Linear Technology

for straight movement

Profile rail guides, heavy-duty guides, telescopic guides, ball screws, threaded spindles for mechanical engineering

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Linear technology | Master of rectilinear movement

The Linear Technology is an indispensable part of modern machines and systems in which it enables precise, straight-line movements. It is used in many industries such as Robotic, in mechanical engineering, in the Automotive industry, Medical Technology or food technology and much more. Discover the new developments, diverse applications and find out about the basics.

Schaeffler linear guide


Linear technology innovations 2023

Modern linear technology is modular, flexible and requires little to no maintenance. It is suitable for condition monitoring applications and works energy-efficiently. The market demands a long service life and linear guides etc. should also be quickly available. If the components can then be configured online and are compatible with Industry 4.0 and IoT, they can be integrated into the design well prepared for the future. You can find out how the manufacturers implement all of this here:  

linear guide

Linear guide with lubrication and seal package

March 14.03.2024, 2024 | At Anuga Foodtec XNUMX, Schaeffler is presenting linear guides for food technology. Such profile rail guides are used in a variety of linear movements when processing and packaging food. An example is the four-row ball recirculating unit from the KUVE..B series.
Prodile rail guide

Profile rail guide in modern foundry technology

November 06.11.2023, 300 | The core shooting machine LHL1700-300 from Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH is characterized by short cycle times, robustness and finesse. The built-in profile rail guides from Schaeffler ensure robustness. They can accommodate a maximum load of XNUMX tons.
Curve carriage

Curve slide made from recycled high-performance plastic

Oct 19.10.2023, XNUMX | The new low-cost linear slides made of recycled high-performance plastic from the Drylin Econ series from Igus are made of recycled high-performance plastic. They can be used to realize movements in a quarter, half or full circle as well as convex and concave arch guides.
Hygienic Design

Gap-free linear guide in hygienic design

Sep 18.09.2023, XNUMX | Igus is a member of the EHEDG and has developed the first linear sliding guide that is consistently based on the hygienic design guidelines. This is ensured by FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer, high-alloy stainless steel and the flushable internal construction of the slide.
Linear guide mileage

Linear guides now last twice as long

Aug 21.08.2023, XNUMX | NSK presents a new linear guide at EMO. Compared to the proven NH/NS linear guide, the DH/DS series achieves a service life that is twice as long thanks to several design changes.
Ceramic linear guide

Ceramic, all-ceramic and hybrid linear guide

20.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | A linear guide made of ceramic offers outstanding properties such as functioning with high precision even with insufficient lubrication and even dry running. One provider of such linear guides is TK Linear from Forchheim.
Linear slide

New locking: linear slide clip, stop & go

19.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new clips linear slide from Igus is unique in the world. In a matter of seconds it can be mounted directly on the linear rail, dismantled and locked using a clamping lever. Camera systems, control panels, measuring devices and more can be transported.
drone hangar

Linear guide for maintenance-free drone hangar

January 08.01.2023, XNUMX | Inspecting gas pipelines with helicopters is expensive and time-consuming. As an alternative, Exabotix offers a drone team that automatically carries out inspection flights. After the missions, each professional drone lands in a remote drone hangar, which is maintenance-free thanks to the linear guide from Igus.
In-house manufacturer

Linear technology directly from the manufacturer

10.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | Obtaining linear technology for industrial applications reliably and quickly is a major challenge in times of supply bottlenecks. It's good when you work with a partner like Rodriguez GmbH in Eschweiler. Flexible in-house production has been established here over the years.

Linear technology components

Hard chrome plated h6 guide shafts

Rodriguez is one of very few suppliers in Germany of hard-chrome-plated guide shafts in a manufacturing quality that was previously only reserved for non-hard-chrome-plated steel shafts. The precise guide shaft is manufactured in-house in h6 tolerance. A hard chrome-plated shaft meets the requirements for high wear protection and good corrosion resistance.

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Linear drive | For precise, straight-line movement

We present mechanical ones here linear actuator or electrical Linear motor Novelties like Ball Screws, trapezoidal screw drives, rack drives, linear modules, actuators, etc. A linear drive moves industrial components in machines or systems in a translational manner and is often used, for example. B. used for efficient and precise positioning or in hub applications.

