Harting News from Espelkamp: Customized Solutions Management GmbH has a new managing director and after 2022, Focus Money and Deutschland Test will also award the technology group the coveted title in 2023 company of the year in the field of electronic components. You can find this and other company announcements in our new ticker below:

Harting company building


Jörg Scheer becomes Managing Director of Harting Customized Solutions

Harting.Joerg Scheer25.10.2023 | Jörg Scheer was appointed to the management of Harting Customized Solutions Management GmbH on October 1, 2023.

“With Mr. Scheer, we have been able to gain an internationally experienced specialist and manager with decades of industry experience for our company. Welcome to the team,” explained Philip Harting, CEO of the Harting Technology Group.

Jörg Scheer is an industrial engineer and previously held various management positions in the Connectivity-Industry busy. He takes over from Christian Schumacher, who will continue his professional career outside of the technology group.

Harting also 2023 Company of the Year

Harting Company of the Year 2023March 20.03.2023, XNUMX | Harting was again as company of the year excellent. Deutschland Test and Focus Money have named the technology group the industry winner in the electronic components category for the second time in a row. The company of the year study was carried out by the Institute for Management and Economic Development (IMWF). 

Four categories

There was four categories: Award Winner, Highest Trust, Customer Favorite and Germany’s Best – Sustainability. The connector specialist received full marks with 100 points. “We do everything we can to take economic, social and environmental aspects into account appropriately. Our results in the categories show that we are still on the right track with our efforts,” says CEO Philip Harting, pleased about the renewed award.

Several million mentions to around 19.000 companies from over 200 industries competed for the coveted prize. An award-winning company must achieve an overall score of at least 60 points.

Discontinued new business with Russia

Philip HartingMarch 04.03.2022, XNUMX | “We deeply regret what is happening, how much suffering is happening to people. Our thoughts are with you and especially with our employees and their families,” explains Philip Harting, CEO of the Harting Technology Group. “Our employees around the world are helping Donate. We all want to help alleviate people’s suffering.”

The company, shareholders and employees from the national companies worldwide therefore support humanitarian aid projects of the International Red Cross for people in need Ukraine and for refugees in the receiving states.

At the same time, the provider of electrical connection technology is ceasing new business with Russia following the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU.

“Of course we stick to it applicable law as well as the applicable export control guidelines and the applicable sanctions law," the company said. The effects of the sanctions are examined with great care on a daily basis. As a precaution, the company has therefore also delisted products and customers whose civilian use and business purpose cannot be clearly proven.

Harting is Company of the Year 2022

Harting Company of the Year 2022

February 14.02.2022, XNUMX | That's Harting Company of the year 2022. This is what Focus Money magazine, together with Deutschland Test and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), gave the family business in the category “Electronic components“awarded. The technology group is also at the forefront of German medium-sized companies. According to the most recent analysis by the information network “DDW The German Economy”, it ranks third among the 10.000 most important German medium-sized companies. The current ranking includes German-owned companies with annual sales of up to 1 billion euros.

Pepperl Fox NewsPepperl and Fuchs news ticker

The investigation of Germany test and Focus Money shows which companies have the best conditions for the start of the new year. The editors of the meta-study have already published this in 2021 innovation award assigned to Harting. In the current "Company of the Year" award, the price-performance ratio, customer trust, service quality and ecological, economic and social sustainability were evaluated, among other things. In each dimension received the Connectorsspecialist received the highest rating and was therefore well ahead of the other 21.000 companies that were put to the test in the study.

28 factors with different weightings

The DDW In their analysis of the importance and evaluation of companies, they based their analysis on neutral data on 28 factors with different weightings, including sales and employee numbers and expenses for Research and Development, patent strength, employer offers, certifications, industry cooperation, investment activities, university partnerships, offers of dual study courses, aspects of sustainability, Online Visibility, company age etc

Annual report 2020/2021

Executive Board Harting 2021

December 17.12.2020, 2019 | “Despite the adverse conditions, we achieved an excellent result and are now up slightly in 20/XNUMX clearly in double digits grown. The growth came from almost all industries, markets and regions,” comments CEO Philip Harting.

Harting will grow significantly in double digits in 2020/21

The Harting Technology Group is continuing its growth course in the 2020/21 financial year (September 30). With a sales increase of 14,5% compared to the previous year (€759 million), the global family business generated €869 million.

