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Control cabinet and housing Innovations for electrical and electronic components of machines and systems in modern production

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Auch Control Cabinets, Housing and switchgear are becoming much more important in the Industry 4.0 environment, because automation requires efficient operation. Manufacturers are increasingly moving towards developing modular series and entire control cabinet systems. Find out about the requirements for modern housing and cabinets. You can also discover the new products and numerous tips for efficient Electrical Cabinets.

Rittal control cabinet


Enclosures and control cabinets 2023

Modern control cabinets of today should modular, energy efficient, sustainable, compactt and much more. They must be suitable for digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Therefore, they are flexible, adaptable and easily configurable. Advanced control cabinets monitor real-time condition data and provide alerts when needed to prevent failures.

The integration of IoT Technologies enables better networking and remote monitoring. Because the components installed in them are becoming more and more powerful, the heat generated in the cabinet is also increasing. Innovative cooling and ventilation systems are therefore on the rise. Find out more about the new features of the 2023 control cabinet and housing below:


Interface conveniently monitors control cabinet climate

March 17.03.2024, 12 | Turck has expanded its area of ​​application with a relaunch of the IMXXNUMX-CCM control cabinet monitor. The devices can now be commissioned even more intuitively using haptic buttons instead of light buttons. The company has also improved the temperature range.
Digital transformation

Digital twins in control cabinet construction

Oct 26.10.2023, XNUMX | At the SPS, Rittal, Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud will show how connecting data rooms with their digital twins accelerates processes and how control, switchgear and mechanical engineering can help to withstand the pressure for change in terms of competitiveness.

Housing for measurement technology in hydrogen production

Oct 11.10.2023, XNUMX | For this explosion protection, Pepperl+Fuchs offers special housing technology for corresponding Ex zones and control cabinet modules for signal separation and further processing. These are used in pressure measuring and pressure control systems. Special solutions in the “Purge” area are also offered.
Desk housing

Streamlined plastic housing in IP67

Sep 20.09.2023, 136 | Richard Wöhr has expanded his plastic housing series to include the KS67 housings. The electronics of the housing, which is available in black or white, is protected against the ingress of dust and water thanks to protection class IPXNUMX and is also suitable for outdoor use.
Signal light

Optical sensor for LED signal light

03.07.2023/30/30 – The optical sensor KXNUMX Pro from Turck is suitable for applications that require an optical sensor and a multicolor LED display. The very compact device with a diameter of XNUMX mm is a space-saving solution at a low price from Turck's opto-partner Banner Engineering.
Electrical Cabinets

Control cabinet construction | Know-how from specialists

22.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | Innovative systems and technologies make a significant contribution to making control cabinet construction more efficient. They are characterized by modular concepts and intelligent solutions. In this article we take a look at the different approaches and advantages in optimized switchgear design.
Markus Ash

This is how digital transformation can succeed

22.03.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | In a few weeks, Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud want to enter into a dialogue with visitors to the Hannover Messe on the subject of digital transformation. They will show how comprehensive solutions can be created with competence in the relevant ecosystems.
LED light

Programmable multicolor LED signal light

23.02.2023/100/100 | Turck is expanding its range of LED signal lights with the robust LED displays of the K12 series. This indicator light was developed by Turck's opto-partner Banner Engineering. The XNUMX mm beacons are available in two configurations. The signal light item Pro Daylight Visible has XNUMX acoustic options.
wall switch cabinet

Compact wall control cabinets

01.02.2023 | With its Arca IEC wall switch cabinet series, Fibox presents a versatile selection of sizes and models. Manufactured from rugged, glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate, these cabinets offer easy housing modifications and diverse installation options.

Control cabinet and housing types

Control cabinets protect and organize electrical and electronic components. They vary in size, design and function depending on the area of ​​application. Here are the most common types of switch cabinets:

  • Wall switch cabinets and small housinge are mounted directly on walls or structures. They are typically smaller and are suitable for applications where space is limited.
  • free-standing control cabinets: These free-standing cabinets offer more space for components and are often used in larger industrial environments where many electrical components need to be housed. A standing control cabinet is available as a single cabinet, a bayed cabinet or a cabinet system.
  • built-in control cabinets are designed to be integrated into a larger structure or machine. They provide protection and organization for specific systems within the device.
  • Compact control cabinets: A compact panel is smaller and is often used for specialized applications or in areas with limited space.
  • Modular control cabinets: These control cabinets consist of individual modular units that can be assembled as required. This offers flexibility and countless expansion options.
  • IT housing were designed for small network applications. They are available in wall or stand versions.
  • IT cabinet systems are used for servers and network applications. They range from small to hyperscale data centers.

