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The cable becomes a high-tech component in the industrial environment and is therefore suitable for e.g. B. Single Pair Ethernet or CAT7a technology.

Image: Igus

cable + wire | The veins of industry

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and the increasing Automation don't stop at the cabling either. New technologies for cables and wires in industry are being developed, such as special cables for connectivity in the Industry 4.0 factory or electrical cables for robust applications.

Cable and wire Conta clip

Cables + Wires Innovations 2024

The need for fast and reliable data transmission is growing. Industrial Ethernet-Solutions such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT are becoming more and more popular. The trend towards smaller but more powerful Connectors with new mating faces has an effect. Modularity is required.

integrated Sensors and intelligent cable systems enable monitoring of cable condition and facilitate predictive maintenance. The lines and cables should also become more energy efficient. However, with a smaller cross-section and reduced material consumption, performance must not be compromised.

The Cabling of the future So it will not only be more powerful, but also more intelligent, more adaptable and more compact. You can find out how companies implement this here:


M50 flange screw connection for cable entries

18.06.2024/50/68 | Agro has developed a robust MXNUMX flange screw connection made of anodized aluminum for the quick and easy front mounting of cable glands. This metric screw connection enables safe installation on housing fronts with protection class IPXNUMX.

Endress+Hauser joins SPE System Alliance

May 06.05.2024, XNUMX | Endress+Hauser is actively committed to promoting the digitalization of its customers. By joining the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance, the company underlines its confidence in collaborating with other members as they work together to shape the future of automation technology.

PTFE and PFAS free Chainflex cables

April 17.04.2024, 95 | With the “PFAS free” seal, Igus already offers operational safety in the event of a ban on PTFE and PFAS by the European Union. The in-house Chainflex cables are free of harmful substances in XNUMX percent of cases. This provides security for people, nature and companies.
Cable handling

Robot software for automated cable handling

March 18.03.2024, 2024 | Artiminds Robotics is presenting an innovative cable handling application for precise cable harness assembly at the Hannover Messe XNUMX. The sensor-based robot automation demonstrates the robust detection, picking and joining of freely hanging, slack parts such as lines and cables.

SPE mating face in mini push-pull housing

November 21.11.2023, 1 | The T63171 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) interface according to IEC 6-1, recognized by international standardization bodies, is based on a modular system that integrates seamlessly into Harting's broad product portfolio. The TXNUMX interface in the mini push-pull housing is new.

Varied construction kit for cable glands

Sep 27.09.2023, XNUMX | With the Progress series, Agro presents a diverse modular system for freely combinable cable glands. This includes components made of nickel-plated brass with short or long connecting threads in all common sizes.
DC cable

DC cables for power distribution in buildings

Sep 05.09.2023, 100 | With Ölflex DC Grid XNUMX, Lapp's portfolio includes a direct current cable for power distribution in buildings and for connecting industrial systems. It is suitable for setting up energy-saving DC networks in the low-voltage range.

First e-chain rack from the 3D printer

25.08.2023/3/XNUMX | igus has developed an even simpler, faster and unlimited customer-specific solution for its Readychain Rack assembly and transport frame: The XNUMXD-printed Readychain P-Rack can be adapted to the respective customer requirements with millimeter precision.
terminal block

Terminal blocks with standard plug-in zone

24.08.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Combi terminal blocks with a standardized plug-in zone from Phoenix Contact simplify wiring considerably. A new feature is the lever push-in technology for easy integration of pre-assembled conductors. Various conductor types with or without ferrules can be connected without any problems.

Interfaces for cable and line

Interfaces serve as connection points that enable interaction between devices. They often use specific protocols and formats to ensure efficient and secure communication. The trend is increasing Single cable solutionsn that combine multiple signals and power paths in just one cable. With this type of cable, the cabling effort can be reduced and the installation simplified. Examples of this are Single Pair Ethernet, Hiperface DSL or SCS open link.

Single Pair Ethernet | for IIoT and Industry 4.0

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) forms the basis for the infrastructure that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 makes possible. SPE cables can be installed in a space- and cost-saving manner. They enable the direct Communication from the cloud to the field level. Data is transmitted at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s with just one pair of wires. Below you will find a lot of useful information and innovations of the new Ethernet standard.

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Hiperface DSL for servo drives

Sick opens the interface Hiperface DSL and thus makes the proven technology accessible to all users. This should make even more comprehensive solutions available to the market. producer of servo drivestechnik benefit from an expanded product portfolio and get the security of using an open and established interface.

