There is news at Pepperl + Fuchs: With Ecom and Aava, the company was named for its ex-smartphone with the German Design Award excellent. The automation company for factory automation and the process industry will achieve this for the first time at the end of 2022 1 billion sales mark and all this ahead of schedule, ahead of the target of 2025. You can find this and other news below:

Pepperl Fuchs company building



Pepperl Fuchs Ecom GermanDesignAwardGerman Design Award for ex-smartphone

13.12.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The explosion-proof 5G-Smartphone Smart Ex 03 from Pepperl + Fuchs was awarded the German Design Award – Special Mention 2024 by the German Design Council.

The award recognizes the remarkable design achievements of Pepperl+Fuchs and its subsidiaries Ecom Instruments and Ava Mobile. Both were largely responsible for the development and design of the industrial cell phone.

The comprehensive communication options in 5G, WiFi 6E or eSIM convinced the jury when awarding the smartphone because they believe it is ideal for use in public communication networks or private campus networks.

The German Design Council presents the German Design Award annually and thereby sets international standards for innovative design developments and competitiveness.

Pepperl+Fuchs SE generates sales of EUR 1 billion for the first time

24.01.2023/2022/77 | Just in time for Christmas Eve 1, the Executive Board of Pepperl+Fuchs announced good news on its own behalf: For the first time in its 2025-year company history, the Pepperl+Fuchs Group from Mannheim had reached the XNUMX billion euro mark worldwide at that time exceeding annual sales. The company thus clearly achieved its original target for XNUMX earlier than planned

Executive Board of PepperlFuchs SEIn fact, the global player has mastered the challenges since the beginning of the corona pandemic well. After sales fell by 2020% in 9, Pepperl+Fuchs posted an overall increase in sales in the 2021/2022 pandemic years more than 40%.  

The fact that this was successful despite the very difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, supply bottlenecks, sometimes drastic price developments, the Ukraine war and the gas crisis Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group, very proud: "Without the special commitment of our more than 7000 employees worldwide in such extraordinary times, this great success would not have been possible. On behalf of the shareholder families and the entire Executive Board, we would like to express our special appreciation to each and every one of them.”

The outlook for the future is correspondingly optimistic. “This excellent result allows us to continue making strategic investments in the future and our Our Team systematically in order to ensure the long-term success of our company." Cone. 

Pepperl+Fuchs takes over Witt Sensoric GmbH

03.01.2022/1/2022 | Witt Sensoric GmbH from Berlin will become part of Pepperl+Fuchs SE on January XNUMX, XNUMX. Witt Sensoric specializes in the development and production of Safety sensors specialized in gates. "With the acquisition of Witt Sensoric, we want to expand and strengthen our position in the field of access automation," comments Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Jorg Brech, founder and managing partner of Witt Sensoric affirms: “The agreement gives Witt Sensoric access to Pepperl+Fuchs’ international sales channels, which will help to accelerate growth. At the same time, we see the partnership as an opportunity to use the existing Pepperl+Fuchs technologies for new sensors to protect and control industrial doors.”

Harting EDCHarting company news ticker

Witt Sensoric was founded in 1993 and employs over 60 employeeswho deal with the optoelectronic development, mechanical design and production of large series. The manufacturer supplies almost all well-known European door manufacturers for the original equipment. 

SPS live 2021 without Pepperl + Fuchs

Pepperl Fuchs PLC17.11.2021 | As a result of the continuing increase in the number of infections and incidences, Pepperl+Fuchs decided at short notice to stop participating in the SPS Automation fair in Nuremberg to cancel. “Despite the exemplary planned hygiene measures, the health of our customers, business partners and employees is most important to us. We also see it as our duty to do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus, "said a press release from the company.

But there is also good news: Interested parties can still find new products and exciting technologies around the clock on the Digital Expo platform until November 26.11.2021th, XNUMX Your Future Automation experience. Here, Pepperl+Fuchs presents the main topics of industrial sensor technology and explosion protection originally planned for Nuremberg:  

  • E-Mobility - New Solutions for New Production Processes
  • Functional Safety - from Extraordinary Products to Customized Safety Concepts
  • Industrial Communication - Digitized Processes for Hazardous Areas

In the virtual showroom, visitors can move through detailed, interactive 3D models.

Company opened in the Czech Republic

Pepperl and Fuchs production in the Czech Republic

Oct 11.10.2021, XNUMX | Pepperl+Fuchs has a new production facility in the Czech Republic for the first time Trutnov opened. The opening celebrations concluded the construction project started in 2019, which aims to further strengthen Pepperl+Fuchs as a market-leading producer and innovator of industrial sensors.

