cables and wires are the lifelines of modern technologies in industry. From energy transmission to dataeffective communication and there are a wide variety of cable types for the multitude of industries. Below we present a selection of products, technologies, interfaces and applications of electrical cables / wires with information from specialists such as, among others Igus, Harting, Leoni, SPE Industrial Partner Network.

Lapp DC lines


If you look at the rough description of the difference between cable and wire, where the cable is more likely to be buried underground and covered with a jacket and all we see is a wire, it is more likely the wire that is in the Industry 4.0 era is increasingly becoming a high-tech component like for Single-pair Ethernet or the CAT6e technology. And that is what we primarily report on - about the latest in cables and lines or the Electrical Engineering Industrial veins, no matter how the conductors are laid.

Below we present you the latest technologies and products for electrical cables/lines in control cabinets, cable ducts or energy chains.

Connection and control cables

Control cables and connecting cables are at the heart of many industrial applications. Connection lines are usually used for Power Supply and are designed for higher power capacities. Control lines are mainly used for signal transmission in control and regulation circuits and usually have a lower power capacity.

Control Wire: UL Recognized, Tested, and Safe

22.04.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | From the cable carrier directly to the cable rack is a matter of course in Europe. This is much more difficult for companies in the USA and those who deliver there. A new UL MTW/TC-ER certified control line from Igus now solves the problem.

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Halogen-free TPE cable with the world's first UL approval

18.11.2021 | Get it for the first time worldwide Igus for its high-end TPE cables without flame-retardant halogens UL AWM certification as additives. The testing organization thus recognizes that halogen-free TPE cables can meet the fire protection requirements of the industry.

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Servo cable for safe machines with Fanuc drive

23.06.2021 | fanuc supplies Engines and Controllers for Machine Tools. igus has developed a new, highly flexible servo cable so that the drives can also be supplied with fail-safe energy during movement. It was designed for the dynamic demands in the energy chain. 

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data lines

Data lines are specialized cables designed to carry digital or analog data between different devices. In contrast to power cables, which primarily transmit electrical energy, data lines are designed for the reliable and often high-speed transmission of information packets.

SPE components for harsh environments

16.01.2023 | Belden be posed SPE portfolio to optimize Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments including industrial and transportation applications. The SPE program includes IP20 certified circuit boards Connectors, connecting cables and connecting cables

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New IEC 61918 standard regulates SPE cabling

21.04.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new edition of the installation standard was published in March of this year IEC 61918:2018/AMD1:2022 Amendment 1 - "Industrial communication networks - Installation of communication networks in industrial premises". This standard describes e.g. B. the structure of SPE. 

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Hybrid cable for SEW motors combines data and energy

26.10.2021 | The new engine generations should be small, compact and fast. In order to save space, more and more drive manufacturers are turning to hybrid technology. Igus now offers a hybrid line with a new cable for SEW engines with the Movilink DDI interface

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Bus cable reduces assembly time by 46%

09.04.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new Chainflex Profinet cable Fastconnect program from the Igus Shop is used for quick assembly of cables in the field. The cable is stripped in just a few simple steps, reducing assembly time by 46%. 

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SPE cable for drag chain and torsion applications

16.09.2020 | Leoni was the first manufacturer to develop two cables for single pair Ethernet. Now the Ethernet cables of the industrial data transmission standard can also be used for the Drag chain and torsion applications are used. Leoni is a founding member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network e. V.  

SPE forms the basis of the infrastructure that supports the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 makes possible. The SPE cables can be used to save space and costs. They enable direct communication from the cloud down to the field level. Single Pair Ethernet transmits data at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s with just one pair of wires.

World's first SPE for drag chains

There are currently two basic types with 22 AWG, 26 AWG conductors and one hybrid line used in industry. Now the SPE series is being expanded to include the newly developed SPE trailing for the drag chain and SPE torsion extended for torsion. These are the world's first SPE lines on the market that are specially designed for high mechanical loads. Single pair Ethernet trailing offers 3 million cycles with a bending radius of 75 mm. The single pair Ethernet torsion achieves 3 million cycles of ±180° over a length of 1 m.

The is suitable for high flex performance halogen-free outer sheath made of highly elastic polyurethane (PUR) very well. It offers high abrasion resistance and protects against grease, oil and lubricants. Due to the addition of flame-retardant additives, the sheath also meets the fire protection requirements of IEC 60332-1-2. The cable is certified according to UL Style 21198. The cables were tested in the in-house drag chain test center in Friesoythe

SPE cable with a long service life for the energy chain

05.12.2019 | For the movement in the Energy chain provides Igus the first SPE Chainflex line. Using only one pair of wires reduces the outer diameter by 25%. The Chainflex CFBUS.PUR.042 Single Pair Ethernet was developed for flexible use in the energy chain. 

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Renewable Energy

Electrical cables in wind power and solar technology have to meet a number of specific requirements in order to function safely and efficiently. Low power losses are important to maximize energy transfer efficiency. Very high voltages can occur in wind turbines in particular, and EMC shielding is also important in order to minimize disruptions in the system.

From the nacelle to the tower of the wind turbine

01.09.2023 | heli cable has a versatile range of products for the electrical equipment of wind turbines. From flexible aluminum cables that can be seamlessly integrated into the tower to heat-resistant cables for generator connections - the solutions cover all aspects of the wind industry.

The portfolio includes light and flexible aluminum cables, which can be pulled into the tower in one length without costly interfaces. There are also pre-assembled class 2 aluminum conductors that can be pre-installed in the individual tower segments. Torsion-capable cables are available in cross-sections from 0,5 to 400 mm² with a wide variety of insulation materials and voltage levels.