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SCS open link for motor feedback

Baumer, Hengstler and Kübler present the open, standardized motor feedback interface in 2017 SCS open link to the public for the first time. The new interface enables the high-performance exchange of bidirectional data between the motor and drive, such as position data from the encoder.

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Cable and wire installation

The installation of cables and wires is possible correct selection of cable types and accessories. From cable protection to cable glands to connecting elements such as connectors, accessories play a key role in ensuring safe, reliable and long-lasting cable laying.

Energy chains: stable, recyclable, plastic

The Energy chain is happy about the first rack from the 3D printer and a world first: With the first fully recycled cradle chain igus is driving the greenhouse economy. The smallest pluggable readychain Micro speed can also be connected 80% faster. We have compiled these and other new energy chains and applications for you below.

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Tool-free cable bushing and cable entry

The systems for the Grommet and the cable entry from Conta-Clip. A cable entry for hygienic areas is brand new. As a further innovation, the modular cable bushing KDSI-SR optimally seals cables with and without plugs. You can find these and other new developments in cable management here: 

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Cable Duct and Wire Duct | closed or open

While the pages at Cable channel are closed, the wall on the sides is dated wiring Ducts slotted. Otherwise, both components are used to lay electrical cables. Find out e.g. B. via the Wire Duct Configuration tool Conta-Clip or the new competence center for cable ducts splish. These and other new developments as well as information for your cable management can be found here.

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Cable Protection | corrugated pipes and accessories

corrugated pipes and Cable protection-Systems protect cables and lines from mechanical stress, environmental influences and other potential damage. They thus guarantee reliable and safe cabling in various Electronics-Applications. You can find examples from different manufacturers by clicking on:

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cable gland | different materials

An Gland inserts cables Housing, a switch cabinet or similar and protects the inner workings from dust, mechanical influences or moisture with a special seal. In the following we will introduce you to innovations such as the screw connection for various cross-sections from Agro, the M20 cable bushing from Pflitsch or the already lead-free brass version from Lapp Kabel.

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Cable configurator for 400 connectors

telegardener has its cable configurator in the shop for Coax cable expanded and renewed. The tool for configuring over 400 connectors and cable types is now consistently geared towards user-friendliness. For this purpose, the naming has been structured uniformly and the distinction between crimp, solder and terminal versions has been sharpened. The categories 4.3-10, Mini HD-BNC and HF Semi Flex Cable are new.

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Electrical Wires | From cable to assembly

Cables and wires are the lifelines of modern technologies in industry. From energy transmission to dataeffective communication and there are a wide variety of cable types for the multitude of industries. Below we present you products, technologies, interfaces and applications for electrical cables/wires from specialists such as: Igus, Harting, Leoni, SPE Industrial Partner Network.

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terminal blocks | For every connection technology

What distinguishes a terminal block? It must be easy to connect and easy to disconnect. It should be compact for little space in the control cabinet and versatile. are ideal DIN rail terminal blocks with a universal connection and if they can be mounted without tools. Therefore there is pluggablee variants from Phoenix Contact or push-pull-Conta-Clip versions. We introduce you to a few.

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Connectors | Electrical connection technology

Here you will find new products and further developments from Connectors for Mechanical engineering and plant construction such as single pair Ethernet connectors, miniature connectors, push-pull connectors or rectangular connectors. The connector is used to connect electrical cables and lines to transport data, power and signals.

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Wiring and cabling

Wiring | Assemble control cabinets & Co. at lightning speed

For fully automatic wire assembly Rittal the Wire Terminals WT C5 and C10. Wires for cables and lines can thus be assembled ten times faster than by hand. Networked from electrical engineering to production, users benefit from this cross-process solution for efficient wiring. The modular design offers numerous option packages. With them, manufacturers of steering and switchgear an automation solution that is future-oriented.

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Automated cabling with smart robot software

29.02.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | If you try the traditional approach, processes subject to tolerance This is often a big challenge to automate. Production processes with flexible parts such as cables and wires usually have tolerances in several dimensions. With the smart software solutions from Artimind's Robotics the challenges of such tolerance-based processes can be met.

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users report

Sometimes it gets really dirty, somewhere else particularly wet: companies report on WIN-WIN applications in the field of cabling:

Alumina production at AOS
Connectors at Harting
Robot aircraft construction at Loxin
Multitherm cutting system at Messer
Aircraft de-icing at MSG
Intralogistics at SSI Schaefer

Applications and Industries

There are cables almost everywhere: underground, above ground, inside switch cabinet, in the device, at home, at the doctor's and in the factory - in every industry. We have selected some of them to take a closer look at:

Charging plug, charging cable | For the electric car

Which one E-car-Owner doesn't always want to have an efficient, fast, reliable and available way to charge their electric car? And because there are always new developments Charging plug and Charging cables for electric cars, we would like to introduce them to you here. Here you will find type 1 plugs, type 2 plugs, CCS plugs, the associated charging cables and one that is entered in the Guinness book, as well as other applications.

