Which one E-car-Owner doesn't always want to have an efficient, fast, reliable and available way to charge their electric car? And because there are always new developments Charging plug and Charging cables for electric cars, we would like to introduce them to you here. Here you will find type 1 plugs, type 2 plugs, CCS plugs, the associated charging cables and one that is entered in the Guinness book, as well as other applications.

Harting charging connector



Which charging plugs and charging cables are there?

Type 1 charging plug or Type 2 plug, also Mennekes plug, Type 3 plug, Type 2 Mod 3 charging cable, Combo 2 plug or CCS plug or Chademo plug, Supercharger and CEE plug, CEE socket: There are a few different types of charging plugs. For the consumer, it is particularly important how quickly electric vehicles can be charged and how long their range is.

Many public charging stations for e-cars in Germany offer an alternating current (AC) connection or a combination of alternating current and direct current (DC) connection for the charging current. However, most electric cars can usually only absorb 11 kW of charging power and require a longer period of time to charge. The installation of plugs in one is suitable for this Wallbox at home, of course, where the e-car can be charged overnight. Increasingly, however, e-cars are being offered with a fast charging option using direct current.

The Charging time depends on the connector type Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 etc. At fast charging stations, make sure that you have the appropriate cable at hand at the AC charging station. There are currently various charging connections for electric cars in Europe, which vary in the type of charging power and frequency. There is still no uniform international standard for plugs and cables for e-cars.

New developments in charging plugs and charging cables for e-cars

During Type 1 connector for e-cars is particularly widespread in North America and Asia Type 2 connector mainly used in Europe. In 2, the European Commission defined the type 2013 plug as the standard in the EU under the designation EN 62196 type 2. However, there is still no uniform international standard for plugs and cables. We will keep you up to date on the latest developments in charging equipment for electric cars.

Two high-performance charging plugs

11.05.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Harting With its products and solutions, the technology group sees itself as a technology partner and pioneer for electromobility. This is how the subsidiary Harting Automotive set up E-Mobility Focused solutions and offers charging infrastructure such as Charging plug for Electric car and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The Connectors-Specialist presented at the Hanover Fair together with ABB a charging device for racing cars of the Formula E racing class and a heavy-duty DC plug.

For the Rennwagen The technology group supplies charging plugs with an individual charging cable production. This combines a standard CCS2 charging connector on the vehicle side with a Han HPR connector on the infrastructure side. The latter is used as a high-voltage modular solution. The option to remove the charging cable is particularly noteworthy.

Solidworks 2023 | CAD software by and for users

A new, more powerful one was also presented at the fair DC charging plug presented for the American and European market. These charging plugs significantly expand the current DC product portfolio of the technology group.

Uncooled CCS charging cable for high power charging

17.04.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new High Performance Charging (HPC) charging cables of the "Charx connect professional" series from Phoenix Contact enable safe HPC with a permanent 375 kW charging power.

The CCS charging cable does not require the otherwise expensive liquid cooling. They have a larger conductor cross-section of 4 x 50 mm². With this CCS system, HPC charging stations can operate at temperatures up to 40 ° C can be operated permanently and safely at 375 A.

For a short time are in Boost mode even significantly higher charging currents are possible. Particularly short charging times make charging e-cars at the charging stations suitable for everyday use.

The uncooled charging cables and CCS plugs are designed for safe billing in compliance with calibration law when charging for the four-wireMeasurement Technology prepared. This allows the power loss in the charging cable and the energy transferred to the e-car to be precisely determined.

The safety of the e-car plug is increased by a new type Two-chamber sealing system additionally increased. The two power contacts DC+ and DC- are spatially separated here, which reliably prevents possible short circuits.

Draexlmeier HV connectorHV connector for electric and hybrid vehicles

Using repair kits, the connector face including the power contacts can be quickly replaced for maintenance purposes without having to replace the entire charging cable.

