electronic components for developers

Electronic components for electrical circuits such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, coils, transistors, relays or terminals

switch cabinet

Control cabinets for machines and systems

Control cabinet and housing Innovations for electrical and electronic components of machines and systems in modern production

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Cables & wires: veins of industry

The cable becomes a high-tech component in the industrial environment and is therefore suitable for e.g. B. Single Pair Ethernet or CAT6e technology

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Cable & Wire Connectors

Single pair Ethernet connectors, push-pull connectors, miniature connectors or rectangular connectors for machines and systems

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Power Supply

Power supply mobile and stationary

Overvoltage protection, voltage converters, supply components, EMC filters and power consumption measurement for uninterruptible power supplies

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Electrical engineering and electronics for the factory of the future

You will find many new products from the Electrical Engineering and Electronics for the bloodstream in the Industry 4.0 Factory. We report on components, systems and technologies of the electronic componentsCables, wires, switch cabinet, about Connectors, Power Supply and much more. You can also find out interesting facts about Future technologies like Single-pair Ethernet, IIoT or single-cable motor technology for modern mechanical engineering and smart system technology.

Single pair Ethernet Harting


Brand new electrical engineering and electronics

The electrical engineering, electronics is the second largest industry in Germany according to the number of employees and ranks with a high export content right behind machine and plant engineering. And it is a stronghold of Middle class. Over 90 percent of the companies that are active in the electrical engineering and electronics sector employ fewer than 500 people. On the way to Industry 4.0, industrial goods are increasingly being equipped with electrical engineering or electronics. 

Electrical engineering and electronics for special industries

For industries like for example the Automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery Products must meet special requirements such as approvals, certificates or surfaces and material properties. Here we present you the latest innovations from industry solutions and from the Applied research .

  • Which electric car owner doesn't always want to have an efficient, fast, reliable and available way to charge their electric car? And because there are always new developments in charging plugs and charging cables for electric cars, we would like to introduce them to you here. Here you will find Type 1 plugs, Type 2 plugs, CCS plugs and the associated charging cables...
  • According to the ZVEI, almost every fifth German already uses networked functions within their own four walls, including those for controlling their heating system. The new generation of the individual room control NEA Smart 2.0 for surface heating and cooling from Rehau is well suited for this. The entire control technology can now also be used with other KNX-enabled...
  • Flexible printed circuit boards made from thin polyimide films have established themselves in many product areas. But they are expensive to equip and assemble, even if they offer many advantages. That is why Harting relies on 3D MID technology, which can save up to two thirds of the costs. In a POS terminal...
  • In cooperation with Aconno, the Schmersal Group has developed the prototype of an Industry 4.0 switch for the bulk goods industry. With the Heavy Duty Switch (HDS) series, data can be transmitted wirelessly over distances of several kilometers in extensive conveyor systems in heavy industry. 
  • The shading raises the question of module optimizers or inverters with integrated yield optimization for specialists before installing a solar system. According to SMA Solar Technology, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has the answer. A study shows that a photovoltaic system with a modern string inverter is in almost all...
  • Not only is the demand for personal protective equipment increasing due to the global spread of the coronavirus, but also for ventilators. In order to ensure supply in Germany, the federal government placed several orders for ventilators with various manufacturers at short notice.   
  • Food producers have so far often been skeptical about the use of connectors in sensitive areas. They fear that the outlines of interfaces will break through the easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces. But you need them in the product-related area for cleaning. Harting has developed a special connector for such applications. The Han F+B withstands intensive cleaning. 

Electrical engineering and electronics for machines and systems

Digitization, integration, networking, monitoring: These are the Industry 4.0 requirements that are also driving electrical engineering and electronics in mechanical and plant engineering. And so connectors and cables are more than just one today electrical connection technology. We present the innovations below:

The portfolio of Igus Energy chain is happy about the first rack from the 3D printer and a world first: With the first fully recycled fully recycled cradle chain the circular economy is promoted. The smallest pluggable Readychain Micro speedMicro speed can also be connected 80% faster. We have compiled these and other new energy chains and applications for you below.