Harting KukaWith Kuka from the Harting connector to robot connectivity

All regions in which the company operates worldwide developed positively in the 2020/21 financial year - in the majority even with significant growth. Sales in Europe (excluding Germany) grew by 15% to €40 million. The Americas region achieved an increase of 14% with an increase of €12 million, followed by Asia with an increase in sales of 6% or €13 million. The location is at the top with a growth of 23%. This corresponds to an increase of €40 million.

713 new jobs worldwide

The number of employees including trainees rose by 13% from 5477 over the course of the financial year 6190. 40 new employee positions were created domestically and 673 employees were hired in the foreign production facilities and subsidiaries (+ 23,4%). As of September 30, 2021, there were 2.644 employees in Germany and 3.546 employees abroad.

The company benefits from its broad positioning and its powerful connectivity solutions industrial transformation. The corona pandemic has once again accelerated digitization. “The last year in particular has shown us that this is exactly the right way forward. Because it has a number of challenges in store for us,” says the CEO.

Single pair Ethernet becomes the standard industrial interface

The delivery bottlenecks caused by material shortages and fragile supply chains would also be very relevant in the future. Rising energy prices, the expected high inflation rate and the great efforts for the energy transition are factors that concern the technology leader as well as the entire industry. Answers are urgently needed for this.

Pandemic management today and tomorrow

Speed ​​and flexibility with regard to communication and dealing with the Corona situation were also the requirements for the internal pandemic team in the last financial year. This meant that, in addition to cross-plant testing options for employees, we were able to offer vaccinations at the specially built vaccination center at an early stage. These will continue at the beginning of 2022. The company is sticking to other measures such as shift separations and home office regulations.

The ongoing pandemic led to the consistent global expansion of digitalization of communication and marketing. The heart of this communication is the Harting Forum, an event room equipped with camera and stage technology. Intensive use was made here for film recordings, live web seminars, online press conferences and direct digital one-to-one customer communication.

Megatrends, IIoT, energy transition, collaborative engineering

In recent months, the various business areas have focused on various trend topics and put them under mottos such as All for Energy and All for Railway. The SPE Industrial Partner Networks with Single Pair Ethernet will also be further advanced.

Igu's newsIgus | The motion plastics specialist 

The engineering, connectivity and cabling business areas are brought together with the Global Business Unit Customized Solutions. Co-engineering, proximity to customers and the development of integrated solutions together with partners are part of the recipe for success, which is pushed by the so-called application engineering centers in the regions.

Following the megatrends of sustainability and decarbonization, the Automotive division is expanding its portfolio of robust and reliable charging solutions and connectors for electrified mobile applications. The Systems division, a specialist in retail checkout zones, increased its sales by 91% with a checkout counter relaunch in the new Edge design.

40 million euros investment

“We have optimized our locations, that is, invested in new technologies and automation,” says Philip Harting, commenting on the investment volume of around €40 million in the past financial year. Espelkamp was able to secure its location through the continuous expansion of digitalization and automation. The premise “In the region, for the region” applied to the global national companies. Of particular note here are the location expansions in Automotive and Switzerland as well as the capacity expansions in Romania and Mexico.

Climate protection and sustainability for the future

All investments focus on climate protection and sustainability. “Green is not just how we think, but also how we act,” says P. Harting. “We have been a green company by conviction for over 30 years and base everything we do on these green principles.” For example, since 2011 the company has been using “green” energy, some of which is self-produced 175.000 t CO2 saved.

Combined with social trends and demographic change De-globalization With sustainable and resource-saving thinking, a triad forms for the technological trends that drive industrial transformation. “We want to create demonstrable added value for our customers with new, innovative connectivity solutions and make a significant contribution to electrification and digitalization,” explains the CEO.  

This is what you do for the coming year record investments of 90 million euros in our own production, in the development of new technologies and in the climate neutrality of all locations worldwide. Despite the ongoing risks such as material shortages, rising energy and transport costs and the corona pandemic, the CEO sees the company on a strong growth course: "If everything continues as positively as before, we expect double-digit growth again for the 2021/2022 financial year possible."

Physical participation in SPS 2021 canceled

November 16.11.2021, XNUMX | The Harting Technology Group decided at short notice not to physically attend the event this year SPS fair to take part in Nuremberg. “We made this decision with a heavy heart. Physical participation in the SPS is not responsible given the dramatic increase in the number of corona infections, especially in Bavaria and neighboring countries," explained Philip Harting, CEO of the Harting Technology Group, today. “The well-being of our employees and the well-being of our customers is the most important thing.”

The Robert Koch Institute, together with many doctors, had advised against large events, and the Bavarian state government declared a disaster last week.

