Trade fair for assembly & handling

Handling technology, feeding technology, material flow and automation as well as Bondexpo, trade fair for adhesive technology

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Motek trade fair | Assembly, handling, automation

The Motek Fair is a trade fair for production and assembly automation. Products and systems for handling technology, feeding technology, material flow and Automation with the aim of rationalization for Industry 4.0. PE sound is the organizer of the event. The BONDexpo, Trade fair for Bonding technologies at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center. 

Motek fair sound

Our Fair Special to the annual Motek trade fair, international trade fair for production and assembly automation in Stuttgart, shows you the highlights of the exhibitors. Exhibition areas are assembly plants and basic systems, handling technology, process technology for joining, processing, testing and marking, components for special machine construction as well as software and services.

Motek as a hub for flexible production

This year's Motek trade fair focuses on 10. to 13. October 2023 on three main topics: smart production components, assembly assistance systems and user-friendly implementation solutions. Project manager Rainer Bachert emphasizes the practical relevance of the trade fair and the advancing digitalization in all areas. Software and Artificial intelligence play a central role in optimizing production efficiency and sustainability. The fair serves as a platform for current technological innovations and offers practical approaches to the challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Product innovations for Motek 2023

In our trade fair special at Motek in Stuttgart, exhibitors and trade visitors and those who do not have time to come to Stuttgart will find new products from the exhibitors for industrial handling and automation before and after the trade fair. Use our service, we will keep you up to date. The date for the next Motek is October 08th to 11th, 2024 in Stuttgart.

Drive technology for Motek


Safety brakes for robot kit

The company Robco offers a modular robot kit for industrial manufacturing. In the robot arms, slim and lightweight robot brakes from the standard modular system from Mayr Antriebstechnik ensure the necessary safety.
Linear axis

Linear motor individual axes and actuators in a package

At Motek 2023, Bosch Rexroth is presenting an automation package (picture above), which, like the multi-axis systems, can be combined with individual linear motors and actuators. Optionally there is the operating software and other features.
Linear axis

Linear axis with recessed linear motor

The Lxs Shuttle linear motor axes F120 from Jenny Science were designed for travel distances of up to 1600 mm. They are characterized by a recessed linear motor and are only 45 mm high. The integrated new motor is stronger with a rated force of 120 N.
Lifting column

Internal rotor lifting column for long travel distances

When telescopic lifting columns reach their limits in applications with long travel distances or limited installation space, it's time for the patented internal rotor lifting column from Baumeister+Schack. At Motek 2023, the company is presenting the new IK 90 internal rotor lifting column.

Automation for Motek

Wireless Network

Optimize material flow in assembly technology

Oct 04.10.2023, XNUMX | Steute will use a demonstrator to present the latest version of the Nexy radio network for assembly workstations. For example, sensors on the shop floor level record containers in material stations, staging areas and workstations.
ABB Cobot

Cobots with currently the longest range

ABB offers solutions for flexible machine feeding. These are suitable for the requirements of the metal processing industry for variant production with small volumes up to batch size 1.

Software partner for sensor-adaptive robotics

Artiminds presented applications programmed with the in-house software solutions. The tools Robot Programming Suite (RPS) and Artiminds Learning & Analytics for Robots (LAR) simplify the programming of sensor-based robot applications.

Cobot, as fast as an industrial robot

Denso's Cobotta PRO 900 and Cobotta PRO 1300 are currently the most powerful cobots on the market. Their load capacity is 6 or 12 kg, the manufacturer specifies the TCP speed as 2100 mm/s or 2500 mm/s and the repeatability is also convincing.
Industrial robots

Industrial robots with new control architecture

Stäubli has developed unique robot series for digital transformation. The compact range of the dynamic and precise robots are equipped with a new control architecture including safety features and interfaces such as OPC/UA.

Machine elements for motek

Hygienic Design

Gap-free linear guide in hygienic design

Igus is a member of the EHEDG and has developed the first linear sliding guide that is consistently based on the hygienic design guidelines. This is ensured by FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer, high-alloy stainless steel and the flushable internal construction of the slide.

Connection technology to the Motek


Artificially intelligent screwing assistant

Trimiti is an AI-controlled screwing assistant for manual assembly processes that Nexustec will present at Motek. The worker receives a clear and systematic screwing sequence for each cell via an intuitive interface.
Locking bolt

Six new indexing plungers with rotary actuation

Kipp has expanded its indexing bolt portfolio by six versions with rotary actuation. With the practical locking bolts, moving parts can be quickly adjusted and positioned for operation. They are suitable for all applications in which the locking position must not be changed by lateral forces.

Materials + processes for Motek


3D printing resin significantly increases service life

With iglidur i3000, igus presents the world's first 3D printing resin for DLP 3D printing of wearing parts. After curing, the construction platform is lowered by one layer so that the next exposure can take place. Layer by layer, tiny components such as gears with tips measuring just 0,2 mm are created.