuring range from 0 to 10 A with a resolution of 1 mA. In addition, diagnosis of supply voltage is possible at temperatures from -40 ° to +60 ° C with a resolution of 1 ° C, as is port mirroring of incoming or incoming and outgoing packets.

Managed Ethernet switch with GBit high-speed backbone

09.03.2020 | Turck has a compact 10-port managed Ethernet switch in protection class IP67 presented. With the robust TBEN-L-SE-M2 switches can be significantly accelerated due to the highest data rates of up to 1 gigabit/s, for example camera applications. A high-speed link-up function supports fast Tool change in less than 150 ms for minimal cycle times in Robot. The switch can be installed decentrally directly in the field.

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Gigabit switch for networking electricity meters in households

21.01.2020 | EKS angel shows a new Industrial Ethernet switch e-light-1100-4AC version 16TX/1FX and 8TX/1FX. The 16 or 8 port Gigabit Switch was developed for direct operation with mains voltage 230 VAC. The two versions are therefore suitable for. B. in the Technical Building Services for economical solutions for networking electricity meters in households. 

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Unmanaged Ethernet switches with highest port density

08.11.2019 | The new Ethernet switches from Weidmüller have been specially developed for smaller industrial networks. It offers secure, reliable communication between Ethernet-based machines and systems as well as the connection of Ethernet devices to a higher-level network.

With the unmanaged Plug-and-Play-Switches allow network connections to be directly extended to multiple devices. The network switches with 5 to 24 ports make use of the advantages of standardized Ethernet communication as well as industrial automation technology.

Depending on the version, the switches are equipped with a variety of combinable interfaces - copper or fiber optics - so that different media can be used and long distances can be bridged. Thanks to the robust housing design and the high port density with particularly small dimensions, the space in the control cabinet can be used optimally. This is especially true for the 5-port switch, one of the smallest switches in terms of packing density. In the largest expansion stage, 24 ports are available.

The temperature range includes -40 ° to + 75 ° C. Integrated LEDs allow easy display of port speed and status. Multimode or singlemode, 500 meters or up to 20 km - the SFP slots allow flexible use.

From the sensor to the cloud with a gigabit switch – interview

28.11.2019 | Christian Gieseler, Head of Development at EKS angel presents the new Gigabit Switch and discusses the company's retrofit options. The interview was given at the SPS in Nuremberg. We asked the following questions, among others: What else can the new Gigabit Switch e-light-4GM do other than being very slim?

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Ultra slim managed gigabit switch for the control cabinet

09.10.2019 | EKS angel represents the new Managed gigabit switch e-Light-4G-M, which was developed especially for industrial and building automation, intelligent transport systems and smart city applications. Being only 30mm wide, this switch supporting Profinet and for TSN is prepared, a high packing density in the control cabinet and thus reduces the operating costs.

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Outdoor fiber optic cabling that can be mounted in light poles

02.09.2019 | EKS angel does with its new version of outdoor fiber optic cabling system Pe Light the networking of IP-enabled end devices with gigabit speed and high-power PoE is possible. The system can be installed in metal light poles. The core is a managed switch that can be managed via a web-based user interface.

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What is a switch simply explained?

Switches are no longer simply data communication hubs, but the backbone of the networked industry. But which ones are the right ones for the individual requirements of your own network? To make this decision, it pays to understand how these smart infrastructure components work. Indu-Sol uses an easy-to-understand analogy to a logistics center to show why and how stable and reliable communication can only be ensured through the use of high-performance switches.

When do I need a switch?

A switch comes at a network extension used when more devices in a network need to communicate with each other than the router supports. A network switch can also be used to improve network performance by, for example, B. is divided into smaller segments. Managed switches can also be used to control complex networks.

What does an Ethernet switch do?

An Ethernet switch plays a crucial role in modern computer networksby efficiently controlling the sending and traffic of data and enabling communication between devices. It acts as a switching center for data traffic within a network. It receives data from various connected devices and forwards them to the appropriate destination. The network switch uses the MAC addresses of the devices to address the delivery of the data packets and send them to the correct interface. Data transmission is efficient because the switch uses individual ports to segment the data traffic. In this way, data can be transmitted simultaneously and independently of one another. Data collisions are avoided and the devices can communicate directly with each other.

Which Ethernet switches are there? 

  1. unmanaged switches require no configuration and are suitable for smaller networks or home networks.
  2. managed switches offer advanced features such as port monitoring, VLAN configuration and Quality of Service (QoS) settings. They are suitable for larger company networks.
  3. Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches enable the Power Supply devices over the Ethernet cable. They are especially useful for IP camera, wireless LAN connections and VoIP phone.
  4. Gigabit Switches support speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) and offer higher bandwidth for fast data transfers.
  5. Layer 3 Switches provide routing functions at the network layer and enable communication between different subnets.
  6. Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed for use in harsh environments such as factory automation or process industries and offer advanced features such as shock resistance, extended temperature range and redundant power supply.

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