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Who is actually the developmentscout?

Statement about usThe developmentscout is an online magazine German Online Publisher GbR and is aimed at the target group of designers and development engineers, managers and decision-makers, buyers and all other technology enthusiasts. First going online in 2010, it has been reporting on new products, their applications, research results and companies as well as topics on technological and megatrends from all industrial sectors for over thirteen years.

Our Expertise make

Our Industry Specials

we present new developments that were designed exclusively for the respective industry. Detailed information can be found in our Media-Kit..

Reporting: class instead of mass

"The only constant in life is change," said Heraclitus, and we base our thoughts and actions on this historical quote. After we first paid our attention to the layout for many years and regularly updated our look & feel, the appointment-free Corona period was just right for us to put everything we do editorially to the test. Until then, we had structured our reports similar to publications in a printed journal, with the difference that the texts SEO processed became. With the help of an agency and a little SEO self-study, all the facts for the editorial change were on the table.

However, the result was not decided and announced overnight, but went through a development process, which can still be traced here and there in our content. After all, since 2022 we have with our dynamic posts ushered in a completely new type of reporting in the trade press, which not only focuses on the current SEO rules, but also on Google searchers as soon as they have found their way to us. We now give you all the information on a specific topic at a glance, well structured and meaningfully networked. As a result, we are already looking forward to a 30 percent increase in traffic compared to 2021 and welcome new readers from all over the world to our circle of regular readers who have come to us directly, via social media, newsletters, backlinks, etc. 

All in one ad

Forget the countless individual services on the market that add up to huge sums:With our unique Marketing Web Packages we offer advertisers a consistent media presence on all our channels at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. When you work with us, you don't have to worry about a thing. After sending in your banners, our packages are virtually maintenance-free for you.

We publish the press releases we receive on partner sites, post them on our social media channels, place your banners individually tailored to your company, present your company in our newsletters and much more. We spoil you with Wellness Marketing, because working with us is like: installing and forgetting with permanent visibility.

Dream Team – from the beginning to today

we are a small but fine team, super fast in our decisions and even faster in implementation. With us, one can always do what the other finds difficult. The skills are therefore naturally optimally distributed. We value and stand for honesty, openness and reliability. 

Angela Struck - How it all began

About us AngelaI came one evening as the editor of Konradin Verlag for the year 2009 home and proudly presented my freshly printed journal to my children. I wanted to impress the budding engineers with my exclusive interview with a CEO printed in it.

Instead of the expected "Whoa" or "Our mom" reaction, they asked me succinctly what all the paper was supposed to do and if that was at least the case also readable online would? My boyfriend at the time also liked to hit the notch. While it was mean, it inspired me to think about why I was getting these reactions.

As luck would have it, another event reinforced these approaches to rethinking. For an interview in Cologne, the managing director gave me a book with the title What would Google do? After the long train journey back I was a lot smarter and full of euphoria. I already had a lot in mind and felt a great desire to design a website without a working group and endless discussions - and to suit my taste. When he got home, Mr. Struck had to foot the bill for his online annoyances. Because there was a lot to do for him too.

When the developmentscout was finished after a few months, we put it online in "let's see what happens mode". And: it generated traffic. Without further ado I made myself 2010 self-employed and constantly burdened my current husband with administrative requests.

Jens Struck – it fascinates me too

About us Jens StruckAfter 28 years In a managerial position at Siemens, I wanted to do something other than working group hopping and living in large corporate culture. And so the questions from my girlfriend at the time, such as “What actually is a CMS?” or “Could you see how it works” came at just the right time.

I also had a journal budget at the time and would have preferred to spend it online. But no website convinced me at the time. It didn't even dawn on me that the publishers paid so little attention to this medium. Admittedly, the way the three of us acted was a bit common. After all, we had no doubts about the quality of the publishing work. But ultimately our taunts have to best decision at the right time guided.

At the time I only had a vague idea of ​​what a CMS could be. However, it is not too difficult to get this one great tools to take advantage of. However, the many related tasks, such as SEO in the first place, were not quite as easy.

After I was increasingly busy as a part-time developmentscout in the first few years with the technical support of my wife's business, we decided 2013, also officially pulling together on a business strand. Since then there have been hundreds of thousands of updates, four relaunches and one wedding. 

Our customers, without whom we would not exist

We are proud of our mostly long-standing customers who have trusted us for many years right up to the very beginning. We would particularly like to take this opportunity to thank the partnerswho have remained loyal to us throughout the Corona crisis.

And here we come full circle again with a quote from Bill Gates: "Your most unhappy customers are your best source of learning." We take every customer criticism seriously, put them to the test, get to the bottom of problems, change what is possible and what at first glance seems impossible, and explain what is not feasible. 

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