The new charging cable production in Poland - video

Harting supports electric car record drivers 

Guinness World Record: Rainer Zietlow climbs Uturuncu in Bolivia

23.05.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | record driver Rainer Zietlow ventured another record attempt with the VW ID.4 GTX. This time he has chosen the world's highest passable mine road at the Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia as his destination. He managed to climb the mountain using only electric power. He climbed 5816 meters in altitude, setting another Guinness World Record.

So the professional driver has that again stamina of e-cars demonstrated. Instead of a long-distance record, this time it was the vertical direction that attracted the attention. Rainer Zietlow traveled to Bolivia in a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX to see the world's highest open mine road on the Uturuncu volcano. The road was restored after the pandemic phase by the Quetena community at the foot of the volcano.

“Our goal was to show that electromobility can also be Maximum performance at extreme altitudes capable,” says Mr. Zietlow, who finally demonstrated this on his e-mobility climbing tour. He conquered the volcano with the type ID.4 GTX up to a few meters below the summit and thus set a new world record. 

The adventure had to be carried out in thin air on sandy and rocky slopes. On the way to the base camp through Argentina and Bolivia, he was able to rely on the Enel X Way wallbox network. The charging stations were installed every 2020 km along its route in 300 for the TV documentary series “The Long Way Up”.

With Kuka from the Harting connector to robot connectivity

After the trip, Rainer Zietlow was taken to the German Embassy in Bolivia's seat of government in La Paz Guinness world record Certificate presented by a Guinness representative. Charging plug specialist Harting actively supported the challenge. The technology group is Tier 1 supplier to VW for charging cables and original equipment manufacturer of on-board charging cables. 

“Congratulations to Rainer Zietlow for this great success. We are happy for him and his team for another Guinness World Record. This once again sent an important signal and raised awareness of the fight against climate change," congratulates Marco Grinblats, Managing Director at Harting Automotive. 

Rainer Zietlow supports this with his world record run SOS Children's Village in La Paz.  

World record broken: With the VW electric car through the USA

11.11.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | Long-distance driver Rainer Zietlow and Photographer Derek Collins completed the longest journey with an electric car in just one country - a Guinness World Record. In 97 days they will be on their road trip across the United States in a Volkswagen ID.4 EV more than 56.000 km traveled through 48 US states. 

They surpassed the previous Guinness World Record by more than twice. There's no question that they proved the staying power of electric cars when they finally reached the finish line at Volkswagen's Herndon headquarters.    

Harting supported the challenge with its commitment to sustainability and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. As a Tier 1 supplier to VW for charging cables, Harting supplies robust, reliable and user-friendly charging solutions and connectors for e-cars. With the switch to e-mobility, the ongoing climate change is being fought.

Intelligent DC charging station: the control unit takes over the charging function

"The record is not only proof of the reliability of the ID.4, but also of the actual readiness of the charging infrastructure in the USA," comments Rainer Zietlow on his success. Overall, the record rider has on until the end of the tour 208 charging stations stopped.

“We know that one of the biggest obstacles to the switch to electric vehicles is the concern that there are not enough charging stations available, or that the EVs themselves are not suitable for long-distance journeys. We're here to prove that whether you're driving short distances or taking a cross-country road trip, an EV is a viable solution. The technology is there. The infrastructure is there," says Jon DeSouza, Managing Director Harting Americas. 

Marco Grinblats adds: “We need strong campaigns like this one to advance electromobility even further. Congratulations to the whole team. We look forward to further opportunities to demonstrate the power of our e-mobility solutions.”

Harting exhibits at the Electronica 2022.

Charging connector for fast charging technology for electric cars


04.09.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Harting Technology group develops and produces, among other things, the charging infrastructure for electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. At the Hannover 2021 trade fair there will be an innovative Charging plug presented.

With the new high-current plug, the DC voltage charges in the shortest possible time and with low losses Battery of the electric car. “E-mobility has picked up enormous speed in the past few months. There is no doubt: high-performance fast charging will further improve acceptance of electric cars by drivers,” says Marco Grinblats, Managing Director Harting Automotive.

