Trade fair for electrical engineering & electronics

Electronic components and manufacturing service, passive components, semiconductors, sensors, power supply

Image: Munich Trade Fair

Electronica: The whole world of electrical engineering and electronics

Our Fair Special for the biennial Electronica, The world's leading trade fair and conference for electrical engineering shows you the highlights of the trade fair taking place in Munich. The exhibition areas of the electronics industry are wide, including Automotive, Electronic Components, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Passive Components, Semiconductors, sensors, Power Supply, wireless and electronic assemblies of all kinds. 

Electronics 2022


Electronica focuses on megatrends

With headings such as "Automotive in structural change", "Energy world in upheaval" or "Sustainable electronics", the press releases from the Electronica organizers refer to the focal points of this year's specialist event. Shaped by the Megatrends like autonomous driving, Connectivity and sustainable energy production, electronics manufacturers are also facing major challenges in these difficult global, economic and political times. After a four-year break, they will once again present their new products in person with a colorful mix.

ElectronicaElectronica 2022 dedicated to Smart Energy

The next Electronica 2022 will take place from 15. to 18. November 2022 in Munich instead. 

Brand new product innovations for Electronica

In our exhibition special, exhibitors, trade visitors and those who do not have time to come to the exhibition center can find before and after the event Innovations the exhibitor in the form of product reports, reports of applications or specialist articles.

Automation for electronica

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Electrical engineering for Electronica

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Measurement technology for electronica

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Product development for Electronica

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