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Industrial brake | Manufacturers, innovations, expertise

Discover the world of Industrial brake, an essential component in modern drive technology. From disc brakes to specialized braking systems, leading manufacturers offer reliable solutions for a variety of applications. Find out how the various... Types of brakes contribute to the safety and efficiency of machines and systems and how braking energy can be saved.

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Brakes in mechanical engineering 2023 – The most important things in brief

Where masses are accelerated, they must also be brought to a standstill. That's what the brake does. It also ensures the necessary safety in the event of a power failure, machine downtime or emergency stop. The following three Types of brakes There are therefore: stop brake, control brake and holding brake. A large group of industrial brakes is the safety brake. It is spring-operated and has the task of protecting people and ensuring machine safety.

Within the Personal developments When it comes to industrial brakes, the focus today is on efficiency, reliability and integration into intelligent systems. The current state of development also focuses on improving braking performance under extreme conditions and reducing maintenance costs.

A growing one trend is the use of brakes combined with sensor technology and advanced data analysis. This is intended to monitor performance and prevent premature failures, keywords condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. In addition, more environmentally friendly brake materials are becoming increasingly important to improve sustainability. Overall, innovations in materials science, electronics and software are driving the development of more efficient and intelligent braking solutions in the industry. Below you will find new developments Industrial brakes 2023.

Braking resistor

Nothing works without safe braking resistance

May 13.05.2024, XNUMX | Electric drives should rotate dynamically and with high precision at the right speed in a specific direction. The energy flow or energy balance must be adapted to changing speeds. The article describes the options for individually optimizing the energy balance of a system with Michael Koch's safe braking resistor.

Tailor-made brakes for autonomous forklifts

April 24.04.2024, 18 | Kendrion Intorq, together with Bastian Solutions, has developed an innovative braking technology for the newly developed autonomous forklift Bastian Solutions CBXNUMX. The specialized spring-applied brake solution is characterized by precisely adjusted braking torques, which make a decisive contribution to the safety and efficiency of the vehicles.
braking energy

Four applications to save braking energy

21.02.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | We will introduce you to four interesting applications in which Michael Koch's active energy management systems are successfully used. What they all have in common is that the devices for saving braking energy result in savings in the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Spring brake

Spring-applied brakes stimulate the energy transition

November 25.11.2023, XNUMX | For more than five decades, Kendrion Intorq spring-applied brakes have been providing electric motors in all types of industrial trucks with a safe braking function. In the wake of the energy transition, the Aerzen brake specialists have significantly expanded their area of ​​application and are now increasingly making their expertise available to the area of ​​e-mobility.
robot brake

Spring-applied brakes for robot arms

Oct 05.10.2023, 2023 | With the new standard modular system for robot brakes, Mayr Antriebstechnik is creating the basis for solutions at an attractive price level. At SPS 4.0, the company will show how intelligent, talking brakes and shaft couplings can be cleverly used for process monitoring and thus make the drive train fit for Industry XNUMX at low cost.
Thruster brakes

Thruster brakes with adjustable braking torque

01.09.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | KTR Systems offers two thruster brakes. The KTR-Stop TB S disc brake is available in three sizes in right-hand and left-hand versions. The KTR-Stop TB T drum brake is a spring-operated thruster brake based on an electro-hydraulic braking system. It is available in seven sizes.

Robot brake protects Robco robotic arms

27.08.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | Robco offers a modular robot kit for use in industry. The slim and lightweight safety brakes from the standard modular system from Mayr power transmission ensure the necessary safety in the robot arms.
pitch brake

High-performance pitch and yaw brakes

Sep 06.09.2023, 120 | Mayr offers a variety of servo brakes in the pitch area. The new Roba-stop-M pitch brake joins the Roba-servostop series, which can be installed on the A or B side of the motor, can withstand temperatures up to XNUMX °C and has a low mass inertia. Roba alphastop brakes are available for designs flanged on the A side.
safety brake

Electromagnetic brakes for vertical axes

Aug 16.08.2023, 2023 | At EMO XNUMX, Mayr is presenting its portfolio of electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic safety brakes for securing vertical axes in machine tools and machining centers. These vertical axis brakes protect against all dangerous situations that can occur when operating axes subject to gravity.
braking energy

Energy recovery with UL approval and capacity monitoring

May 08.05.2023, XNUMX | Michael Koch's Pxt family of active energy management devices now have approval according to UL and CSA standards. In addition, the technology is now able to monitor storage capacity during ongoing operation. The parameterizable function of ongoing capacity monitoring of electrolytic and double-layer capacitors provides warning messages when a previously defined minimum capacity value is reached.