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DC cables for power distribution in buildings

With the Ölflex DC Grid 100, Lapp has a direct current cable (picture above) for power distribution in buildings and for connecting industrial systems in its portfolio. It is suitable for setting up energy-saving DC networks in the low-voltage range, for example for use in control systems and frequency converters.

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From the nacelle to the tower of the wind turbine

Helukabel has a diverse range of products for the electrical equipment of wind turbines. From flexible aluminum cables that can be seamlessly integrated into the tower to heat-resistant cables for generator connections - the solutions cover all aspects of the wind industry.

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Critical components in medical technology

Electrical cables are a critical component in medical technology, as they are not only responsible for the smooth operation of the medical devices, but also for the safety of patients and medical staff. The demands on the electrical installation are therefore comparatively high. Requirements such as biocompatibility, resistance to disinfectants and certification are just a few of a whole range.

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Hybrid energy chains for mobile machines

Energy chains in construction machinery, crane systems, lifting platforms, lifters, etc. require more unsupported length. Steel chains are often used here because they are stiffer than plastic chains. Igus offers hybrid chains made of steel and plastic. They are lighter than pure steel chains, but stiffer than plastic chains. Below we present two types: 

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Cable entry for the food industry

Contaclip now also offers its cable entry plates from the KES range made from certified material for the special requirements in the Food industry. With the hygienic cable entry of the new KES-GB-FDA series, up to 32 non-assembled cables can be inserted quickly and in a particularly space-saving manner Control Cabinets or bring in the machine housing.

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Cable carriers up to ISO class 1 for clean room technology

In the demanding world of Clean room technology igus sets new standards: from the displayrobots to pick-and-place applications in semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics, the motion plastics specialist offers solutions made from high-performance polymers that are in-house Clean room laboratory ISO 1 developed and approved by renowned institutions such as the Fraunhofer institute were tested.

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Cable gland for rail transport

The "Variapro Rail" series meets all the requirements for use in the Rail transport. It has successfully passed the tests of the fire protection standards DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3 and fulfills the fire resistance class E30. This means that the screw connection can be used without restriction in all trains on the European route network.

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Applied Research

direct current

Conversion of power distribution to direct current

Lapp is researching direct current for industry, heralding the next energy revolution. The first pilot projects show the potential of an energy supply with direct current, with which energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved. The manufacturer already offers cables for DC applications.

Cable and wire manufacturer know-how

In Germany there are a large number of manufacturers who have specialized in the production of cables and wires. They serve a wide range of market segments, from power transmission and industrial engineering to communications technology and Automotive industry. Some well-known companies are listed below:

Igus cable line

Igus is a leader in the production of plastic and hybrid energy chains that are used in hundreds of thousands of applications around the world. For this purpose, the Cologne-based company also offers specialized cables such as control cables, bus cables, data cables, motor cables and fiber optic cables.

Energy chain: stable, recyclable, plastic.

The portfolio of Igus energy chain is happy about the first rack from the 3D printer and a world first: With the first fully recycled cradle chain will the Recycling pushed forward. The smallest pluggable readychain Micro speed can also be connected 80% faster. We have compiled these and other new energy chains and applications for you below.

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Cables and lines for control, fieldbus, data & Co.

It doesn't matter whether it's ready-made or not: at igus 'don't stand on the lines' but here you can get electric cables and Lines, which the heart of an electrical engineer desires. From B like bus line, about data line, hybrid line, motor cable, robot cable to S as in control line, SPE line and special cables, the motion plastics specialist offers everything that moving industrial electrical installations require. Here you will find the new products

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Clean room technology up to ISO class 1

In the demanding world of Clean room technology igus sets new standards: from the displayrobots to pick-and-place applications in semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics, the motion plastics specialist offers solutions made from high-performance polymers that are in-house Clean room laboratory ISO 1 developed and approved by renowned institutions such as the Fraunhofer institute were tested.

