A pair of compressors or Compressor compresses and compresses air, water or oil according to the displacement principle or according to the turbo principle. Whether e.g. B. screw compressors, piston compressors or rotary compressors are used and regardless of the principle, they all have in common that they energy efficient have to be. This will become mandatory from July 2023 IE4 Binding energy efficiency level. We present to you new products on the market and use cases:

Aerzen compressor 



Compressor 2024 – The most important things in brief

Compressors play a crucial role in many industrial sectors. Modern developments focus on higher Energy Efficiency, lower maintenance and improved noise reduction. Oil-free screw compressors and scroll compressors, which impress with their quiet and clean operation, are particularly popular.

These compressors are also very reliable and they last longer. This significantly reduces operating costs. Thanks to innovative control systems, compressors can now Real time monitored and adjusted to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Overall, this can increase productivity and at the same time reduce environmental impact.

Compressor – The new products

Compressors and compressors for the process gas industry

May 15.05.2024, XNUMX | Realized on the basis of the extremely wide range of future-oriented blowers and compressors aerzen Tailor-made concepts with the highest level of efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. The company is presenting this range at the Achema 2024.

Screw compressors for hydrogen compression

Screw compressors are an efficient solution for compressing Hydrogen in the low-pressure range and ideally complement high-pressure compressors. Thanks to their internal compression without free mass forces, they offer reliability and flexibility with low maintenance intensity and low operating costs, both in full and partial load operation.

Aerzen offers a comprehensive range screw compressors, including VRW series oil-free models and VMY series oil-flooded models. These are characterized by high efficiency, compact design, cost-effectiveness and process reliability.

Green gas / biogas solutions

Aerzen also offers specialized solutions for biogas market, which are ideal for the production of biomethane, feeding it into supply networks and generating pre-pressure for combined heat and power plants. The portfolio includes tailor-made blowers and compressors that are tailored to the different requirements for suction and discharge pressures.

These include the oil-injected screw compressors of the VMX and VMY series, which are very energy efficient and offer high system availability and ease of maintenance. With a large variety of types and numerous modification options, these units are for continuous use 24 hour operation optimized. A particular advantage is their TÜV-certified explosion pressure shock resistance up to 12 bar, which allows them to be used in processes with inner Atex zone 1.

Oil-free process air for sensitive applications

Industries in which the quality of the pumped medium is crucial for the production process, such as chemical process engineering, electronics and semiconductor production, offer another field of application for oil-free screw compressors. These compressors guarantee compressed air technology certified according to ISO 8573-1, Class 0 100% oil-free product purity.

This is an outstanding example of customer-specific engineering Aggregate 2C G, based on the two-stage screw compressor series 2C. This was specifically designed for the handling and processing of boil-off gas (BOG) in shipping. The machines meet the safety requirements according to DIN EN 1012-3 for flammable gases and offer the highest level of process reliability.

IE4 motors in standard Boge compressor series

Boge compressors12.07.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | The efficient Compressor S-4 series is now even more efficient because Boge is replacing the IE3 motors in the screw compressor series with an output of 110 kW to 160 kW with powerful, energy-saving IE4 motors. This also reduces the CO2 emissions and maintenance over long periods of operation.

To advance the eco-design of electric motors, promote sustainability and reduce CO2 To minimize emissions, the European Union has set minimum requirements for energy efficiency Asynchronous three-phase motors fixed. For Engines with an output of 75 kW to 200 kW, the energy efficiency level is IE4 from July 2023 causing obligation. Boge is already integrating IE4 motors into the screw compressors mentioned. The screw compressors in the lower power classes will also be upgraded in the months that follow. This means that the compressor manufacturer has opted for the more efficient and environmentally friendly IE4 motors ahead of time.

"While the IE4 motors were previously available as an option in our S-4 compressor series, we are now making them standard," says Frank Hilbrink, product manager at Boge. "This enables us to achieve energy savings of 0,6 to 1,5 percent." With annual energy costs often in the six-figure range, this reduction is significantly noticeable, as the following example shows:

For a compressor with a Power of 110 kW, which runs 8000 hours a year, a reduction in power consumption of around 1% results in savings of 1500 euros. The changeover to the IE4 motors has no effect on the overall dimensions of the compressor, but on the delivery quantity. Because this can be increased by up to 1,6%. With the use of more efficient motors, Boge not only reduces power consumption, but also achieves this through the associated reduction in CO2 Emissions also make a crucial contribution to combating climate change.