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Linear unit | With spindle guide and ball screw drive

A modern linear unit enables precise and repeatable movements. It not only increases efficiency, but also the accuracy of various movement processes. Find out more about new developments with linear units in this article different manufacturers and what benefits each offers.

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linear guide | Precise, light, durable

With a linear guide, linear or straight-line movements in machines and systems can be achieved in a variety of ways. robots or devices. Rollers, balls, sliding surfaces, air, oil films or electromagnets are used for this purpose. Below you will find information different manufacturers zu Roller guide, Ball bearing guide, Rail guide, miniature tour.

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Linear bearings for round shafts and fast movements

Igus offers a wide range Lagertechnik made of plastic, including a wide variety of lubricant-free linear bearing designs. They all offer a long service life, are maintenance-free and, depending on the version, provide users with additional advantages. This ensures e.g. B. the linear bearing made of Iglidur W360 High performance plastic for precise and easy movements in linear technology.

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Linear motor | With linear actuator and electric cylinder

The Linear motor, an integral part of modern Drive Technology, has made remarkable progress in recent years. This development goes hand in hand with the innovations Linear actuator and Electric cylinder. Our comprehensive overview presents the latest features and technology trends of these drive components. Read what various manufacturers have developed for your design.

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Linear rail also for heavy loads

Rollon has always focused on the requirements of its customers with the aim of offering them high added value and maximum efficiency. Now the Düsseldorf specialist for linear technology is starting a new era with three linear guide and linear axis product families. For heavy loads and high numbers of cycles, this is the case with rollers Induction hardening the linear rail is the first choice.

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Rail guide from the modular system

With a standardized rail guide from the Dr. Tretter positioning systems can be implemented economically. The portfolio of miniature linear guides and C profile rails is now being added Wide rail guide TW with ECO properties. This not only saves space, it is also easy on the wallet.

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Heavy duty rails | High loads welcome

For the transport of heavy loads and large masses such as in fire brigade or military vehicles, on the train, in mobile work machines Heavy-duty rails are often used for transport tasks in industry. As Telescopic extension or Linear unit they have to withstand high loads. For such tasks with high load-bearing capacity, we would like to introduce you to the new products here: 

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Telescopic rails | For furniture, cars, industry

Telescopic slides are essential elements in a variety of applications, from kitchen pullouts to industrial machinery. With telescopic extensions, movement systems can be expanded seamlessly and efficiently. This saves space on one side and makes access easier on the other. Discover new products, the versatility and technical advantages of the extendable guide systems various manufacturers.

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The linear guide in practice – users report

There is probably no industry in which linear technology cannot be found. From the 3D printer, from sports equipment to sawmills, it has to meet a wide variety of requirements. It is even used on the football field and alone in the drone hangar it ensures a safe home for professional drones. Read what the User saying:

Core shooting machine near Laempe
Drone hangar at Exabotic
Camera truck at Movikom
Wood stacker at De Vree
Turbine blades at PMR
Grinding machines at Peitzmeier
3D printer at Fabmaker
Land Rover trunk
Production measurement technology at Philipp Hafner
Virtual reality flight simulator at Icaro
Designer yacht at Vanquish Yachts
Aircraft fuselage at Premium Aerotec

Linear technology manufacturer know-how

Igus linear technology

Igus offers profile, flat, rail, shaft, square, prismatic and roller guides as well as telescopic rails and curved linear guides for countless applications, even for the most demanding applications. Igus linear technology runs dry. This makes it maintenance-free and insensitive to external influences. The tours also run particularly quietly.

Igus linear guide quiet, resistant, maintenance-free

An Igus linear guide is often an alternative to the conventional linear guide because it comes entirely without lubricant out of. Therefore it is maintenance-free and thanks to the used plastics The robust linear technology offers many more advantages such as quiet running, insensitivity to dirt, water or vibration. Here you will find the latest news from the high-percentage savers.

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Maintenance-free linear bearings made of plastic

The large range of plastic bearing technology from Igus also includes a wide variety of lubricant-free linear bearing designs. They all have a long service life, are maintenance-free and, depending on the version, provide users with additional advantages. This ensures e.g. B. the linear bearing made of Iglidur W360 High performance plastic for precise and easy movements in linear technology. 