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Other manufacturers of cables and wires

In electrical engineering and electronics there are different types of cables that have to meet specific requirements depending on the application. Here is a brief overview:

  • heli cable is a Hemmingen-based manufacturer that offers a wide range of cables, wires and cable accessories.
  • Muckenhaupt & Nusselt is a German company specializing in the development and manufacture of cables, wires and related accessories.
  • Nexans, based in Hanover, Germany, offers a variety of high-performance cables for a wide variety of industries.
  • Lapp cable is a company from Stuttgart and offers a comprehensive range of cables and wires, including industrial and data cables.
  • Leoni is a global company based in Nuremberg, which focuses on automotive cables, standard and special cables.
  • Prysmian Group is a leading provider of energy and telecommunications cables with a German branch.
  • WDI as a manufacturer of special cables based in Westerstede, has concentrated on solutions for medical technology, measurement technology and sensor technology.
  • SAB Bröckskes based in Viersen develops and produces special cables and temperature measurement technology

Other manufacturers of cable accessories

Electrical cables are essential components in many applications, including complex industrial installations. Here are some common types of electrical wiring:

  • Conta-Clip based in Hövelhof offers a wide range of products for cabling, including terminal strips, cable glands or cable entries and bushings.
  • Hellerman Tyton based in Tornesch is a manufacturer of cable ties, cable protection tubes and other cable organization products.
  • Lapp cable from Stuttgart offers various accessories such as cable glands and cable markings.
  • Murrplasty from Oppenweiler offers solutions for cable ducts and cable marking systems.
  • OBO Bettermann based in Menden is known for its wide range of cable support systems, including cable ducts.
  • Pflitsch is a traditional company from Hückeswagen that focuses on cable glands and cable routing systems.
  • Reiku based in Wiehl offers an extensive range of cable protection systems, including corrugated pipes and protective hoses.
  • Rittal from Herborn also has cable ducts and other products for control cabinet technology in its portfolio.
  • Tsubaki cable tow is located in Wenden and has specialized in the development and manufacture of energy chains - also known as cable drag chains.
  • wiska from Kaltenkirchen has specialized in cable glands and cable bushings.


What is the difference between a cable and a line?

Many people wonder what the difference is between an electric one Cables and an electric one Owner? The answer is easy: everything we see is called a line. On the other hand, something that you rarely see is called a cable. Because cables are covered with a jacket. The coat protects against environmental influences. Another way to remember the difference between cables and lines is that cables are better protected mechanically and are often, for example, buried underground in the earth as underground cables, laid under plaster or laid on the seabed.

What types of cables are there?

In electrical engineering and electronics there are different types of cables that have to meet specific requirements depending on the application. Here is a brief overview:

  • data lines: These cables are designed to transmit data and can come in different forms such as Ethernet, USB or HDMI cables.
  • underground cable: Special power cables that are laid underground and designed to withstand higher mechanical stress.
  • Ribbon cable: These consist of multiple parallel conductors and are often used in computers and peripheral devices.
  • Glass phase cable: Also known as fiber optic cables, these are used for the rapid transmission of data over long distances.
  • RF cable (High-frequency cable): Special cable for the transmission of high-frequency signals, for example in telecommunications.
  • coaxial: These cables consist of an inner conductor and an outer shielding conductor and are often used in signal transmission and cable television.
  • stranded cable: Consisting of many fine individual wires that are braided into a cable. They are flexible and are used in moving applications.
  • control lines: These types of cables carry control signals between devices and control units and are often found in industrial applications.
  • power cable: These cables are primarily used for the transmission of electrical energy. They can be divided into low, medium, high and extra-high voltage categories.
  • Heat Resistant Cables: These cables can withstand high temperatures and are used in industrial processes.

What types of lines are there?

Electrical cables are essential components in many applications, including complex industrial installations. Here are some common types of electrical wiring:

  • data lines: For transmitting data in networks, including Ethernet, coaxial and fiber optic lines.
  • Single wire cables (Solid Wire): Consist of a single, solid wire and are primarily used in rigid installations.
  • Halogen-free cables: Avoid using halogen-containing materials in the insulation and thus minimize the release of toxic gases in the event of a fire.
  • High voltage lines: For the transmission of electrical energy over long distances, often used in overhead lines.
  • Insulated Lines: Features an insulation layer to minimize line loss and improve safety.
  • Sheathed cables: Multiple cores are surrounded by a common sheath, often used in domestic and industrial applications.
  • Multi-wire cables (Strands): Consist of several fine individual wires and are popular in moving applications and connections due to their flexibility.
  • Low voltage lines: Commonly used in home and office applications for lower power devices.
  • control lines: Specially designed for the transmission of control signals in industrial control systems.
  • Heat-resistant lines: Can withstand high temperatures and are used in specialized industrial processes.

 Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: Agro, Belden, Harting, Igus, Lapp, Phoenix Contact, SPE Partner Network, Wiska.