Power Supply

reliable, mobile and stationary

Overvoltage protection, voltage converters, supply components, EMC filters and power consumption measurement for uninterruptible power supplies

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Reliable industrial power supply, mobile and stationary

A safe and efficient Power grid is essential in modern Manufacturing and for the envisaged energy transition. Supply the uninterruptible supply UPS in the Industry 4.0 factory Power supply, battery, accumulators with energies or electricity. Here you will find product innovations such as Surge protection, voltage transformers, Components for provision, EMC filter or for power consumption measurement and output voltage etc. - Regardless of whether it is 12V or 24V, here you will find products for your Uninterruptible power supply UPS in the safe power grid:

Brand new products for power supply

Green electricity from historic windmills

Igus Sailwind4 projectSep 28.09.2023, XNUMX | While traditional sailing windmills used to drive grinders and pumps for irrigation, in the future they will green stream to produce. For this purpose, they are being converted using high-tech components by students from the HTWG University of Konstanz. Igus supports the Sailwind 4 project with 10.000 euros and also provides the young engineers with lubrication-free linear guides and polymer bearings.


Efficient vehicle batteries for the Electromobility are manufactured in highly automated processes. As the use of data make production more efficient, white Mitsubishi Electric. For the efficient control of the machines and systems in the battery production also ensure many sensors of Pepperl + Fuchswho work with different measuring methods. There are many to handle Vacuum gripper technology from J. Schmalz.  

Pepperl Fuchs battery production


Pepperl + Fuchs presents a new one Power Supply for switch cabinet and other applications in automation. The devices of the PS1000 series complement the product families of intrinsically safe barriers, signal isolators and surge protection modules. The devices are very reliable and offer a long service life and a high degree of efficiency of over 95%.

Pepperl Fuchs power supply


Hy line0719When interconnecting on the top-hat rail, simple configuration and operation, security and high efficiency are required, especially for power supplies. The TDK-Lambda portfolio offered by Hy-Line Power Components meets these requirements.

There are applications in which individual Sensors into a 48V Power Type must be integrated. Such applications can be found, for example, when connecting switches or signal lights in conveyor technology. Bihl + Wiedemann has a new 48V / 24V for this DC converter developed. Thanks to it, there is no need to lay an additional AUX Cables with 24V through the entire system.

Biehl Wiedemann voltage converter


The overvoltage protection and lightning protection is essential when building new plants and energy systems and is required by standards. Weidmüller offers the new Varitector VPU AC S with many advantageous features such as space savings or reduced maintenance.

Weidmueller overvoltage protection


smp1018EMC filters reduce interference currents in converter systems that are generated by parasitic effects and clocking elements of the converter system. SMP Sintermetalle has developed EMC filters with high frequency stability. The specially manufactured materials for the new filters are effective for frequencies up into the gigahertz range. The material plays an important role in EMC filters: The aim is to achieve stable inductance across the entire frequency spectrum in order to maximize the attenuation of interference. 

The VRLA battery is the most important of the industrial batteries - popular and widely used. Not least because of its easy handling, it is the most successful battery type here. However, with the wide range of possible uses, errors can quickly occur that have a significant impact on their service life. Yuasa Battery provides information on how to get the most out of VRLA batteries.

Yuasa VLRA battery


frei1019The range of power supplies or UPS systems required is as wide as the range of applications. Gebr. Frei shows a whole range of interesting solutions, starting with power supply units that already support the new ASi-5 standard, through uninterruptible power supplies with different energy stores and buffer times to application-specific solutions, e.g. B. for medical technology.

Fine metal has an expandable Hand adapter for the battery cell developed. The cell adapter is used to contact round cells of the types 18650, 21700 and 26650. By exchanging different interchangeable inserts, the different requirements for current strength and contact quality can be met. The video demonstrates the function of the contact pins and tools.


smp1119SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus has developed "All Mode" EMC filters with high frequency stability. The specially produced HFCM materials (High Frequency Composite Materials) are effective for frequencies up into the gigahertz range and meet all the requirements of modern SiC and GaN applications. The all mode construction dampens both differential mode and common mode disturbances.

wago10117The current and voltage tap complements the Wago portfolio of current and energy measurement technology: the combination of 2-wire through terminal and current and voltage tap forms the ideal basis for successful energy management - because it is wherever electrical power is to be measured Current and voltage required.

keysight0619Keysight Technologies introduces a new line of one- and two-channel power supplies that offer more usable performance, an ergonomic design with low background noise, a small size and a large display. With the E36200 series, developers can test their product designs, such as products from automotive electronics, consumer goods, medical devices, power tools and industrial applications.