Energy-efficient air deflation of compressors

mannhummel041911.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | "StarboxXT"And" Starbox2“ are the names of the new spin-on separators from Mann + Hummel for air de-oiling of compressors. The separator series ensures clean compressed air and at the same time reduces the energy requirements of the air compressor. Both separators are designed for a wide flow range so that their advantages can also be made available over the entire working range in compressors with a variable speed drive (VSD).

The Star boxXT is the new standard series and offers a particularly good separation performance. The series offers a stable and safe function to make the compressed air oil-free in different operating areas as well as an oil consumption reduced by about 30%. Also the energy-saving compressor with variable drives is optimally supported. A new sealing concept was developed for safe maintenance. Scratching of sealing surfaces with subsequent leaks or shearing off of sealing elements when changing the filter is structurally impossible. The new star boxXTseries can be used directly on an existing compressor and is immediately ready for use.

The Star box2 offers a particularly low pressure loss. The spin-on separator series was specially developed for stationary and mobile compressors up to an output of around 55 kW. The starbox2 Not only does it reliably remove compressor oil from the compressed air, it also consumes only minimal energy. Pressure loss is up to 25% lower than other spin-on separators. Flow optimization in the connection area and a new sealing concept make this possible and at the same time improve installation safety.

VW wins International Engine of the year with Eaton compressor

Eaton compressor VW13.08.2010 | Eaton Corporation is successful in the “International Engine of the Year” award for the second time in a row. Eaton's fifth-generation supercharger combined with a turbocharger helped Volkswagen secure the award for Best Engine for its 1,4L TSI Twincharger four-cylinder. In addition to the winning engine, Eaton is also represented with components in five of the ten other engines that received awards.

These include: the Inlet valves of the BMW engines 1,6L Turbo Diesel, 2,0L Twin Turbo Diesel and 4.0L V8 as well as the exhaust valves of the 3,0L Twin Turbo six-cylinder in-line engine from BMW and the 1,4L Multi-Air Turbo engine from Fiat.

Darryl Niven, General Manager of the Eaton Supercharger Division, explained: “The winning engine from Volkswagen is equipped with our supercharger technology and has received international awards for its efficiency and performance, among other things. This proves once again that it is possible to replace large engines with smaller, more efficient ones that reduce fuel consumption and therefore emissions. And that without sacrificing horsepower and performance.” 

The Engine of the Year award – sponsored by UKIP Media & Events Ltd. – is awarded to automobile manufacturers whose engines demonstrate the best performance in terms of fuel efficiency, engine noise, smoothness, performance and drivability. The award goes to engines that are sold internationally in vehicles built in 2010/2011. A jury of 72 journalists from 35 countries evaluates the applications received.

Compressors in use

Suction excavator manufacturer RSP relies on Mattei compressors

Mattei suction excavator compressor

18.02.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | The suction dredger manufacturer RSP relies on Mattei compressors. The suction excavators for civil engineering, which are mounted on a truck, are supplied with compressed air. The rotary compressors they work reliably, are powerful and require little maintenance. RSP GmbH, based in Saalfeld / Saale in Thuringia, has been producing suction excavator bodies for two, three or four-axle chassis since 1993.

“Since then we have had our extensive know-how in the field of Special suction technology continuously expanded and positioned us internationally. In addition to the standard range, we offer customer-specific solutions that fit every type of truck ”, describes Angelica Warkus from RSP Marketing.

The Suction dredger cover a wide range of applications. You work in urban civil engineering, in mineral extraction, in steelworks or in tunnel construction. “Everywhere where for environmental reasons on hydraulische Excavation technology dispensed with becomes. ”Over the years, RSP has grown steadily. Today 250 employees generate a turnover of around 40 million euros. The export share is 80%.

Suction dredger for all media up to 250 mm

Mattei Compressor

The vehicles built in Saalfeld function according to the RSP principle. The fan creates a Air flow of up to 44.000 m³ / h and a maximum negative pressure of 55.000 Pa. The suction hose can be hydraulically rotated three-dimensionally via the carrier. In the area of ​​the suction head, the material is carried away by the air flow. All media, solid particles up to a size of 250 mm are picked up. The material is deposited in the collecting chamber, the air flow is cleaned and dried via the separation chamber.