Control cabinets | News, tips, transport

How would the sensitive electronics be without the innovative packaging Control cabinets go? These are essential for smooth operation in numerous industries. A switch cabinet not only protects those installed in it electronic and electrical components, but also ensures more efficient production processes. In this article we take a look at the offers of different manufacturers, their specific designs and the accessories for different branches of industry.

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Modern server rack solutions for the IT infrastructure

The digital transformation with applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning demands the IT infrastructure out. While the processor performance increases, the density in the data center and thus the cooling requirements for Server rack & Co. increase, users demand scalable, secure and efficient systems. This article presents future-oriented and tailor-made solutions from small data centers to data centers in containers:

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industrial housing | Indoor and outdoor control boxes

Industrial housings have to withstand tough environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors. To do this, manufacturers use special materials and sophisticated designs. In addition, the Industry switch boxes gradually into the Digitalization included. This article provides an overview of the offerings from different manufacturers and shows how they meet the specific requirements of different branches of industry.

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Control cabinet construction | Know-how from the specialist

Control cabinet builders also have to make their work processes and the control cabinets more efficient for their customers. Innovative, modular and automated systems help to optimize the processes in the Electrical Cabinets to optimize and custome to realize constructions. This allows productivity increases and significant cost savings to be achieved. With the following tips and know-how from the specialists, you will find out how Efficiency into your control cabinet. control cabinet key

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Components for cases + cabinets

frequency converter
air conditioning
Cabinet fan
Measuring amplifier
PLC control
DIN rail terminal blocks
cabinet inverters
Safety control
Signal light
Standstill monitor
Power Supply

Air conditioning in the control cabinet

The right air conditioning in the control cabinet is more than just a convenience. It is essential for the longevity and efficiency of the electronic components installed in the control cabinet or housing. One adequate temperature control not only prevents harmful heat build-up, but also protects against dangerous environmental influences that could impair performance. With the following systems you ensure reliable air conditioning: 

Pressure compensation element | for control cabinet and housing

When air conditioning housings and control cabinets to protect the installed systems Temperature and humidity as well as pressure interacting. In order to avoid the first drop of water near sensitive electronics and thus increase operational safety, a pressure compensation element is recommended for effective pressure equalization and to prevent condensation from forming. You can see what is available for this in this article:

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Control cabinet cooling | Peltier cooling device & Co.

Various cooling devices are used for switching cabinet cooling, such as the Peltier technology or the compressors Technology. Because Industry 4.0 is introducing more and more electronics into machines and systems, the control cabinet is also becoming increasingly more equipped. The resulting heat and moisture formation inside must be dissipated to ensure reliable operation. You can find out which new devices are available on the market in this article: 

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Control cabinet fan against heat build-up

Control cabinet fans are often the invisible heroes in the background who ensure that electronic components work efficiently and reliably. They play a key role in maintaining an ideal temperature range in the control panel, helping to reduce heat build-up and potential damage sensitive components to prevent.

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Control cabinet monitor conveniently monitors control cabinet climate

Turck has relaunched the control cabinet monitor IMX12-CCM its area of ​​application expanded. The devices can now be commissioned even more intuitively using haptic buttons instead of light buttons. The company has also improved the temperature range: With +25° to 70°C, the interface program can now also be used Remote I/O-Use control cabinets. 

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Control cabinet manufacturer know-how

Turck interface

Turck offers various components and solutions for control cabinet construction such as Standard control cabinets in stainless steel for on-site use of remote I/O systems, customer-specific versions or interfaces. The standard cabinets can be designed for non-Ex areas up to explosion-proof for Zone 1/21 for 30 or up to 200 signals. 

Interface technology for signal processing

Adapting, reshaping, separating, processing and converting signals: you can do all of this with the Interface-Turck technology. The compact designs are flexible and versatile and are available with various operating concepts and configurations. You can find out in this article what know-how the automation provider offers. You can also find his contributions here New developments.

