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conveyor chainSuccess Story

A British one Automobile- Manufacturer had a problem servicing the conveyor chainsthat drives his lanyards. This is used to transport the assembling carBodySilo equipment. The Roller Chain had to be replaced too often, otherwise it would have caused production to stop. By converting to a special conveyor chain from Tsubaki the problem could be solved. Only they had to TCO instead of the purchase price.

Sonic motorskoco Motion have now Sonic motors included in his program. The drives, available in sizes from 14 to 32 mm, are often used in toothbrushes, massage or facial cleansing devices. The manufacturer's drives are compact, run quietly and are very reliable. Visually, the Sonic motors hardly differ from normal rotary drives. But what are Sonic motors anyway?

inverterNord Drive Systems has with the "Nordcon App"And the Bluetooth stick" Nordac Access BT "a mobile commissioning and maintenance solution for Control cabinet and frequency converter created. Both tools are used for drive monitoring on the converter from the north via dashboard, its analysis using a convenient oscilloscope function and its parameterization. In addition to the drive monitoring, the dashboard-based visualization can also be used for fault diagnosis of the frequency inverters.

bahr12191FMB South Hall F18

For precise, low-noise travel, Bahr Modultechnik now offers its positioning systems from the ML series in the new one MLN 60 (S) variant with knobbed belt drive on. The self-guiding 30 mm wide drive belt is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, was made with reinforcing steel cord pull strands and ensures low-wear operation with constant belt tension.

keb1219The universal drive controller "Combivert F6" from KEB Automation are frequency converters, servo or special drives in one device. They simplify the selection in drive applications and thus optimize storage, logistics and costs. In addition to the four housing sizes with nominal powers up to 90 kW, there are now further power levels up to 450 kW for the encoderless and encoder-dependent control of different motor technologies (ASM, SSM, IPM, SynRM).

Danfoss1219The Danfoss Drives Troubleshooting Chatbot provides targeted information on eliminating faults in frequency converters from the manufacturer. The user only needs the converter series and the error code shown on the display or system. This means that the digital helper can immediately provide information on the cause and tips on elimination.