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Simulation, analysis, optimization or validation, DMU, ​​FEM, CFD, MKS, CAQ and CAM as well as fluid or flow simulation

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CAE Software: News for simulation and calculation

CAE software or in detail Computer aided engineering and in German computer-aided development is the tool of the trade for designers and development engineers. CAE comprises the entire computer-aided support in engineering. What used to be laboriously calculated on paper with formulas, tables and calculators is now done by the CAE software.
Kisssoft CAE

CAE engineering includes simulation, analysis, optimization and validation. DMU (digital mock-up / digital test model), FEM (finite element method), CFD (computational fluid dynamics), MKS, CAQ and CAM as well as fluid or flow simulation are among others sub-areas of CAE. Also the CAD Software belongs to the CAE, the CAD computer aided design can be found in a separate category.

Brand new CAE software

In the following we present new releases and updates of computer-aided engineering for the Product development in the age of Industry 4.0 - Bring your tools up to date!

Sustainable thermoplastics digitized for the automotive industry

thermoplasticsSumika Polymer Compounds Europe (SPC Europe) and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are working together to digitize the performance of new sustainable thermoplastics (PP) for the automotive industry. Based on the new multiscale technology for material modeling of thermoplastics, engineers can develop recyclable components and thus reduce the carbon footprint of future vehicles.


Gas springs are important components, e.g. in Automobile- or furniture industry where controlled movements of loads are required. You will also be in the Medical Technology and used in aviation. If a gas spring is incorrectly calculated, this can lead to dangerous and expensive damage to a machine or system. Below you will find information on how to calculate, design and order gas springs online.


Do you want to adjust components with millimetre precision? of fits helps you to determine fits and tolerances according to ISO 286 to calculate. Discover how nominal dimensions and tolerance classes are converted into a perfect fit and how you can work more efficiently with such a tool. The ISO online of fits promises precise results and simplifies your design work. 

Igus Fit Calculator

In vehicles, the transmission from the steering wheel to the steering the wheels are often carried out by a rack and pinion drive. KISSsoft has the option of using the ZE2019 module in the 7 release Helical gear with rack calculation integrated.

Kisssoft rack calculation


gwj0319GWJ Technology integrated as the world's first manufacturer of professional calculation software for gear transmission high-purity steels from Ovako from Sweden. In close cooperation, the two high-purity steels 159X and 159Q were implemented in the gear modules for spur gears. They are based on case hardening steel 18CrNiMo7-6.

GWJ Technology provides a new and enhanced version of its software Transmissioncalculation for complete Geartransmission in front. The new version of the system manager as an extension of the standard solution Eassistant and TBK now also calculates shaft geometries of gears with the support of background graphics.

GWJ gear transmission


GWJ Technology offers software for the Gearcalculation im Transmission and mechanical engineering. The calculation professional from Braunschweig supports design and development engineers in their daily work. Here you will find further developments of the web-based calculation software eAssistant and the transmission software TBK. Recent additions are a Module for the Hirth toothing and a CAD functionality that supports the Export of gears supported in 3D STEP or Iges format.

GWJ gear calculation


At the nuclear design software Linear Motion Designer from Bosch Rexroth there are new functions: The dimensioning of linear bushing guides is now possible, the program provides information on the lubrication interval and lubrication quantity and additional selection aids lead to the right one more quickly linear guide.

Bosch Rexroth linear guide


In the course of Corona pandemic will the CFD simulation to optimize existing Safety measures used in a wide variety of facilities. So had Dassault Systèmes with its Simulia software supported the Paris hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière AP-HP in assessing the risk of infection from airborne coronaviruses in several rooms. The assessment of the aerosol distribution in the GEA canteen also led to the safe reopening of the rooms.

Dassault CFD Simulation Hospital

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks has a new Director Eurocentral - Customer Role Experience. Jeroen Buring comes from Dassault Systèmes' own ranks and therefore brings a great deal of expertise to the table. We asked the passionate “digitalist” about his new role at Solidworks. 

Solidworks Jeroen Buring 1


An world first announces the start-up Drag & bot with the free Robot simulation for the significantly easier planning of Automation in factories. CAD models of cell and robot gripper are used to estimate the feasibility, cycle time and accessibility of the application in a few minutes by means of simulation.

Dragandbot robot simulation


kisssoft0318A new graphic in the current Kisssoft release shows the stresses in the material below the contact surface Rollingrings and rolling bodies. The course of the voltages and their maximum values ​​are shown. This information is of particular interest for large diameter bearings, where the bearing rings are usually case-hardened and the case depth should be determined based on the loads.

kisssoft0317When dimensioning shafts, there is the option of specifying the shaft dimensions in terms of strength and Rolling with regard to the bearing service life by the Kisssoft software. This significantly speeds up the design of a gearbox.