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You are looking for a platform on the Internet where you can find your New Products a wide professional audience present can? To do this, a good price / quality ratio Not overstretching your budget? Is social media also important to you, and also the interaction with your own website? Then you are exactly right here. Below you will find everything you need to know about our online magazine

Media data development scout

Brief description of developmentscout

developmentscout is an online magazine for Designers & development engineers, managers & decision-makers, buyers and all technology enthusiasts. We report on new products, their applications, research results and companies as well as topics on technological and megatrends from all industrial sectors.

Complex search engine optimization SEO

The website is constantly leading with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools optimized according to current specifications. 

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Facts and figures from the developmentscout

Compared to last year we have one Traffic increase of 31% achieved on the website. The access figures result from direct calls, Google search results, backlinks, newsletter and social media clicks.

The geographical distribution is very global due to our integrated Google Translator in over 20 languages; most of the frequency is generated in Germany. You can use ours to see what interest an article is Access numbers in real time see that we show in every post.

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Content in developmentscout

We subdivide ours Content in specialist areas, industry specials, company reports and trade fair specials. Since 2022, we have been breaking new ground with our reporting in the form of topic-specific keyword articles and partner sites. Both types of contributions are dynamic and are constantly updated.

Subjects from A for drive technology to W for materials

We have all of them so that specialists can find out more about your area immediately Expertise again in a second menu level divided. In detail, there are the following topics:

Industry specials for special requirements

Every industry has its own characteristics, especially when it comes to hygienic or safety measures. In our Industry Specials you will find products that have been developed exclusively for the respective industry. In the Applied Research menu, we report on the latest research results - sometimes outside the box. You will definitely reach your target group in the following industry specials:

Company-relevant content

Here you will find News of all kinds such as anniversaries, takeovers, new buildings, business results, awards, start-ups or personnel announcements from the companies as well Event reports and Careernews on highly frequented sites.

Content preparation – Topical Authority

We are currently revising ours entire content in Topical Authority and eliminate the “URL diggers”. In doing so, we create thematic authority for Google and increase usability for our readership. You can see an example of the topic here Robotic. When booking a marketing web package with a term of 1 year or more, we include our partners manufacturer know-how .

Topic based keyword posts

Quality instead of quantity dynamic keyword posts. Based on strong topic-based keywords, we provide comprehensive, cross-company information about the topic and update the articles regularly. Our publications are:

  • relevant
  • dynamic
  • rich in content
  • unlimited term
  • clear
  • search engine friendly
  • unique and much more

Or just take a look here such a report.

Partner sites for customers

Our customers receive as part of our Marketing Web Packages From a term of 1 year, own topic-based keyword posts in the form of partner sites. Only his news on the respective topic is published here. At the same time, these are integrated into the cross-company contributions. Our partner sites also offer:

  • Exclusivity
  • multiple attention
  • Backlinks
  • additional internal links

Here see such an example.

Trade fair calendar and trade fair specials

Mass Symphony 2023

In our busy trade fair calendar, we provide information about the trade fair offerings for the target group. We cater for some trade fairs Trade fair specials - the perfect platform to draw attention to your new products in the run-up to the event.

Trade fair ensemble packages for multiple exhibitors

Trade fair Solo 520 EUR  
Trade fair Duett 988 EUR (5% discount)
Trade fair trio 1404 EUR (10% discount)
Trade fair quartet 1664 EUR (20% discount)
Trade fair quintet 1820 EUR (30% discount)
Trade fair sextet 1872 EUR (40% discount)


Igus logo FMBServices per package:

  • Trade fair special banner with link, start: 8 weeks before the start of the trade fair, duration until the next trade fair
  • Editorial publication of yours preliminary reports, term: unlimited
  • Social Media Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Recording in standard Newsletter and special newsletter for the fair

Development Scout Newsletter Portfolio

In our regular Newsletter we inform our registered readers and the readers in the Archive short and sweet about the news of the last few days. It is usually sent every two weeks to 2684 recipients (as of October 01.10.2023st, XNUMX). For the trade fairs for which we have set up a trade fair special, we send one a week before the trade fair special Newsletter .

You can use our banners, text ads and "presented by" logos to attract special attention in the newsletter.

Regular newsletters and special newsletters

Premium Banner 450 EUR

Premium, Editorial and Content banners can be delivered in all sizes similar to a ratio of 1:8, e.g. B. 728 x 90 Px, file size max. 60 kB

Publishing Banner 350 EUR
Content Banner 250 EUR
text ad 350 EUR

Text Ads are structured like editorial news and are marked with -advertisement-. For this we need header (approx. 40 characters), body text (approx. 220 characters), link, desired period

presented by logos 1200 EUR

Our newsletters are presented throughout the year by: YOU. For the presented by logos All we need is your logo and a link.

Stand alone newsletter

Stand alone newsletter 1250 EUR

The standalone newsletter is exclusively filled with your content and sent to our newsletter recipients in our look & feel. Possible content:

  • Publishing OR Showcase
  • Up to six posts with deep links to your website OR Single contribution with up to 600 characters in the NL linked to a detailed article on our website, or your white paper and the like on your website.
  • 2 single banner
Standalone newsletter without prices


Our banners are not in rotation. Prices for booking single banner are available on request. We recommend that you book a marketing web package which, in addition to editorial and newsletter services, also contains numerous banners. the Distribution of banners within our Marketing Web Packages we create for you individually tailored to all your subject areas. 

Large banner spaces

Marketing Web Packages

MWP example full serviceOn the pages of our development scout, we offer you a special form of online media advertising in the form of our marketing web packages. These do not focus on the placement of a single banner somewhere on the website for a short period of time, but offer a continuous presence over the booked period. The packages contain a combination of editorial Services and Newsletter services and Banner Advertising over a period of time.

The smallest package of the Expertise The series runs for a quarter of a year and is aimed at small businesses with few press releases and a small budget. The largest package of the Full service The series, which runs for a year, includes all the services we have to offer and is aimed at larger companies that do extensive press work throughout the year and also value image presence.

In between we have prepared different running times. If you can't find what you're looking for in the standard packages, we'll be happy to place one for you individual, customized to fit your timeline or budget Package together, which moves in the grid of our standard packages.  

Standard packages and prices

Marketing Web Packages  

The Number of banners refers to the respective term of 1 week. Banner placement changes mostly weekly, except during holiday periods. It is tailor-made in coordination with the customer.

Prices for individually compiled packages and individual services such as TOP STORY, single banner etc. are available upon request. Prices do not include any agency discount. Offers to agencies are issued with +15%.

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