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CAD software: news for construction and development

CAD software or in detail Computer Aided Design and in German computer-aided design is the tool of the trade of designers and development engineers and can be found in every product development. What used to have to be laboriously drawn on the drawing board with pencils, erasers, scribes and pocket calculators on drawings made of tracing paper is now done by them CAD software.
The 2D CAD program followed. 3D models increase the imagination of the constructed objects, machines and entire systems. The CAD programs such as Autocad, Catia, Creo, Solidworks or Inventor as examples relieve you of more work from year to year and create space for creative freedom.

Brand new CAD software

Here you will find new releases and updates for the Product development  in the age from Systems Engineering - Bring your tools up to date!

First steel engine from the 3D metal printer

PTC has the world's first Micro turbo engine (Picture above) presented, which completely with the 3D printer was made. The only assembly was developed in the CAD software Creo. It contains all rotating and fixed components. The engine was printed with an EOS 3D printer from the material Inconel, a nickel-based, heat-resistant nickel-chromium alloy. It weighs only 3,6 kg.


The 3D CAD Software Solidworks by Dassault Systèmes brings hundreds of improvements every year. Many of them have arisen from the wishes and experiences of the users. This also applies to the brand new release SolidWorks 2024 with its user-centered innovations. Millions of developers, designers and engineers worldwide use 3D models for design and engineering solutions. This article informs you about the new developments.

SolidWorks 2024


ChainsChains has reason to celebrate. In 2019, there was a download record CAD engineering data numerous well-known Manufacturer Catalogs chased the next. In the past five years, the number has been made CAD downloads via the search engine "“Increased by over 168% to more than 405 million downloads. Read how the managing director of Cadenas GmbH Jürgen Heimbach (picture) sees the great success.

designers know the problem: the sales department reports at short notice because a design has to be adapted to the special needs of a customer Because this is usually supposed to happen in the shortest possible time, it creates time pressure. The scope for really important constructions is restricted and the employees have to do repetitive tasks. Inexpensive and efficient work - none. With the help of CAD automation development and sales can be helped. How such automation, explains Coffee GmbH in one Online live event.

coffee CAD online talk


The 3DexperiencePlatform of Dassault Systèmes paves the way for innovative design and development processes. As a holistic solution, it integrates a wide range of tools in a central environment. Discover how the Gamechanger-Platform pushes the boundaries of traditional engineering and creates a connected, collaborative work environment.

Dassault Omron 3D Experience

PTC offers onshape a cloud software as a service (Saas) CAD Software, which combines cloud, CAD and PDM with collaboration and analysis capabilities. The fully integrated product development platform has now been enhanced with a cloud-based simulation fitted. We present these and other innovations to you below:

PTC onshape simulation


Read and experience how the popular CAD software SolidWorks has developed in recent years. Here you will find videos, interviews, applications and many exciting highlights. You can find the current Solidworks News here.

SolidWorks 2020

Tebis presents with its release 4.1 a consistently parametric-associative CADCAM Complete system. The completely newly developed system base is specially designed for single part and small series production. Frequent component changes, tight delivery dates, the high number of variants and different data qualities determine everyday life here.



Mechanical engineering companies and suppliers require consistent strategies and processes when digitizing CAD data in the product configuration. Because customer wishes and their requirements for products are becoming more and more individual, this makes their standardization and modularization necessary at the same time. Cideon Conify has the right solution for this.

Cideon order processing CAD


misumi0719In the area of ​​the axle bolts Misumi an enormous range of variation. The company developed the free software suite "Rapid Design" (in CAD Components) so that engineers can configure such complex components even faster and later easily change them. Among other things, it accelerates the construction of axle bolts for conveyor and packaging systems by up to 30%.

In response to various requests from the industry, the Splined shaft connections to DIN 5481 and DIN 5482 implemented in Kisssoft by Kisssoft. The different Connections from these standards can be called up directly as files (MPK module). The user can now enter the "effective and actual tolerances" here as well.

Kisssoft DIN 5482 DIN 5481