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Workstation, desktop, monitor or screen and 3D mouse - in short: tools for the designer and development engineer

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Hardware: News for the modern CAE and CAD workplace

Here you will find powerful ones Hardware for CAE and CAD-Workplace with workstation, desktop, monitor or screen, 3D mouse, 3D printer etc. for efficient construction and development. An ergonomic desk is at least as important to the development engineer at the VDU workstation as ergonomic input devices. Even the best CAD workstation gets sick when that Ergonomics not true. Ergonomic seating and the ergonomic mouse or keyboard as well as high-resolution monitors can work wonders here.

Brand new hardware for the CAD workplace

Find out here about new products, trends and applications for your work equipment - Optimize your CAD workspace!

3D Connexion, Systec, Hewlett Packard present

3dconnexion0419All 3D Connexion products now support the beta version of the 3D CAD application SolidWorks "Xdesign" by Dassault Systèmes. In the future, users will be able to construct from anywhere with a 3D mouse and Cadmouse.

3Dconnexion03173Dconnexion extends its product range with the "Cadmouse Wireless". The high-performance device is the first wireless mouse that was developed for the mobile workplace. A high-precision optical sensor, a battery life of up to two months, triple connectivity and CAD-specific features such as the dedicated middle mouse button support engineers and designers in their daily work.

asus10314 new

In addition to a high-performance PC and corresponding CAD / CAM software, professional displays are the basic equipment of a designer or designer. Because the success or failure of a design decides not least the visual impression of the viewer. Whether a solo artist or a team player is preferred - with the advent of new technologies and devices such as powerful zero client monitors and the latest 4K monitors, CAD users have not only been increasing the number of options available in recent years. Which these are, explains the following contribution from Asus.

3dconnexion01153Dconnexion introduces the new “Cad Mouse” and thus the world's first desktop mouse for professional CAD users. It is tailored to their requirements and thus complements the provider's 3D mice. High-quality components complete the stylish, ergonomic design in matt black and stainless steel. The combination of Cad Mouse and 3D mouse enables users to work more comfortably, precisely and efficiently over the long term than is possible with a normal mouse.

Wibu-Systems offers CodeMeter a technology to monetize and protect Embedded Software. The static library Codemeter Embedded provides the licensing and cryptography functions of Codemeter via a specific API for embedded operating systems such as Android, Linux Embedded, QNX, VxWorks and Windows. Codemeter µEmbedded was designed for very small logic modules or microcontrollers. SAP uses code meters e.g. B. for his authorization management.

Wibu code meter


3dconnexion02163Dconnexion presents the Space Mouse "Enterprise": The 3D mouse was specially developed for professional users who work on complex CAD models for a long time. With numerous newly developed functions, it is more efficient and economical than its predecessor, the “Space Pilot Pro”. The most frequently requested features have been implemented in the new mouse.

3DconnexionFrom now on, the complete 3D mouse product range from 3Dconnexion supports the 3D CAD software "Cocreate Modeling 17.0" and Personal Edition 3.0 from PTC as well as the architecture software "Archi CAD 14" from Graphisoft. Professional users of these two applications can use the 3D mice a better design interaction than with a standard mouse and keyboard and can not only construct your designs more intuitively, but also control them more precisely, increasing the performance of the entire team, which has to meet a wide variety of design requirements and is exposed to high competitive pressure.

Hama presents a Left-handed mouse, the highest with its vertical construction ergonomic demands Fulfills. The EMC-500L is available as a wireless and Cables bound execution. The wireless mouse only differs from the cable operated mouse by the stowable USB receiver and a separate on / off switch.

Hama left handed mouse


More and more employees are currently returning to their jobs. In doing so, companies must comply with the strict government hygiene requirements. Shit has system solutions for this that the company quickly developed after the outbreak of the corona pandemic, including mobile corona Bulkheads and Disinfectant dispenser for virus protection.

Dreckshage virus protection