The new building complex replaces the existing production facility in Trutnov, which Pepperl+Fuchs took over from Siemens in 2010. On 8200 m² total area are here 230 employees employed. In addition to the state-of-the-art production with an attached warehouse, the location also includes facilities for research and development, industrial engineering and quality management.

Pepperl and Fuchs Czech RepublicThe plant supplies the European locations from Pepperl+Fuchs with assembled printed circuit boards. In addition to the inductive sensors previously manufactured in Trutnov, the production of complex optoelectronic sensors will also take place here in the future. Within the new Industry 4.0 production, the manufacturer relies extensively on solutions from its own portfolio.

These include, among other things Lidar sensors, Diffuse reflection sensor and camera-based lane guidance systems with which a driverless transport system was equipped. An RFID system supports the automated tracking of Kanban goods flows and thus optimizes the production processes.

Statement by Tobias Blöcher

“The planning and construction of the new location under pandemic conditions was an ambitious project that demanded flexibility and great commitment from us and the partners involved, ”comments Tobias Blöcher, Managing Director of Pepperl + Fuchs Manufacturing sro

“Our production facility in Trutnov will play an important role in the Pepperl+Fuchs Group and will enable us to meet increasing customer demand in dynamic markets. The location concept offers space for further growth both within the building and through the generously dimensioned plot of land".

Pepperl+Fuchs acquires Aava Mobile Group

02.09.2021 | On August 31, 2021, Pepperl+Fuchs from Mannheim took over the Finnish Aava Mobile Group based in Oulu/Finland. Pepperl+Fuchs is thus strengthening its Mobile Computing and Communication business unit. The Finland-based company is a specialist in the design and manufacture of industrial and rugged smartphones and tablets. 

"We want to contribute our strengths in the design of the next generation of industrial smartphones and tablet computers to Pepperl+Fuchs SE and expect a number of synergies from this merger," comments Markus Apple, CEO of the Aava Mobile Group, announced the merger.

Pepperl SummitPepperl und Fuchs shows the way to the automation of the future

"Aava's expertise in the design and manufacture of industrial, smart communication devices is an excellent match for our Ecom Mobile Computing and Communication MCC business area and gives us access to leading design competencies in this area," explains Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO at Pepperl and Fuchs.

CCC approval for explosion protection products        

Pepperl Fuchs ccc13.11.2020 | Immediately available hundreds of devices from the Explosion Protection division of Pepperl and Fuchs has an approval according to the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). This means that they can continue to be imported into China.

CCC conformity has been mandatory for the export of a large part of explosion protection devices to China since October 1, 2020. If the CCC regulations are not observed, the imported goods will be held at the Chinese border or returned to the sender. Nepsi and Cnex-Certificates that represented the national explosion protection certificates in China before the introduction of the CCC obligation for explosion protection products are no longer sufficient.

Pepperl and Fuchs has worldwide approval competency and, together with the Chinese partners, developed the prerequisites for the timely processing of the certifications at an early stage since the new regulations were announced.

Pepperl+Fuchs customers and partners can now continue to use products from the product portfolio for explosion protection in and for China relate. These include, for example, separation barriers, fieldbus- and remote I/O components, terminal and control boxes as well as overvoltage protection devices or distribution solutions.

Pepperl company of excellence for medium-sized companies

Excellence in German medium-sized companies

23.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | Pepperl und Fuchs was recognized by the information portal Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW) as an “excellence company for German medium-sized companies”. To the Evaluation Criteria The company of excellence includes business indicators, patents and collaborations as well as criteria such as social media activities or memberships in associations or networks.

The DDW describes the award as a signal of trust for the digital world. This underlines Pepperl+Fuchs' position as a reliable and high-performance business partner in areas of automation industry.

Even before it was awarded as a company of excellence, the group of companies was also among the DDW rankings of the largest family companies in Germany and the most important German medium-sized companies in Germany.

Pepperl + Fuchs from AG to SE

Pepperl Fuchs Werner Guthier16.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Pepperl+Fuchs parent company has adopted the legal form of a European stock corporation (Societas Europaea). With this, the manufacturer completes the gradual conversion of the AG to the SE successfully. The change to an SE supports the long-term strategy for growth of the group of companies.

In addition, the new legal form gives Pepperl+Fuchs additional agility with regard to the sales and capital markets. "With the SE, we have given ourselves a framework that is up-to-date under company law, with which we can gear our strategic positioning to the future," explains Werner Guthier, CFO of the Pepperl + Fuchs Group.