The reliability of partners who deliver high quality and are able to solve complex tasks plays an important role for RSP. Looking for a suitable supplier from the compressed air The Thuringians found what they were looking for in Italy. “We got the first ones in 2000 on our Mattei excavator rotary compressors M86 and M111 used with hydraulic drive. We haven't given up vane cell technology since then. We are still impressed by their reliability, ”says Angelika Warkus.

Supply of pneumatic control units

Mattei Giancarlo DuzioniMattei compressors are used at RSP to supply pneumatic control units, to clean the large dust filter and to feed tools. An example of this is the Air lance with its precise compressed air nozzle. This is used to loosen the soil so that the material can then be sucked off with the hose nozzle.

The suction excavator manufacturer is very satisfied with the performance of the components: “In order to increase the performance of our vehicles, it is essential for continuous and effective Cleaning the fine-mesh filter by means of compressed air. This is the only way to ensure permanent and flawless extraction, ”says Angelika Warkus.

In addition, RSP is of the capacity of Mattei Compressors excited. “The rotary compressors increase the Overall efficiency of our systems, because they help to reliably extract the required amount of dust per unit of time. "

Other important advantages from RSP's point of view are the compactness and the self-regulating performance of Mattei compressors. Bulky air storage tanks are not required. "In this way, the machines are installed and serviced quickly and easily in the cramped conditions of the suction excavators," says the marketing manager.

The low ones also bring plus points rotational speeds and the low number of moving parts in Mattei compressors. As a result, the suction excavator works particularly quietly - an advantage that RSP particularly appreciates when working in urban areas.

The company rates the cooperation with the Italian compressor specialist as partnership-based and always solution-oriented: “Mattei will continue to help us with the implementation in the future complex suction excavator projects support with a high level of competence and reliability ”, Angelika Warkus is convinced.

Losan Pharma relies on speed-controlled screw compressors

Almig screw compressor22.01.2018/50001/XNUMX | In order to make production in the new plant in Eschbach more efficient, Losan Pharma has the company certified according to ISO XNUMX. A crucial adjusting screw for an economical way of working is compressed air, which is used here. The Pharmaceuticals Company on two directly driven, speed-controlled screw compressors of the series Variable from Common.

Film or effervescent tablets, capsules, pellets or granules: Why are medicines actually offered in very different forms? Christopher Lang, head of technology and authorized signatory at Losan Pharma GmbH, knows: "It's less about personal preferences, taste or color of the drug, but about the time-controlled release of the active ingredient in the patient," he describes.

The exact dosage and the chemically, physically and biologically stable form of the respective substance ensure how quickly the person can absorb the preparation and how quickly it can develop. "We can control exactly how the drug levels throughout the day," explains Lang. The internationally recognized partner of the pharmaceutical industry brings the manufacturer's products into the appropriate so-called dosage form.

Efficiency adjusting screw compressed air

Almig refrigeration dryerIn production, the company attaches great importance to efficient processes. Therefore it undertakes to operate after the Energy management system ISO 50001 to get certified. The aim is to continuously improve energy-related services. "Especially with constantly increasing energy costs, we examine very specifically where we can save", explains Mr. Lang. One way of reducing costs is efficient compressed air generation. Because the expensive energy source plays an important role in the entire operation.

Technical manager Lang shows in the Cleanroom on two packaging lines. For us, compressed air serves on the one hand as drive energy and on the other hand as control air for valves and cylinders. "Once we've set everything up here, we'll have eleven lines at our disposal," he says. Among other things, these consist of filling systems, pick-and-place systems, cartoners, so-called pushers, which push or blow away the scarce goods from the line, Scales and various packaging systems.

"In production, for example, we use compressed air tablet presses or as sealing air," says Christoph Lang. Because to prevent explosions during production with flammable liquids, housings with electrical switching components are sealed with the help of excess air pressure. "We also use compressed air to remove dust from filter systems during production or to drive ventilation flaps," says Lang. Another application: Some film tablets have to be coated with a protective coating. Nozzles spray the particles directly onto the product with fine atomizing air.

It depends on the compressor

Almig compressor controlLosan Pharma has been based at the main location in Neuchâtel since the company was founded in 1993 Almig screw compressors. There are currently four systems there. Due to the good experience, those responsible also decided in Eschbach to use the supplier's machines.

Important: As part of energy management, the consumption of this complex form of energy should be able to be flexibly adapted to actual needs. "That's why we installed two speed-controlled, directly driven compressors from the Variable series. Because these work more energetically than other systems," explains Almig area sales manager Volker Gräschke, who looks after the pharmaceutical company.