The breakthrough of e-mobility depends crucially on the user-friendly charging infrastructure with charging station, charging power, charging plug, charging socket/socket, charging cable, etc. "Fast-charging technology with the DC charging connector type CCS for high charging power is the prerequisite for future e-cars to be supplied with sufficient power not in hours but in a few minutes," emphasizes Marco Grinblats.

Power from the wind turbine to the charging station

Harting is a technology partner for the entire energy process chain - from regenerative energy production to Wind energy about the decentralized energy storage and the direct current (DC) infrastructure to e-mobility charging plugs.

The focus is on reliable, clean and environmentally friendly e-mobility. Among other things, the technology group supplies charging solutions for the modular Electric drive kit (MEB) from Volkswagen, the Audi e-tron and the Porsche Taycan.

Harting Automotive was awarded the Volkswagen Group Award Awarded 2020 in the E-Mobility category. With this award, the Volkswagen Group honored the exceptional performance and high flexibility with which Harting Automotive contributed to the success of Volkswagen AG.

The Hannover Messe the main fields of application of the company in the field of today's charging infrastructure for electromobility are presented. An example of alternating current (AC) charging solutions is the Innogy wall box.

The Wallbox was not only designed for use in public spaces as a charging station or charging column. It can also be used in private areas as a wall box. It underlines the trend towards modularity: With this customized OEM connectivity solution, Harting ensures flexible and individual use by the end user.

Electric vehicles worldwide wireless charging with open standards

For direct current charging, the technology group, in cooperation with Porsche, has a DC charging solution created that can briefly transfer very high power to the energy storage of the vehicle. A new, innovative cooling technology ensures that all necessary parameters are adhered to. 

Harting Automotive has grown vigorously over the past three years. “The topic of electromobility has shifted up three gears in a very short time. I am pleased that there is still strong demand for our solutions for this, ”concludes Mr. Grinblats.

Harting has long been concerned with concepts for the electromobility of the future. The technology group has been working successfully with the Swiss automotive manufacturer Rinspeed for many years. Even with the concept vehicle metro snap Rinspeed AG once again relies on Harting technology such as a specially designed interface that supplies the e-car with power, data and signals.

Harting exhibits at the Hannover Messe 2022.

A special interface delivers power, data and signal to the electric car

08.01.2020 | Automotive specialist Rinspeed presents the new Concept vehicle "Metrosnap" on CES 2020 in Las Vegas in January. The developer is once again relying on the Harting Technology Group with an individually designed interface that supplies the vehicle with energy, data and signals. The interface module supports the driver in using the electric car quickly and flexibly for a wide variety of tasks.

Like its predecessors "Snap" and "Microsnap", the Metrosnap also consists of two elements, the moving skateboard as an optimized electric vehicle and the so-called pod, which can be flexibly changed for different tasks. Between these two elements, the Communication, the signal transmission and also the energy supply always function smoothly via the interface.

Sobald Pod and Skateboard are securely connected, the connectivity connection between them is automatic. Power, signals and data then flow via the interface, taking into account the special requirements for mechanical mating.

Fast charging charging solution for Rinspeed

For the past two years, one has provided care Fast charging solution the subsidiary Harting Automotive the Rinspeed vehicles. The company recently recorded a sharp increase in demand for e-mobility solutions.

Based on its decades of experience in the field of connection and transmission technology, the company develops and produces charging equipment for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The two companies have been working together successfully since 2016: The Mini-PC Mica was installed in the "Etos" vehicle for independent emission and condition monitoring. In 2017, Harting supported the Rinspeed car "Oasis" with another component from the evolutionary IPC ecosystem "Minimica".

In 2018 there was fast charging technology for the “Snap”. Last year, the Microsnap was loaded with the fast loading push. 

Sensor-guided automatic charging assistant for electric cars

15.10.2019 | Harting presented with partners at this year's Gitex Technology Exhibition solutions for the future of electromobility at the Etisalat stand. Etisalat is a UAE state-owned telecommunications company providing telephone and internet services. Alongside this, Etisalat is pushing ahead with technologies of the future, such as cloud use and the use of the Internet of Things.

