Renewable Energy

from photovoltaics and wind power

Wind turbines, solar technology, biomass, thermal and hydroelectric power plants for the development of CO2-friendly energy technology.

Image: DAS Energy

Renewable energies with wind energy and photovoltaics

Here you will find news for the developers of Renewable energy Industries with photovoltaic systems, wind power plants and hydropower. We report on products, systems and technologies for geothermal energy, solar technology, biomass, heat and hydropower plants - everything you need to know to develop a COfriendly power engineering.

NSK Renewable Energies

Renewable energies are winning under the sign of Energy transition and thanks to their government funding increasingly important. In 2019 the power generation from biomass, wind, heat, hydropower and photovoltaics almost 43% of the annual electricity consumption in Germany. The share grew by almost 5% from 38,2% in 2018. Above all, renewable energy is important for downstream industries such as Automotive industry. Because an electric car only makes sense if the electricity from renewable electricity generation is used. 

Brand new renewable energy technology

We report on supplier components for the construction and development of systems for energy generation using wind power, solar energy, hydropower and biotechnology.

From the gondola to the tower of the wind turbine

Helukabel Husum Wind Energy01.09.2023 | heli cable has a versatile range of products for the electrical equipment of wind turbines. From flexible aluminum cables that can be seamlessly integrated into the tower to heat-resistant cables for generator connections - the solutions cover all aspects of the wind industry. The portfolio includes light and flexible aluminum cables, which can be pulled into the tower in one length without costly interfaces.

Photovoltaic park in Franconia supplies Schaeffler plants

Schaeffler photovoltaics

Schaeffler has a photovoltaics Park in the Franconian town of Kammerstein (Roth district) from BayWa re AG, a global leader in renewable energies. The photovoltaic park extends over a total area of ​​10,7 ha and generates a total output of 9,9MW peak. This covers the electricity requirements of around 2% of the German locations.

Dynamic inclination sensor for wind turbines

Pepperl Fuchs tilt sensorWith the Inclinometer IMU F99 from Pepperl + Fuchs the rotational speed of wind turbines can be determined or the acceleration rates of rotor blades can be monitored. These in turn are subject to fluctuations as soon as unwanted icing occurs rotor blades deposited. In this way, the rotational speed can be regulated and predictive maintenance of the wind turbine can be implemented. 

New evaluation logics on safety relays for wind turbines

Schmersal safety relay srb eSchmersal presented on the SPS 2022 new variants of its multifunctional safety relays Series SRB-E. These product lines come together with the compact safety controller ProtectSelect for a high level of security, which is easy to use and highly flexible. This makes the products very suitable for elevators in wind turbines.

The requirements in the wind power industry have increased and today require versatile technologies and innovative monitoring solutions. On that too Mayr Antriebstechnik with its safety brakes set for pitch and yaw drives. The portfolio offers reliable, fail-safe and much more brake wind turbine from Mauerstetten.

Mayr clutch brake wind

The future of energy supply lies in Renewable energies. The Technologies Hydrogen fuel cells or electrolysers are promising candidates for the energy carriers of the future, if they are "green". The automation expert Pepperl + Fuchs offers products for the entire hydrogen value chain on the basis of its extensive and many years of know-how. Find out below where we stand with green hydrogen and which products are driving development forward. 

Pepperl Fuchs hydrogen fuel cell


Harting20316A power supply based on renewable energies requires electrical storage capacity to compensate for voltage fluctuations in the grid due to fluctuating generation from sun and wind. Electricity storage systems increase flexibility here. Harting supplies the necessary interfaces for a modular structure for the storage cabinets of high-performance storage systems.

rittal0216In order to find the right housing for a wide variety of solar projects, Control Cabinets and containers with air conditioning and power distribution technology and to meet the requirements of digital networking, users can access an extensive standard range Rittal access. For outdoor use in the photovoltaic industry, there is an outdoor showcase with three cabinet solutions that flexibly meet a wide range of material, paint and construction requirements.

The Center for Wind Power Drives CWD the measurement campaign has one Wind turbine the most powerful so far Wind energyANlage (WAE) on his 4 MW System test bench completed. As part of the joint project Certbench the system E115 was made by enercon with a nominal output of 3,2 MW over a period of six weeks with the hardware-in-the-loop (Hil) system for rotor emulation.

CWD Test Enercon wind turbine


In Germany, heat accounts for 55% of final energy consumption out. In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, there is an urgent need to avoid using fossil fuels to meet this demand as much as possible. Instead, on the energy supplier sun be resorted to. In order to use the energy obtained effectively, it takes Solar storage. Below we report on new products and technologies that store solar power.

Infineon solar storage emobility



Thanks to built-in electronics and built-in Modbus capability, manufacturers of tracker systems save time and money with the new drives from Linak. Adjustment drive and control have become one unit. No additional cables have to be installed and there is no need to adapt the drive and control. Install the drive, connect it and the system is ready. The maintenance effort remains low and the information about the condition of the drive enables efficient service.

With its connection technology, the Harting technology group is driving the transformation in the energy sector and, as a partner to the wind industry, contributes to the energy transition. The connector specialist researches and produces in cooperation with wind turbine manufacturers and independently plug wind energy Concepts, components and individualized offers for the specific requirements of wind turbines on land and at sea. We present some of them below.

Harting connector wind turbine


When operating Wind turbines Monitoring the condition of rotor blades is becoming more and more important in order to guarantee system safety and to operate them cost-effectively. The Bladecontrol system from Weidmüller captures the condition of everyone rotor blade. This allows the risk of expensive repairs to be reduced and the wind turbine to be operated more economically.

Weidmueller rotor blade



At the specialist, the shading casts a before Solar system the question of module optimizer or Inverters for Home with integrated yield optimization. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) knows according to the SMA SolarTechnology the answer. A study shows that a photovoltaic system with a modern string inverter achieves higher yields in almost all applications than a traditional module optimizer. The lower number of electrical components in the solar system also reduces the susceptibility to errors. 

SDU SMA inverters


siemens10416Nemos GmbH has developed a wave power plant that delivers around 30% higher levels of efficiency compared to competitive products. Following the success of the pilot plant in Denmark, the first large-scale plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2017. The combination of the connection to existing offshore wind turbines, the use of the existing infrastructure and the use of Siemens technology for drive and control leads to an effective and efficient operation of the power plant.    

Solar Panels and photovoltaic systems fed around 8,8 billion kWh of electricity from solar energy into the grid in the first quarter, according to the Federal Statistical Office. Compared to 2021, the capacity has increased by 34,7%. The technology is becoming more and more mature: Rotating solar panel with durable drive chains optimize the yield. That flexible solar module Fraunhofer has its sights set on the roll, and the towers of wind turbines can also be used with flexible photovoltaic cells. 

Tsubaki solar panels