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Square guide for high forces from all directions

The smear-free, anti-twist Square guide Drylin-Q 20 by Igus absorbs forces of up to 10 Nm from all directions. The bearing play of the guide carriage can be adjusted manually. In addition, a hollow profile creates space for suppliescables. The square guide system with a profile edge length of 20 mm offers a lot more in addition to freedom from lubrication and maintenance.

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Kipp LT

The  Heinrich Kipp Werk is a classic provider of control panels, standard elements and clamping technology. Some time ago the company expanded its range of telescopic rails.

Telescopic rails up to 136 kg load capacity for furniture and industry

The Heinrich Kipp factory is replacing its range of telescopic rails with new products. There are now telescopic rails with a load capacity of up to 136 kg and rail lengths of up to 910 mm available. The designs are as diverse as their potential applications.

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Schaeffler LT

Schaeffler offers the entire range of linear technology: profile rails, rollers, shafts, miniature cage, flat cage guides, roller shoes and driven linear units through to complex linear systems. The linear guides can be equipped with lubrication condition monitoring and are therefore suitable for condition monitoring applications.

Efficient linear guide with lubrication status monitoring

Schaeffler's linear guides not only enable low-friction movements to offer the highest possible efficiency when moving masses. Products are also becoming increasingly intelligent as a result of Industry 4.0. Equipped with the lubrication system Durasense the linear guide is suitable for. B. for condition monitoring use. We present you the new products here.

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Ready-to-install linear unit increases the range of the cobot

To expand the area of ​​application of robots and Cobot Schaeffler has a driven linear unit in its range. Users can install the driven linear module tailored to their design as a horizontal axis and thus the Increase range. The motor-driven linear axes from Schaeffler are available as an individual complete solution.

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Other manufacturers of linear technology

There are a number of manufacturers worldwide who specialize in linear technology and offer a variety of products and solutions in this area. Some of the most well-known and leading manufacturers, besides those mentioned above, are:

  • Bahr Modultechnik GmbH is a German company, recently acquired by IMI plc, specializing in the development and manufacture of modular linear units and systems.
  • Bosch Rexroth is an international provider of drive and control technologies, including linear technology.
  • Dr. Tretter offers a variety of products in the field of linear technology such as linear guides, linear axes, ball screws, ball bushings and more.
  • Hiwin is a Taiwanese company that specializes in ball screws and linear guides.
  • Madler is a Germany-based company that offers a variety of actuators and components, including linear technology products.
  • NSK is another large Japanese manufacturer that offers a range of linear technology solutions.
  • Parker Hannifin is a US company that offers a variety of industrial solutions, including linear technology.
  • Rodriguez is a German manufacturer and supplier of precision bearings, linear technology and other products.
  • Rollon is a European company specializing in linear guides and linear systems.
  • THK is a Japanese supplier known as the inventor of the recirculating ball linear guide and present worldwide.


What is linear technology?

With linear technology you can Movement processes realize. In contrast to rotary drives, in which something rotates around an axis, linear technology enables linear or straight-line movements. Linear technology includes a wide range of products and components. Here are some of the most important ones:

What types of linear technology are there?

  • linear guides:
    • Sliding guides
    • recirculating ball guides
    • roller guides
    • Magnetic linear guides
    • Miniature linear guides
    • recirculating roller guides
  • linear axes:
    • Manual linear axes
    • Motorized linear axes
  • linear actuators:
    • Electric linear actuators
    • Pneumatic linear actuators
    • Hydraulic linear actuators
  • linear bearings:
    • Ball bush bearings
    • Linear bearings
  • linear motors:
    • Iron-containing linear motors
    • Ironless linear motors
    • Magnetic linear motors
    • Piezomotors
  • Screws:
    • Ball Screws
    • Trapezoidal screw drive
  • components for linear guides or technology:
    • Covers and protection systems
    • damping elements
    • Linear guide shafts
    • Linear encoder
    • Linear rail
    • Linear slide/linear carriage
    • linear Stage
    • Lubrication systems
    • Control systems

The world's first roller-based linear guide


Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: Dr. Tretter, Heinrich Kipp Werk, Igus, NSK, Rodriguez, Rollon, Schaeffler, THK, TK Linear, Winkel.