as alternative industrial materials

Polymers, elastomers, duroplastics, thermoplastics, polystyrene, etc. extend the service life of your newly developed products.

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Plastic | The alternative material plastic

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Even if Plastic has a rather bad reputation today, so rejoice plastics increasing popularity in industry. Plastics are light, low-maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. In addition, plastics offer further positive properties compared to other materials, which can also be explicitly generated in their composition. They can be made particularly break-proof, elastic or temperature-resistant. Parts made of plastic are manufactured using the plastic injection molding process.

The Plastics industry is booming and is developing more and more new compositions such as polymers, elastomers, thermosets, thermoplastics, polystyrene and many others - you too can extend the life of your new development with products made of plastic.

Plastics 2024 – The most important things in brief

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Plastic types

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epoxy resin

Epoxy resin | Adhesive for constructive bonding & casting

Epoxy resin adhesive, also known as epoxy glue, is used as construction adhesive used, which is particularly strong and resistant even at high temperatures. The connections of the 1K or 2K adhesives are vibration-resistant, vibration-resistant and impact-resistant. the constructor is very flexible with an epoxy resin adhesive and can also be different Materials glue together.

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Liquid resin and epoxy resin for prototypes, models and molds

develops tailor-made solutions for the entire production process from prototype construction to the construction of models, molds and Tools through to production. Are new to the portfolio Liquid resin Systems for structure and interior composite materials. With the epoxy resin Block and liquid materials can be first-class Forms and Model Implement products made of epoxy resin.

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Polyamide | For electromobility and industrial applications

The engineering plastic polyamide Above all, it offers high strength, good oil resistance and is very durable. the BASF has recently expanded its portfolio with a flame-retardant PA66 polyamide type. In strong orange one comes to the strong dye demand in the Automotive sector in the menu.

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Thermoplastic polyimide for high temperature applications

The thermoplastic Polyimide Aurum is a highly heat-resistant super-engineering Plastic with high production efficiency in injection molding. The thermal plastic challenges the conventional wisdom that polyimide performs very well but is difficult to process. As a distributor for PI Meldin from Saint-Gobain, Bieglo presents the PI portfolio, which is also suitable for the 3D pressure suitable.

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Polyurethane | Versatile, adaptable, flexible

Otto Bayer and his team at Bayer AG in Leverkusen first synthesized polyurethane in 1937. Polyurethanes today are versatile plasticsthat are characterized by adaptability and performance in numerous applications. This article highlights the latest developments in the market, special areas of application and the industry's efforts to more sustainable and develop more environmentally friendly polyurethane solutions.

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Thermoplastics | lightweight, heat-resistant, sustainable

The demand for new sustainable plastics that are also recyclable is increasing. This also applies to thermoplastics, which is common in the Automotive industry be used. In addition to a material modeling technology that measures the proportion of carbon in Plastic Reduced by 60%, you will find further thermoplastic innovations here, with which, among other things, weight can be saved and other advantages opened up. 

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Manufacturing and recycling

Plastic recycling | Towards a circular economy

For several years there has been a clear trend towards more Plastic recycling due to the worldwide increasing demands on a Recycling for plastic. Some industrial companies are already responding to this trend – and the trend is increasing. We report on their investments, strategies and innovations here. 

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Technology center showcases Barnes Group injection molding expertise

The division Molding Solutions of the Barnes Group expanded the Foboha technology center for injection molding in Haslach in 2021. The technical center imparts injection molding expertise all year round and is available to customers for tests. In addition, small series can be produced here if necessary and customer events can be held. Included are the grippers and Vacuum Technology by Gimatic.

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Plastics Research

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epoxy resin

Special formula for an epoxy resin adhesive

A special formula for an epoxy resin was developed at the Vienna University of Technology. It can be used for fiber-reinforced composites in aircraft, car or ship construction and is even suitable for underwater renovations. The new material can change completely within seconds.

Plastics development: bio-based, circular, more sustainable

The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology “Umsicht” is developing new materials for the resource-efficient use of plastics. The focus is on bioplastics, a circular plastics economy and strategies to reduce macro- and microplastics in the environment.
carbon fibers

Materials with carbon fibers from algae and negative CO2 balance

In combination with domestic granite or other hard stones, carbon fibers enable completely new construction materials and building materials. Theoretical calculations show that if the carbon fibers are made from algae oil, the production of innovative materials removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is released. A research project led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is now to advance these technologies.

Applications and Industries

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manufacturer know-how


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World's first urban bike made from recycled plastic

Maintenance-free, lubricant-free, sustainably produced and rustproof sets the new urban bike from Igus new standards in sustainable mobility. The bike off recycled plastic will transport generations of people. On the Hannover Messe The plastic visionary had the new one in 2022 Igus: bike Platform presents the groundbreaking concept. Here you can follow the development to date.

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