Igus Cradle Chain


Harting is consistently aligned with the megatrends of resource conservation and energy efficiency. The technology group offers a comprehensive range for this Industry Connectors Portfolio for a wide variety of applications up to Interface connection technology for the Industry 4.0 environment. There were new solutions for SPS 2023 smart energy management to see. You can find these and other innovations below:

Harting Han modular dominoes


Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) forms the basis for the infrastructure that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 makes possible. SPE cables can be installed in a space- and cost-saving manner. They enable the direct Communication from the cloud to the field level. Data is transmitted at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s with just one pair of wires. Below you will find a lot of interesting facts and innovations of the new Ethernet standard.

Igus SPE line


A pair of wires is enough, thought to himself Harting in 2018 and campaigned for the Single-pair Ethernet technology one. The technology group relies on standardization and partnership. In the meantime, several standardization committees for the SPE mating face decided by Harting so that companies can start implementing the SPE when developing new devices. We will keep you up to date on what is happening at Harting in terms of SPE connectors.

Harting Single Pair Ethernet


There are many different Connectors, all of which have one function: they connect devices. The demands on them are increasing under the sign of Industry 4.0 connectivity: Miniaturization, modularization, individualization and digitization require ever better performance. We present here the novelties of push-pull, M12, CAT6, magnetic, high-performance, hybrid, circular, rectangular, board-to-board, bus or other Plugs numerous connection specialists. 

Phoenix Contact Wire to Board Connectors


The Miniature Connectors Han DDD by Harting covers the miniaturization in Robotic and Automation services currently the most consistent. The triple D stands for the highest contact density. Safe signal transmission also requires little space. At this Miniature plug the number of contacts has more than doubled compared to the previous standard. The dimensions and electrical properties have remained the same in this version.

Harting miniature connectors

Efficient vehicle batteries for the eMobility are manufactured in highly automated processes. As the use of data make production more efficient, white Mitsubishi Electric. For the efficient control of the machines and systems in the battery production also ensure many sensors of Pepperl + Fuchswho work with different measuring methods. There are many to handle Vacuum gripper technology of J. Schmalz.  

Pepperl Fuchs battery production


How would the sensitive electronics be without the innovative packaging Control cabinets go? These are essential for smooth operation in numerous industries. A switch cabinet not only protects those installed in it electronic and electrical components, but also ensures more efficient production processes. In this article we take a look at what different manufacturers offer and their specific designs for different industries.

The Connectors for the energy distribution im Rail vehicle must be particularly robust, quick to install and easy to maintain. For rail technology Harting therefore developed new interfaces. They withstand the demanding environment in rail traffic and also remain interoperable in the sub-distributions. And passengers are also taken care of with a new mini Ethernet interface for infotainment systems.

Harting energy distribution rail vehicle


The intelligent one XTS transport system of Beckhoff combines the advantages of linear and rotary drives. It creates completely new possibilities for flexible machine concepts. Of the Connectors IX Industrial of Harting enables a double number of ports in this transport system. In this way, long distances can be realised. A report on innovative product transport, the potential of clever Ethernet interfaces and a webinar on July 1, 2020.

Harting industrial connector


industrial housing have to withstand tough environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors. To do this, manufacturers use special materials and sophisticated designs. In addition, the switch boxes in industry are gradually being integrated into the Digitalization included. This article provides an overview of the offerings from different manufacturers and shows how they meet the specific requirements of different branches of industry.

Industrial housing Bocube UL

igus10518Every two years Igus presents the Vector Award, which honors outstanding applications with energy chain systems. This year, 187 different applications from 30 countries were submitted for participation. The golden vector went to the company Loxin from Spain. In this application, two articulated robots work in the final assembly line for aircraft fuselages.