Braking types in the industry

There are different types of brakes in the industry. But what exactly is a stop brake, control brake, holding brake, safety brake, disc brake, rotation brake, electromagnetic brake, magnetic brake, permanent magnet brake, profile rail brake, drum brake, floating caliper brake, thruster brake, band brake, double brake, hydraulic brake, pneumatic brake, spring-loaded brake, spring-loaded brake, caliper brake, caliper disc brake, Sliding caliper brake, spring brake, electric brake, elevator brake, azimuth brake, pitch brake, yaw brake... These and certainly more names can be found on the Internet on the subject Industrial brake. We present the most important ones to you below:

Electromagnetic brake | Spring pressure and permanent magnet

Discover the Electromagnetic brake, their functionality and areas of application. As precise Spring pressure brake or efficient Permanent magnet brake They are essential for control and safety in automated and manual drive systems. Learn how these innovative braking systems improve performance and ensure reliable operation.

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Disc brake | with fixed caliper brake + floating caliper brake

Within the disc brake you first think of the bicycle. However, this type of brake is also used in industrial drive systems. These robust brakes can be precisely controlled and are very reliable. Whether as Thruster brake in lifting devices, electromagnetic for the machine tool, as a fixed caliper brake for holding or as a floating caliper brake in the function of a service brake: There are many applications for the type of brake invented by Frederick W. Lanchester.

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Holding brake for fully automatic stopping of loads

The Smart Brake Module is used for the fully automatic stopping of loads on the rail track. It was designed for manually moved trolleys and transport platforms and ensures that the load and trolley are held safely and automatically if obstacles block the route or manual push is no longer possible.

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Robot brake for servo devices in robotics

Security does not tolerate compromises. This is particularly true for robotics. Robots are often capable of complex and unpredictable movements. In the case of lightweight robots, they sometimes collaborate with humans even without a protective space. With it robotic arms In the event of a power failure, after switching off the power or after an emergency stop, the robot brakes do not sink or crash uncontrollably servo axes reliable and secure in their position.

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Safety brakes with tips for installation

If the power is switched off, if it fails, or if there is an emergency stop in machines and systems, the safety brake prevents vertical and horizontal axes from falling freely. This is the only way to avoid accidents and protect people and machines. For applications in mechanical engineering, Medical Technology, food technology, elevators or stage technology, there are tips for installation, new developments and applications.

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Applications and Industries

When brakes are used in elevators, they are referred to as elevator brakes, in wind turbines there are pitch or yaw brakes, and in automobiles, a modern brake-by-wire braking system ensures the safety of passengers. Special applications or industries require specialized brakes, which are often subject to certain certifications, for example in food or medical technology. Below we present some of them to you Industry brakes more precisely:

Safety brakes

Safety brakes for elevator technology

Passenger safety is the top priority when transporting people using elevators. Safety-relevant components such as shaft-mounted safety brakes or energy-based caliper brakes must therefore meet the highest quality requirements.

Car brakes | First-class safety when driving

Car brakes are a central safety aspect in vehicle technology. There are different types of brakes with different functions, all of which have one thing in common: contributing to the safety and performance of a vehicle.

Safety brakes for stage technology and action films

Brake monitoring is currently becoming more and more important in stage technology. The electromagnetic brakes installed on the stage drives are being put to the test because they have to save lives in an emergency. A stage winch with several individual brakes secures e.g. B. Action scenes in the blockbuster Spiderman.

Pitch and yaw brakes for the wind turbine

The demands in the wind power industry have increased and today require versatile technologies and innovative monitoring solutions. Safety brakes for pitch and yaw drives must be reliable, fail-safe and much more in order to protect ever larger systems.
Safety brakes

Safety brakes for medical devices

Electromagnetic spring-loaded brakes precisely ensure the function of high-quality medical devices such as X-ray machines, surgical microscopes or electric wheelchairs. There are application-optimized and efficient solutions for this.

Braking in practice – users report

Whether in a handbike on the ice rink or as a mini brake in a space climber: when the user reports how well his supplier's brake works, this reference speaks volumes for the brake specialist. Some like that User stories We were happy to prepare it for you:

Safety brake at Beyer Maschinenbau
Linear brake at Chalon Mégard
Hydraulic brake cylinders for e-trikes
Rotary brake for Bock Machining
Oil brakes for Ad-Aarts
Electromagnetic brake at Fibro Läpple
Brake control for the Adlerschanze
Mini brake for Space Climber
Robot brake for Robco

Industrial brake manufacturer know-how

Mayr brakes

The Chr. Mayr GmbH from Mauerstetten, Germany, is a leading specialist in the field of drive technology. In addition to clutches, the family business offers a wide range of brakes. These include different types of safety brakes that are essential for precise control and safety in different industrial applications​​​​. The drive specialist's innovative brake technology is used in a variety of industries.