The automatic loading assistant from Kuka guides the charging plug from Harting into the vehicle socket and ends the charging process as soon as the drive battery has reached the required level. The innogy charging station, which can be operated intuitively, is networked as well as safe and reliable. In addition to the highest standard of data protection, the control elements offer maximum ease of use.

"The topic of renewable energies will increasingly come into focus in the United Arab Emirates and in the other Gulf States in the future, as these states want to free themselves from oil dependence in the long term," says Dominik Nimmesgern, General Manager Harting Middle East. "We have suitable solutions for electromobility in our portfolio and want to take the opportunity to win customers from the region," the manager continues.  

Infrastructure solutions for automated loading with Rinderknecht

05.03.2019 | The is presented Microsnap, the latest electromobility vehicle study by Swiss e-car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht. Harting shows elements of the infrastructure for automated charging. The technology group is thus consistently expanding the e-mobility infrastructure.

harting0319The fast charging technology with the DC charging plug (Combo) is a prerequisite for future vehicles to be supplied with sufficient power not in hours but in a few minutes.

Automatic charging solutions will also become more important, since larger charging infrastructure systems are more difficult to handle and there is hardly any space required for charging in multi-storey car parks, fleet parking lots or garages.

Especially for e-vehicles of regional transport and logistics companies, DC charging with a short charging time will become indispensable in order to meet the future required times for delivery and fleet availability.

Because online trade is booming and now also includes the fresh food sector, Frank M. Rinderknecht believes in small autonomous vehicleswho bring their goods to the customer 'just in time' without any detours.

These vehicles must therefore be recharged within a very short time. "For example, a loading situation that takes place while the e-transporter is being loaded with packages and other material is ideal here," says Frank M. Rinderknecht.

Harting knows which elements such an automatic loading solution requires: A robotic-supported guide brings the DC Combo 2 connector optimally positioned to the charging socket of the vehicle. After loading, the robot pulls the Connectors together with the charging cable and the vehicle is ready for use again after a short time. The provision of the powerful DC supply is optimally adapted to the charging assistant.

Fast charging for the charging technology in the Ringspeed vehicle Snap

Harting Electric Car Snap

06.03.2018 | The Harting Technology Group is a pioneer and technology partner of the automotive turnaround. At the spring fairs, the Tier 1 supplier am Rinspeed Concept Car Snap its efficient fast charging technology, which should provide a strong boost in e-mobility.

Almost all new e-car concepts from the major OEMs are based on conventional charging technology powerful fast charging. The manufacturer's vehicle charging cables are available in the appropriate versions for all AC interfaces. They therefore match the three different plug versions worldwide. Customer-specific solutions such as plug-in systems for "In Cable Control and Protective Device" (IC-CPD) expand the portfolio. The charging cable is available as a standard version with a length of 4 m or in dimensions of your choice.

Mode 2 charging cable / mode 3 charging cable and type 2 charging plug

Harting20318The subsidiary Harting Automotive develops and produces vehicle charging cables and charging equipment for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. These include Type Mode 2 charging cable with integrated temperature monitoring and DC fault current detection and type Mode 3 charging cable in different versions.

In addition, the constantly expanding portfolio also covers the DC charging interface Standard Combo Type 2 applicable for Europe for fast direct current charging with a charging capacity of 200 kW (200 A/1000 V). With the charging cables, the type 1 plug for AC is certified according to UL, CE and JET/PSE; the type 2 charging plug according to UL/VDE.  

Rinspeed and Harting have been working together successfully since 2016. On the “Snap” concept vehicle, which can be seen in Geneva, a Fast charging technology for efficient and environmentally friendly refueling. The Snap is a unique mobility concept with interchangeable superstructures - depending on the application and customer needs.

At the end of 2016, Harting came up with a specific e-mobility solution Direct supplier of VW and is now also a Tier 1 supplier for BMW. "We are very well positioned in the e-mobility sector and are also intensively involved in the topic of standardization," says Marco Grinblats.

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