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Building technology for automation in smart homes and factories

Here you will find exciting new developments of products, systems and technologies for smart, economical houses and factories from the Technical Building Services with focus Building automation, including air conditioning, plumbing, building equipment, electrical engineering, house communication, heating and supply technology and much more. for smart, economical houses and factories.

Certainly building technology

Building technology is becoming more and more intelligent and efficient. Rooms are networked and interactive. House technic controls lighting, room climate, ventilation and heating. Systems for security today are often based on video surveillance. Bringing together the entire building equipment and controlling it from anywhere with an app brings convenience.

Brand new building technology

Find out about components and systems for the increasingly digitized and networked building technology in the smart home, which supplies and controls intelligently and is also energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and conserves resources.

Robotic lawnmower | The garden helpers for the perfect lawn

Husqvarna robotic mowerWhich robotic lawnmower is right for your garden? Save time and effort with the best models for different lawn sizes. This article will guide you through tests and criteria to find the ideal automatic lawn mower. At the same time we will introduce you to the latest models:

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DC cables for power distribution in buildings

Lapp DC cableLapp has one with Ölflex DC Grid 100 direct current-Cable (picture above) for power distribution in buildings and for connecting industrial systems in the portfolio. It is suitable for setting up energy-saving DC networks in the low-voltage range, for example for use in control systems and frequency converters.

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Energy-efficient building with energy facade and use of geothermal energy

With the energy concept, Baumer is taking a further step towards CO2 Neutrality. “The Innovation Center is intended to be a showcase project, particularly in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency,” says Dr. Vietze. A complete solar building shell will generate electricity. Geothermal probes and a heat pump heat and cool the interior spaces. 

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Gigabit switch for networking electricity meters in households

eks gigabit switch kEKS angel shows a new Industrial Ethernet Switch e-light-1100-4AC version 16TX/1FX and 8TX/1FX. The Gigabit Switch was developed for direct operation with a 230 VAC mains voltage. The two versions are therefore suitable for. B. in building technology for economical solutions for networking electricity meters in households. 

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Passenger safety is the top priority when transporting people in elevators. Safety-relevant components such as the elevator brake must therefore meet the highest quality requirements. On the one that ended interlift effect Mayr Antriebstechnik its entire range of tried and tested elevator brakes presented as shaft-mounted ones Safety brakes and the energetic caliper brake Roba Diskstop. This and other information about the Roba brakes can be found below:

Mayr elevator brakes


The heat sector is very suitable for the installation of an environmentally friendly Hydrogen heating. Even today, 20% hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas and thus with CO2 Significantly reduce emissions. Viessmann is already developing a complete product range for hydrogen heating and is also testing the hydrogen-compatible fuel cell heating.

Vissmann hydrogen heating


The corona pandemic has triggered numerous official measures in recent months, including the limited number of people in public institutions. Sensotek presented together with Pepperl + Fuchs at today's press event a new unique system for people detection and introduces the Smart Entrance Manager for digital Entry control for highly accurate people counting. 

Sensotek digital admission control


Energy harvesting pioneer enocean presents a new one multisensor. In the manufacturer's PTM form factor for maintenance-free wireless switches and sensors, the sensor module provides data for building automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). The integrated solar cell generates all the energy required for operation.

Enocean Energy Harvesting


Schmersal is now helping retailers and other institutions deal with the aftermath of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic with the Access control called Human counter. The system can be used for Entry control Comply with the Corona regulation on doors in public facilities. 

Schmersal Human Counter


Igus Engineers have a simple heat recovery method for the hall heating developed. They heat their industrial halls with machine waste heat and thus reduce gas costs and CO2-Emissions. The Cologne-based company also offers the concept of the innovative technology to other companies – free of charge! If all injection molders worldwide used this method, over 1 million t CO2 and over 548 million m2 Gas be saved.

Igus hall heating without heat exchanger


Mankind is growing unstoppably, consuming more and more resources and facing major challenges in urban development, infrastructure and mobility and the avoidance of climate damage. There are many practicable and visionary model projects for the Smart Cityhow citizens can maintain and improve their quality of life. We present here smart technologies and products for sustainable urban development, framed by breathtaking planned, under construction or already realized mega constructions.

N ARK Doge City model


Go to the Protection of the cinemas Elastic point bearings were removed in 2005 in the famous Grandberry Mall in Tokyo from disturbing noises and vibrations synodyne from getzner Installed. According to long-term measurements, it works Vibration Isolation Almost unchanged 15 years later. And so after the temporary closure of the area, Getzner received the order to also renovate the site Buildings to equip it again with its vibration protection.

Getzner vibration protection


peaknx10116In building automation, the trend is towards multimedia networking. To do this, however, devices have to communicate with each other via a wide variety of bus systems and protocols. Peaknx sees the chaos that prevails at first glance as an opportunity and brings a completely different perspective into play instead of the previous concept of unity or standardization. The home automation specialist is introducing a new server which, as a bus interpreter, creates a continuous connection between all technical equipment in the building.

Building sustainably means properly planning and utilizing the potential of a building over its entire life cycle. The more flexible the use of the building, the more sustainable it is Wieland Electric. The decentralized installation of Building automation and MSR electronics. Wieland also presents pluggable System distributorwith which individual rooms or entire floors can be divided up again and again. 

Wieland system distributor


phoenix0719Phoenix Contact is the first to offer a holistic solution for wired or wireless IP video surveillance for building automation in an industrial environment. This includes an extensive product portfolio of connection and automation technology that is used between the camera and video server.

Schneider Electric represents ethernet compatible Smart panels for protection, control, measurement and networking of Low voltage systems in front. The scalable Smart Panels can be combined with circuit breakers and Micrologic tripping devices from 16 to 6300 A. thanks Ethernet They allow architecture Real-time monitoring and Remote Management the electrical power distribution system. Additional software tools support the operation and maintenance of the smart panels.

Schneider Electric low voltage systems