The pedal car Cit Kar by Johannes Kremer and Time is a revolutionary electric Kettcar with electric drive and fascinates the industry with an impressive range of 200 km. With a loading volume of up to 420 l and a payload of 300 kg, modern requirements for electric mobility are impressively met, especially in Germany. With the Cit-Kar, adults experience the joy of driving in a new and sustainable way.

Kettcar for adults



Typically, this Kettcar for adults (please do not confuse this with the singer Marcus Wiebusch from the group "Kettcar") combines environmentally friendly mobility and driving fun and scores in terms of transport capacity. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, the Kettcar car offers a driving experience in a class of its own. Whether you want to take short trips in the city or longer trips in the country, the Cit-Kar makes getting around eco-friendly and fun. With its attractive design and high-quality materials, the electric Kettcar is not only a practical means of transport, but also a real eye-catcher. But from the beginning: 

How the Kettcar for adults came about

In the rapidly advancing world of Electromobility innovative companies and start-ups strive to develop forward-looking vehicle solutions. Here, young start-ups like Time are characterized by creative ideas and unconventional approaches that established companies often shy away from.

The emergence of the pedal car for adults can be traced back to the innovative idea of ​​Johannes Kremer in 2013. He wanted the classic children's vehicle (such as that of the brand Mountain or Kettler) further developed and made it attractive for adults by providing it with electrical support. Together with a friend, Johannes designed and built the first prototype of this exciting vehicle, which hardly differs significantly from pedal go-karts for children.

Inspired by this successful experiment, Johannes and his father, Dr. Werner Kremer, and contacted the institute These in Aachen to get the necessary support for the implementation of their project. The institute specializes in helping founders to realize their ideas and offers help in various areas such as business administration, prototyping, market launch and patent protection.

Through targeted cooperation with a network of experts, the institute was able to offer them the necessary support to turn the Kettcar for adults into a marketable product.

Hydraulic brake cylinders stabilize the steering

The cooperation between Kremer and the Wissenser Technologieinstitut Time is an impressive example of the successful interaction of creativity and technical expertise.

Agit's mediation resulted in a fruitful partnership based on a comprehensive consulting agreement. This contract not only covers advice on material selection, but also supports constructive questions and all so-called make-or-buy decisions that arise during the development phase.

Kettcar vehicle for individual transport, parcel service providers and tradesmen

The lightweight Kettcar for adults differs from the competition through weather protection, ride comfort and an XXL frame that is designed for larger people and a higher load capacity.

The Cit-Kar is a versatile go-kart that was specially developed for adults and is characterized by its high load capacity and weather protection.

The Kremers are already going public with the second prototype: They are presenting the Cit-Kar at the Velo trade fairs in Hamburg and Maker Faire in Berlin - with a great response. “In addition, we have it in our kart up to the final round for the Eurobike Awards succeeded, took second place in the start-up live ideas competition and were nominated for the “Best of Startup” award,” Johannes Kremer proudly lists the successes to date.

Essentially, Cit-Kar differs from the competition through the weather protection, but also through the driving comfort. "Furthermore, we have a range of 200 km and can load up to 300 kg," explains Kremer. Depending on the size, the loading volume of the transport box is up to 400 l. A hub box with a capacity of 420 l is also conceivable, e.g. B. is tested by Amazon.

And Cit-Kar can also tow a trailer or children's jogger, which makes the electric vehicle just as interesting for inner-city parcel services as it is for safely transporting kids. However, craftsmen and service providers are also part of the target group. "With the range and the possibility of using cycle paths (no public roads), trips to the outskirts of cities are no problem," says Dr. Polzin for sure.

Telescopic rails for the stable trunk full extension

Huge interest

Johannes Kremer, founder and now Berliner by choice, reveals: “The interest is huge and we are very confident!” This success is also reflected in the rapid progress of the production plans in the Berlin area. In this way we could usher in a new chapter in the history of mobility.

The Kremers have made an impressive calculation that shows that the operating costs for the Kettcar are only around 60% of a conventional small car.

The environmentally friendly concept of the vehicle means that fuel costs, wear and tear and various charges such as insurance and taxes can be saved. In addition, the inspection costs for the Cit-Kar are significantly lower, which further reduces maintenance costs. Another special feature is that you can drive the innovative pedal car without a license - just like a bicycle.

This opens up new possibilities of mobility for many people and contributes to the fact that the Cit-Kar represents a real alternative to conventional means of transport.

Telescopic rails up to 136 kg load capacity for furniture and industry

Independent suspension, disc brakes and on-board computer

The independent suspension of the 18 "wheels with special springs ensures a high level of suspension comfort in the Kettcar. Fully hydraulic disc brakes ensure short braking distances.

Technologically, the Cit-Kar has a lot to offer: The independent suspension of the 18" wheels with special springs ensures a high level of suspension comfort. Fully hydraulic disc brakes with brake lights ensure short braking distances. The racing steering wheel comes with all the important ones controlsn and a driving display. The on-board computer displays speed, battery status, kilometers driven and the current time. Alternatively, a mobile phone can also be attached to the steering wheel.

Facts and components from and for battery production

The 250 W central motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 48 V/17 Ah and 1.5 kWh capacity and accelerates the Cit-Kar to a maximum of 25 km/h. The light vehicle with its body weighs 60 kg and is much more attractively priced than the well-known cargo bikes.

Video about brainstorming 

This video shows who came up with the idea of ​​this Kettcar for adults and why:


Which is the best kettcar for adults?

When it comes to finding the best pedal go-kart for adults, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The perfect Kettcar for you largely depends on your age, fitness level and desired use.

If you're in your late 30s or older, you might want to focus on a heavier model with more stability and better speed control. This is the case with a two-wheel drive kettcar, which has dual disc brakes and adjustable suspension systems, and a higher-powered engine. These are among the top models EzyRoller Ultimate Kettcar or Razor E200 Electric Scooter Kettcar, both of which are equipped with regenerative braking systems for increased safety and an extra boost of energy when needed.

For those in their early 20s or younger looking for an adrenaline rush, a model in the all-wheel drive category is recommended. These vehicles offer superior acceleration but suffer from reduced stability due to their low center of gravity. Popular models are e.g. B. that Single wheel X8 chain car with airless pneumatic tires and special dampers that allow maximum maneuverability in tight corners. If the price is within that budget, you can also opt for an electric scooter like the Ninebot by Segway ES2 decide who reaches a speed of up to 24 km/h!

What is the difference between a go-kart and a kettcar?

The main difference between one Go-Kart and a Kettcar lies in their drive and intended use. Go-karts are motorized vehicles, often used for racing activities, and offer high speeds.

Kettcars, on the other hand, are pedal-powered, child-friendly vehicles, ideal for safe play and physical activity. A pedal go-kart offers a similar experience, but is often designed for older children and adults. While pedal go-karts are designed for performance and speed, kettcars focus on fun and encouraging children to move.

How many kilos can a go-kart hold?

The load capacity of a pedal go-kart varies depending on the model and design. On average, go-karts can withstand a weight of around 100 to 200 kilograms. Racing and professional go-karts are often designed for higher loads, while recreational go-karts, which are often used in... Amusement and indoor tracks used may have lower weight limits.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's specific weight specifications to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Is a Kettcar street legal?

No, a Kettcar usually doesn't have one street legal. Kettcars are designed as play and leisure vehicles, primarily for children and for use on private property such as gardens and playgrounds.

Due to their design and equipment, they do not meet the necessary safety and technical requirements for road traffic. Driving a Kettcar on public roads can therefore raise safety concerns and is not permitted.

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