Heat-resistante Cables are available for generator connections and slip ring transmitters. For data communication, Ethernet lines and bus technology offered. Pre-assembled fiber optic cables (LWL) in a wide variety of designs and as a plug-and-play solution allow for quick on-site installation.

The full range offers optimal solutions for Onshore and offshore-Wind turbines and also for cabling the infrastructure of entire wind farms. Cables and lines resistant to sea water, oil, ozone or UV radiation are also available. Many products are certified according to UL, VDE or other standards.

Technical Building Services

In the modern Technical Building Services Electrical cables are no longer just simple current carriers, but they have to meet a large number of specific requirements in order to enable safe and efficient building automation and control. Again, minimal voltage drop is important to provide energy efficiency. Cables must also often be able to transport data and energy in parallel, keyword: smart home.

DC cables for power distribution in buildings

05.09.2023 | Lapp has with Ölflex DC Grid 100 a direct current-Cable (picture above) for power distribution in buildings and for connecting industrial systems in the portfolio. It is suitable for setting up energy-saving DC networks in the low-voltage range, for example for use in control systems and frequency converters.

The flexible, burialable DC cable with color code according to EN 60445 has good installation properties thanks to its finely stranded, flexible conductor structure. It is suitable for dry, damp and wet environmental conditions and is mechanically resilient. The DC cable can be laid directly in the ground or routed openly in cable trays.

Medical Technology

Electrical cables are a critical component in medical technology, as they are not only responsible for the smooth operation of medical devices, but also for the safety of patients and medical staff. The demands on the electrical installation are therefore comparatively high. Requirements such as biocompatibility, resistance to disinfectants and certification are just a few of a whole range.

Cable assemblies for medical and respirators

02.04.2020 | Harting has taken numerous measures against the background of the coronavirus pandemic to protect employees and ensure reliable deliveries to customers. The technology group supplies well-known manufacturers of medical and Ventilators with customized cable assemblies.

"The protection of employees and the maintenance of the supply chain are our top priority," explains Philip Harting, CEO of the Harting Technology Group. Harting supplies well-known manufacturers of Medical Technology and ventilators with customer-specific cable assemblies.

Several German manufacturers are currently producing high-pressure devices on which the Covid-19 Pandemic patients and doctors are urgently required. Harting has therefore aligned its internal processes in such a way that these producers are supplied as quickly as possible. The technology leader has been manufacturing complete connectivity system solutions for such devices for years. The current high and short-term requirements and the maintenance of the associated supply chain poses great challenges for all parts of the company. However, the security of supply for the required components takes precedence over all other activities.

Corona task force and pandemic team

All production, storage and delivery functions are separated by spatial and temporal as well as numerous Hygiene measures secured. Where it makes sense, many employees are already working from the home office. In addition, the company started to increase its inventory weeks ago in order to be able to react as best as possible to disruptions in the supply chain. Specially formed back-up teams secure key areas if necessary. A pandemic team and a corona task force and one coordinate all necessary measures.

“We are experiencing something that has never existed in this form. And we don't know when the corona pandemic nightmare will end and what challenges await us. But we will do everything we can to protect our employees and help our customers, ”emphasizes Philip Harting.

New technology: silicone overmoulded cabling

ODU silicone overmoulded cabling10.10.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | Applications in medical technology are often exposed to major mechanical and chemical influences. In order to meet these requirements, ODU developed silicone-coated system solutions. The technology offers a flexible complete system consisting of connectors, cables with suitable assembly and overmoulding as well as optional labeling.

The durable system lasts up to 500 autoclaving cycles stand, wipe disinfection, chemical resistance and biocompatibility are also guaranteed. In addition, the new silicone cable assemblies are subject to medical testing according to ISO 10993-5.

The surface has one pleasant feel, the any Glue or prevents the stick-slip effect. The complete system is easy to clean and meets absolute hygiene standards. In addition, the shape of the cable encapsulation protects against kinks of any kind Connectors and damage the cable.

The technology is suitable for various standard product lines of the manufacturer and customer-specific solutions. It uses both liquid and solid silicone processes while providing global availability.

Biocompatible medical cord without stick-slip effect

29.10.2018 | HEW cable optionally equips its special cables for medical technology, which are used in diagnosis, surgery or patient monitoring, with the specially developed "Silindo" sheathing. Without any foreign material in the silicone or on the surface, this permanently minimizes sliding friction.

Even after over 500 autoclave cycles it reliably prevents the stick-slip effect on patients or components of medical technology systems. The result is very good functional properties combined with optimal haptics.

In addition, the combination of optimized cable construction, the use of high performancematerials as well as patented production techniques, a very high mechanical load capacity even with small dimensions. All cables and lines intended for this area of ​​application can be sterilized and are biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-5.

Depending on the application, the Silindo medical cables focus on different properties: The range used for surgical robots combines the manufacturer's many years of experience in the industrial sector Robotic with its medical technology know-how. Electrical cables optimized for this purpose, which can combine fiber optics, coax elements, individual wires and strain relief, withstand increased tensile and torsional stress.

Silicone additive manufacturing of bio-inspired heart valves

Medical cable for patient monitoringsystems meet the highest demands on the quality of signal transmission. As miniaturized low-noise cables, they minimize and eliminate external influences such as friction, torsion or vibrations, which cause significant interference signals in the form of triboelectric and microphonic noise and can significantly influence signal quality.

Highly efficient and flexible cable types such as flat cables are available for laying in imaging diagnostics, which reliably enable brilliant results even after millions of bending cycles. Hybrid connection lines for dental medical devices or dentist's chairs also combine electrical connections, water supply or air supply, e.g. B. through integrated PTFE hoses.

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