Safety brakes: innovations + tips for installation

If the power is switched off, if it fails, or if there is an emergency stop in machines and systems, the safety brake prevents vertical and horizontal axes from falling freely. This is the only way to avoid accidents and protect people and machines. For applications in mechanical engineering, Medical Technology, food technology, Elevators or stage technology Mayr Antriebstechnik Safety brakes. Here you can find tips for installation, new developments and applications directly from the specialists:

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Condition monitoring for brakes & clutches

The key points of tomorrow's machine maintenance are permanent inspection, needs-based maintenance - planned and appropriate to the workload, automated remote maintenance or error analysis across machines and plants. Mayr offers solution concepts in the area of ​​brakes and clutches based on permanent inspection Condition monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. We present the new developments to you.

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Michael Koch braking energy

The Michael Koch GmbH from Ubstadt-Weiher in Germany is a trustworthy partner for the recuperation of braking energy and safe braking resistors for electric drives. Operating as an independent, privately owned company since 1997, the company focuses on the production of devices for active energy management and efficient braking resistors. Michael Koch GmbH offers tailor-made solutions from pilot projects to series production.

Resistance for safe braking operation

The energy balance of an electric drive must be designed to be optimized for the application - starting with the processing of braking energy through to the reduction of network load peaks or the uninterrupted energy supply in the event of a network failure. To understand the dynamic properties of a drive controllers In order to be able to use it, the braking energy generated during 4Q operation of a Drives Controller must be specifically combined with the safe one Braking resistor are processed.

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Recuperation | Efficient braking energy recovery

The active has three essential components Energy Management System Pxt by Michael Koch for the recuperation of braking energy: electronic devices, storage units and a small, intelligent module. The electronic devices move the energy highly dynamically and reliably either from the drive into the storage or vice versa, as in the event of a power interruption. The small module for current-based load peak reduction and capacity monitoring complete this Energy handling for drives.

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Other manufacturers of industrial brakes

Below you will find other manufacturers of brakes in industrial applications briefly and succinctly presented:

  • ACE Shock absorber has industrial brakes such as oil brakes, hydraulic brake cylinders or rotation brakes in its portfolio.
  • KEB Automation develops spring-applied brakes, electromagnetic brakes and permanent magnet brakes.
  • Kendrion Intorq is an expert in standardized and tailor-made electromagnetic brakes.
  • KTR Systems offers thruster brakes with floating caliper brakes and fixed caliper brakes as well as azimuth and yaw brakes.
  • Desch is known for drive solutions and components, including clutch-brake combinations.
  • Precima Magnettechnik is a specialist in high-quality magnetic brakes such as electromagnetic spring brakes and holding brakes.
  • Ringspann has a wide range of industrial brakes, including disc brakes and calipers.
  • VMA specializes in safety brakes and electromagnetic brakes.


What is a holding brake?

A holding brake is is specifically designed to maintain a stationary position and prevent machine parts or loads from moving unintentionally. It is often used in applications where a load or component needs to be secured in a fixed position when no driving force is applied. Such applications can be found, for example, in elevators, cranes or certain types of electric motors.

How do you brake an electric motor?

The choice of braking method depends on the application and the specific requirements of the engine. An electric motor is typically braked in one of the following ways:

  1. reported mechanicaln Brakes in which disc or drum brakes act mechanically on the engine;
  2. reported electromagnetice brakes, which use electromagnetic forces to slow the engine;
  3. reported regenerativehe braking, in which the kinetic energy of the motor is converted into electrical energy and fed back into the power grid or into a battery;
  4. reported dynamiche braking, in which the kinetic energy is converted into heat by resistors.

What is an electromagnetic brake?

An electromagnetic brake is used electromagnetic fieldto slow down or stop mechanical movement. When activated, current flows through a coil, creating a magnetic field and attracting a brake plate that acts on a rotating disc or drum. This friction creates a braking force that slows or stops movement. Known for their fast response time and precise control, electromagnetic brakes are often used in electric drive systems.

Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: ACE, Kendrion Intorq, Mayr, Michael Koch, Ringspann.