“We very much regret the cancellation and hope to be able to intervene in the trade fair again next year,” said the CEO. The technology leader for industrial connectivity will instead inform its customers about the new products digital Kanäle present.

Efficient connectivity for climate protection for ten years

Harting climate protectionJuly 21.07.2021, XNUMX | The Harting Technology Group has been a member of the nationwide pioneering initiative for climate protection companies for a decade. The Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi), the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) have now honored the technology leader for their commitment.

Climate protection and production go hand in hand in the company. “Ecological responsibility is a fundamental part of our actions,” says the company philosophy. This is how all locations in Germany apply 100% renewable energy.

Around 18.500 t less CO2-Emissions annually

Four combined heat and power plants (CHP) are operated with biomethane gas, three of which have been expanded into combined heat and power (CHP) plants. The PhotovoltaicsGlobal output is around 1,89 MW peak. In total, an average of around 2011 t of CO has been released since the 12/18.500 financial year2-Emissions saved annually.

Environmental and climate protection has been an integral part of everyday company life since 1996. An internal environmental protection award was introduced as early as 1989.

1st place in the innovation award

Harting innovation awardJuly 09.07.2021, XNUMX | The magazine Focus Money Together with Deutschland Test and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), the Harting Technology Group was awarded this year's Innovation Prize. The family business is pleased with first place in the category: Electronic components and is therefore one of “Germany’s most innovative companies”.

7000 companies with the largest number of employees

Which companies have the highest innovative strength? The award presenters asked themselves this question for the fifth time. In the run-up to the award ceremony, the analysts put Germany's approximately 7000 companies with the largest number of employees to the test.

The topics of innovation activity, new products and technology, investments as well as research and development are the focus of the evaluation of a comprehensive online evaluation. 12 million reviews were included in the results. They show which companies in which sectors have the highest innovative strength.

EDC wins if Design Award

21.04.2021/2019/XNUMX | The EDC was officially put into operation in the summer of XNUMX. It is automated with small parts High-bay warehouse and high-speed shuttle. In Espelkamp, ​​East Westphalia, there is one of the most innovative logistics centers in Europe on 18.000 m². The EDC combines the most modern logistics technology with ergonomic workplaces.

The EDC was awarded in the Architecture discipline, Office / Industry category. The iF Design Award is presented once a year by the world's oldest independent design institution, the iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover. The EDC impressed the 98-member, independent, international jury of experts with its modern, pleasantly open and light-flooded architecture. There were almost 10.000 applications from 52 countries.

Minebea Mitsumi SaliotSmart luminaire for the IoT wins if Design Award 2017 

“The EDC underlines the company’s technological logistics expertise, because all of our innovative products and solutions are in this lighthouse project,” says CEO Philip Harting. “I am proud of this recognition. The iF Design Award recognizes the work of the entire team,” emphasizes Peter Seipp, Managing director of 3deluxe.

Back in June 20, 3deluxe was awarded the German Brand Award in Gold for the EDC. The staircase in the EDC reception area won the “Staircase of the Year 2019” award. 

Harting and MIT cooperate in matters of connectivity

Harting Karl KosterJanuary 28.01.2021, XNUMX | The connectivity specialist is part of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). MIT joined to become a member of one of the world's leading innovation ecosystems.

"The participation in the Industrial Liaison Program of the MIT will support us in our concern to offer our partners worldwide and especially in the USA a measurable added value", emphasizes dr Kurt D. Bettenhausen, Board Member for New Technologies and Development.

 "We are pleased that we have found a partner with the global market and technology leader for industrial connection technology, with whom we can jointly advance innovative solutions", says Karl F Koster, Executive Director, Corporate Relations Industrial Liaison Program at MIT.


Who is the Harting Technology Group?

The Harting technology group is a world-leading provider of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of power, signal and data. The family business with headquarters in Espelkamp set a standard that is still valid today with the patented Han connector in 1965. It also provides checkout zones for retail, electromagnetic actuators for industrial applications and Automotive, Charging equipment for electric cars as well as hardware and software for Automation, Mechanical engineering and plant engineering, Robotic and transportation. 

How many employees does Harting have?

Around 6500 employees generated sales of 2021 million euros in the 22/1,059 financial year. (Source: Harting Stiftung & Co. KG)

How many locations does Harting have?

14 production sites and branches in 44 countries.

What is a Harting connector?

A Harting connector is an industrial connector used for electrical and electronic connection in various applications. It ensures a robust and reliable connection for data, signal and power transmission.

Your contact for careers and other matters: info@HARTING.com

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