Gluing for gentle joining

Materials, surfaces, methods of application, joining of the parts to be joined, chemical backgrounds, micro-dosing

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Welding and brazing for industry

MAG welding, MIG welding, TIG welding and ultrasonic welding as well as soldering as a thermal process

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Connection elements positive and non-positive

Screws and nuts, rivets, springs, threaded rods, washers, wedges, clamps, tolerance sleeves and other standard parts according to DIN, ISO and customer-specific

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Clever connection technology for efficient production

We'll bring you the latest Connection Technology including force-fitting, form-fitting, substance-to-substance connection technology Glue, detachable connection technology such as screws and other mechanical Fasteners or unsolvable technique like Welding and soldering for all kinds of connections.

Locking bolt tilt


Brand new connection technology

Zu cohesive Connections include soldering and welding. the form-fitting Connection technology can be B. using screws (form fit through thread) and rivets. Screws (positive locking through self-locking) count at the same time non-positive Connection technology, which also includes clamps or wedges. We report on numerous mechanical fasteners or components for connections or attachments in mechanical engineering applications. Electrical connectors like Connectors or clamps, see Electrical Engineering.

Connection technology for special industries

The following new developments were made for special Industries like Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery  

  • Food producers have so far often been skeptical about the use of connectors in sensitive areas. They fear that the outlines of interfaces will break through the easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces. But you need them in the product-related area for cleaning. Harting has developed a special connector for such applications. The Han F+B withstands intensive cleaning. 
  • Tractors, combine harvesters and seed drills are at the mercy of wind, weather and dirt every day. Damage or signs of wear and tear are therefore inevitable, often have to be repaired directly on the field and often with a variety of challenges. Reliable, mobile and versatile welding systems are an important support in this case. Fronius offers for...
  • The "Compact" connection terminal of the 221 series from Wago stands for fast, simple and safe wiring in classic electrical installations in buildings. Product managers, designers and developers at device manufacturers are now increasingly discovering the advantages of this terminal with a lever – from component manufacture to equipment production and device connection to the end product....
  • Rampf Production Systems has developed a fully automated gluing system for external vehicle parts such as side walls, rear spoilers, tailgates and spoiler lips. The combination of innovative mixing and dosing technology, automation and robotics maximizes the precision, speed and flexibility of the manufacturing processes.

Connection technology for machines and systems

A classic area of ​​application for the connection technology is the Engineering. While the focus used to be more on connections between metallic materials, these are now being partially replaced by plastics. These make their own demands on the connection technology and can be joined together using laser welding, for example. Read below what's new, whether detachable or non-detachable - a secure hold is guaranteed in any case!

Henkel presents his new Dosing machine DM 502 with the newly developed Mixing head MK 825 PRO. The new features enable high process stability to be achieved in the fully automatic dosing and processing of sealing foams, adhesives and potting compounds. As a result, users receive a high-quality Bonding, Sealing or sealing of components.

Henkel dosing machine


You wonder why water exists in drop form or how adhesives function? The answer lies in the powers of the cohesion + adhesion. In this article you will learn what these terms mean exactly, what influence they have on everyday objects and why they are so important in nature and technology. We explain the underlying principles and show how they influence the behavior of Materials determine.

Cohesion Adhesion

inrotech A / S from Denmark achieves the optimum with its special welding robot Inrotech-Crawler Weld in the fully automated process. This is done by calculating the welding process in advance. When running the welding does the Robot on the exact measured values ​​of the powerful laser Profile scanner from Micro-Epsilon back. The scanners are light, precise and compact.

Micro Epsilon weld seam


The right screw connectiong plays a crucial role in many technical designs. Have you heard of the “captive screw” or know how a “direct screw connection” can make the difference in your assembly? AI has also already moved into it detachable connection technology. In this article we will introduce you to innovations from the world of screw connections that show why these small components are so important. 

Arnold screw connection


The group of the rather inconspicuous standard parts and operating parts also include the Locking. The Heinrich Kipp Werk produces them at the location in Germany with a large machine park. Numerous indexing plungers leave the factory here every year. Kipp holds the intellectual property rights for many of the 1300 different designs. In the following we present the new developments of these operating parts such as a locking bolt in hygienic design, a locking bolt with an eccentric lever.

Locking bolt tilt mechanism


With the strong increase in e-mobility, a topic that is gaining in importance in the Automotive industry Although it has always played an important role, in practice it was played out in secret: thermal and mechanical Put or joining of sheets, assemblies and components. Tox Pressotechnik offers with the e clinching a process that takes account of increasing electrification.

Tox e clinching


For manual adjustment for fixing and clamping clamping lever deployed. That Heinrich Kipp Werk offers many variants of clamping levers, clamping levers and eccentric levers for classic mechanical engineering, tool making, plant construction and other industries. We report here on the constant expansion of the product range. Brand new is a clamping lever than All-plastic.

KIPP clamping lever plastic


The  Heinrich Kipp Plant has a snap lock Series included. The individual snap locks, also in stainless steel, are suitable for flush installation in doors, flaps or drawers, among other things. Handling is very easy: the user simply has to press the respective device shut. The toggle latch guarantees secure locking.

Tilt snap lock

The Heinrich Kipp Werk presents a new system for stainless steel screws with seal. The Hygienic use Screw and sealing system was developed for use in hygiene-sensitive areas. As part of the re-certification by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) the cooperation partners Kipp and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies optimized the stainless steel sealing screws. The revised stainless steel components are certified according to EL Class I AUX.

Kipp stainless steel screws


tretter11118Tolerance sleeves can be used in a variety of ways as non-positive connection elements, and connections that have been created once can be released again in contrast to pressing or gluing. This also applies to torque transmission - very different from, for example, the wedge and Interference fit.

martin1218The construction of assemblies from fiber composite components follows its own rules. The key factor here is the design of high-precision connection points, which enable the lightweight components made of glass or carbon fibers to be assembled without stretching during subsequent assembly. The peelable PET fitting elements of the product line "M-Tech L" from Martin are tailor-made for this task.

The Emka fittings Group offers hinges, seals, fasteners and accessories for Control Cabinets, in control cabinets, air conditioning and transport. From the portfolio of 30.000 products, we present the New Products. Recent optimization are a Adapter for standard closures and the Multipoint closure, which the company also on the Hannover Messe will introduce.

Emka fittings