The Avoidance of idle times, the permanent load changes and the associated higher compression, considerable electricity savings can be made. With several thousand load changes per year, the energy consumption can add up considerably. "Compared to compressors that are regulated in load/idle mode, the Almig devices save around 30 percent energy with this alone," says Graeschke.

Almig compressed air cartoner

Variable 55 can be regulated in the range between 2,2 and 10 m³/min. The operating pressure can be selected between 5 and 13 bar. "At the moment we are working with 8,8 bar per machine. This means that around 18 cubic meters per minute are available, more than we need," says Mr. Lang. The goal is the pressure as low as possible to keep. This can be achieved by permanently monitoring and eliminating compressed air losses in the distribution network and in the machines.

The steering Air Control HE regulates the two compressors as a function of consumption. This allows the operator to take full advantage of the energy benefits of speed control because the systems only generate as much compressed air as they actually consume. The pressure remains constant. "If consumption increases towards the maximum delivery quantity of a system, the second compressor switches on. A speed reserve is maintained so that no pressure fluctuations occur when the compressors are switched on and off and the station runs economically," explains Gräschke.

In the main load phase, both systems run synchronously at the same speed. In the low-load phase, only one compressor runs. This automatically adapts to the consumption profile. "One variable always works, even when the compressed air requirement is low," says Gräschke. Since the machines are in the medium speed range, both the energy requirement and the noise emissions are lower. In addition, the components are less stressed, which has a positive effect on the service life of the compressors. "The design gives us another advantage: If, for example, a system is being serviced, we can cover 70 percent of the compressed air requirement with the other compressor," explains Lang.

Compressed air compressors: Oil-free and dry compressed air

Almig pick and placeBecause compressed air not only controls valves, but also come into contact with the product As with coating the tablets, it must be of the highest quality and absolutely dry and oil-free to ensure patient safety. In order to avoid any contamination, the air is treated with a cyclone, pre-filter, refrigeration dryer, ultra-fine filter and activated carbon adsorber. An additional activated carbon filter is provided in the bypass line to bypass the activated carbon adsorber, for example during maintenance.

The Characteristics of the refrigeration dryer are precisely adapted to the respective system. "One advantage is that the external refrigeration dryers are thermally separated from the hot zone of the compressor," says Graeschke. "This means that there is no so-called refrigerator in the oven." The compressed air is then processed further and fed to the consumers via a collecting pipe with a large cross-section.

Save heating costs with heat recovery

The provides further energy savings integrated heat recovery. This is because around 75% of the electrical energy invested flows into the heating system. "The machines are factory-equipped with heat exchangers and water control valves to heat the heating water to 70 degrees Celsius," says Gräschke. The water that cools the compressors is fed directly into the heating system and various ventilation systems. This results in a high savings potential, especially in the cold months. 

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does a compressor do?

A compressor increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. It sucks in the gas, compresses it and releases it at higher pressure. Compressors are used in many areas such as in industry to supply compressed air, in refrigeration technology and to increase the pressure in gas pipelines. They are essential for applications that require compressed air or gases.

Which compressors are the best?

Selecting the best compressor depends on the specific requirements of each application.

  • screwsCompressors are ideal for continuous industrial applications, offering high efficiency and low maintenance.
  • PistonCompressors are suitable for applications with variable air requirements. They are robust and versatile.
  • scrollCompressors work particularly quietly and efficiently. They are predestined for sensitive applications such as in medical technology.
  • TurboCompressors are perfect for very high air volumes and pressure requirements, efficient and long-lasting.

What does a good compressor have to have?

A good compressor should have the following properties to offer optimal performance and economy:

  1. Height Efficiency: Low energy consumption with maximum performance.
  2. Reliability: Long service life and low maintenance.
  3. Low noise: Quiet operation, particularly important in sensitive environments.
  4. pressure stability: Constant pressure for consistent performance.
  5. Compacte Construction: Space-saving design for flexible application options.
  6. Easye Operation: User-friendly control and maintenance access.

Which is the quietest compressor?

This is the quietest compressor Scroll compressor. Thanks to its special design, it works extremely quietly and with little vibration. Scroll compressors are ideal for noise-sensitive applications, such as in medical technology or laboratories, while offering high efficiency and reliability.

Source: This article is based on information from the following companies: Aerzen, Almig, Boge, Eaton, Mann+Hummel, Matthei.

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