“The dynamic environment that Digitization topics like Industry 4.0 but is also shaped by the current corona pandemic, makes it more important than ever to support change processes in an agile manner. "

Ecom receives Hazardex Award in the PPTex Innovation category

Pepperl and Fuchs Hazardex Award10.03.2020/2020/XNUMX | The Pepperl and Fuchs brand Ecom wins the Hazardex Award XNUMX in the PPTex Innovation category (Personal Protection Technology for potentially explosive areas). The award particularly applies to the explosion-proof end devices and comprehensive solutions that Ecom develops specifically for use and the challenges in harsh environments. By using these components, employees receive the highest levels of safety and ease of use.

Annually, the Hazardex Awards honor companies worldwide for outstanding achievements in the field of explosion protection. The winners in five categories were announced last week. Ecom Instruments GmbH won in the PPTex Innovation category with the new smartphone Smart Ex 02 and the ex-proof tablet Tab Ex 02 as the best innovations in the field of technical equipment for employee protection for potentially explosive areas of application in industry.

Smartphone, tablet, infrared camera were chosen

With the Smart-Ex 02, Ecom introduced the latest in 2019 Smartphone before. The intrinsically safe Android smartphone is suitable for an extended temperature range from -20 ° to +60 ° C. Thanks to the support of 21 LTE radio bands, it can also be used under the most extreme conditions worldwide. With certification for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1, it is considered to be the most advanced explosion-proof smartphone on the market to date.

With the Tablet Tab-Ex 02 from Ecom gives companies more transparency thanks to future-proof digitalized applications. In addition, the more efficient and safer processes associated with its application provide a competitive advantage. The tablet is available as a robust industrial device for harsh environments up to Zone 2/22 / Div. 2 and Zone 1/21 / Div. 1 for potentially explosive areas.

Igus linesCables and management | The veins of the industry

The Cube 800 from Ecom, which is tailored to the smart end devices, also received an award. The first portable and explosion-proof Infrared- And HD video camera was for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 developed and approved by Ecom and Librestream. Librestream received the Delegates Award for the thermal imaging camera. This award is given by the visitors of the Hazardex 2020 Conference and Exhibition.

Industrial workers operate remotely

Connected to the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex or Tab-Ex, industrial workers can operate the camera remotely, display HD video and thermal imaging. They can then share all of this with experts worldwide or take pictures and videos from a safe distance and comment live. Critical areas of the system can be identified more quickly and appropriate measures can be taken immediately.

We are very pleased about this year's award for the innovation of our solutions in the context of explosion and employee protection. For us, safety in the workplace is always our top priority in the development of our products and services in order to guarantee the safety of employees and systems, ”explains Roolf Wessels, Managing Director Ecom Instruments.

Sensor technology of the future in the environment of the present - interview

02.02.2016/4.0/XNUMX "We believe with certainty that the imaginative promises of Industry XNUMX cannot be kept without a completely new generation of sensors", is himself Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim. In the run-up to the Hanover Fair, we interviewed the CEO and asked the following questions:

  1. How is Pepperl+Fuchs doing? economically in the 72nd year of its existence?
  2. How do world market trends affect your business development?
  3. What's new in your factory automation area?
  4. What must a brand new generation of sensors look like?
  5. What is the state of the art in process automation?
  6. What role does the internet of things play in relation to your industrial sensors?
  7. What exactly does industry 4.0 mean for Pepperl + Fuchs or for your products?
  8. You have created the term sensory 4.0: What is hidden behind the application in industry 4.0 even behind it?
  9. With the collaboration of Pepperl + Fuchs, the RAMI 4.0 was developed on the platform Industrie 4.0. What does this include?
  10. How globalization is this architecture?
  11. What can visitors expect on the Hannover Messe look forward to at the Pepperl+Fuchs booth?

Who is Pepperl + Fuchs?

The Pepperl + Fuchs SE remains unchanged in the hands of the previous family shareholders even in the new legal form. The history of Pepperl+Fuchs begins in 1945 when it was founded by Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs in Mannheim, Germany. Today, the technology leader (as of 2021) works worldwide 6000 employees. Pepperl+Fuchs generated sales of 2019 million euros in 715, and in 2022 the company exceeded the billion in sales for the first time. The group of companies is one of the leading companies for industrial sensors and explosion protection. The family company is now represented with more than 40 subsidiaries on all continents. Pepperl+Fuchs invented the proximity switch.


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