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Other manufacturers of control cabinet technology

In Germany there are a large number of control cabinet manufacturers who produce for both the national and international market. Some of the best-known and leading control cabinet manufacturers from Germany are:

  • Bopla develops and manufactures housings made of aluminum and plastic for electronics and electrical engineering.
  • Fibox is particularly known for its high-quality plastic housings and control cabinets, which are used in various industries.
  • hey is a manufacturer of control cabinets, machine housings and customer-specific housing solutions made of stainless steel, sheet steel and aluminium.
  • Lohmeier specializes in the manufacture of control cabinets and enclosures for a variety of applications for both standard and custom solutions.
  • nVent Schruff is a manufacturer of combinable, modular and scalable housings and cabinets that meet national and international standards for electronics packaging and comply with the IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x standards.
  • OKW housing systems has specialized in the development and manufacture of housings for electronic components such as hand-held housings, wall-mounted housings, desktop housings and other specialized housing solutions.
  • Rittal is one of the world's leading suppliers of control cabinet systems and IT infrastructure, with state-of-the-art production facilities and a system platform that is unique worldwide.
  • Rose system technology offers industrial housing solutions, including control cabinets.
  • Schneider Electric specializes in energy management and automation and offers a wide range of cabinets and housings.
  • Siemens supports the user with Integrated Control Panels in optimizing all aspects when creating control cabinets.
  • Spelsberg has specialized in electrical installation systems and also has a large number of housings and control cabinets in its portfolio.
  • residents is a specialist in power distribution systems with a range of control cabinet and housing solutions.

Applications and Industries

Choosing the right type of control cabinet depends on the specific application, the environmental conditions, the size and type of components to be protected, and other factors in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Here are a few examples from the Technical Building Services and solar technology:

Smart panel

Smart Panel wall housing for building technology

OKW Gehäusesysteme presents new wall housing. The elegant look in the rectangular or square housing is suitable for modern residential, commercial and industrial environments. The Smart Panels are used for convenient control and monitoring of an entire building technology.
low-voltage system

Smart panels control low-voltage systems

Schneider Electric presents Ethernet-enabled Smart Panels for protection, control, measurement and networking of low-voltage systems in critical buildings. The scalable Smart Panels can be combined with circuit breakers and Micrologic trip units from 16 to 6300 A.
solar technology

Control cabinet for the networked solar world

For outdoor use in the photovoltaics industry, Rittal is offering an outdoor showcase with three enclosure solutions that flexibly meet a wide variety of requirements in terms of material, paintwork and structure. One of them is the TS 8 outdoor cabinet with UL approval.


What does a control cabinet do?

A control cabinet protects electrical and electronic components from external influences such as dust, dirt, moisture and mechanical influences. Inside, components such as relays, contactors, fuses, control devices and many others are organized and systematically arranged. Control cabinets are often equipped with ventilation or cooling systems to dissipate the heat generated by electronic components and to provide protection against overheating. Some control cabinets are designed to shield against electromagnetic interference, preventing sensitive electronic components from being disturbed by external electromagnetic fields.

How is a control cabinet structured?

A control cabinet has a standardized and often customer-specific construction. The basic components and their arrangement are largely consistent, but vary according to the application. Here is a general overview of the construction of a control cabinet:

  • Housing: As a rule, the housing consists of robust Metal, Plastic or a combination of both and protects the internal components from external influences such as moisture, dust and mechanical stress.
  • Kind: Most electrical cabinets have one or more doors that allow access to the internal components.
  • mounting plate: The electrical and electronic components are mounted on the plate, which is often made of galvanized steel or aluminium.
  • Terminal strips: They are used to make the individual electrical connections. They enable structured and clear wiring.
  • mounting rails like the top-hat rail are used to attach e.g. B. Relais, Contactors or electronic assemblies.
  • cable glands allow cables to be fed into the control cabinet and are often provided with seals to prevent the ingress of moisture or foreign bodies.
  • ventilation system: For heat dissipation, control cabinets can be equipped with passive ventilation openings or active cooling elements such as fans or air conditioners.

What all belongs in a control cabinet?

A control cabinet serves as the central control and protection component in many technical and industrial systems. The exact configuration of a control cabinet can vary depending on the application and system requirements. Here is a general list of items that might be found in a control cabinet:

  • labels and documentation are in the form of circuit diagrams, instructions or warnings attached to the inside or outside of the control cabinet or at least included in the shipment.
  • Electronic and electrical components include contactors, relays, fuses, power supply units, controls.
  • Grounding: Control cabinets and their built-in components are grounded to minimize the risk of electric shock or other safety-related incidents.
  • ventilation and cooling components: This includes fans, heat exchangers, air conditioners or heating elements and pressure compensation elements that regulate the temperature and humidity in the control cabinet.

Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: Cideon, Elmeko, Eplan, Fibox, German Edge Cloud, LQGroup, Pepperl+Fuchs, Richard Wöhr, Rittal, Turck, Wago