CAD Software for R&D

Create creative freedom in product development with increasingly complex software with 3D CAD or 3D models

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CAE Software for R&D

Simulation, analysis, optimization or validation, DMU, ​​FEM, CFD, MKS, CAQ and CAM as well as fluid or flow simulation

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Hardware for R&D

Workstation, desktop, monitor or screen and 3D mouse - in short: tools for the designer and development engineer

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Configurators for R&D

With new software, tools and apps, the configuration of components and systems in product development becomes child's play

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Tools for product development from CAD to configurator

Here you can see the latest hardware and software tools for industrial Product development like CAD HardwareCAD software and any CAE software for simulation and calculation as well as new tools for the Configuration – just everything that the developer needs.

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Brand new for your product development

The good old drawing board or the slide rule as well as formularies and scribblers are museum pieces. Today, all development work is done on a PC, also known as a workstation. There's artificial intelligence and virtual reality. CAE tools are used to calculate, design, configure, optimize and simulate. Yes the product developer today it is easy or not? After all, he has to Methods and Processes for product development as well as the software tools available on the market, so that the product development process is as efficient and reliable as possible and the ever-pressing market launch is a successful one. Not only must he operate the software, he also has to be able to update it continuously, learn the test methods and keep his hardware up to date.

Product development for special industries

The following new products are for special industries like the Automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, Mobile Machinery has been developed. You will also find new drive technology from the applied research

  • The demand for new sustainable plastics that are also recyclable is increasing. This also applies to thermoplastics, which are often used in the automotive industry. In addition to a material modeling technology that reduces the carbon content in plastic by 60%, you will find other thermoplastic innovations here that save weight, among other things...
  • Interstellar Lab introduces the Biopod self-sustaining food production system, which enables sustainable human life on Mars, Earth and the Moon by creating and reusing food, water and air. A virtual twin is used to simulate, test and compare the performance of the microhabitat and the biological systems...
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) has developed a material testing method and a simulation method for elastomer materials that can be used to improve the performance and service life of components in offshore wind turbines. The material simulation analyzes how the materials behave over the lifetime of a turbine.  
  • The development time for self-driving cars should be reduced to hours instead of weeks. To achieve this, Continental and Nvidia are building a high-performance computer cluster based on the DGX AI system. Virtual data generation, artificial intelligence and the simulation of autonomous vehicles are the future core tasks of the most powerful supercomputer in the automotive industry.  
  • Neomento develops virtual reality-based software solutions for the treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety and addiction. The most effective form of treatment, confrontation in real settings (in vivo), is logistically expensive, challenging and not fully controllable.
  • Altair announces the expansion of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) with the highly developed visualization and real-time multibody simulation software "Vortex Studio Create" from CM Labs Simulations. The software is now available for use by Altair HyperWorks customers who can gain real-time insights for all device types with the virtual training environment.

Product development for mechanical engineering

Below you will find hardware and software for product development in general and for the Industrial machinery and equipment:

First steel engine from the 3D metal printer

PTC 3D printingPTC has the world's first Micro turbo engine (Picture above) presented, which completely with the 3D printer was made. The only assembly was developed in the CAD software Creo. It contains all rotating and fixed components. The engine was printed with an EOS 3D printer from the material Inconel, a nickel-based, heat-resistant nickel-chromium alloy. It weighs only 3,6 kg.

3Dexperience Lab opened for startups

DassaultLabDassault Systèmes has opened the first 3Dexperience Lab in Germany after Paris, Boston and Pune. The global Impact Lab aims to accelerate pioneering projects with a strong positive impact on society. The new hub in Munich supports young founders and local start-ups in implementing their disruptive ideas into reality. Innovators and doers should be able to fully develop their creativity.

Find the right plain bearing material with the Iglidur configurator

Igus IglidurWhen it comes to wear-resistant tribo-polymers, users have Igus the agony of choice. For small series or series production in injection molding, a prototype from the 3D printer or semi-finished products, the plastics specialist has now developed an offline configurator for its 39 Iglidur standard materials: The user can determine the appropriate material using templates. An Iglidur expert system is also available for the selection and calculation of the service life.


The 3D CAD Software Solidworks by Dassault Systèmes brings hundreds of improvements every year. Many of them have arisen from the wishes and experiences of the users. This also applies to the brand new release SolidWorks 2024 with its user-centric innovations. Millions of developers, designers and engineers use the 3D design and engineering solution worldwide. This article informs you about the new developments.

SolidWorks 2024


Your carbon footprint More and more companies want to reduce in order to counteract climate change with various climate protection measures. In this way, tons and tons of dangerous greenhouse gases can be saved. We present you here product and process solutions, with which CO2-Let emissions be reduced for a sustainable, climate-neutral industry.

Igus plain bearings CO2 footprint


This interdisciplinary area Systems Engineering brings together diverse disciplines and practices and focuses on the development, integration and management of complex systems in various industries. In this post we invite you to find out about the latest Software innovationsn to inform and the Basics to get to know systems engineering: from the definition and purpose to the core disciplines, human factors and risk management. 

Systems Engineering

Discover the tolerance calculator of Igus, Spanflug and Facturee. This ISO of fits promise precise results and simplify your design work. Find out about new software solutions, find answers to your questions and find out how you can optimize your workflows.

Igus Fit Calculator

The design software Linear Motion Designer of Bosch Rexroth there are new functions: The dimensioning of linear bushing guides is now possible, the program provides information on the lubrication interval and lubrication quantity and additional selection aids lead to the right one more quickly linear guide.

Bosch Rexroth linear guide


In the course of Corona pandemic will the CFD simulation to optimize existing Safety measures used in a wide variety of facilities. So had Dassault Systèmes with its Simulia software supported the Paris hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière AP-HP in assessing the risk of infection from airborne coronaviruses in several rooms. The assessment of the aerosol distribution in the GEA canteen also led to the safe reopening of the rooms.

Dassault CFD Simulation Hospital

ChainsChains has reason to celebrate. In 2019, there was a download record CAD engineering data numerous well-known Manufacturer Catalogs chased the next. In the past five years, the number has been made CAD downloads via the search engine "“Increased by over 168% to more than 405 million downloads. Read how the managing director of Cadenas GmbH Jürgen Heimbach (picture) sees the great success.

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks has a new Director Eurocentral - Customer Role Experience. Jeroen Buring comes from Dassault Systèmes' own ranks and therefore brings a great deal of expertise to the table. We asked the passionate “digitalist” about his new role at Solidworks. 

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designers know the problem: the sales department reports at short notice because a design has to be adapted to the special needs of a customer Because this is usually supposed to happen in the shortest possible time, it creates time pressure. The scope for really important constructions is restricted and the employees have to do repetitive tasks. Inexpensive and efficient work - none. With the help of CAD automation development and sales can be helped. How such automation, explains Coffee GmbH in one Online live event.

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The 3DexperiencePlatform of Dassault Systèmes paves the way for innovative design and development processes. As a holistic solution, it integrates a wide range of tools in a central environment. Discover how the Gamechanger-Platform pushes the boundaries of traditional engineering and creates a connected, collaborative work environment.

Dassault Omron 3D Experience

PTC offers onshape a cloud software as a service (Saas) CAD Software, which combines cloud, CAD and PDM with collaboration and analysis capabilities. The fully integrated product development platform has now been enhanced with a cloud-based simulation fitted. We present these and other innovations to you below:

PTC onshape simulation


Read and experience how the popular CAD software SolidWorks has developed in recent years. Here you will find videos, interviews, applications and many exciting highlights. You can find the current Solidworks News here.

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